Top 15 Best Automatic Watches Under 200

best automatic watches under 200

Automatic watches are an item of technology so that you do find anything acceptable. There are some brands that try to deliver you a long-lasting, excellent quality watch for rates, which is excellent news for us.

That’s the way Lessconf was able to obtain an entire range of automatic watches for under 200 bucks. Watches out of respectable brands such as Bulova, Seiko, Orient, and obviously some lower-end brands too.

Within this review, I’ll show you the choices the Best Automatic Watches Under 200, in addition, to provide a mini-review on each, so you purchase one and could see what your choices are.

Top 15 Best Automatic Watches Under 200

Best Automatic Watches Under 200

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1. Seiko SNK805

You will see more than just one Seiko see on this list. Therefore: Seiko produces a whole lot of great watches that are cheap.

And that one a part of this Seiko 5 lineup, it is. However, you’d never think that’s one.

And that probably comes to the attention

Easy, yet sword hands – probably the handset accessible ever

Large Arabic numerals in 5 minutes increments

Hours indices on the region of the dial

Everything works, If it concerns the layout.

And that is no accident: that really is a full-fledged pilot opinion, complete with a super legible dialup, no-nonsense case… plus a little 30 m of water resistance.

Sure 37 mm isn’t huge, but that is really something I’d list as a pro.

Pilot stools have a case dimensions of 42+ mm. Being bigger, this one will fit any wrist up to 7.5 inches in circumference.

The motion can not hand-wind or crack, and you will probably need to alter the strap for a lot more significant — such as a leather strap for instance.

But there is no denying this, given the watch’s layout and cool factor, the value proposition is via the roof.


  • Case size for virtually any wrist
  • The least expensive alternative in this listing


  • No hacking or hand-winding
  • 30 m of water resistance

2. Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

This layout will probably ring a bell… that is since this Invicta Pro Diver is an inexpensive homage to the Rolex Submariner.

It’s true that you won’t receive exactly the identical caliber. Lessconf means this watch simply prices 1/100th of the purchase price of the actual deal after all.

However, having experienced both at the alloy, Lessconf will guarantee you you’ll receive at least 80 percent of the pleasure!

You May Not enjoy the brand inscribed on the side of the situation but honestly, this dip watch is as good as it gets, together with:

200 m of water resistance (along with a screw-down crown)

A totally aligned 120-click bezel (you do not consistently get this on cheap dive watches)

Hacking handling winding Seiko motion

Now, to provide as much worth with such a reduced cost, they needed to cut some corners — such as having a rattly necklace or sub-par lume.

However, this isn’t any deal-breaker for me, since the build quality and value for money is exceptional.

Now, do not take my word for it check out the thousands (!!!) Celebrities review the Internet. It truly is that great.

There is something exhilarating about sporting such a fantastic bit for such a low cost… you will understand what Lessconf am referring to the minute that you set it on your wrist!


  • 200 m of water resistance
  • screw-down crown


  • Inadequate lume
  • rattly bracelet

3. Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude 710059

On to something a dive watch.

Call it amazing, quirky, or down bizarre… but you can not call it dull.

This Vostok Amphibia 710059 is affectionately referred to as the”Scuba Dude” due to this drawing on the dial.

For me, the most striking quality of this dial is that amazing turquoise color – something that you never watch on dive watches.

Now, it does not seem like your diver, but that does not mean it is not one – in Actuality, it features:

200 m of water resistance

a screw-down crown with…

Security and shock-absorbing mechanism when unscrewed

Perhaps you’re not overly impressed with those features, but recall this watch prices less than $100 – that is quite affordable once you consider the army history behind this particular piece.

Obviously, with such a reduced cost, it is not ideal – that the ending isn’t the best and the bezel is bi-directional, for instance.

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But in case you’re searching for something different however fairly hardy (the servicing period for the motion is about 10 years), then that Vostok Amphibia might work just fine!


