3G Cardio Fitness Equipment For HIIT Workout You Should Know

3G Cardio Fitness Equipment

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise focusing on burning fat quickly and effectively. Types of exercise machines for HIIT need to be able to provide adequate training intensity.

These machines must be strong enough to withstand the forces that this kind of exercise often creates. So, the first thing you need to do is to learn about the machines as well as the manufacturers to choose the most suitable equipment for your HIIT training.

Fortunately, you are reading this article. LessConf will help you solve some problems with choosing the right machines. Today’s theme is 3G Cardio, a brand originating from Arizona. 3G Cardio is now one of the famous companies that offer vibration training machines and treadmills.

Here is a list of the company’s top products – the devices that can support your workout process:

Elite RB Recumbent Bike

A small and compact exercise bike

A small and compact exercise bike / Source: https://www.3gcardio.com/shop/elite-rb-recumbent-bike/

This machine is a lightweight recumbent bike. It has a substantial structure that supports the energy-burning exercises. In terms of specs and durability, it is comparable to other high-end devices like the Fitness Reality X-Class 410. Also, its console offers a lot of exciting programs to keep you motivated.

Compared to other similar exercise bikes, it has several internal parts in different positions. Its flywheel is placed at the back, under the seat. Meanwhile, the plug for the power cord is also in the area behind the charger.

This equipment is a great companion for light, medium, or even intense cardiovascular workouts. Although the unit doesn’t offer any online connectivity features and is quite expensive, it still brings great benefits for its owners.


  • Enduring;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Up to 350 lbs;
  • Front-wheel;
  • Back-handle;
  • Seat cushion smoothness and contour;
  • Large LCD screen;
  • 12 pre-installed programs;
  • Four profiles for users.


  • No step-thru design;
  • No cooling system;
  • Lack of sound system;
  • No online connection.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill

Lite Runner Console / Source:https://www.3gcardio.com/shop/lite-runner-treadmill/

Lite Runner treadmill is one of the lowest-priced 3G Cardio machines. However, you should not ignore it because it will give you some exciting features.

Lite Runner is very compact and can be quickly moved to multiple areas of the house. There will be no whistle and bell to minimize the cost. However, this machine will be a durable and robust “partner” for your HIIT sessions. After finishing the exercises, you can fold the machine neatly and push it into the back of the door. That’s why the manufacturer calls it a “Mighty Mini.”

An outstanding feature of this treadmill will make you fascinated is an electronic incline. Elevations from 0% to 15% are perfect options for you to adjust with four buttons on the console quickly. The maximum speed this machine can operate is 12 miles per hour.

The parameters you need to keep in mind are the integrated program that measures the heart rate with the hand, the engine 2.5 hp, and the maximum weight of the user are 275 pounds. Best of all, if you buy this device, parts are warranted for three years. The engine also has a lifetime warranty.


  • Compact and foldable;
  • Ten built-in workouts;
  • Wide tilt;
  • Up to 275 pounds;
  • Warranty


  • Small practice area;
  • No integrated entertainment program;
  • Unstable heart rate monitor.

3G Cardio Pro Runner Folding Treadmill

One-Touch speed equipment / Source: https://www.3gcardio.com/shop/pro-runner-treadmill/

Compact design for excellent space-saving is just one of the reasons why users choose the 3G Cardio treadmill. It deserves to be a good quality machine that gives you a unique experience and money value.

It also has a high-end shock absorber system. Running belts up to 20.5 inches x 58 inches provide a comfortable workout for runners. Also, with a high-torque 3-horsepower engine, you’ll have a treadmill that can keep up with all your exercises.

A powerful 3-horsepower engine, lifetime warranty, and a user of up to 350 pounds can use this device comfortably. You can use this machine to monitor heart rate with integrated interaction and wireless HR chest belt. Pro Runner is ready to test your circuit to help you keep pace with eight pre-programmed exercises in the device.

I believe that if you work hard with this 3G Cardioversion, you can confidently perform standard fitness tests like BMI. Moreover, it also can provide fast-changing response times to keep up with your workout schedule. After the workout, you can fold the treadmill neatly from the back and store it in a small corner.


  • Large motor:  3.0 CHP
  • Cooling system
  • One-touch install
  • Good warranty
  • Up to 49 integrated programs


  • Expensive

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill

A device with dual folding technology

A device with dual folding technology / Source: https://www.3gcardio.com/shop/80i-fold-flat-treadmill/

This version is a comparatively new model of the brand. 80i Fold Flat has a unique double design that makes it easier to arrange it. Speed up to 11 miles per hour on a 15% incline race makes many HIIT practitioners wish to own it.

Also, this 3.0 HP engine can withstand up to 325 pounds. The running floor has a significant soft suspension with a moving area of 18.5 “x 58.

The control panel of this device is furnished with 8 exercise programs such as fat loss, pulse rate, climbing, etc. You can also choose alternating modes of exercise at the same time. The screen will show fundamental exercise indicators such as distance, duration of practice, speed as well as calories burned, etc. Also, the console area is supplied with a water holder with a built-in speaker well suited.

80i Fold Flat gives a  one year warranty for labor, five years for organs, and lifetime for frames and engines.


  • Foldable;
  • Various programs;
  • Good warranty;
  • Durable frame;


  • Small running area;
  • Too simple console;
  • Small display area.

Final Words about 3G Cardio Fitness Equipment

A fitness device is always our excellent “companion” in the process of perfecting our body. Above are the four favorite products of 3G Cardio, a famous brand and widely used by many people. Of course, if you practice HIIT, they can be one of your top choices.

I hope this article can help you choose the device that’s right for your training. Good luck.


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