Are roll up garage doors right for you?

roll up garage doors

There are several types of garage doors, and people prefer the doors based on the type of the home, budget, and the trend. Now, the roll up doors are becoming more popular. If you are planning to pick a high-quality, roll up garage doors for security, you should know whether it is right for you.

Why choose roll up garage doors?

Roll-up doors for the garage have a horizontal sheet of steel. It can get easily rolled up to the top of the door. Such steel protectors are suitable for garages that do not have a lot of ceiling space. These doors come in varying dimensions. The smaller ones are 8 feet wide by 7 feet high, while the big doors can be 20X20 in size.

These roll-up doors are for residential and commercial use. You can select from a wide range of models. Consumers also have the choice of buying doors that have white or foil foam insulation. These protective sheets can allow easy pulling using the hands. You can also purchase a model with an electric motor and remote control.

These doors are not wood, but strong steel or aluminum. They keep automobiles and stored goods safe. Beyond the security factor, steel has more life and less affected by molds, algae, and more. The key reason why roll-up doors are popular is because of their durability. Yes, these doors can withstand ice, hail, and heavy rains. They are also wind load certified, so your car is safe from hurricanes and strong winds. Besides, the roll-up steel does not corrode or rust easily either.

Primary features

Yes, you can opt for sliding panels that slide into the walls or pick a traditional open and shut side-hinged casings for the garage. You can also select sectional doors with attached hinges and sections that move on rails to open and shut. But rolling models have these impressive features:

  • The garage door’s main steel frame or panel is the curtain. Its sections, known as slats, are craftily connected to roll-up.
  • At the top, you can customize it with a barrel assembly with a hood and some support, if required. The springs ensure rolling, along with the wheel, brackets, and sprocket to keep the tension smooth.
  • The assembly consists of a physical part called the counterbalance system. It is necessary to open and keep the door open for the required time.
  • The edges of the door have flexible strips to ensure temperature consistency. They keep the roll up garage doors completely sealed when in the closed position.
  • Finally, you can have a mechanical system with motorized parts. It can help you open and close the door with a press.

Wide range of benefits

When you purchase products, the pros have to outweigh the cons. Look at the benefits objectively and make a choice. The roll up garage doors offer these impeccable advantages for the consumer:

  • These steel curtains roll upwards in one direction only. They have a 12-inch clearance space and are very conducive to store things like old equipment.
  • You can order fire-rated models that resist heat for 20 to 90 minutes. Such doors are popular among both commercial and residential users.
  • Whatever the model, the door will last for 20 to 35 years easily. Also, you can operate and maintain it with great ease.
  • Insulated stainless steel maintains temperature and conserves energy. It cuts down noise pollution, adds an extra layer of security, and decreases your home insurance costs.
  • These doors come in different designs, materials, and finishes. You can also purchase high-end models made with a mix of aluminum and fiberglass to increase the property’s value.

Disadvantages of roll up garage doors

The roll-up steel panel is, without a doubt, very durable and reliable. But it is not perfect as there are some visible drawbacks –
  • Unlike other garage doors, it is impossible to install a roll up garage door without expert help. You will need a team to perform tricky maneuvers to set it up. Also, the size of the door can slow down this process.
  • Steel is one material that requires additional ornamentation or beautification. So, you have to paint the garage door before installing it. You should also clean and dust off the frame regularly.
  • Wooden casings are not very expensive to buy or install. But these steel models do not come cheap, and you have to spend good money.
  • Insulated garage doors are not slender or light in weight. They are much heavier than the regular home or commercial varieties.
  • Finally, the roll-up steel doors are not conducive for customization. Yes, you can select a size or color, but the horizontal and imposing steel panels are standard.
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Costs of roll up garage doors

These rolling doors for a garage come in various models. They have a range of features with variable speeds and coatings. So, you have to look into the material and target market to estimate the price. The commercial doors are much more expensive than residential ones.

The average cost of one such garage door is around US$700. And if you are into luxury items, then the expensive ones cost upwards of US$10,000. For those who cannot afford high prices, the cheaper ones are priced at US$350. These are rough estimates that indicate the cost of the door only. The cost of installation is another dent in your wallet.

The roll-up door makers provide standard fittings like latches, stops, and radial ball bearings. They also fit the doors with ratchet tensioners for spring adjustments. The estimates usually factor in these fittings into the costs. But you have to consult the manufacturer for the correct prices.

Apart from the door, the customer also can pick various accessories. They include locks, decorative hinges, handles, and magnetic mounts. You can also purchase extension kits and door opener remotes, wireless keypads, Bluetooth speakers, and security cameras. You have to pay separately for all these accessories.

So, do you think this type of garage door is right for your home?


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