Top 13 Best Action Camera Under 200

best action camera under 200

If you’re seeking an activity camera that provides solid performance but does not cost an arm and a leg, then place your budget to about $200.

There are really budget actions camera choices within this variety for cash-strapped users.

Lessconf has compiled a second list of the actions cameras.

This listing is for what I call”average budget” users, that want an inexpensive action camera although not dirt economical one.

For about $200, it is possible to get. GoPro HERO session tops the list due to its features.

Read ahead to get a record of the Best Action Camera Under 200:

Top 13 Best Action Camera Under 200

Best Action Camera Under 200

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1. AKASO V50 Elite 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera – Greatest All around pick

The Akaso V50 Elite is packed to the brim with the best-in-class features, despite being priced in nearly 1/2 the cost of brands.

It boasts in 20MP of 4K video in 30FPS 60 FPS & as an option and pictures. Along with this, it includes a whole lot of different shooting modes such as slow-mo in 240FPS, snorkelling, quick motion and time-lapse, all which are really simple to get and tap through.

It includes two rechargeable batteries that provide you 3-hours of recording period that is joint.

It’s Wi-Fi harmonious, has HDMI and has a little, two-button remote controller which may be worn on your wrist.

Oh, it is waterproof to 131 ft.

If the features were not great Akaso cries in a lot of attachments which could cost you $1000 if you’re purchasing a GoPro rather than the one.

And it is simply not about features. The quality of the movies and the images are topnotch.

The camera is built like a stone without fretting about it becoming ruined or conking away and you’re able to place this. Filth, water, sand, sand, name it and it may sustain the wear and tear.

In all, we all could not be happier with all the Akaso V50 Elite. The only criticism we can find with it is it does not include a guarantee. But hey it’s a value for money product. Along with us does not disturb. We could afford a brand new one, In case it gets broken.


  • 60FPS & 30FPS Videos in 4K res
  • Photographs at 15 FPS (20 MP)
  • 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • Wi-Fi harmonious for sharing
  • Waterproof to 131 ft
  • Has a wireless wrist distant
  • 2-inch LCD Screen
  • Mounting apparel and bundle
  • Strong construction with quality


  • No guarantee
  • No Manual focus

2. GoPro Hero Silver

If you cannot fathom the idea of possessing anything aside from a GoPro, then here is the Hero White to your consideration.

This can be GoPro’s entry-level offering which includes a couple of features under its silver casing. More to the point, it is endorsed by GoPro’s quality guarantee.

The Hero Silver shoots at 4K movies and carries 10MP photographs. It can seem light in comparison with the 4K in 60fps made available by AKASO V50 Elite along with other manufacturers nowadays. But remember. This is not a manufacturer that is Chinese. It is GoPro.

It includes timelapse plus a slow-motion manner.

The camera is made to click on and point shooting. It is compact enough to be mounted anywhere. Plus it features a 1.95-inch touch display on the trunk that is responsive and quick.

It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth edits are incredibly onboard.

It’s waterproof to 33 feet. However, if you’re seeking to dive to past 10m, then you would probably do yourself a favour by investing at a higher-end actions camera.

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We’d suggest the GoPro Silver for novices to the activity camera arena searching for a purchase. For a tiny monthly fee, you can find a replacement guarantee.


  • White, sturdy casing
  • 1 touch operation
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Waterproof to 33 ft
  • 4K movie recordings
  • Slow movement
  • Can use voice control rather than buttons


  • No accessories included

3. YI 4K Action Camera

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or a vampire YouTuber who attempts butter-smooth high res videos, then you are going to adore the YI 4K budget actions camera.

It shoots 4k in 30fps and also an inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer (also referred to as the Extreme Picture Stabilization) make sure that the footage is jitter-free even at extreme rates.

If that did not impress you much, it may also shoot slow-motion videos in 240fps in 720p. That is four times the slow-mo specs of this GoPro White.

The YI boasts using a fresh, striking design that’s ridiculously simple to use. A 2.19-inch LCD touchscreen enables you to toggle through the controllers easily and should you would like to go handsfree, you can switch over to voice controls.

The LCD screen is protected with a Gorilla glass display protector which can help maintain scrapes and scruffs.

YI additionally gives action photographers full manual control over the pictures as it could churn out 12MP raw pictures. The Sony IMX377 picture detector and Amarelle dual-core A9SE75 offer you excellent clarity.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to the Yi Action program, make it a cakewalk to edit and discuss your own pics and videos.


