In the past ten years, a high-end guitar can cost more than $3000. These days, with a budget of $1500, the customers have a more comprehensive range of choices. Maybe not premium high-end but could be better than a mid-range guitar while still affordable.

In case you need the best acoustic guitar under 1500, we made research of the popular mid-range guitars on the market and created a list of the best affordable guitars. For the reviews, we assess based on elements of design, material, and sound-making.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500

Melissa Etheridge 2078ME-6P Guitar with Hard Case – Best Overall

Melissa Etheridge is a famous American guitarist and singer-songwriter, and so her signature guitar. The guitar is a sold structure with tremendous playability, bold design, and incredible sound-making. These things make this performing tool to be one of the best acoustic guitars in our list.

First, everybody admits that the guitar blends with many personal touches from Etheridge. Necessarily, the equally off-white soundhole epaulets will catch your eyes at the very first sight. The top of the guitar is made of AA-grade spruce and equipped with Scalloped X bracing. Similar to all of the ovation guitars, this model contains a Lyrachord composite bowl.

The guitar body is robust and well-constructed, which ensures to give the best performing experience. The craftsmanship is excellent in its price range. For instance, the guitar neck is sturdily made from five-piece maple laminate for fast playing. 

The Melissa Etheridge guitar is not only an acoustic but also a powerful electronic guitar. There are volume control and three-band sliders for compression and sound control. 

Its versatile system contains XLR and ¼” connectors to plug into both an amp and PA system. Hence, the guitar can produce a bright, tight, and vibrant sound. It gives you the power and inspiration to sound as good as Melissa Etheridge.

You do not need to be a fan of Melissa Etheridge to find that this guitar is ultimately attractive. The manufacturer ships this instrument in a protective hard-shell vase. With the versatility to transform from a simple acoustic tool to a modern electric guitar, this is a guitar for everyone.


  • Strong playability
  • Modern mixing with classic design
  • Great sound-producing
  • Affordable
  • Contains electronic devices with connectors
  • Shipped with hard-shell protection case


  • None

Figure 1. Melissa Etheridge Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Pearlescent White. View at Amazon

Martin 000-15M Guitar – Runner-up

Martin had joined the game since the 1920s, and their guitars were fastly popular among the community of blues guitarists. The 000-15M is the latest model from this brand.

The 000-15M sticks firmly to the most classic design inspiring from the long-ago 000-14 model. The woody small body size is ideal for small-scale acoustic stage, which is the most iconic body shape in the guitar world. 

The manufacturer brings solid mahogany back, while the back, two sides, and top of the guitar feature an East Indian rosewood overlay. They also minimalize the guitar’s binding, purfling, and inlays. There is only a small rosette around the soundhole, which looks extremely simple but elegant and delicate.

When it comes to experience on a real stage, you will figure out the true strengths of Martin 000-15M. At first, you will be impressed by how consistent the guitar’s string and range. Its tone is so even to push up your confidence in front of the audience. 

Next is about the clarity and sparkliness of the sound; the 000-15M gives the best level of sound brightness to the guitar players. The mahogany material allows the guitar to respond decently to fingerpicking.

The only downside of this Martin innovation is there is no equipment of onboard preamp or electronic supports. As this is no cheap guitar, its lowest offering price is about $1500 precisely, and we hope there should be some straightforward improvement.

In results, the 000-15M is one of the best Martin guitars in the low price range, and it offers a great look and fantastic playability for the performers. Moreover, it has a hard case to protect during the shipping process. You will need to check this product if you are in love with the simplicity and classic style.


  • Classic and iconic design
  • High-quality wooding material
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for traditional and straightforward acoustic stages


  • No onboard preamp and supporting devices

Figure 2. Martin 000-15 Meters Acoustic Guitar – Natural Wood Colorway. View at Amazon

The Loar LH-700-VS Guitar – Best for People Who Prefer Old-Fashioned Style

For a mid-range guitar maker, The Loar is worth paying attention. The Chinese manufacturer shows their interest in the design of the instruments at the guitar’s Golden Age (the 1920s-1930s). In results, The Loar LH-700 receives acclaims for its ingenious assembly and innovative design.

