6 AfterCare Tips For Your Tattoo


Getting inked has been a fashion Getting inked has been a fashion and has now grown into being a bucket list item for many people. People like to have an imprint of their associations, something they firmly believe in, their spirit animal or flower, their loved one, etc. Getting a tattoo is also associated with a sense of commitment and determination for something or someone. People mainly pay attention to selecting the right design for the tattoo but another important thing that needs to be paid heed to is the aftercare. Here are some aftercare tips that will ensure that your tattoo remains in good condition.

Wash the tattoo gently

The very first step towards caring for your tattoo starts with the very first wash post the tattooing process. You should keep your tattoo covered initially for a period of 24-48 hours. If you want to avoid tattoo bubbling then you should get your tattoo to dry out as quickly as possible. Then you should wash it with mild soap and lukewarm water. Make sure not to rub it with hands or a towel.

Moisturizing cream application

The next step requires providing a perfect layer of protection. This can be done by using moisturizing creams especially those which are unscented. You can then leave it open or apply a thin clingfilm over it. Repeating this process 3-5 times the day and your tattooing will work better. You can get more tips by visiting Soul Canvas Ink to know more about tattoo moisturizing.

Maintain the hygiene 

The tattooing process initially sensitizes the skin around the tattoo. It makes the skin vulnerable to foreign particles and the accompanying damage until the skin heals. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the tattoo clean and dry during the period. Soaking the tattoo in water or exposing it to too much dust is extremely avoidable to prevent infections.

Protect from sunlight

Until and unless it becomes extremely necessary, exposing the tattoo to sunlight must be avoided. Especially in the case of colored tattoos that have healed, they tend to lose color and fade under the influence of sun rays. Therefore, it is necessary to give your tattoo or skin good SPF protection before exposing yourself out to the sun.

Avoid Itching

Gradually with the healing process, the tattoo can start to flake slightly or scab a bit. Scratching the tattoo should be avoided in such situations no matter how intense the urge may be. For getting relief, it is advisable to slap the skin slightly. Itching or scrathing the tattoo can cause the removal of ink in the contact areas or mixing of colors or design. However, if serious pain continues or you notice oozing blood or water, you should visit the artist immediately.

Patience and Vigilance

The healing time for the tattoo design of your dreams can be very demanding, painful, and testing. It can range from a few days or weeks to a period of months depending upon your skin type and tattoo size and complexity. Therefore, in order to nurture the design and make sure it lasts long, you must remain patient with the effects and also stay vigilant for not harming the design absentmindedly.


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