Top 10 Best Audio Interface Under 200

best audio interface under 200

If you’re currently wanting to begin recording music in your home a port is a vital part of your setup. In this informative article, Lessconf will be sharing my view for Best Audio Interface Under 200. Therefore, if you’re searching for a port at a price point that is inexpensive, then you have come to the ideal location.

Top 10 Best Audio Interface Under 200

Best Audio Interface Under 200

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1. Yamaha AG06​

If you’re trying to find the very best 2-channel audio port using its high-resolution multi-purpose 6-channel mixer, then maybe you to consider.

So will attract users of both technology, It’s compatible with Mac or PC, and it’s also compatible with an iPad.

This apparatus has a design which unites 192 kHz proficiency with high-end D-PRE mic preamps.

It’s a setup, providing musicians and fans with the chance to record and blend with no compromising on the quality of audio.

The AG06 includes a LOOPBACK feature, which permits music on vocals and most of the instruments, together with music or any background sounds.

This interface comes to complete a download that’s compatible with both PC and Mac computers, with Cubase AI. The program, according to industry-standard methods, helps to record, mix, and edit to produce music in a professional standard fast and readily.


  • A solution that is mobile. Compatible with any business laptop under 1000 as well as your iPad, it can also fully operate letting you take your music with you wherever you move.
  • Equipped with power, that means that you may connect a number such as professional condenser mics.
  • High quality.


  • The device itself is nicely made but the program can be buggy.

2. Focusrite Scarlett​ 2i2

The Focusrite Scarlett will guarantee that records sound.

Setting accurate amounts is simple and this second-generation version was equipped with heavy guitar packs in your mind.

This version comprises four analogue inputs, two mic preamps for pure audio, and two instrument inputs that have been recently created for the guitarist who likes to play loudly with no danger of distortion.

Your plug-ins gain in the super-low latency and also the conversion is just one of the very best available in this price range 24 bit.

The headphone output signal has gain control along with 1/4 inch jack sparks that allow you to connect the unit to professional studio tracks.

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Clients have the extra benefit of being able to record with this sound interface directly from the box since it comes equipped with Pro Tools and an entire selection of other applications and samples.


  • Has an entire catalogue of samples and applications, permitting you to use the interface directly away.
  • Designed for guitar players. Can handle alluring pick-ups without worrying about distortion.
  • Among the best-selling audio ports on earth, not everybody can be wrong!


  • Drivers prone to stability problems when using Windows software.

3. Presonus​ AudioBox 22VSL

This compact interface ensures your high-end audio. It can be performed on the street.

This could be the version for you if you’re searching for an inexpensive port USB.

There are two input channels on the interface’s front and all these are dual-purpose. There is also a mixer controller here, which allows you to attain zero-latency tracking by mixing the pc playback system and the input.

The Presonus includes a major output level control, a headset jack controller, along with an LED clip index for each channel. All this comes packed in tiny but neat interface design, completed in a fashionable blue colour.

The system includes Studio Magic plug-in package. This addition enables consumers to add exceptional effects to tunes you will not have ever thought possible previously.


  • The controls All situated on the front part of the interface, that was designed in a colour.
  • Studio Magic software attracts a whole package of plug-ins to improve and improve your own music.
  • Small enough to carry around in a guitar or rucksack case.


  • Continuing problems integrating with Windows operating systems. No difficulties with Mac compatibility.

4. M-Audio M-Track​ 2X2M

The major selling point of the audio interface would be the simplicity with which you may catch a high-quality sign, time after time.

A transparent, low sound solution is provided using the new Crystal Preamps. This permits you to catch your songs the specific manner it was done by ensuring you get the most out of your microphone or instrument.

This version also utilizes A/D converters that are tailor-designed for a beautiful dynamic assortment of 192 kHz / 24 bit.

The M-Track 2x2M enables users to appreciate zero-latency monitoring using its high-speed USB link and a user friendly direct equilibrium knob.

This hardware works with both Mac and PC and contained in the box are a typical USB cable and that a USB-C cable to make certain you can begin straight away with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The 2X2M also includes two dedicated XLR+1/4″ balanced combo inputs to the chance to record two channels at the same time.


  • Both software and hardware are designed for simplicity of use.
  • No power source needed, all electricity is directly provided from the USB connection for your PC.
  • Two stations simultaneously can be listed.


  • Requires drivers to be installed to be used on Windows applications. Nothing needed for Mac compatibility.

5. Tascam US-2×2

This is a sound port that provides users with an ergonomic layout in addition to excellent audio quality. The Tuscan US-2×2 is a potent machine.

There are just two mic/line preamps that may provide up to 57 dB of noise, whilst retaining background noise and distortion into some barely perceptible minimal, making this perhaps the greatest mic preamp accessible under $200.

