Top 15 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200

best acoustic electric guitar under 200

As a result of their built-in pickup, acoustic-electric guitars permit you to receive your sound recorded or amplified without the expense and the complexity of using pellets.

And at the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200 rice range, acquiring a preamp and pickup built-into a guitar is still a quality that adds a tool and value and advantages.

To this end, Lessconf now features the finest of these cheap acoustic-electric guitars here, recording acoustic right and upgraded to help you to get a point.

Top 15 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200

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1. Oscar Schmidt OG2CESM

The acoustic-electric guitar on our list is this beauty from Oscar Schmidt. This is a superb guitar if you’d like one that appears unique but nevertheless costs. Another good thing about this budget acoustic-electric guitar is that it has a built-in tuner, so it will sound great!

Only looking at a photo of the budget acoustic-electric guitar does not actually do the trick, so have a look at this movie where you could listen to how it sounds.


  • Cool spalted design
  • Built-in tuner
  • A true bargain
  • D’addario guitar strings

We Liked It – It looks great with its spalted design that is streaky, and it’s strings.

2. Yamaha FG800

Next up is a really acoustic electric guitar. The Yamaha FG800 has a wonderful feel and is natural-looking. A pro is a quality, mids and both the highs are concentrated and loudly in a way that is fantastic.

These Yamaha truly do make guitars! It’s a good top, which is actually nice and unusual in regards to guitars that are affordable. Check out Yamaha FG700S or the Yamaha FG830 for options.

Here’s a demonstration that is excellent you can find out more. You will also have the ability to hear the Yamaha FG800 seems, it is that sort of round the campfire’ noise which we adore!

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  • Classical guitar layout
  • Strong top
  • Built-in tuner
  • Fantastic noise
  • Simple to play with acoustic guitar

Why We Liked It – The budget acoustic-electric guitar is high-quality and is a musical instrument that will last you for many years.

3. Jasmine S34C NEX

Number three is a super and trendy guitar in Jasmine. It is similar to the traditional acoustic-electric guitar obtained an upgrade, and also the guitar body contours aren’t only fresh and new but also ergonomic.

The acoustic-electric guitar includes great acoustic guitar strings out of D’addario, thus there’s absolutely not any need to purchase additional guitar strings, to begin with.

Curious to hear how great a funding acoustic-electric guitar which does not even cost $130 may seem? We believed so. Here’s a movie where you could listen to it, and we guarantee that it does not disappoint!


  • Affordable
  • D’addario strings
  • Steel-stringed guitar
  • Cool design
  • Good quality for this price range

We Liked It – This steel-stringed guitar is great for its price range!

4. Ibanez PF Collection PF15ECE

Guitarists dream of purchasing an Ibanez, and it is great they have models similar to this one!

This acoustic dreadnought cutaway form guitar can be found in a natural finish, black and dark blue and has a trendy dreadnought cutaway design. It’s a built-in tuner, that’s useful for beginners.

The audio quality is obviously the main factor when it comes to choosing your guitar, however good the guitar seems. Take a peek at this movie and listen to this acoustic dreadnought cutaway body guitar, you probably will like it better after you have heard it!


  • Offered in blue, black and natural
  • High-quality
  • Great audio quality
  • Built-in tuner
  • Fantastic beginners guitar
  • Dreadnought body

We Liked It – It sounds and looks excellent, and there’s nothing special about playing with a guitar out of a brand you know is among the finest on earth, it only makes the experience much better!

5. Jameson Full Size Thinline

This Jameson Total size Thinline acoustic-electric guitar would be the one for you in the event that you would like to discover a true deal! This Jameson Total size Thinline acoustic-electric guitar is available in a blue, black, natural finish, red, pink and green. Additionally, it is available as a left-handed guitar!

Here’s a review at which it’s possible to find out just a bit more about this Jameson Total size Thinline acoustic-electric guitar and hear what it resembles.


