Top 12 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200

best acoustic guitars under 200

Whether you’re on a strict budget or simply need something to bash around on if you’re on the market for the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200, it is important to test out as much as possible specifically the versions you’re considering buying.

But if you don’t possess a guitar shop (or know someone who does), it can be complicated to try out every single guitar in your shortlist. That is the reason why reading testimonials such as those outlined under can help.

Lessconf has researched and reviewed a few of the very common steel-string acoustic guitars examine them about what we liked and what we did not, available on the current market. The graphs below comprise guitars offering a mix of both high quality and value that are ideal for novices, or expert guitarists searching for something to practice on or travelling with.

Top 12 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200

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1. Ibanez AW54OPN

Specs, features, and advantages

The Ibanez AW54 Opens Pore Organic is but it’s built that the cost doubles.

This guitar’s body is made from solid timber for the mahogany. The neck is made from mahogany and it has a rosewood fretboard with twenty frets. It’s a rosewood bridge, chrome sealed die-cast tuners

Ivorex II nut and saddle. It’s finished in satin colour and open-pore lacquer, which give the guitar a look. This guitar’s sound is pleasant, bright and open, with sustain and a low end, and it could easily be confused for a guitar at cost.

Pros and Highlights

  • Low price – The guitar is reasonably priced. Ideal for every type of player that needs a cheap, yet good-sounding acoustic guitar.
  • Sound – Because of this construction, the timber choice, along with also the open-pore lacquer, the guitar seems far above its cost.
  • Nice appearances – The guitar appears amazing.

Cons and Flaws

  • It’s a mass-produced guitar – This implies, you might find a guitar and a setup might be needed by it. The best advice we can give is”try it before purchasing it”.
  • There aren’t any electronic equipment on the guitar. Consequently, if you’re planning to play with it you’ll have to mix up this.

Bottom line

The Ibanez AW54OPN is a good guitar for the price. The dreadnought construction, the timber selection, the hardware, and also the end, are creating this guitar capable to contend with guitars of a much greater cost. It is a mass-produced guitar it’s possible to acquire a dud.

That is the reason why we recommend trying it before purchasing it. The Ibanez AW54OPN doesn’t have electronic equipment which means you will want to obtain a mic/piezo/pick-up individually so as to play with it.

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2. Yamaha FG800

Specs, features, and advantages

Yamaha is one of the top-rated best-selling businesses in the tools and guitar world. Why? Since they create cheap, nevertheless high-quality instruments.

The Yamaha FG800 is a guitar with a body made for the top and to timber to the sides and the rear. The neck is combined in the fret, it’s produced from nato, also sports a rosewood fingerboard.

There are just six sealed die-cast chrome tuning machines which maintain the guitar in tune. The guitar has urea nut, and a bridge and saddle. The Yamaha FG800 includes a balanced sound that is loud, hot, glowing and resonant.

Pros and Highlights

  • Won’t violate the bank – The guitar is ideal for beginners, and also for parents that wish to buy their kid a guitar which sounds great, it’s playable and inexpensive.
  • Noise – this guitar’s sound is quite wonderful. You may fall in love with.
  • Playable – The neck on the guitar seems smooth and nice. It’s quite playable and even advanced players realize this as a fantastic guitar.

Cons and Flaws

  • You may find a dud – The Yamaha FG800 is just one of the most-selling acoustic guitars at this price range, and it’s mass-produced. That is the reason why we recommend trying before purchasing to get rid of the opportunity of obtaining a guitar that is faulty.

Bottom line

Whether you’re just starting to play with, or you’re a seasoned guitarist and you also would like to purchase a decent, yet cheap acoustic guitar, then the Yamaha FG800 is a good selection.

It’s a well-constructed guitar and it’s a sound that is fantastic. But, we strongly suggest that you test it before you purchase it since it’s a mass-produced guitar, meaning there’s an opportunity you’re going to find a faulty one.

The Yamaha FG800 is a superb guitar for the price.

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3. Epiphone DR-100

Specs, features, and advantages

The Epiphone DR-100 is your best-selling Epiphone guitar. It is affordable, in regards for under a hundred and fifty bucks, making this guitar quite beginner-friendly.

It’s a dreadnought guitar using a Select Spruce body top, mahogany sides and back, along with SlimTaper profile glued-on neck, made from Okoume wearing a rosewood fingerboard.

The hardware on the guitar features a pair of chrome die-cast tuning machines, rosewood bridge, and saddle and nut.