  • 4K Videos in 30fps
  • Intense Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Slow Motion videos in 240 FPS
  • 2.2″ LCD Touchscreen screen
  • 2.19″ Gorilla glass covers
  • 12MP Raw images
  • Sony IMX377 Sensor


  • 155-degree view

4. Sony HDRAS50

It is refreshing to see huge brands compete with small ones that are known for supremacy in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace for activity cams.

Head jumped to space.

The HDRAS50 is that their foray to the budget-priced conclusion of this marketplace.

This activity camera boasts of FULL HD movies and exceptionally vibrant images indicating of their 11.1MP, Exmor R detector which peps up the footage in low light.

Not to overlook the Zeiss lens the camera comes equipped with. Wide-angle overexposure, this has got you covered.

Steadyshot Picture Stabilization is included as a standard feature and you will find 6 modes such as a Timelapse.

Aside from the standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Sony throws into a microphone which enables crystal clear recording two-track stereo, along with there is a water casing currently making it a package.

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This budget activity camera is most suitable for travelling bloggers and YouTubers that look for that pop in their own footage. Sony’s Zeiss lens reproduces colours vividly if this was the intended usage and we opt for this one.


  • Complete HD Video Recording
  • 11.1MP Exmore R Sensor
  • Zeiss Lens
  • Steadyshot Picture and stabilization.
  • 6 movie modes
  • Stereo Mic
  • 60M water casing


  • No 4K Video

5. ThiEYE T5e

Activity cams offer you some amount of protection from water leakage. However, what should you would like to go beyond the normal 50-100 ft of thickness?

This one from ThiEYE is waterproof for up to 197 ft, which makes it among the best options for usage.

It includes a 170-degree wide-angle lens that is powered with a Sony IMX117 sensor and an Ambarella A12S Processor that provides your pictures and videos with excellent colour reproduction and reduced light performance.

It may take 4K movies at 30FPS as well as 240FPS for slow-motion videos. Controls are easily accessible as a result of the two” glowing, LCD screen on the back.

In addition, we enjoy the bundle it ships. Besides both x batteries which give around 150 minutes of 4K recording, in addition, it includes a 360-degree rotating buckle which lets you capture magnificent panorama shots on-the-fly.

The camera is also stabilized by this to a fantastic extent, which along with onboard Electronic Image Stabilization provides butter videos that are smooth to you.

If you devote a great deal of time goes without batting an eyelid, do this one.


  • Waterproof to 197 ft
  • 4K video at 30FPS
  • Slow-mo videos in 240FPS
  • Sony IMX117 Sensor and an Ambarella A12S Processor
  • 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • 2″ LCD screen
  • 2 x batteries that are 1100mAh
  • 360-degree rotating buckle


  • None

6. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360

When Xiaomi declared a 360-degree camera believed it was a gimmick. However, one look at the Mijia Mi Sphere in actions and we understood it had set a new standard inactivity camera tech.

GoPro has announced one of them. So has DJI. But these can cost a pretty penny.

This one from Xiaomi is priced. What’s the buzz about?

It includes double lenses which automatically calibrate to provide you with 360-degree pictures at 7K resolutions, at around 23.88MP.

That is amazing, DSLR-grade calibre in this price point.

Nearly 360-degree videos have been listed at 3.5K at 30FPS and complete HD in 60FPS along with also the 6-axis EIS kicks in maintaining your videos totally jitter-free constantly.

Download the Xiaomi program to capture time-lapse videos and set the exposure for up to 32 minutes for crystal shots.

Xiaomi has been constantly rolling out firmware upgrades that could be downloaded at no cost. Some of those features that have been included include image stitching, HDR style, an intervalometer for time-lapse, display recording and RAW pictures.

Word is a 4K video update is on the cards.

If you’re seeking an action camera to perform virtual guides or only dig amazing excellent panorama shots, then look no more.


  • Lens 360-degree camera
  • 3.5K videos in 30FPS
  • Complete HD in 60FPS
  • 6-Axis EIS
  • 23MP photographs at 7K resolutions
  • Multiple applications updates
  • Easy sharing and edit


  • None

7. Campark X30

The X30 is equal to our choice. Both are made actions cams.

They are priced identically. The only difference being the Akaso is popular amongst users with some customer testimonials.

They have a wider product range.

This is a terrific, budget-priced action camera that shoots at 4K Ultra HD movies at 30 fps & 60.

Comes with in-built EIS that retains the movies jerk totally free, except in 4K 60fps, if default disables the EIS. That is only a tiny niggle.

It’s waterproof for up to 131 ft and features an automatic lens correction feature that prevents the distortion.

2.0-inch LCD Intuitive touch screen display makes it effortless tap through a variety of modes and to playback the movies.

