5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Maintain Your Sobriety

exercise to Maintain Sobriety

Exercise has been proven to be a key element in addiction recovery. Most of the holistic alcohol addiction programs have included it in their health plans. In this list, we will lay out some of the main benefits of regular exercise in addiction treatment and recovery. Here are 5 ways to exercise to Maintain Sobriety.

  1. It Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms 

Specific exercises have been proven to reduce certain withdrawal symptoms. Possibly the most popular example of this is weightlifting reducing insomnia. Of course, you will need to practice weight lifting regularly for some time before seeing strong results, but most people struggling from insomnia become thankful for this tip. Another example of this is low impact exercises on reducing muscle pain. Low impact exercise can include swimming and walking. 

2. It Improves Your Overall Health

It is no secret that exercise improves overall health. In an Austin sober home, leading a healthy lifestyle will make you feel more energetic and just better overall. Feeling fit and healthy also has the tendency to reduce physical aches and pains as well. However, it is important to note that you should consult your doctor before starting any exercises that could be hard on your body, especially if you have any existing conditions. This reduces your chances for a relapse, especially when you are far into your recovery. 

3. It Can Help You to Establish a Daily Routine 

Having a daily routine is extremely beneficial after rehab. This is because it makes you feel productive, but most importantly it ensures that you fill up all your time. Boredom is a very common addiction trigger. Many recovering addicts recognize this, but they may have trouble with getting started on setting up a daily routine. Establishing a workout routine can be a great healthy start. 

4. Exercising Improves Mental Health

Unfortunately, mental health problems can be often found as a cause of an addiction or as a result of one.To make matters worse, going through an Austin detox is no easy feat. Exercising is a proven way to naturally release endorphins and some necessary hormones that are essential for good mental health. 

5. It Gives You Goals to Work Towards

Exercising regularly also gives you an outlet where you can set health short term and long term goals. What’s great is that these are very customizable and can range from having a weight loss goal to training for an athletic event such as a marathon. Plus, these are great because they are goals that are unrelated to your addiction recovery. This way you can relax and take your mind off of your treatment during your exercise time. 


Exercising regularly has been viewed as an extremely beneficial practice in addiction treatment and recovery. It has been shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms, improve mental health, help with creating a daily routine, give you goals to work towards, and, of course, it improves your overall health. All of these benefits of exercise to Maintain Sobriety and have strongly suggested that doing this regularly will reduce the chances for a relapse during addiction recovery. 


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