The Epiphone DR-100 has high and mid audio, and low end, which ends in sound that is punchy and bright.

Pros and Highlights

  • Affordable – The Epiphone DR-100 is a guitar that is inexpensive. It involves under 150$!
  • Beginner-friendly – The SlimTaper neck is only starting out and ideal for those players with little hands. It’s simple to find a grasp of their neck and progress quickly with it.
  • Noise – This guitar could be viewed in gigs at small places. Just mix up this and move!

Cons and Flaws

  • End frets – This does not happen with each DR-100 guitar, however, there are instances. This is a chance to satisfy with the guitar repairman that is regional; he may do a proper setup to the Epiphone.
  • The ideal thing to do if purchasing a guitar, clearly, is your trying-before-buying method.

Bottom line

Before buying it, try it. The odds are you will find a novice guitar, for a cost. It seems great, it plays and it is playable. If you aren’t a seasoned guitar-guy perhaps you need to try bringing a guitarist buddy on your own shopping in the guitar shop, to remove the odds of obtaining a dud. The Epiphone DR-100 is a dreadnought guitar.

4. Jasmine S35

Specs, features, and advantages

The extremely inexpensive Jasmine S35 (it’s under a hundred bucks ) is a fantastic dreadnought guitar for all those people that are only beginning to play with. It’s a body made from spruce back, sides, and top and neck. The neck sports a rosewood fingerboard with twenty frets.

It’s a bridge bone saddle and nut, and tuning machines that are coated. The sound of this guitar is really balanced, which is generally not anticipated with a guitar using a cost as the Jasmine S35 has, and it probably will not function the phases across the nation, but it will not hurt the newcomer’s ears also. To get a guitar under a hundred bucks, it sounds pretty good.

Pros and Highlights

  • Affordable – This guitar is among the guitars which have audio.
  • Fantastic audio – The dreadnought body of this guitar produces loud and fairly good audio, which is essential for each and every participant, beginner or seasoned. Obviously, you can not expect a noise just like a high-priced Martin guitar, but yeah, to get an under-hundred-dollar guitar, this Jasmine seems great.
  • Playability – This is a guitar that will not back off you such as any other guitars in this price range will. The construction of this guitar is strong, and the neck is playable. Ideal for novices.

Cons and Flaws

  • It may require a few alterations straight from the box – Simply choose your new Jasmine S35 for the regional guitar repairman, and let him perform the set-up for you, also assessing all of the other things, such as the nut, and the saddle, along with the tuners. This is a guitar that is affordable, which means you can not expect everything to be perfect for it. It will require a few alterations.

Bottom line

If you’re just beginning, or your kid recently told you that’s interested in playing with the six strings, then the Jasmine S35 is a great starting point. It’s not a high-quality guitar, however, it’s a fantastic beginner-guitar for certain. It may require a few alterations and set-up right after you purchased it, but every guitar requires that.

Fantastic guitar for a very inexpensive price. Obviously, when you’re searching for a guitar which you can play with movies together with, just keep reading.

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5. Jasmine Orchestra JO36-NAT

Specs, features, and advantages

Jasmine is your brother to Takamine like Epiphone would be to Squier or Gibson would be to Fender, and they produce cheap guitars of quality.

The Jasmine Orchestra JO36-NAT is an orchestra body-type guitar using a body high made out of spruce, and laminated maple to your rear and the sides. This guitar’s neck is made from nato timber, and it features a rosewood fingerboard with twenty frets.

While the nut and the saddle are made out of bone the bridge on the guitar is made from rosewood also. On the headstock, there are six die-cast chrome tuning machines.

The Jasmine JO36-NAt includes a glowing, yet audio, on account of the X bracing of the material that is fantastic along with their human body options.

Pros and Highlights

  • Perfect for novices – The Jasmine JO36 includes a neck, and a more compact figure than the style guitars, which makes it the youngest gamers.
  • Noise – this guitar’s sound is extremely well balanced. That is precisely why this guitar may match many diverse genres and styles of playing.
  • Won’t violate the bank – If you’re a seasoned player or you’re only beginning if you would like to purchase an inexpensive acoustic guitar – that the Jasmine JO36 is an excellent option.
  • It costs under $150.

Cons and Flaws

  • It may require a little bit of attention from the box – Simply take it he’ll do the set-up for you.

Bottom line

Even though the Jasmine Orchestra JO36-NAT is made from laminated woods, it is an extremely good-constructed, and superbly guitar. Surely not to get a professional player, but for a novice, this guitar is a fantastic option.