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The X30 also lets you change the style to narrow in the touch of a button. This may be quite helpful when switching into a more narrow field of view.

Campark yells in a 45-day money-back guarantee along with a 12-month guarantee, which is amazing.


  • 4K videos in 30fps & 60fps
  • 20MP pictures
  • Waterproof to 131 ft
  • EIS
  • Multiple shooting modes
  • Switch between Middle, Narrow and Broad area of view


  • EIS gets after shooting 4k disabled

8. Bear Grylls Waterproof Action Camera Glasses

The BG-GLS-1 is an action camera incorporated into sunglasses which lets you acquire amazing Point-of-view footage without worrying about gimbals and camera mounts.

Use the UV protective eyeglasses and you’re put to roll and rock.

The recording is as simple as pressing a button and you receive movies.

We all know that 1080 isn’t really revolutionary when every other brand provides 4K. But this is simpler than placing a camera or in your own body when you have plenty of equipment to be bothered about.

Treks, hikes, mountaineering, there is a lot of software for this POV cam.

And it is quite durable. It is IP6 rated for dust and waterproofing along with also the camera is mounted onto a TR90 impact-resistant frame.

You are able to pick between ordinary and polarized lenses.


  • Sunglasses were integrated into by action cam
  • IP6 rated for waterproofing and dust-proofing
  • TR90 impact-resistant framework
  • 1080p in 30FPS
  • Easy one-touch-recording


  • No features like 4K recording

9. Insta360 ONE

Should you hate those pesky selfie-sticks that appear to destroy an excellent catch, try out the ONE.

This 360-degree VR cam erases your hand or a pole in the image, which makes it seem like it is a shooter that is a drone.

That is not all. It shoots 24MP images for panorama shots, 4K movies and higher resolution.

Electronic Image Stabilization receives a new name. It is Named FlowState Stabilization. Guess what? It works just too. The movies are buttery no matter whether you’re biking or skipping of a plane.

The camera can be controlled using a remote controller (sold separately) or through a program which may be downloaded over the iPhone.

This makes it simple to edit the upload and footage on the g.

Last but not least we love this camera’s design. With the accessories that are ideal, this should be a cure.


  • 360-degree VR camera
  • Erases the selfie-stick or your hands
  • 4K movies and 24MP res, panorama pics
  • FlowState Stabilization to get jerk-free footage
  • Can be controlled with a remote controller or through a program that was iPhone


  • Not compatible with Android mobiles
  • Remote and waterproof home are offered

10. EACHINE E520

As soon as it is not an action camera per-se, the Eachine E520 provides you with breathtaking aerial images and movies which add a fresh dimension to your YouTube videos and action pictures.

This can be an RC Drone Quadcopter which features a 120° Wide Angle Camera that captures high excellent 4K videos.

The follow-me manner ensures that you never go out of focus as you are followed each moment by the drone.

You may draw on a custom made flight route the drone will follow. This permits you to make footage, taking guesswork.

There are several recording modes, such as altitude grip, 360-degree orbit style and headless mode that may be toggled in the touch of a button.

It’s easy-peasy. Videos capture and can fly without any problems at all.

Has a Lipo battery that provides you with a battery life up to 17-minutes of recording that is constant 4K.


  • Budget-priced quadcopter drone
  • Multiple modes that are simple
  • The follow-me style for footage that is sharp, concentrated
  • 120-degree wide-angle camera
  • Custom Made flight route may be configured to the program
  • 1200mAh Lipo Battery up to 17-minutes of shooting


  • None

11. GoPro HERO7

GoPro is among the actions cameras on the planet. And, together with all the HERO7, you have to enjoy all the related features for a cost that is lower.

To begin with, you are able to record making sure that each movie is lively and bright as it could be.

As a result of the improvement feature, you may be sure that no matter your activity, your footage will be steady and fine.

What is more, you’ve got the chance to take on time-lapse video. When sharing your experience you can certainly do it in minutes that are faster.

Besides the movie, you might capture 10MP pictures. Even those moments from your excursion is going to probably be shared in detail and resolution.

Thanks, control that is activated, whilst shooting your pictures you won’t need to move a muscle.

Among the standout features on this camera is it is waterproof and sturdy. You are able to take at any action without needing to worry that you’re likely to harm your camera that you need.

The only downside with this particular camera is that the battery life. It may drain ensuring you will need to keep a few of your experiences brief.


  • High-quality graphics and movie
  • Steady images
  • Simple to operate
  • Highly durable


  • Bad battery life

12. AKASO Brave 4 Camera

AKASO is a well-known manufacturer in the camera market. That is the reason you can expect quite a bit from the area of activity cameras.

