Top 19 Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

best 12 string acoustic guitar under 1000

In case you’ve heard songs like James Butler’s Ocean and David Bowie’s Space Oddity, then you’ve experienced the wonder of a 12-string acoustic guitar. Some of the world’s most excellent music is churned out with this very underrated attractiveness. Playing with a song in the 12-string acoustic guitar gives it so long life, the song will occasionally sound more polished and thorough something which only the participant can sometimes understand.

Whether you are seeking to switch in a 6 string to some 12 string or you’re a beginner seeking to learn about the craft, or you’re an experienced expert familiar with the instrument, following are some of our recommended 12 string acoustic guitars to get you started on your travels.

Review Of 19 Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 Brands

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Guild F1512E

Fans of a classic design who wish to receive their hands on a good 12 string guitar have to test out Guild F1512E. Produced by one of the most reliable brands in the industry, this guitar offers a combination of great build quality, fantastic materials and impressive functionality.

You’re taking a look at a jumbo body shape which features a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides. Needless to say, the quantity is absolutely there as is tone definition. Guild F1512E is excellent for live performances, both plugged and unplugged ones.

Guild has turned into Fishman for onboard electronics, which has resulted in their own Sonitone being installed every F1512E. In general, this guitar meets and exceeds all expectations.

Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT 12 String Guitar


  • More bang for your dollar, with acoustic and electrical ability
  • High-quality construction with Spruce and Mahogany
  • Fantastic tone with Maple sides


  • Somewhat large, to get a 12 string acoustic
  • For some, the tone May Be too bright

The Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT 12 String Guitar is your first instrument on the list of their best 12-string guitars under $1000. It’s quite tough to go wrong with this one, and most players will love almost everything about it.

The guitar is both acoustic and electric, so it’s ideal if you would like to plug and enhance your favorite songs. The guitar is made out of flame maple back and sides, using a solid spruce top and extended mahogany neck. For design and playability, this guitar hits the mark. It’s possible to make it so this guitar drowns everybody else outside. A bonus with this particular guitar is that it has an integrated tuner, which makes it easy to tune.

In general, this is a high-quality jumbo 12-string guitar which you will probably love playing for years to come.

Epiphone DR-212 Dreadnought 12-String Guitar

The DR-212 is a really well-made guitar as you may expect of another Epiphone merchandise. The DR-212 is not just another dreadnought guitar which comes with 6 strings. It has an excellent construction that supports the increased tension of 12 strings. The DR-212 also has an ideal balance, cutting edge, and focus that gives you the sort of tone that you expect from a 12 string guitar.

Currently wonder, that the DR-212 is broadly considered as the greatest go-to guitar for folk, rock, blues and country and everything in between. The select spruce top helps it to breathe. What is more? It gets better with age, and the longer you play with it. The mahogany-made body has sufficient size to adequately support and manage the extra tension of the 12 strings so the guitar stays in tune.

Most of us have grown accustomed to a’Okay’ sound out dread that trying out something fresh just like a 12-string may mess their guitar experiences. However, the DR-212 is unrestrained by such concerns becomes it is unglued and has a distinctive tone that just a 12-string acoustic guitar may provide you.

Most 12 string guitars go out of tune quickly because of the extra force placed between bridge and nut along with rosewood, but this one doesn’t have one of these problems. The DR-212 holds on nicely and stays attune. If you’ve always wished to have a 12 string then catch a DR-212; you won’t find a better bargain at such a cost.


  • Go-to for Rock, Folk, Blues & Country
  • Spruce Top for Breathability
  • Mahogany Body

We Liked It

An excellent 12 stringed guitar at such a cost is an unbelievable bargain. We adored its own quality and playability. It has a gorgeous tone and vivid sound. Besides, it has a fantastic appearance suitable for one which should go for a higher cost.

Yamaha FG820-12-String Acoustic Guitar


To start our list off is my personal favorite the Yamaha FG820. This is just one quite classic instrument as it is a component of the Yamaha FG series which started in 1966. Now the FG820 is among the most desired 12 string guitars of all time. Producing a well rounded mellow but warm tone which can warm your heart, this guitar’s playability is second to none.