The musical parts featured within this version are designed to provide users with the greatest possible performance and richest sound quality. Including the NE5532 op-amps.

Class-compliant drivers have been included, making this product an easy’plug and play’ as it pertains to utilize Macs or iOS apparatus like the iPad. To use it necessitates the process of downloading a motorist.

For simplicity when linking controllers, drum machines and synths, MIDI in-and-out vents can also be included.

There are separate volume controls for headphone use and also for the line output signal. When both are connected in precisely the exact same time, you may set an optimal degree for every and every one. When working together with headphones on, there is no requirement to reach over so as to switch off your tracks.


  • The front part of the port is sloped at a normal angle, to ensure it is simple to observe the configurations whilst it sits on a desk.
  • Hardwearing yet delicate at the controls.
  • Independent volume and line output signal controllers.​


  • Each microphone channel is limited to right and left, without the choice to create either station visit both stations.

6. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The Total Scarlett series has made a big impact in the House recording studio marketplace particularly their second gens

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a USB link AI, it features 2 combo inputs consisting of, 2 XLR Microphone pre-amps with phantom power and two instrument inputs. It’s 2 line outs and headphone monitoring.

It’s unrivalled low latency permitting you to better manage your workflow within your DAW out of your headset without delay. It provides the exact same professional level sign conversion because of their high-end models, that are used in the professional recording industry.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 includes its driver and a whole pile of goodies a distinctive copy of Pro Tools and Ableton live some samples along with extra software plugins to boot up.


  •  2 x-ray combo inputs 2 workouts.
  • Compatible with major DAWs.
  •  Software included.

We Liked It – The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is your number one best selling house studio in a box set-up for a sensible price, it’s simple to set-up and utilizes from the get-go and pretty much superior sound quality, the plugins and also add-ons are a welcome bonus.

7. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

This is 1 hell of an AI also contains low latency and makes and is powered utilizing tools a cinch. It’s MIDI to get keys and synth improvements or a master control you will want for your setup. It’s Digital stereo input & output (S/PDIF RCA) and 4 analogue inputs (XLR and TRS combos)

This audio interface is constructed with high build quality parts, high-end pre-amps cirrus logic converters and produces a fantastic update from a number of the budget out there that are AIs.

It has a copy of Cubase LE 6, Traktor LE two and Komplete Components and provides pro recording capability from the box.


  • High build quality.
  • Output connections ensure it is appropriate for DJing.
  • MIDI allowed.

We Liked It – This premium build quality USB audio port will fluctuate and stays averagely just over the 200-mark we’re focusing on but it features a fantastic array of outputs making it worth breaking up the rules to get a mention.

8. PreSonus AudioBox

This is. It’s an apt description for its monster that is streamlined. It sports two frontwards of ports within this budget.

It contains MIDI skills and power for condenser mics and is USB.

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This USB audio port is 24-bit resolution;44.1,48,88.2 and 96kHz sampling prices.
 It presents 5 committed dials two for line one for the monitor flat, one for your DJ mixer, and one for recharging.

It’s compatible with most DAWs (Mac and PC) and includes Studio one workstation software and 6+GB of further third-party tools to top off it.


  • MIDI in/out.
  • Suitable for DAWS.
  • Comes with Studio one DAW.

We Liked It – This really cheap USB sound interface is the earliest in their own lineup in addition to the most affordable, it satisfies the criteria and provides a reasonable sum to get a budget AI alternative.

9. Steinberg UR242

Steinberg produces a number of the worlds greatest production products. The UR242 is a gorgeous entry-level sound port sits just below our 200 caps and provides a number of the very same capacities as the fish on its line. It’s a 2 bus electricity product with built-in DSP effects.

It features 4 analogue ins and two outs. They comprise Yamaha’s remarkable Class-A, D-Pre Mic pre-amps for clarity for a mixture in addition to using their REV-X reverb algorithm. The Yamaha REV-X reverb includes Room Hall and simulations.

Other features include ghost power, MIDI In/out. It contains iPad harmonious and is compatible with DAW applications mac PC. It comes with a copy of interfaces that are effortlessly and Steinberg Cubase LE.

This one provides a system that captures the gamers expressiveness the signs pick up the nuances and dynamics and are immaculate. The D-Pre microphone pre-amps don’t over amplify it may manage amounts that are fantastic.


  • 4 analogue inches.
  • iPad harmonious.
  • Built like a stone.

We Liked It – The onboard DSP effects along with noteworthy features made it a cut. You may pay for something with comparable pre-amps and skills, they’ve packed a lot to this man.

10. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

This interface would be the next version up from the 2i2, Offering the UI that is exact same up. It’s class-leading works and conversion than the PreSonus AudioBox in precisely the exact same speed as the Steinberg plus a bit better to place it.

