4 of the Best Underrated Luxury Watches You Should be Checking Out

Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches timepieces have a special place in the industry. No matter how expensive a watch can get, it will always have a market, a demographic–not because people have the money for it, but more for the reason that it’s a one of a kind collectible. Exclusivity will make any product more attractive, not just in elite circles but for the aficionados of the product line as well. In this article, we’ve listed down some underrated luxury timepieces for you to check out:

Franck Muller Vanguard Luxury Watches

One of the younger Swiss watchmakers, the Franck Muller brand has always been about watches that distinctively look and feel like a sophisticated timepiece that’s more of the time. Known as the modern “complications” watchmaker, the Franck Muller Vanguard collection is an icon among its contemporaries. 

The Vanguard is more of a line than a collection, and underneath it is a series of watch collections that any collector should want to check out. The singular dial with oversized Arabic numerals, the Cintree Curvex case, and the fun approach to the watch’s overall aesthetic is a nice change of phase from old, luxury timepieces. Any collector or aficionado looking to make his collection more modern and unexpected should look at this watch.

Chanel Monsieur Luxury Watches

While Chanel has had a history of making luxury timepieces, this heritage only came to fruition with the Monsieur watch. This was the watch that put the luxury goods brand into the eyes of watch connoisseurs worldwide. After developing a dedicated watch manufacturing team in-house, the fashion brand hit it out of the park with this seriously staggering wristwatch.

The Chanel Monsieur watch is a serious watch, unlike the Boyfriend Skeleton watches that precedes it. It’s an expensive, vintage-looking timepiece with a design and aesthetic choices that are reminiscent of old Swiss and German timepieces. Underneath, you get a manual-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde minute and jumping hour complication. On the outside, a 174 baguette-cut diamond dial faces you in a white gold case. It’s a ridiculous timepiece, to say the least, but one that should seriously be considered for any collection!

Dior Grand Bal Plume

Dior, for all intents and purposes, is not exclusively a watch brand. But with the Grand Plume and the other respectable timepieces in the collection, the fashion brand really is etching its mark on the horological community. The Dior Grand Bal Plume is a ladies watch, with a dial that’s white and powdery and jay feathers set in round-cut diamonds. 

The automatic movement powering the watch is a “Dior Inverse” caliber, with a more than decent 42-hour power reserve. Top of the line sapphire crystal protects the watch from both the front and the back, and the black alligator strap with a steel pin buckle set in another batch of round-cut diamonds completes the entire timepiece. This watch is a looker and the perfect holiday gift for the special girl in your life!

Patek Philippe Grand Complications

A Patek is one of the watches that most collectors only envision getting. In the horological industry, Patek Phillippe is in a class of its own. The brand started the wristwatch trend and has been creating quality, luxury timepieces for centuries. Getting a Patek watch is getting a timepiece that has so much history, as well as heritage.

Among the most popular Patek collection is the Nautilus, which is a true gem of a horological device. It’s popular with celebrities, leaders, and innovators in their industry with its contemporary one of a kind look and the quality of movement you’re getting underneath. But another great collection from the brand is their Grand Complications line. It’s the watch you want to get when you want to make even the most purist of aficionado salivate with your taste.


You should always be on the lookout for these four timepieces to make your collection look more versatile!


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