Our favorite thing about the guitar is that even though it was first established 53 years back, Yamaha has ensured it stays updated including features such as the scalloped bracing that still continue to create it as simple as the guitar options on the industry. Our second favorite thing has to be the cost of this guitar, though it is a classic and is extremely sought after, the Yamaha FG 820 won’t crack/dent your bank balance.


  • The sound of this guitar is well-balanced thanks to this scalloped bracing design that Yamaha contained within this version.
  • It is an inexpensive guitar, retailing for approximately $350 thus giving you a Whole Lot
  • You can easily and easily slide up and down the neck of this guitar with no hindrance.
  • If you are a newcomer, you are able to quickly isolate the notes on this guitar, and it is easy to fingerpick.


  • You might need to substitute the strings and then as they break easily and aren’t easy on your fingers.

Takamine EF381SC

For the guitarist who is always with their guitars, Takamine is a trusted brand that they can trust. Takamine’s standing has increased in the business after some of the best guitar collections. The EF381SC brings something fresh into the 12 string acoustic guitar kingdom and that’s just extraordinary.

You will find those traits in Takamine EF381SC a 12 string acoustic guitar from a respectable manufacturer is presently providing. Where Takamine went is at choosing the solid spruce top with maple back and sides. This makes the guitar create some melodious and deeper tones, the pleasure gets twice once you figure out EF381SC comes with an entire set of CT4B electronics.

This digital set is equipped to catch the organic sound of this guitar; this is the reason why professional players are after EF381SC because it has no obstacle at the same time you play.

Taylor 150e 12-String Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor 150e 12-string guitar is acoustic with electronics built-in so that you can easily enhance your sound if required. This version sports a classic dreadnought body, projecting a strong aerodynamic response which provides a fantastic balance with all the vivid and crisp shimmer in the strings.

The 150e has a Sapele neck along with a solid Sitka spruce top, which is paired with walnut back and sides. The layered walnut, using its center core of poplar, gives strength, resilience and durability into this guitar. Sound-wise, it provides an impressive midrange presence with just the correct bit of luxury sparkle to please the ears.

The crisp treble and robust high-midrange delivered with the ebony fingerboard increase the attractiveness of this Taylor 150e’s tone.

Guitar players, trimmers, and flatpickers particularly, will delight in the Taylor 150e’s wide dynamic selection, complemented with the crystal-clear articulation you may expect from most Taylor guitars.

Other features of this Taylor 150e comprise a 1.875-inch nut width, a Tusq nut and Micarta saddle, die-cast chrome mini tuners, black binding, a three-ring rosette, and the Taylor Expression System 2 pickup for an easy plug-and-play experience in simplified settings.


  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Beautifully balanced sound
  • Equipped with electronics


  • Expensive for a newcomer
  • Design is too simple for the Cost

Recording King Dirty 30’s 12-string

Here’s a trendy 12-string that’s an incredible deal!

Recording King’s Dirty 30’s 12-string dreadnought combines the classic jangle-y chorus of a 12-string with style right from a 1930’s mail-order catalog, ideal for players that wish to put in a trendy, easy-to-play 12-string for their own collection.

The base of the classic 12-string tone comes from the solid spruce top. A bone nut and saddle assist the strings to resonate freely and insure adjusting stability. The 25.4″ scale is familiar and comfortable to most acoustic players. Like most of Dirty 30’s guitars, the 12-string has a genuine vintage-style matte sunburst finish.

Whether you are a songwriter who wants to add texture into your writing, or a rhythm player searching for something trendy that plays like an old buddy, get the brilliant 12-string tone in the Recording King Dirty 30’s 12-string. Recording King’s Dirty 30’s Series gives players an authentic classic style with all the reliability of the contemporary design.


  • 000 size; solid Sitka Spruce top
  • “Lean C” neck
  • Bone nut & saddle
  • Ivory button tuners


  • Dyed, synthetic fretboard and bridge that can cause cosmetic imperfections

Generic woods used for the rear, sides, and neck that make for an irregular sound not suggested to purchase sight unseen.