  • Affordable
  • Offered in several colours
  • Left or right-handed
  • Beginners guitar

We Liked It – For over $100 you will not just get a Jameson Total size Thinline acoustic-electric guitar, however a situation to keep it in also.

6. Epiphone AJ-100CE

Many guitarists that attempt the Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic-electric concur that although the guitar is actually cheap, it sounds and feels like a much more expensive guitar, that is just what a fantastic deal ought to be around!

Who would be more qualified to inform you about that guitar compared to someone that works in a music store? Here’s an excellent presentation of the guitar which will tell you all that you want to know!


  • Good audio quality
  • Feels more costly than it’s
  • Cheap

We Liked It – It sounds and looks fantastic and is only a fantastic guitar if you need something which does exactly what it says on the box and is reliable. Check out the Epiphone DR100 acoustic guitar or the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro as options.

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7. Oscar Schmidt OG2CE-WH

The following budget acoustic-electric guitar is Oscar Schmidt OG2CE-WH, a true beauty! This guitar not only looks fantastic, with its own white shiny and finish details but in addition, it sounds fantastic as a result of its active EQ system. Additionally, it has a built-in mic, so the prospect of making great sounding audio is unquestionably there.

Here’s an excellent movie where you could listen to all of the fantastic qualities of this guitar has, whatever the genre! As you can tell, there’s absolutely not any means of imagining this funding acoustic guitar electric guitar is really really reasonably priced!


  • A deal
  • Active EQ system
  • Built-in tuner
  • Design and complete
  • Great audio quality

We Liked It – This is a fantastic alternative for the guitarist having a restricted budget that still needs a cool guitar which will get a lot of compliments. Watch the Oscar Schmidt og2sm acoustic guitar for an alternate.

8. Kona K2TBL

We’re shocked when we heard the cost of this guitar. It is so inexpensive but it appears so costly! The colour makes us think of elaborate chopping boards made from green marble, so you know those that are super costly, and the golden tuners make it seem even better. If you’d like a guitar which you could flaunt within your inner design, you have found it!

Obviously that you wish to listen to exactly what this budget acoustic-electric guitar sounds like. Here’s an excellent video which will make you wish to purchase one when you can!


  • Very good-looking
  • D’addario strings
  • Audio quality is Wonderful
  • Gold tuners

We Liked It – It seems great too and includes D’addario strings. Additionally, it is available in natural black and finishes. The most wonderful thing about it’s probably the guarantee though- ten decades!

9. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK

This is a trendy budget acoustic-electric guitar which has a matte finish and contains a very distinctive look. Though it’s known as black, it is more of a dark grey, but we do not mind, as it is a very wonderful colour!

Unfortunately, we could not find any movies comprising this Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK guitar, but if you would like to learn guitar details about Glen Burton’s guitars generally you always have the option to look for videos using their guitars on YouTube. At least, that way you may see exactly what you think about a few of the other superior guitars, even if you enjoy them, odds are you will like this one!


  • Cool dark grey layout
  • Cheap acoustic guitar
  • Three selections along with a gig bag included

We Liked It – It has a gig bag and three distinct picks, which makes the Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK a genuine bargain!

10. Ibanez Talman TCY10

Let us finish off with a different guitar from Ibanez. This one has a warm, rich tone and can be found in blue and black. This is an awesome guitar for the cost ranges specified and can be very high-quality.

This guitar is great to read about, here’s a video presentation where you might listen to you can compare it being played the preamp platform and the microphone. It sounds terrific!


  • Fantastic sound
  • Offered in blue and black
  • High-quality
  • Preamp system

We Liked It – This is a budget guitar for someone who’s serious in their guitar playing might not have cash.

11. Donner DAG-1E

The Donner DAG-1E is a cheap acoustic-electric guitar which follows the form that is the dreadnought. As a dreadnought that is traditional, it features comfortable tonewoods, which simmer to the top and include timber for the back and sides. The neck can be crafted out of mahogany with a”C” shape profile.

