What Is “Against the Spread” (ATS) in Sports Betting?

Against the Spread

Deciding how to sports bet can be a challenge, and there is no simple answer to figuring out a system simply because there are no guarantees when it comes to betting. A type of sports betting gaining popularity is betting against the point spread (ATS).

What is a point spread?

A point spread is a number that bookmakers set, and it is a betting line intended to even the playing field. This supplies bettors a chance to bet on either side of a game. A team with a better chance of winning is rated with a – sign and a so-called underdog is rated with a + sign.

Pennsylvania online sports betting offer bettors a chance to bet with or against the spread. Experts reckon that your chances of winning with or against the spread depend entirely on disparities between each team’s performance. 

Even so, this is not an accurate predictor of that day’s performance. Parx Casino allows you to see the spread and your odds of winning, helping you make as informed a decision as possible. 

Betting with the spread

When you bet with the spread, you bet on the favorite team. Therefore, when you bet on a team with a -4 rating, you are betting with that spread and only win if that team wins by four points or more. This will have you sitting on the edge of the best gaming chair supporting your team ferociously.

Betting ATS

If you bet ATS, you select the underdog. For example, a spread might be +5. You will win if that team wins or loses by less than five points. If the team loses by exactly five points, then the bet is voided and refunded.

US sports that lend themselves to betting ATS

Pennsylvania online sports betting organizations have noted, according to statistics, that ATS bettors heavily favor these sports:

  • Football, starting with college football and followed closely by National Football League games
  • College basketball games
  • National Hockey League games
  • National Basketball games
  • Major League Baseball games

While football seems to provide the highest return on your ATS betting investment, be aware that there are fewer games in this sport than others, which reduces how many chances you have to win. This introduces an element of risk the bettor must consider. However, with risk comes greater reward, which is why many people choose to bet on it.


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