Alvarez Artist Series Ad60-12 (Purchase here in Musicians Friend)

I am not going to choose a guitar which is on the list over, however, I’m likely to select a guitar that is a bit lower on the purchase price scale. I might have used this guitar to get”the best 12 string below $500″, however when I’ve got the $399-$499, I am sticking with the Guild each moment. I’ve had a lot of fantastic experiences with Guild guitars.

But if you have about $360 lying around and you would like a fantastic price, then search no farther than the Alvarez Artist Series AD60-12.

But if you’ve got $250 or so, then do your best to search for a used one.

This is only one of those few 12-string guitars that do not contain electronics, thus a less expensive cost. So in the event that you don’t require a pickup, then this is the thing to do. This guitar has mahogany back & sides a very wonderful tonewood that is quite sought after. It’s an excellent timber, but I actually can’t find information on which sort of timber it is.

This is a timber which could vary widely in terms of quality based upon the shrub and the component of the planet it came out. My guess is that is on the less expensive side considering this guitar is a tiny apartment in the sound section. That might be me nitpicking since I had some high expectations once I tried it out. Of course, it might have just been the specific version I picked up.

Also with this particular guitar is a bone nut and saddle. You may rest assured these pieces will last quite a while and they really increase the punch and brightness of this guitar.

The tuners are superior die-cast tuners so soild tuners with this price point.

If you’re looking to spend a great deal of cash and you just need a quality, the interesting instrument to just play about together and to get familiar with the 12-string, then you aren’t very likely to locate a greater value.


  • Solid Top
  • Premium die-cast tuners
  • Saves money by not needing electronics
  • Bone nut & saddle
  • Quality timber for human anatomy


  • Comparatively flat sound

Ibanez AEL152ETBS 12-String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Transparent Blue Sunburst

Ibanez AEL152ETBS is an elegant, blue acoustic guitar that produces a trendy number of acoustic tones. This 12 string cutaway guitar featuring an amazing mix of stunning tonewoods with a spruce top, walnut back and sides, a rosewood bridge and fingerboard is the real deal if you’re searching for a mix of beauty, simplicity, and strength. Its appearance is emphasized by means of a pearl rosette, a blue sunburst finish and chrome die-cast tuners.

Ovation Standard Balladeer 2751AX 12-string Guitar

Ovation has reached into the past to pull this one back together with contemporary upgrades. Originally released in the 1960s, the Balladeer was a hit back. Together with the contemporary upgrades added to its reincarnated version, it is also sure to be a hit now.

In the heart of this guitar is your AA solid Sitka spruce top that was hand-selected to ensure only the best quality timber is used. Behind this is Ovation’s standard contoured Lyrachord body using a single cutaway.

This does not just produce a fantastic tone but also offers immense comfort to the participant when playing standing and also when enjoying seated.

The neck is constructed from 5-piece maple/mahogany using a satin finish. It has a scale length that’s slightly shorter than that which is generally available and also a nut which is also slightly thinner. These result in a throat that is fast and thoroughly playable.

Powering the digital section is your OP-Pro preamp and OCP1K pickup system. These include immense tonal versatility to the impressive tone of this guitar.

The guitar’s shameful finish contrasts tastefully using all the white binding and oak-leaf rosette to provide an elegant general appearance.

Pros and Highlights

  • Tone Crisp and clean.
  • Playability Cozy with a fast neck.
  • Construct Amazing quality and beautiful aesthetics.

Cons and Possible Flaws

  • The case It does not include any.

Bottom Line

This guitar combines an amazing tone with looks and improved comfort and playability. If you do not obey the Lyrachord back, then it is a fantastic 12-string guitar.

