Anika Chebrolu: 14-Year-Old From Texas Wins $25,000 for COVID-19 Cure

Anika Chebrolu: 14-year-old from Texas wins $25,000 for Potential COVID-19 Cure
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A teenage girl named Anika Chebrolu gained national recognition for creating a potential cure for COVID-19. The Indian American girl is only 14 years old, and her research won her $25,000 right away.

Anika studies at Independence High School in Frisco and is currently being hailed as a young scientist. She created a breakthrough against coronavirus, which can help our fight against the deadly virus.

Anika Chebrolu wins 3M Young Scientist Challenge

The young girl just won a 3M Young Scientist Challenge after identifying a drug that could treat the coronavirus. She is studying in 8th standard and has developed a brilliant theory. It is a molecule that binds to a protein present on the coronavirus. The molecule can stop the virus from creating at effect because it eliminates the functionality. The girl has made a brilliant discovery, which adults couldn’t think of. Moreover, she is only 14 years old and getting credits from all over the world.

The aspect that absolutely blows people’s minds is that the girl started working on a database of 682 million compounds. She used computer-generated programs to understand how the molecule can bind with the virus. Further, the process will help the virus stop reacting to an infected body.

Anika was in middle school when she became a part of the contest. She was working on her science project that involved fighting seasonal flu. But like any other expert scientist who wants to bring a change, she started working on ways to fight the pandemic.

Anika said that she was inspired by stories about people who were suffering from the coronavirus. She also credits her grandfather, who is a chemistry professor, to steer her interest in science.

We hope her research can bring a difference in fighting the pandemic. Moreover, we hope Anika goes a long way in her fight to bring a change in the world.


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