5 Astounding Health Effects of Having Flowers and Greenery in Your Home

Flowers and Greenery

More Than Decoration
A house isn’t really a home if it isn’t a “living” thing. What does that mean? Well, a property by itself just falls apart. Paint chips. Foundations shift. Cracks develop in the walls. The sun bakes the shingle bon the roof, and as precipitation occurs, pathways develop that result in leaks. All these things together like Flowers and Greenery work to steadily erode a property until it is dust.

Take a close look at the ruins of a ghost town. At one time, such buildings were as well-kept and functional as your own home. What has happened? Well, buildings are created, and they must be maintained. Like a plant, a property must be husbanded carefully to remain viable.

Plants in your home increase its vibrancy and “life”; though that’s a contention that could be debated by certain ardent pragmatists. However, the following five astounding health benefits that develop from having plants in your home or other property are hard to argue against. Let’s explore them briefly.

  1. A Reduction in Overall Fatigue
    House plants can actually help you be more energetic. The reasons for this are a bit difficult to pin down, but there are a few different theories out there. For example, plants absorb certain sounds, allowing you to focus. Also, they make you feel as though you’re closer to nature, which is always going to be something positive.
  2. It’s Possible Plants Expand Productivity
    When you’re not as fatigued, you’re able to be more productive. There are likely some mental benefits to houseplants as well, we’ll explore those in a later point. For a variety of reasons, though, houseplants both reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Whether in your home or office, they’re a fine idea for bettering the premises overall.
  3. Air Purification Helps You Breathe Better
    As it turns out, many different types of flowers and greenery filter the air, removing a variety of intoxicating substances; some of which are outright poisonous. This leads into fatigue reduction and productivity enhancement. When you can breathe better, your body naturally performs better.
  4. Swifter Recovery From Varying Illnesses
    Part of recovery from illness has to do with the way you’re able to breathe, as oxygen feeds your blood cells, and these are core to your immune system.

But there’s a psychological component as well, and something numinous that’s even harder to pin down. Hospitals find that patients with plants in their rooms recover faster. Also, they didn’t need as much pain medication.

  1. The Psychological Element Tied Up in Flora: Stress Reduction
    Plants have a perfume to them, even if the plant has been obtained more for appearance than its aroma. They clean the air, reduce your fatigue, increase productivity, and can help you recover from illness easier. Just looking at plants that are in bloom and healthy makes you feel better. If you don’t believe that, go find an indoor area with a healthy ficus plant.

There is a clear psychological link between indoor plants and mental health. Again, precise details can be hard to pin down, and scientists have all sorts of ideas why people have better mental health if they’re around plants all the time. But regardless of scientific opinion on the “how”, the end result is: indoor plants are good for your mental health.

An Organically Healthier Home
Indoor flowers and other greenery are good for your mental health. They’re also a worthy option if you’re looking to get over sickness quicker. They purify the air as well, increase productivity, and have been linked to a reduction in overall fatigue. So if you don’t have plants in your home now, why not pick a few up and see how they affect you?


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