A Guide to Finding a Short-Term Rehab Center


Short-Term Rehab Center

Drug and substance abuse can ruin a person’s life. Taking a bold step to enroll in a rehab program to overcome this addiction is one of the best decisions an addict can make. When choosing a rehabilitation program, it is necessary to go for the best option. This would make your decision a successful one.

When it comes to drug and substance rehab, there are several options. Rehabilitation programs vary in setting, duration, and approach. You can choose the one you want based on your present needs and circumstances. You can either choose a short or long-term rehab program depending on the rehabilitation center.

If you decide to go for a short duration, for example, a 2-week rehab, you need to find a rehabilitation center that offers such an option. Several centers offer this service, and you have to select the one that will suit you based on location, cost, and treatment methods. 

With this in mind, let us discuss some vital factors to consider when choosing a short-term rehab center and the benefits of making this choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Short-Term Rehab Center

The following are some vital things to keep in mind:

Location of the Place

This greatly depends on your circumstances and preferences. Some people prefer to receive treatment in an area that is far away from their location. Others prefer to be close to their family and friends. Whichever choice you go for, make sure that you are very comfortable with the center you choose.


During rehabilitation, you will interact with the staff of the center throughout your stay. Their attitude will affect your treatment. For this reason, it is vital to visit the place before choosing it. This visit will help you to know how the staff treats patients in your circumstance.

One of the first things to keep in mind during your visit is the number of staff the center has. There must be a fair ratio of staff-to-patient. If you notice that only one employee attends to fifteen patients, then know that the treatment will be slow and ineffective.

Also, you can ask to discuss with some of the employees, especially those who might oversee your rehabilitation. Talking to these persons is a fine way to start a relationship with them. This is important to your detoxification.

A good rehab center must have nurses, physicians, psychologists, and nutritionists. If the one you are considering does not have some of these individuals, then do not go for it.


Not all centers treat the same substance addiction. Some might specialize in alcohol; others might focus on hard drugs alone. Also, some rehab agencies might offer both services. So, when you want to choose a rehabilitation center, ensure that it specializes in your kind of addiction. If you would like to know more about the different types of addiction and how to receive help, read this article.


The truth is that some places would be more expensive than others. So, when looking for a center, make sure you choose one that is within your budget range. You would not want to enter into debt after you are done with rehab. That would only add extra stress on you. Make sure you follow your budget and find a place that accommodates it. 


Your rehabilitation might be covered by your health insurance. If that is the case, make sure you find an agency that accepts an insurance policy. Choosing based on insurance will reduce the cost of the entire treatment.

Certifications and License

It is no surprise to find some centers running without the proper license. So, ensure to ask the rehab agency for its license before making a choice. Different states have their laws and regulations when accrediting a treatment facility. This accreditation is often given to qualified health care workers. This determines the credibility of the treatment program. 

How Can Rehab Help You?

By choosing to detox from substance abuse, you are choosing a better life. Here are some ways this can help you:

It Helps You Live Free from Substance Abuse

When addicted to alcohol or drugs, a person’s focus every day is to take in more. The urge to remain under the influence of the substance is always of utmost concern. One way treatment helps is by counteracting the cravings and influence of drugs. Detoxification helps to address any withdrawal issues that may arise.

When an individual is free from the influence of a substance, he or she will experience some things. First, there might be an influx of emotions that were never felt before due to drug abuse. Second, the person will begin to think more openly and clearly.

It Offers Education 

Aside from cravings, an addict might find it hard to grasp the negative effects of substance abuse. Too much consumption of hard drugs and alcohol can change how the brain functions. Treatments help to educate the individuals on how drugs affected their lives and how they can avoid problems caused by addiction. These persons would become more educated about it and understand the importance of rehabilitation and staying free from substance abuse.

It Offers Free Counseling and Therapy for Addicts and Their Loved Ones

There are varied reasons why a person might abuse alcohol and drugs. It could be due to family problems, poor health, or abandonment issues. Other times, a person can develop a mental illness due to substance abuse. Therapy and counseling can help to combat these problems and offer relief to a person’s problems. For more information on the benefits of therapy and counseling.


Choosing to go for rehab is truly a very necessary and wise decision to make. You can either decide to stay for a long-time receiving treatment or go for the shorter option. This depends greatly on your circumstances and preferences. If you decide to go for short-term detoxification, ensure that you keep in mind the factors mentioned above when choosing a center for this. You will benefit greatly from making an informed choice.


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