5 professions that need life insurance the most

professions that need insurance

Whole life insurance is great for most people, some professions need it more than others. These tend to be dangerous professions that contain a risk of life-threatening accidents that can hospitalize you for a long time. In the worst-case scenario, these work accidents can end with your death. 

Life insurance helps to protect the family of workers in these professions from a sudden loss of income. It will also allow the bereaved family to pay for funeral fees and other arising costs with ease of mind. If you work in any of the following professions, it is a good idea to talk to insurance agents about life insurance.

Police officers

Unsurprisingly, police officers top the list. Every police officer faces the risk of facing a life-or-death situation each day. Even though they have received training to defend themselves and others, they could still get killed on duty. 

If a police officer gets killed or disabled on duty, it would result in huge devastation to the family. For this reason, almost all police officers are covered by life insurance. Rest assured that even if you are a police officer, life insurance is still within reach. Most companies will not charge you an exorbitant rate because of your profession. 


Doctors don’t seem like a dangerous job, but there are always dangers lurking in hospitals. The biggest threat to doctors is blood-borne diseases. These diseases are transmitted through blood, and if a doctor is not being careful, they could catch the diseases themselves! This could potentially put them in a dangerous situation. 

Insurance companies offer specific policies against blood-borne diseases. This helps to keep doctors’ income safe in case of accidents. For this reason, it might be a good idea for a doctor to seek out life insurance whenever possible.


As accidents on air are usually life-threatening, pilots also need to be covered by life insurance. In the past, some insurance companies have denied payouts to pilots who died in aircraft-related accidents. However, most companies have dropped this policy. They will now pay out the normal amount to all pilots in unfortunate events.

Construction workers

Often underappreciated, construction workers put themselves at risk every day they go to work. Construction workers have to carry heavy objects and work in very risky environments. Fall accidents are also quite commonplace, amounting to 40% of all accidents on the job sites. 

A life insurance policy might not be able to save a construction worker’s life, but it will make it easier for their family to move forward. Companies tend to charge construction workers more, but this is not true for all cases. You might be able to get lower premiums if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Construction workers


Like construction workers, farmers tend to be an overlooked profession. For this reason, most people are quite unaware that a farmer has to face lots of dangerous tasks every day. For example, they have to operate heavy machinery, which is dangerous if handled incorrectly. Farmworkers also have to expose themselves to the sun and other hazardous environments. Therefore, it would be extremely useful for farmers to receive life insurance coverage.

Everyone should consider getting life insurance, but these particular lines of work need it more than most. Their job puts them at a higher risk, and life insurance will make sure to help provide for their family in the worst-case scenario. If you need help with any insurance-related issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to assist you.

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