Elements comprise an under-saddle piezo pickup with an active preamp that homes EQ controls that are fundamental.

While each the aforementioned are good for the cost, Donner packs this guitar with a capo, guitar strap, a pickguard (which means you’ve got a choice if you would like your guitar to really have a pickguard or not), a package of selections, and an excess set of guitar strings.


Many consider the Donner DAG-1E for a fantastic guitar for the price owners feel that they have what they paid, concerning tone quality and functionality.

The extras assist here, one-upping that the DAG-1E’s already a very good reputation for significance. Playability is also praised because this is targeted for beginners as well as students which is great.


There are a couple who whine about quality inconsistencies. When some owners report activity and cosmetic related issues from the box.


In case you’re looking for a conventional-looking acoustic-electric guitar Which You Can buy out the Donner DAG-1E

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12. Donner DAG-1CE

The Donner DAG-1CE is a simple acoustic-electric guitar at the shape that is dreadnought this one includes a cut-away body also includes some freebies.

It features standard timber setup, which comprises spruce for the top and mahogany for the back and sides. The neck includes a slender C” contour profile to get comfortable playability and it includes a built-in active preamp with EQ controls for correcting the treble, bass and mids.

Ultimately, this guitar comes bundled with extras which have a guitar strap, a capo, a pickguard, an excess set of guitar strings along with a package of guitar selections, all which add to the good value you’re getting from the guitar.


The Donner DAG-1CE receives a good deal of praise because of its value for money, with many describing it. It is acoustic and amplified is also well received. Quality is well received, particularly when considering the cost.


It is not without problems, since there are reports of improperly filed frets, and string height inconsistencies, the problems found in mass-produced guitars. These are.


If you’re interested in a fantastic value full-size acoustic-electric guitar, then the Donner DAG-1CE will fulfil, or even surpass your expectations.

13. Carlo Robelli F550 Thinline

The Carlo Robelli F550 is an acoustic-electric guitar using a cutaway body that is Thinline. The profile of the acoustic makes it well suited for guitarists that want an economical acoustic-electric guitar on the other side.

Under its natural finish is mahogany for the back laminate tonewoods and sides, and simmer to the top. The neck consists of Okoume, using a normal size scale length of 25.5″, a”C” shape profile, and dual-action truss pole.

Built-in electronics incorporate an active preamp using 3-band EQ, volume control and a battery test light.


From musicians to youthful upstarts, the F550 body and low-action throat are well valued. So much so that remarks concerning playability and its comfort abound in testimonials. Consumers are delighted with its quality, for example its plugged in tone, particularly when considering its price tag.


There are a couple that is not pleased with the fretwork performed on the unit that is particular they obtained. This is a frequent criticism among guitars that are cheap, and most of these problems are fixed by proper installation and alterations.


If you’re searching for a Thinline body acoustic-electric guitar, then do not forget to have a look at the Carlo Robelli F550.

14. Washburn WA90CE

The Washburn WA90CE is a portion of the set of pellets. What distinguishes this acoustic-electric guitar is its own aesthetics, including body and fretboard binding, together with a rosette that is pleasant looking.

This version sports a dreadnought with profile, after traditional setup, mahogany for the back and sides and spruce to the top. The bridge and are made from rosewood, while the throat is crafted out of mahogany.

For plugging in, it includes a built-in Isys+ preamp with mic, volume control EQ for correcting treble and bass.


Washburn knows how to please the eyes, and they do use their entry-level tools. And guitarists well receive this attempt, and it’s a frequent theme in several testimonials. The WA90CE appears more since there are lots of remarks about its own tone, both unplugged and plugged, but it is not just about appearances.


There are actions issues such as fret buzz and a couple who report series setup, thankfully those may be rectified by alterations or using the tool professionally setup.


Check out Washburn WA90CE if you would like to acquire a cheap guitar that does not look and seem economical.