6. Samick Greg Bennett Design GD100S

Specs, features, and advantages

It’s a great one, Even though the GD100S is a reasonable guitar, and it might function professional guitar players in addition to beginners. Greg Bennet is a luthier that design guitars to the producer Samick, along with the guitars which are created there, are currently playing far.

The Samick GD100S is nato mahogany back, and a body guitar with solid spruce top and sides. It has. It’s a bridge, die-cast pruning machines, and saddle and nut.

The guitar seems resonant and really loud, has plenty of a very balanced and grip tone. It’s a gloss finish.

Pros and Highlights

  • Cheap – To get a bit less than $200, you will have a guitar great for enjoying and for training!
  • Layout – Once you hear that Greg Bennet does not wait – give it a try and go. He’s a well-known American luthier which have made a lot of guitar versions, and they are sounding and doing great!
  • Noise – Because of the scalloped bracing, along with this solid spruce top, the GD100S sounds far. The guitar is resonant, using a tone and also sustain that is large.

Cons and Flaws

  • No cons!

Bottom line

The Samick Greg Bennet Layout GD100S is a fantastic guitar. Very well-designed guitar, with a sound that is excellent. It seems like it is the cost.

It’s mass-produced guitar, but it appears to me like the employees at Samick are paying good attention to each tool they create. Fantastic guitar!

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7. Ibanez IJV50

Specs, features, and advantages

Ibanez is a guitar manufacturer which makes high-quality and economical instruments.

From the guitar world, they are famous for their high-gain, shredding axes, however, they create a complete range of series such as jazz guitars, classical guitars, and needless to say acoustic guitars.

The Ibanez IJV50 is a style guitar, with a body made from the laminated spruce top, and Agathis back and sides. It has. It’s chrome trimming heads, Ivorex two nut and saddle, and the rosewood bridge. The guitar has a clear, bright, loud and resonant tone.

It typically includes a pair of accessories such as a gig bag, picks, strap-on, tuner, etc..

Pros and Highlights

  • Wallet-friendly! For $150, you are going to find a guitar, and whatever you need so as to play with it.
  • Good tone! The guitar sounds wonderful. Not too bright or too dim – it’s a really well-balanced tone.
  • Sturdy construction – If you do not play baseball this guitar could last you for decades!

Cons and Flaws

  • It will require a set-up – This guitar is shipped from abroad, so it is going to require a set-up right. If purchasing a guitar this is usual.

Bottom line

The Ibanez IJV50 is a superb guitar for beginners. It’s a well-constructed dreadnought guitar with a decent audio. Additionally, it includes accessories such as a gig bag, tuner, picks, strap-on, which means that you won’t need to get those things. It’s a great guitar. If you’re more on the professional aspect of guitar playing, then you may want to find various choices.

8. Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway

Specs, features, and advantages

If you would like to begin playing the guitar, however, you would like a guitar which you could plug it in a Blackberry the Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway is a fantastic selection.

The Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway, as its name implies is a concert-type of a guitar with a cutaway for getting the tones onto the fingerboard in your entire body.

The body, rear, and sides of the guitar are all made from laminated whitewood, whereas the C-profile neck is made from nato mahogany, which features”simulated rosewood” fingerboard with twenty frets. It has a bridge made from exactly the exact same substance because of the plastic nut and saddle and coated nickel tuners.

It’s an Eden piezo below the saddle, and a pre-amp using three-band EQ controls, stage control button for removing comments, along with a built-in tuner.

The Rogue RA-090 includes tweakable noise when plugged, and a bright noise when unplugged. Fantastic guitar for beginner guitarists.

Pros and Highlights

  • Dirt-cheap! – This guitar is quite reasonably priced. Or if we say, wallet-friendly?
  • Adequate sound quality – despite the fact that it isn’t sounding just like a Martin guitar, even such as the cost, it sounds pretty good.
  • You can plug it all in! – This might be significant for a few of you just beginning, but aiming high.
  • Or you’re in a college group? In any event, this is a fantastic feature for an inexpensive guitar.

Cons and Flaws

  • Fret buzzing – Much like nearly every other bought guitar, this guitar has to be observed by a professional. A set-up, and a couple of alterations here and there will make this guitar a lot better than it’ll be from the box.

Bottom line

Excellent $200 guitar for the price. You desire to purchase an acoustic guitar with a choice to plug in an amp, although if you’re on a budget, then the Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway is a fantastic selection.

The guitar is within mind its own cost, and it’s a fantastic tool for beginners.