Breedlove Solo Concert 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

That he Breedlove Solo Concert guitar produces certainly articulated single notes with added sustain as well as clarity, thanks to its deeper rosewood body along with also the solid cedar top. While this 12-string acoustic-electric guitar is primarily optimized for solo songwriting, it may also handle performance and recording nicely. 1 unique characteristic of this is that aside sound pit, which projects sound right toward the ear, allowing the participant to listen to his/her performance using a completely new degree of detail and clarity.

Gretsch Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12

A new entrance to our graph is the favorite Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12 out of Gretsch a brand which knows a thing or two about creating a retro guitar using a little bit of bling!

This 12-string version is stuffed with extroverted appointments, from the tasteful white and sparkling gold color scheme into the eye Falcon headstock. Underneath the paintwork, the guitar holds up nicely for its midrange cost, using a solid spruce top and laminated walnut.

It’s not as large in projection as some other jumbos, but overall, it’s a solid choice for performers as the Fishman electronics provide versatility and a pure tone when plugged. There’s more about the Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12 within our complete review.

Martin D12X1AE Acoustic/Electric Guitar


  • Good sound quality for the Purchase Price
  • Almost no setup, just sing and play with


  • Somewhat heavy, Because of laminated finish
  • A bit lower quality compared to its high priced spouse

This next guitar is a Martin instrument, and as you can expect from the manufacturer, the Martin D12X1AE Acoustic/Electric Guitar boasts some very superior craftsmanship using this instrument.

This is just another 12 string acoustic/electric guitar, in which you get the most for the money. It produces full and strong sounds, plus it’s Spruce top, and Mahogany back, neck and sides. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

In general, this is yet another fantastic option, especially if you’re a major fan of Martin guitars.

Danelectro 12SDC 12-string Electric Guitar

The 12-string Danelectro is a really genuine electric guitar which brings back the jangly sound of the 60s. Danelectro 12SDC is as great as some other Danelectro guitar with all the desirable traits; lipstick pickups, light build, ideal neck minus the nasty (cheesy bridge).

It is a progress of the famous 59dc used by Jimmy Page. The Danelectro 12SDC is a well thought out piece of artwork that has headstock to accommodate extra strings. The bridge has been well designed to anchor the extra string load which comes with 12 strings.

The flawless rosewood fretboard has a wonderful feel about it. Particularly around the throat in which it has no rough edges. No wonder, a lot of men and women adore it for its beauty as well. That is the reason you do not wish to put it down.

The wide neck makes it quite playable even for beginners. The saddle and the bridge are extremely much adjustable. What’s more? It stays in tune, which is not easy for any 12 string guitar. The setup is really great, and there is absolutely no need to mess with all the wires because they play just fine out of the box. The sound is excellent, however, it is better when excavated.

For those who discover the neck thick; there is a classic acoustic strap which you can tie around the nut to solve this issue. Besides, the nut adds a special tone to the guitar. The Danno 12SDC is exactly what you expect from a 12 strings guitar, and it is well worth every penny.


  • Longer headstock for extra strings
  • Wide neck for easier playability
  • Unique tone

We Liked It

We enjoy it because it is easy and enjoyable to perform, solid cosmetics, fantastic feel, fantastic sound, strong tone and easy pickup. Few guitars could be considered actual keepers and this is absolutely one of these. It would be tough to have a better bargain at such a cost.

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Q1 guitar


Whether you’re picking or strumming, the seagull coastline produces excellent sound and is fairly loudly. A product of Seagull and award-winning musical instrument manufacturer, the coastline is a guitar of high tier excellent construction which features built-in Godin QI electronics, and pressure-tested solid cedar top and also a gorgeous semi-gloss finish.

This is the ideal 12 string for attaining those low to mid sized tones which could only be described as full and rich. The Godin EP quantum system offers excellent responsiveness in the guitar while the throat provides the much-needed extra stability that is required by 12 string acoustics.


  • The craftsmanship of this guitar is astounding, and Seagull has managed to keep this and provide appealing finishes with their guitars.
  • The seagull coastline is quite easy to play and makes for a fun-filled jamming session.


  • When used over a length of time, you will start to detect a buzzing sound that may be distracting particularly in case you’ve got a keen ear.