  • proper dive watch
  • Army history


  • Not the finest finishing
  • bi-directional diving bezel

4. Seiko SNK355

In regards to sheer value for money, you simply can not conquer Seiko 5s – especially their smaller 37-millimeter versions.

And if the Seiko 5 array actually has hundreds of versions, the SNK355 (and its other color variants like black or blue ) is really within my upper Seiko 5 watches.

Not, this view does not look like a big deal in the beginning.

In the end, it only contains 30 m of water resistance, a rattly brushed alloy bracelet plus a motion that does not hack or hand-wind.

But look closer, and you’ll see Exactly How good it is:

The case dimensions and shape is just one of aree best instance you’ll have for your cash — it is well done, it looks excellent, and it frees the wrist no matter your wrist circumference

It’s an understated and classic design – you will have the ability to dress it up or down no problem, making for a great everyday watch

The dial has a textured pattern made from little Seiko 5 symbols throughout

It is great to find this type of detail about this inexpensive piece.

And even in the event that you overlook the textured dial at first glance, when you spot it, then you’re going to want to confirm the time over and over again.

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If sports watches aren’t your thing and you would rather get something which you could wear every day daily, from the shore to the board room (and even to your formal occasions ), this SNK355 is a great option.


  • Probably the ideal case in this listing
  • Timeless excellent for usage, design


  • The movement does not hack or hand-wind
  • 30 m of water resistance

5. Orient Mako II

The Orient brand might not even ring a bell… but it is really a portion of the Seiko Epson Corporation.

So you instantly receive a wristwatch out of a serious, reliable manufacturer, while still flying under the radar for the huge majority of individuals (that I always enjoy ).

Now, together with the Mako, you are getting a great deal of watch for the cost.

Not only is it of a Rolex Explorer option.

But it’s also packaged with Fantastic specs, which is fairly impressive for the cost:

200 m of water resistance using a screw-down crown

A hacking anHackingnding in-house automated motion

A 120-click bezel using a pip that is lumed

Insert the lug to lug curved and distance instance contour, and you own a watch that wears well on a selection of wrist sizes.

Yes, it is a 41.5-millimeter watch. However, I know from experience that it wears more as a result of case design that is total and this bezel.

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This view is so amazingly well-priced for layout and its specs that I forgiving crystal or end links’ deficiency.

It is a no brainer really…


  • In-house automated motion
  • screw-down crown


  • no sapphire crystal
  • Crown difficult to unscrew

6. Seiko Recraft SNKP27

It is a moment that is amazing!

Colour and the situation form of the Seiko is a super refresh super-refreshing the 70s you don’t find this sort of layout that far.

The Recraft collection from Seiko is filled with vintage-inspired layouts, but Lessconf feel that the best of this bunch is that SNKP27.

Perhaps not for your specs – after all, it has typical features such as:

50m of water resistance

A non-hacking and non-hand-winding motion

A fairly dull (suiting ) leather strap

However, layout and the dial is something yare simply can not ignore. It seems amazing!

The sunburst dial and the light play like mad. And it is perfectly complemented with the gold-plated hand and hands indices.

Vintage-chic in its very best!

But two little design particulars hide in plain sight, making it a really interesting view: the outer area of the dial with converging beams, along with the 10-sided date and day window framework.

How often can you find this?

Don’t be tricked by the 40 situation and 46-millimeter lug to lug space.

Due to its shape, this view wears somewhat larger than around view.

But should you’ve got 6.5-inch wrists or longer, you should have no problem wearing this amazing attractiveness.


  • that dial…


  • Movement hand or does not hack breeze

7. Fossil Privateer BQ2210

Most watches that were Fossil have skeletonized dials – phoning them illegible and occupied is an understatement.

And Fossil does not get a great deal of love from view fans.