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15. Mitchell O120CESB

The Mitchell O120CESB is an auditorium with profile guitar, sporting a system that is streamlined and glossy. This makes it excellent for people who find body guitars that are large to become uneasy.

The shirt is crafted, while the human body and throat are made out of mahogany. This guitar has a few aesthetics, such as multi-ply body binding and abalone soundhole rosette that mesh well with its high-gloss vintage sunburst finish.

At length, the built-in preamp includes a 3-band EQ and mic.


People who rate this guitar are delighted with its quality, particularly when plugged-in. Some describe it as being much like more costly acoustic-electric guitars they have. There are many who love its great looks, and they report they are happy with its overall build quality.


Are a couple of complaints regarding the fretwork of the guitar from individuals that are utilized to the frets of guitars that are.


If you’re trying to find a budget-friendly and comfy but not overly thin acoustic-electric guitar to play, then have a look at the Mitchell O120CESB.

Things to Consider When Buying a Budget Acoustic Electric Guitar

Matters to Consider When Purchasing a Budget Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fundamental Tonewood Overview

There are several different wood types used in guitar construction, particularly when speaking about guitars, plus they have a large effect on the noise. Unfortunately, there are not many different tonewoods to select from in this budget, but the majority of the guitars include the familiar blend of a spruce top and mahogany (along with its other versions ) on the sides and back.

Laminated in Strong Wood

Acoustic guitars with solid timber tops are favoured by many due to the sound that they produce, on the timber is more economical and much more resistant to weather fluctuations, making them well suited for entry-level guitars.

Each guitar ought to be made from premium timber, but world funding constraints, particularly in the entry-level marketplace, together with elements call for options.

Body Form

Physics dictates the different body contours of guitars influence the sound. Generally, guitars such as those with the shape and bigger have end and projection. Bigger and thinner ones highlight the mids and highs, and they’re also lighter and more often comfortable to perform. Entry-level guitars arrive from the form, probably because novices are impressed with quantity projection – that’s because they develop ears such as nuances.

Passive vs Active Pickups

Undersaddle guitar pickups that were Lively are favoured due to volume and their realism. And this is the case both at the upper and lower spectrum of this marketplace. The disadvantage of such pickups is. On the other hand, pickups are distinct, however, they do not supply exactly the identical tone, controls and features as ones.

Frequent Fretboard Problems

More frequently than not, producers of inexpensive guitars have a tendency to decrease the price by skimping on the fretboard quality. And there are lots of reviewers that venture out of the way. Fretboard problems like action, Luckily, fret buzz, and fret cords are times adjusted.

What’s an Electric Acoustic Guitar?

An acoustic-electric guitar is just what it sounds like, an acoustic guitar which you could plugin.

This is excellent, since you know guitars aren’t so loud, so it is good to have the ability to plug in the guitar and turn the volume up.

Additionally, it is useful if you would like to capture music.

It’s really good to be able to bring the guitar to the beach or play silently at home, so an acoustic-electric guitar is good in any situation, really.

What Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifiers Are You?

Examples of guitar amplifiers that are Excellent are Marshall AS100D Fender Acoustasonic 15 and Fishman Loudbox Performer.

Will an Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sound Great?

The response to this issue is it depends upon what you compare with. Obviously, a cheap one may not sound better than a costly guitar. This does not automatically signify an inexpensive guitar can not seem fine, but you need to be aware of the there aren’t any guitar wonders happening, an inexpensive guitar will stay an inexpensive guitar.

Even though a professional guitarist will have the ability to distinguish the difference right away, a newcomer may not find it enough to be prepared to invest thousands of bucks. That funding guitars are here and create guitars.

The guitar strings produce a difference, so 1 thing you may attempt to generate a guitar sound that is inexpensive is currently substituting the guitar strings that came using branded strings together.

It is still great that there are guitars for beginners and individuals which may not have much cash Though a guitar may not seem like an expensive one. Will keep on playing, and men and women feel as though they do not wish to invest money.


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