Similarly, the Godin QI starts to feel strange after some time especially in the event that you’ve had the opportunity to experience other 12 string guitar models.

Washburn Heritage 10 WD10SCE12

The WD10SCE12 is a dreadnought cutaway 12-string with Fishman electronics which features a solid Sitka Spruce top that sounds much better as it ages and among the most popular, desirable and toneful rear and side woods mahogany.

The smooth-playing satin-finished mahogany neck sports a rosewood fingerboard and a rosewood restricted headstock using 12 Washburn branded diecast tuners.

The Fishman Isys+/301T tuner/preamp helps you song fast and provides precise translation of your acoustic tone to get plugged in functionality. It features volume, bass and treble controls as well as a phase switch which eliminates phasing issues when mixing a mic along with your plugged-in signal.

This jangly sounding 12-er is ideal for adding a new texture to your own performance or recording or filling out your sound in solo, duo and trio situations.

Alvarez AJ80CE-12 12-String

Alvarez is a new which pays attention to detail on all its products. Despite its lower-priced guitars, it still manages to include excellent performance and aesthetic worth.

The AJ80CE-12 is a 12-string acoustic-electric guitar which instantly draws you to it after you see it. The best made of solid Sitka spruce and the back and sides made of walnut are finished in a natural blonde gloss that is distinctive and lovely. Further enhancing its attractive appearance is your pearl binding which goes all over the guitar along with the beautiful rosette.

For your throat, it is constructed from mahogany while the fretboard is rosewood.

From the looks department, this guitar records an excellent score. There’s nonetheless more to some guitar which just its looks.

Apart from looks, it is quite resilient and the materials used are of great quality. A fantastic example is a digital section which features LR Baggs StagePro EQ and Element Pick Up. These include a good deal of value and versatility to this great guitar.

Courtesy of this tonewood blend used, this guitar delivers a tone that is rich, well balanced and with great projection.

Pros and Highlights

  • Tone Rich and well-balanced.
  • Construct Really lovely and well-made.
  • Electronics Sounds terrific.

Cons and Possible Flaws

  • Nut and saddle Produced from PPS synthetic.

Bottom Line

As far as 12-string acoustic guitars move, this is an option you’ll be able to depend on for good visual and tonal value. Best of all, it is actually very affordable.

Fender Villager Guru 12-String Bolt-On

Few things are as distinctively cool as the Fender Villager’s “hockey stick” headstock. Now, with all the contemporary Villager Guru 12-String Bolt-On, this guitar becomes something far more than just a unique nod into the 1960s.

Created in the Fender Acoustic Custom Shop, it offers a mix of features and design elements usually just seen on a lot more expensive professional-level guitars.

Its distinctively shimmering tone comes out of a solid AAA Sitka spruce top with forward-shifted”X” bracing, and its resonant mahogany back and sides. Together with the highest onboard electronics and genuine retro design details, it’s a guitar that embodies the best of their past and the near future. Includes deluxe hard-shell case, deluxe Fender leather strap, and certification of authenticity.

Godin A12 Two-Chambered Electro-Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

The Godin A12 two-chambered electro-acoustic guitar is just another fantastic selection for a comfortable and natural-sounding 12-string acoustic guitar. Featuring a nicely curved walnut neck and chambered walnut body with a cedar top, sides and back, this guitar delivers improved resonance and relaxation whilst playing. This plus the custom Godin pickup/pre-amp system makes sure the G-A12 flawlessly produces a natural acoustic tone.

Choosing the Perfect 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Shopping for the perfect 12 string acoustic guitar? Here is what things to consider;


12 string acoustic guitar sizes change. You will find small-sized, midsized and large-sized (jumbo) acoustic guitars to choose from. Small-sized guitars are best for kids and teenagers whereas midsized and large-sized ones are suitable for adults.


Sometimes in the event that you can not tell the quality of a commodity, just examine the purchase price and it’ll tell you a good deal. Prevent guitars that seem too cheap to be caliber as these usually, although may create impressive tones at first they are constructed using third-tier materials, so won’t last as you expect. Likewise, do not select a 12 string guitar which is too expensive as you might wind up in a fiscal mess. Go for something that’s priced reasonably and cheap for you.