At first glance, LH-700 looks like an amplified violin with a dark brown colorway and elegant design. It is an archtop guitar that features made-from-spruce hand-carved and hand-graduated. The side and back of the guitar are covered by high-quality maple, while the dark wood theme inspires the entire body. The customers highly enjoy the vintage vibe that LH-700 brings.

This guitar model is a brief acoustic instrument, so there is no additional electronic device. Instead, the head-bar of the guitar contains six golden Grover Sta-Tite tuners. The geared tuners generate at 18:1 ratio, and there are also several tuning keys for sound adjustment. 

Additionally, the solid wooding material leads the guitar to cut through any mix. Along with a resounding voice, this guitar is perfect for both bands and single vocalists. The spruce-making parts balance the harmony while adding plenty of brightness to the sound.

For the drawbacks, first, the Loar LH-700 guitar is not as cheap as other models on this review. Second, the craftsmanship is not as excellent as our expectation. You may find some flaws on the guitar when holding it on hand.

Overall, the Loar LH-700 is still a fantastic guitar for who digs into traditional designs. The sound quality that it offers is outstanding with essential supporting parts. The guitar is perfect when you hold it in luxurious events or classic acoustic stages.


  • Innovative design with violin-shaped inspiration
  • Suitable for old-school and elegant style
  • High-quality material
  • Great sound-producing for both acoustic and electric usage


  • Higher in price compared to other models

Figure 3. The Loar LH-700-VS Deluxe Hand-Carved Archtop Guitar. View at Amazon

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Guitar – Best Design and Body Structure

Taylor 200 Series is one of the most well-known guitar series in 2019, and 214ce Deluxe is the best among them. Notably, the guitar features a guitar body of Grand Auditorium (GA) along with a Venetian cutaway and a steep slope. 

The top manufacturer in the industry only makes the GA guitar shape. As when you can purchase a GA-shaped guitar for under 1500, it is unbelievable. Moreover, there is a solid Sitka spruce top while the back of the guitar contains a three-layered rosewood veneer. 

Besides the high-quality material, the guitar comes with a ToneWood Amp. So, it is perfect for all guitarists with many styles of strumming and picking. The guitar gives a crisp, authoritative, and definitive sound for the performances.

The 214ce model is versatile to fit with all performing styles, such as fingerpicking or flat-picking. You will be able to control the lows while achieving the rich and balancing highs.

However, the price can be an issue. Despite being below 1500, it is still the most expensive guitar on our list. 

In short, the Taylor 214ce Deluxe guitar has an impressive design with details made of high-end materials. The guitar is a fantastic performance tool as well as a decorative item in your living areas.


  • Superior design
  • Excellent craftsmanship and structure arrangement
  • Luxurious material (Sitka spruce, rosewood, etc.)
  • Powerful and shining sound
  • Fits with both fingerpicking and flat-picking style


  • The highest price in this list

Figure 4. Taylor 214ce Deluxe with Layered Rosewood Back Sides – Natural Wooding Colorway. View at Amazon

Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Guitar – Best for Sound Quality

The EF341SC dreadnought guitar is beautiful and well-handcrafted, which comes with an affordable price. On this version, Takamine equips it with a solid cedar top and maple back, and two sides, which create a premium look for the guitar. Also, the guitar neck connects with the body by a classic dovetail joint, which is made of the high-quality mahogany.

This model comes with D’Addario EXP16 light-gauge strings and is protected by a hard-shell case. In detail, D’Addario strings are high-end devices, which is profitable for you when purchasing such a low-price guitar. 

For the playability, the guitar features the chrome tuners for precise sound control. The guitar bridge is made of rosewood to improve the functionality and give a luxurious cover.

One word to describe the Takamine guitar’s sound is shining. We can say that the guitar always delivers the best sound quality to any performance. Its sound is full, abundant thanks to the excellent guitar build-up and high-quality tonewood. For the use of acoustic or electronic, Takamine EF341SC still gives a fantastic and balancing tone.