9. Jasmine S34C NEX

Specs, features, and advantages

The Jasmine S34C NEX is an orchestra-style guitar using style cutaway which comes for an inexpensive price — ideal for people who want a guitar with performance quality and for novices.

This guitar’s body is constructed from the laminated spruce top, and maple sides and back.

This guitar’s neck is a slender-type, also it’s made from mahogany. It sports a rosewood fretboard with twenty-one frets, all of these being simple to get on account of the cutaway. The hardware on the guitar consists of a bridge nut and saddle, and regular die-cast pruning machines.

On account of this jumbo-size body, and Jasmine’s Advanced”X” Bracing that the S34 NEX has an improved low-end with characterized treble frequencies audio. It’s a guitar that is resonant, and a really loud.

Pros and Highlights

  • Cheap – it’s among the very best in its price range, and This guitar is quite affordable.
  • It’ll function both professional and novice guitar players that are great.
  • Loud, resonant – Because of body type and dimensions has a very sound that is resonant and loud. The end is enormous, and the end is articulated.
  • Venetian Cutaway – With the Jasmine S34C NEX you will not have any problem reaching the notes on the guitar. The cutaway permits you to get access.

Cons and Flaws

  • It’s still a one – This usually means there are a few compromises made, such as hardware and tonewood. This is one of the greatest guitars in this price range.

Bottom line

If you’re a jumbo-sized-body guitar enthusiast, or you are a beginner who wishes to be eloquent and current, the Jasmine S34C NEX are a fantastic match for you. It’s resonant and loud guitar, along with the cutaway permits you to play with the notes on the guitar.

10. Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

Specs, features, and advantages

The Yamaha FG JR1 is a 3/4 dimension guitar using an FG body. This means it’s large and loud enough but comfy for travelling with it and also for keeping it in your home without needing a good deal of distance.

This guitar’s body includes laminated spruce to your top and laminated meant for the sides and the back. This guitar’s neck is made with rosewood. It’s chrome tuning machines bone saddle and nut, and a bridge.

The sound of this guitar is strong and punchy, with lacking a little bit of low-end because of the dimensions of their human body. Guitar for musicians, and naturally – novices.

Pros and Highlights

  • Dimensions – This guitar is a 3/4 dimension guitar, which is good for its players that are young, for people with smaller hands, and for musicians;
  • Sturdy construction – Yamaha is among the very best guitar-builder businesses on earth. That is no surprise for a company like Yamaha. Pretty much all their tools are constructed sturdily.
  • Fantastic noise – The FG JR1 features a small low-end because of its size but is a good deal quieter and punchier than other guitars of the size as a result of the well-constructed body along with the timber selection.

Cons and Flaws

It’s flawed as any other guitar – The hardware isn’t the best, of course, the timber on the body isn’t strong — it’s laminated. Well, it’s expected. However, with proper set-up plus a pair of strings, this guitar works excellent.

Bottom line

You have hands, or if you’re a musician in the street, or your kid wishes to begin playing with the guitar, then the 3/4 dimensions FG JR1 by Yamaha is a fantastic option of a guitar.

It’s affordable, it’s well-built, and it’s a good sound.

11. Fender FA-100

A Fender guitar for under $200. it is, although We’d normally say on your fantasies!

Fender has produced a guitar which can manage and attracts the title and high quality of Fender to individuals which may not have been in a position to have had it.

They’ve produced it at the Dreadnought shape, which is known for its acoustic and noise. The sides and back are made from Agathis, also it’s a top that provides this noise to you. While the’X’ bracing adds to the projection of this tone and also into the stability of this guitar.

The body is nicely made and includes a ribbon around the hole along with edging. Additionally, it has a Fender scratchplate.

The throat construction is from Agathis with a Rosewood fretboard. You will find an adjustable truss rod along with dot inlays. 1 aspect to consider is that the neck is shorter.

The headstock has some made chrome die-cast machine heads, and you will find a nut and a Rosewood bridge and nut.

The audio is great as well as also the Dreadnought body produces a tone with loads of volume.

You’ll be a bit frustrated if you’re expecting top of the range quality. This is a funding tool, produced by a world-class producer, but they’ve cut a few corners to be sure the cost remains appealing. And, there’s not anything wrong with this.

A fantastic job has been done by them, and it’s among the most effective acoustic guitars under $200.

It includes a gig bag.


  • Quality of fabrication.
  • A neck making it a lot more easy to perform for novices.
  • Sound with loads of volume.


  • A newcomer that is young might not be suited by the body.