It provides the reliable latency we’ve come to honour from Focusrite. It helps to record or concurrently these are XLR/TRS combo with the version and attribute their own proprietary pre-amps in addition to phantom power.

Just how much does the update getting for this? Rates are subject to change however this one is between $15-bucks over the entry-level recording port and provides extra MIDI out and in.

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The significant distinction is it has opposed making it appropriate for the disc. Additionally, it will come with a bundled software Pro Tools, Their Red and 3 suites along with other tools like the Novation Bass Station VST and AU Plug-in synthesizer.


  • 2 in 4 out.
  • MIDI I/O.
  • a lot of software included.

We Liked It – the applications plug-ins are extras that are priceless.

Audio Interface Buyer's Guide

Audio Interface Buyer’s Guide

What’s An Audio Interface?

A port is a remarkably useful tool for computer-based audio production. They are absolutely vital to have if you’re interested in finding a more professional tool level of audio performance from your computer in the event that you need more than 1 input at one time.

You may get off with a sound podcast out of a high-end USB mike option but for audio production, specifically, you will need the capability from 1 port to track multiple inputs. Continue reading for the buyer’s guide!

What Does An Audio Interface do?

They don’t just provide the connections necessary vocals and your own musical instruments but they also behave as the computers sound card once in use raising its capabilities. They also provide a greater clock and also have circuitry into a stock audio card.

An AI permits you to connect to a computer via ports a lot often USB 1 or two but some join through FireWire or perhaps PCMCIA/ Express card slots. This depends upon inputs your device can handle if you’re going to use 2 magnets a 1 should do just fine. The larger this AI’s needs the greater this recording interface’s bandwidth.

They convert signals into digital info and deliver it to a computer, they concurrently obtain the data and deliver the signal back.

I/O Configuration

The inputs you need in your Interface is subject to everything you plan to escape it. You may require 1 XLR and one TS or even Jack if you’re planning to play electrical guitar and sing. A good deal of contemporary models combines both as one link and XLR for 3 hooks and a TRS at the centre for the jack (combo enter ).

If you want to get to record vocals and 3 4 acoustic guitar or acoustic guitars separately in an individual takes 1 input would be sufficient however if you want to capture or to play the two you will need 2 minimal.

If you intend to utilize MIDI tools MIDI interfaces will be needed by you. MIDI capabilities are amazing because they operate on a run of computer-based commands, that they permit you to have of controlling the MIDI tools your DAW might or might not have a management method.

If you hook up a MIDI synth and play with it in your computer, the sign is the info so it is possible to alter it in the pc side.

You’ll also wish to consider your outputs generally they have a single pair of stereo outs on board in addition to a track out, if you’re seeking to DJ you may search for one with a dual stereo line out so it’s possible to use one pair for your house and one individually. Whilst you can understand your input/output settings is an integral factor to become conscious of before you purchase.

If your mic requires phantom power you may want the Audio port to possess power capacities on board it.

What’s the Best Affordable Audio Interface?

From the testimonials of today, we’d state that the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, the Steinberg UR242 along with the Behringer U-Phoria every have values which make them the AI.

Is Budget Audio Interfaces Good?

In order honest, they protect the needs of people, permits you to connect via USB to your pc and use a DAW. The audio provided is of a level and we’re currently seeing an increase in music which has emerged out of home-studio set-ups. The cost bracket that we’ve established this article on provides entry-level ports that are ideal for hobby recording, those finding their toes and degree usage.

The further you fork out the greater the abilities and precision are that the general rule of thumb but for under $200 dollars you’ll be able to find some cheap that is wonderful ports that are a marvel of technology by most criteria.

Ports that are expensive contain clocks and sync apparatus that are much better. The clock is a series of stimulation

When composing these reviews we plan to remain really unbiased and about the educational edge but I will move ahead and say I often use two of that above-reviewed studio in a box kit, each is ideal for my requirements and the gaps minimal, I just have the two because one arrived with a few fantastic improvements for my DAW (which incidentally came together with the AI I got in the first location!)

In essence and also to provide a round-up, if it’s been made to a fantastic level by a firm with some repute, testimonials nicely (check multiple resources ), also contains got the inputs and outputs required then it’s a precious bit of tech to have.

You may always get exactly what you pay for occasionally to some varying degree in the close of the day that they maintain the standard but sound production is subject to constant refinement in order that regular is constantly evolving and changing but overall, they’re a solid and relatively modest investment.


In the past ten years, we’ve observed sound ports and jumped from the professional sector, the compact ports that have been engineered are incredible feats. The current market is overcrowded one that means businesses are having to measure up this to stay – luckily!


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