The only advice for the manufacturer is that they can apply more modern technology on the guitar and upgrade it to become the superb version.

With a range of under $1500, every detail of Takamine EF341SC guitar is close to perfection. It will be an excellent asset for your performance even when you are a beginner or a professional guitarist. The design, sound, and structure overall exceed the other models in this range of low price.


  • Excellent playability in balancing tone and sound
  • Precise sound controlling
  • Modern design
  • Affordable


  • Should apply advanced technology and innovation

Figure 5. Takamine EF341SC – Electric Guitar – Matte Black. View at Amazon

Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar from Seagull – Best for Versatility

The Seagull Artist Mosaic guitar is the most versatile since it is appropriate to a rhythm guitarist, folk singer, or even a country songwriter. The guitar is made by a Canadian manufacturer, which is entirely covered by solid wood. It offers the affordability and high-quality craftmanship that can compete with the virals on the guitar market.

The Seagull guitar has a cedar top, which brings rich tone and high resonance frequency. The neck and sides are made by mahogany and rosewood, which is an ideal design the rhythm players and folk singers.

As mentioned above, the full solid wood cover is the strongest point of this Seagull guitar. As opposed to laminate, the solid wood material allows the guitar to resonate fully and give a more vibrant tone. It provides the acoustic performances the ultimate sound and fits with many types of singer voices.

Most of the customers give positive comments for this guitar model. They provide a big note about the playability ease and warm tone. They also praise the dreadnought shape of the guitar, which kindly suits both classic and modern stages.

However, a few users comment that this guitar is not great with a tapping technique. The sound may be light and tinny, so you should be a skillful guitarist to apply that technique when holding this guitar unit.

Overall, the Seagull Mosaic guitar is the instrument that well-suits to anyone who is in love with the guitar. The guitar is the best when it comes to the fingerpicking players by the widely-spacing strings.


  • Great flexibility
  • High-quality cover and material
  • Ease of playability


  • Inappropriate with a tapping technique

Figure 6. Seagull Acoustic Guitar. View at Amazon

Best Time to Buy This Product?

That all depends on what your future endeavors are! Do you want to play as a professional musician? Do you plan on doing a master’s program in music at a College or University? 

If purchasing a guitar for your hobby, you can buy it anytime, especially on Black Friday for the best price. However, if you are planning on taking it further; then, it is a lifetime investment that will pay for itself. 

The recommendation is getting with an instructor and playing for them. It can be a test and assessment of your guitar playing skill. However, the brief answer would be when you understand where all of the notes are on each string, paying several hours of listening, and diligent practice every session. 

It is good to learn the fundamental techniques for both left and right hands before getting an acoustic guitar. It means learning those techniques well enough that they are preferably automatic. Besides, it is good to wait until you are confident enough to enjoy practicing and learning for the foreseeable future.

The guitar is a beautiful instrument. And learning about different kinds of guitars, strings, and fingerpicking techniques takes lots of time. Once you complete this short primary starter, you are ready to hold your guitar. 

Best Choice

There are three ultimate criteria for us before giving the crown to the winner; design, cost, and function. All the models above have great plans and are decent stylish, which fits with specific stages and events. To choose the best one, we look at the quality of sound that a guitar can generate.

The Melissa Etheridge 2078ME-6P Guitar is our top pick with no doubt as to its amazing benefits. It offers these features with the best quality. You do not have to be a big fan of Etheridge to fall in love with her signature guitar. The inside and outside of the guitar come close to perfection. 

To choose the best one, you should also review the feedback of the ones who have in-depth experience with these instruments. They will have the most valuable advice to make your decision making easier.

The Final Words

In essence, LessConf have tried our best to help you pick up your best acoustic guitar under 1500. You need to stick your basic needs, maybe get the bits of help from professionals before purchasing. Do not hesitate to comment on your experience with our recommendations. Please follow to catch up with our next reviews. Cheers!


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