12. Fender CD-140SCE

The heading for all these reviews is the cheap guitars under $200. You’ll see why, although this guitar goes a bit over that funding. This is unique as it’s such a thing, and we’ve included it.

This really is a twelve-string version of Fender’s six-string equal. And there are not cut to supply you with a great guitar.

The human anatomy is Rosewoodsides the back, and. Rosewood has a tone its own, although businesses utilize forests for your body, and features from the primary build for this particular guitar. The shirt is Spruce people’s pick for the very best as a timber, incorporating its own tone and representing the noise because it does.

The body design is using a cutaway, giving access. Everything that might have been achieved to make audio that was fantastic was included. The scalloped bracing that is internal, providing impetus to their body’s equilibrium and the roundness of their tone.

The finish is complemented with a pickguard along with a pleasant edging. It seems the part, also it’s. A neck that is slimline and rolled edges make this guitar to play with. There are the 12 tuners that are not Fender but are decent.

It’s a Fishman Presys preamp that provides audio with sound choices and a few tones. A stage control, mid and treble controls, a quantity and bass provide some options, and there’s an onboard tuner.

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This is a great guitar for the price, and if you would like a first 12-string, it’s an excellent alternative. Noise, nicely produced and it’s a Fender.


  • Great looking 12-string having a sound that is fantastic.
  • Well, made out of materials that were good.


  • 12 guitars are not for novices.
  • Not inexpensive but is well worth paying the excess.

How to Choose a Beginner Guitar

The Way to Select a Beginner Guitar

Bear in mind that this guide is based on experiences and my comments. Use it as a starting point for drawing your own conclusions and doing your own research. Always consult the guitar firms for the information in their own instruments.

The 200 marks aren’t funding for a first instrument. However, unlike with travel size guitar, when you start off on an acoustic guitar you don’t need to worry about a whole lot of accessories and an amp. Though you don’t need to, you might choose to boost your finances considering acoustic guitars. Every one of those guitar manufacturers has some tools to pick from at the price point.

I caution against moving with a tool as a guitar As you’ll be enticed to do so. At the guitar world, such as anyplace else, you get what you pay for, although It’s possible to discover guitars for under $100.

This is particularly true in regards to devices. From the nature of the construct, it’s ordinarily somewhat tougher to play with notes than it’s on an electrical. They’re also a bit unwieldy and bigger instrument for novices to holding a guitar, not utilized. Cheap made those difficulties are only exacerbated by guitars.

You see tonewoods like nato and safely and that’s nothing. It is another way businesses make guitars which are very affordable. It is a way they’re helping the environment by using abundant forests for a number of their production tools.

What you won’t ever notice is guitars made from plastic plywood or puzzle forests. That is only one reason it’s sensible to go for a brand name rather than a no-name guitar out of a department store.

Things to Look for in a Budget Acoustic

You’ll want to determine whether you would like a nylon-string or even steel-string guitar because they are two distinct instruments.

The simplest way would be to figure out. If you’re planning to play music or styles like flamenco, a nylon-string guitar – with its tones – our informative article on the budget guitars is ideal for you.

If you’re seeking to find rock, pop, blues and country, then a steel-string acoustic guitar will fit you better, since you get that crisp twangy sound. If you can not decide, go with a nylon-stringed guitar they are easier on novices’ fingers and far comfier to learn and progress on.

If you’re just beginning, you might have been aware of electro-acoustic versions. Later on, you might wish to consider these, as they allow you to plug into a toaster and project your own audio across a room, concert hall or arena (well, you need to dream big!). For today it is sensible to stay with a version, which is less complex to use and cheaper.

Additionally, it is worth looking out for and preventing guitars like bridges, tuners and saddles, with parts. While quite cost-effective, they are prone to ripping and provide nothing in regards to tone. Stay clear!

The Last Word

If you’re on the search for a low-cost entry-level acoustic guitar, odds are it your initial one, you’re seeking something to practice on, or you desire a travel guitar.

No matter your motive, as you’ve observed, there are a few guitars on the market, that sound good and look. Possessing a more affordable guitar is great, as it will not irritate you if they become scratched, dinged or misplaced (though you would like this did not occur!).

However, it is worth considering whether it is possible to stretch your budget because purchasing in a marginally higher price range may provide you with a greater choice of styles, construction procedures, tonewoods, and playability, compared to the number you would see in the funding bracket.

Buying inexpensive as it may wind up being false market if you end up wanting to update within the year once you progress with this instrument. Cost range you choose, very good luck!


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