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5 Tricks to design a home gym that will keep you doing gym regularly

doing gym regularly

If you, like most people, have made a resolution to lose weight this year, then you might want to consider doing this in the comfort of your home with a home gym. The effort of getting to a gym early in the morning or after work in the evening, only to find that it is overcrowded, is enough to make you stay away. 

A home gym is a solution to meeting your weight-loss goals and offers you both privacy and ease. Designing the perfect home gym is easier than you think and provides you with the ability to exercise at any time, with all the equipment in one place, provides privacy and the ability to enjoy your gym session to the entertainment of your choice. 

These 5 tricks will help you design the perfect home gym that will keep you doing gym regularly. 

  1. Be frugal when buying gym equipment

Expensive equipment wouldn’t keep you more motivated. The idea is to find the right equipment that matches the type of workout that you prefer. This might just be a gym ball and workout mat, or perhaps you want to add some weights too. Gym equipment, such as bench presses etc., are not for everyone. They take up a lot of space and can be difficult to sell if not needed later. 

2. Know the equipment best needed for building your desired muscle

If your gym routine is going to start with a cardio workout, then look for a top-of-the-range treadmill, elliptical machine or a skipping rope. The choice of which is best depends on you. 

If you prefer a bench press, and weights, make sure that the bench press works out all the parts of the body that you are interested in and buy the right weights. Don’t skimp, buy the right weight for your training otherwise you will regret it later and end up having to buy heavier or lighter ones. 

3. Provide the right ambiance to the room to make it suitable and attractive

Gone are the days of glaring fluorescent lights and bare walls in gyms. If you have noticed, the trend in modern gyms is to provide the right lighting, colors, and other features that will make gyms inviting. 

For your home gym, you will want to make sure that you give it the right ambiance too. Softer lighting bulb, the addition of plants and colorful walls will make your home gym more inviting. If you want the relaxing sounds of running water then add a water feature and art on the walls also add an interesting touch. Perhaps you like to be entertained while working out. You could add a television set if you like to follow a specific workout instruction program or sound equipment to add the necessary beat that will enhance your workout.  

4. Add varieties to make it more interesting

Variety in an exercise regimen helps to keep boredom at bay. If you want to keep your home gym sessions fun, then work out a program where you alternate your workouts in order to meet your targeted physical enhancement.

How to keep your workout interesting?

If you want your sessions to remain as interesting as a game of tennis or football with friends, then you need to ensure that you plan interesting activities for your workout days. These could be alternating cardio workouts with Pilates, a speed bag, yoga, or weights. Plan on which and buy the correct equipment. Switching routines on various days is good not only for the muscles but also for the mind. 

The wonders of a workout mirror

If you want your workouts to add up to something, you will need to become vain. A workout mirror might not be something that you want to look into at first, but it is the best way to watch your progress and see how your body changes for the best. 

One of the greatest advantages of installing a workout mirror is that you can see when you are not doing any of the exercise movements correctly. Wrong movements can lead to injuries and the exercises have less of an impact. 

A workout mirror also improves the lighting in a room because it becomes more expansive, also making the room look bigger. Besides, workout mirrors have been proven to be good for your psychological well-being too, something that we all need as we work on shedding those extra kilos or improving the shape of our bodies. 

5. Know your limits to avoid bad gym addiction

Gym addiction is a real thing and people who have it are hooked on endorphins. This results in them not realizing that they are putting their bodies through extreme exercise levels. 

If you find that you want to exercise more than once a day, and are constantly looking for a reason to go work out, then you are probably addicted. Gym addiction can lead to a lowering of the immune system and damaged joints because the body does not have enough time to recuperate between sessions. 

Even though gym addictions are like other types of addictions, people rarely seek psychiatric help for them. The main reason is because they don’t realize that they are addicted because they are constantly praised by others for their fitness levels. However, the addiction may indicate a cover-up for some psychological distress. 

One of the side effects of gym addiction is bloating and haggardness. This is because with extreme exercise the body releases excessive amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

Your workout mirror can be your best friend in the gym; it is useful for you to observe your body change for the better, but can also warn you if you have been overdoing it with your exercise routine. 

Now that you know that your own home gym can become the ultimate workout space with the addition of a few good pieces of gym equipment and a workout mirror; create your own dream space, enjoy your sessions and achieve your dream figure.

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