5 fun activities to do with friends

fun activities to do

There’s no better thing do in life than spending time with your friends. To make this even better, you can plan a fun activity. This is the most fun if you make it an experience that none of you will ever forget. In this blog, we’ll list five fun activities to do you and your friends should definitely do!

  • Go on a vacation- fun activities to do

A good vacation with friends will be an unforgettable experience. You can fill this exactly the way you want: pick your destination and go from there. Of course, one thing that you do need in a vacation is good weather. Countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal can make a great destination for sure, but if you’re in for something a little more adventurous and you don’t mind the cold either, the Scandinavian countries can be great picks as well. We do have to point out that in the end, the destination doesn’t change a lot, since it’s the fact that you’re with friends that truly matters. 

  • Visit a sports match- fun activities to do

If you and your friends are true sport fanatics, a sports match is the perfect day out for you. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, or what the circumstances are: the match itself will create such a tense atmosphere that you all will be truly sucked in the game. To create extra tension, you could visit a match where two favourite teams of your friends play against each other. This way, you all have to pick a side. This will make the best day ever for a part of your friends, but also the worst for the other ones. 

  • Play in an online casino

If you enjoy staying at home with friends, your options might seem limited. However, online there are a lot of activities to partake in as well. One of these is participating in some online casino games, such as jackpots. You can all bring a laptop and sit in the same room, but there are also multiple online chat locations where you and your friends can chat in, while playing these casino games against, or with each other, live from home. Which of your friends is going home with the jackpot?

  • Go squashing

It’s good to get some movement in. Doing this with friends will push you all further to the next level, especially if you guys are doing a sport that is very competitive. Squash is just this: this Tennis-like game is very easy to understand and will have you all sweating for who will win the game, if it isn’t from the game itself. It’s likely that none of your friends have ever played squash, but this only makes your experience better, as there won’t be anyone more likely to win than others. 

  • See your favourite artist live

Whether it’s a concert or a festival, music can be the start for a great day with friends. This is especially the case if you guys a pick a favourite of all of you. It’s likely that through your friendship, you guys have discovered artists that didn’t only make great music, but also managed to connect you as friends even further. Seeing one of these artists live will make an unforgettable experience, as you’ll all scream your lungs out with the songs together.


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