Together with the AKASO Brave 4 camera, you receive camera quality for the cost. As it lets you capture videos in 4k. The AKASO Brave 4 can be in an excellent price-point, which can be crucial here when comparing to other smartphones at greater price-points.

Its camera is 20MP using anti-shaking, making sure whatever it is easy.

2 1050 mAh batteries. Fully charged, for every battery you may catch 90 mins of 1080 videos or approximately 60 minutes.

With your own videos, it can be instantly shared by you. This is a result of the camera wi-fi capabilities (or it is also possible to use HDMI).

A good deal of the accessories is not to be harmonious to GoPro cameras.


  • Excellent cost
  • Wireless capacities with Wi-FI
  • Extra battery
  • Picture stabilization present
  • Video stabilization present


  • Lens protection is bad
  • Quality lower than many higher-priced competitors

13. Campark x30 Underwater Action Camera

Campark is a name in the area of activity cameras. As they have landed a camera on the list, they’re obviously doing something right.

X30, which most will love can be zoomed into by it. You are still able to enjoy its recording capacities that are 4k. Additionally, it enables you to capture pictures that are 20mp that are detailed.

The movie you catch is smooth as a result of built-in EIS. Since it allows whatever you catch be secure, clean and crisp.

You would be delighted by the fact which you’re able to use the camera underwater.

If you are wondering:

This can be used by you up to 131 feet due to its protective casing.

It provides a 2-inch touch screen display. As it is LCD, it is vibrant. There’s no protective coating so it’s necessary to look after it.

However, the newest offers a 12-month guarantee

For as long as you possibly can, you would need to use your camera. The Campark lets you do since it’s a mAH battery.

So that it’s compact it is small in size. Although compact, you will notice that it is just like which you might not like a pretty box.


  • Warranty present
  • Waterproof
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Can zoom into a Good Deal
  • Built-in EIS
  • 4K recording


  • Bulky
  • No protective casing

How to Choose the Action Camera

How to Choose the Action Camera Under $200

Believe it or not, the actions cameras under $200 are feature-rich since a number of the large brands that are $500.

You have to understand what features to watch out for and how to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.


Footage Quality

Most folks would attribute more significance to the build the accessories or quality which ship with the camera. However, nothing is more important than the quality of the footage it may catch.

For this must be in sync.

A professional videographer or even a travelling Vlogger, for instance, might require 4K footage at speed, which is at 30FPS and slow movement which is 60FPS.

Whereas a user who is searching for chest-thumping rights media might not be wrapped around 4K. For this HD may do just fine so long as it does not charge an arm and a leg.

Assess the resolution it may shoot at movies at. Examine the drop in settlement and the frame rates.

As an instance, the majority of the budget actions cameras will take at just at 720P in 240FPS. That is expected.

However, some cameras shoot at 240FPS resolution. That is fairly low by current standards.

Ditto with images. Examine these images’ resolution. Can it take RAW images?

Image Stabilization

There are. There is a gyroscope that’s digital image stabilization and there is optical image stabilization where the lens goes to offset the motion.

Some actions cams feature equally and provide videos that are smooth. But one of them works fine.

Build quality

An action camera will probably be subject to use.

However, this’ seriousness depends on use. Many people today use it like they would use a new DSLR whereas others aren’t too forgiving in their actions cams.

The majority of them feature.

Examine the waterproofing score. Does this include a waterproof home? How likely is your home to flow?

Without worrying about water damage, Additionally, to what thickness is it used? A few actions cameras can be used to 33 feet. Others may be used for as many as 170 feet.

Select on one based on where and how you would like to utilize it.


A wide-angle lens is featured by activity cams. Nevertheless, the angle differs.

Some provide only 140-degree fantastic lenses. However, can’t offer you the stunning landscape shots which are famous on networking.

For those, you will need at least 190-degree lenses using distortion correction.

Else, movie and the picture will look warped as a lens has been used.


All action camera provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But assess the transport rates to understand how quickly you can upload these images to YouTube or into your networking accounts.

Some cameras provide live streaming that enables you to broadcast the feed straight on to your networking accounts that are social. This is popular with YouTubers. However, isn’t a feature for users that are routine.

Ease of use

How easy is it to use the action camera that is greatest cheap? Is it compatible with a remote controller? Could you utilize your mobile phone as a remote controller and sync it?

Does this include an LCD screen that allows you to get the controls and examine the footage? Is it effortless to sync, edit and discuss the footage?

Can you stitch videos or pictures? Does this include numerous modes?

Closing thoughts

That sums up our listing of the actions camera below $200. Lessconf hopes that you enjoyed reading our recommendations.


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