Everybody has their favourite color and least-favorite in colour. Likewise, acoustic guitars arrive with distinct wood finish colors from Daphne blue and horizontal white to classic organic and candy apple red. Think about selecting a guitar that’s finished with your favourite color?


What is a 12-String Guitar?

12 String guitar is similar to the typical acoustic guitars with 12 string as compared to 6 string ones. From experience, the strumming in 12 string acoustic guitar is extraordinarily improved and satisfying. This also gives the users robust and echoing sound that you can’t get usually using the 6 string acoustic guitar.

The fretboard diameter of 12 string acoustic guitar is not considerably improved regardless of getting 6 extra strings. That is a set of 2 strings in the event that you can that are split into 6 parts onto the fretboard, this suffix the enhanced tone with greater octave feels. The string pairs (esp the reduced 4 ones) are tuned in such a manner that 1 string from the set provides the octave whereas another does the sound. The top two pairs are tuned in unison.

The string pairs are all performed together, which is the reason why most players say”If you can play with the standard 6-string guitar, and then you are able to play with a 12-string guitar”.

The first time players of all 12-string guitars observed that the extra richness of these tones, as well as they’re more lenient about the finger gestures. You won’t be going to create the small mistakes about as they’ll be immediately disregarded and a result of overtone and clattering.

What Are the Benefits of 12-String Guitar?

You might already know exactly what it feels like to play with the 6 string guitar, so what’s all of the hugger-mugger concerning the 12 strings guitar?

According to the guitar community, the advantage of using 12 string guitar more than 6 strings is similar to choosing a grand piano within the small version. In short, they’re the tools to improve and repeat the sentiments of a standard sound.

Also, the 12 string guitar has more filling tones also there is an array of overtones coming out of the soundbox. This will offer you more with less and also the reason they’re competing throughout the solo performances to supply the audience with all the richest and expressive tunes.

The clinic lessons you get using these guitars are easily transferred into the normal six-string playing. To get a guitar player, it is easy to play the single string, however comparing the ability of 2 strings by pressing flawlessly in unison, you can know a great deal about the chorus play similar to that in electrical guitar. Mastering the techniques of 12 string guitar makes you effective in enjoying with every standard acoustic guitar.

The last advantage of 12 string acoustic guitar is that the experimentation you’ll have with tones and playing styles. Guitar players should not feel that their skills have been stuck in 1 spot and therefore they will need to challenge themselves, this is really where 12 string can reignite the flame of passion for both guitar and allow you to have the imaginative ideas.

Things to Search For Before Purchasing 12 String Acoustic Guitar?

Always search for the headstock that holds 120tunng machines instead of six, this is the characteristic of 12 string guitar that demands to alter the strings. Since the strings used in 12 string acoustic guitar are somewhat different compared to ordinary acoustic guitars, this manner they’re more expensive than the typical ones.

Users shall also start looking for the neck strength; the range of strings is likely to be double that is not great for the standard scale neck. You will set a high amount of tension on these necks for which you want to receive the thicker, thicker and more adjustable necks that may not be comfortable at first. The dual truss rods running through the throat must also be noted, their adjustment may be rather hard though.

The above points should not cause you to feel repelled from the 12 string guitars, but instead, you are able to take them as learning lessons which are introducing you to some different style of music. The first learning process using 12 string acoustic guitar counts most as it is the hardest part. The rest of the trip will soon be smoothening for you!


These are the ten best cheap 12 string guitars in 2020. Regardless of which one you choose, while it is that the Martin D12X1AE, Gretsch G5022CWFE or Ovation Elite T 2058TX 12-string acoustic-electric guitars, you can make sure you will receive maximum value from your guitar.

Every one of these guitars has the best general build quality with topnotch performance. Southern Sudan expects this high 19 best 12 string guitar beneath 1000 in 2020 & the buyer’s guide can allow you to discover the perfect guitar.


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