But the Privateer is an exclusion. It is full

There are no moments hands, but instead a moments disc. Thsecond’se procuring the disc has a tip the moments

The majority of the motion is hidden behind a dial-up with – a motion decoration you never watch on watches

A subdial is lived in by The minutes and hour hand – again, something that you can get with high-end pieces

That the bezel features a Clous de Paris pattern you don’t often get to watch a sub-$200 watch (which makes this view ride the fine line between casual and dressy)

If you look at the chapter ring, then you will realize.

The 5 minutes don’t appear to get adapting the crop aligned in – note the 30 and 60 minutes mark are off-center. isp

That’s until you realize they’re an extension of this hour mark of this subdial, and that sun dialer really perfectly aligned. How cool is that?

Pay attention to it is a 44-millimeter watch and it will not match wrists smaller than 6.75 inches.

But in case you have wrists, then you have probably found the trendiest Fossil on the market.


  • Trendy subdial
  • Decorations with Côtes p Genève patterns and Clous de Paris


  • The coating on the situation might scratch
  • Too big for wrists

8. Swatch Sistem Clouds SUTA401

Lessconf bet you did not think to get a record of watches that are automatic, did you?

And Lessconf can not blame you: Swatch is famed because of their cheap and enjoyable granite watches — together with designs which range from classic to popup.

Thanks to their own ETA manufacturer, Swatch sells and makes automatic moves.

But when they make an automated motion for themselves, they assembled it with a spin (like their watches).

The movement Is Truly filled with inventions:

The whole motion (exhibiting the hour, minute, date and second ) only requires 51 components — hence the title

It is the and first mechanical motion to be assembled by robots

A screw holds together the components

It’s a long 90-hour power book

Fact: the red dots around the dial demonstrate the place of the stones within the motion.

It’s not perfect.

The water evaluation of the watch is really bad at 30 m. Along with the motion is sealed, meaning that it can not be controlled or shut.

But that is exactly what it required Swatch to make such a stunning spin in an (in-house) automatic motion.

There are loads of colorways available from the collection that is Sistem51. However, my pick is that this classic and very simple black.

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  • 90 hours of electricity reserve!!!
  • lightweight


  • 30 m of water resistance
  • Movement can not be serviced

9. Citizen NH8388

I am not going lie: it’s wagoing totty difficult to locate a Citizen watch.

All of their sub-$200 watches comprise the Eco-Drive technologies — a quartz movement that is solar. But while I really like the practicality and accuracy of a quartz movement, they did not qualify.

The NH8388 is a concealed stunner in Citizen’s catalog.

It’s not a dip watch that is pure since it has 100 m of water resistance.

However, in the event that you swim in a swimming pool, you do not want more. So if you are willing to let this go, take a closer look at this monster:

The arrow on the hour markers that are very simple, the orange second hand and the flip side make studying the time a cinch

It’s a completely functional uni-directional rotating bezel

The crown at 4 o’clock will not poke at the rear of your wrist

That last point does not seem like something you want… until you understand that this is a 46-millimeter view yes, it is large.

But in case you’ve got big wrists and are searching for an affordable automated slice using an instrument watch esthetics, this Citizen is a superb choice.


  • Perfect for wrists


  • no sapphire crystal

10. Orient Bambino v5

So, Bambinos, the show may be a brand by itself orient manufactures. Read: there are scores of colorways and dial mixes out there.

In my view, it is the one which gets the most tasteful and cleanest design of all of them.

If it comes to the principal attribute, it sports an in-house automated motion which hacks and hand-winds, finishes with a date function.

And in 40.5 mm, it is fantastic for wrist sizes from 6.5 inches and over.

Now, I truly want to discard the light to shed the design of the watch. I believe it was nailed by Orient:

The subdued dial makes it a casual and company watch it is a great watch it is simple to dress down or up

It is an excellent Seiko Cocktail Time option (if your budget is restricted ) or Daniel Wellington option (in case you do not need to find an opinion from a style brand)

Hour markers and The easy hand collection make

While I love many Orient Bambinos, ” I believe there is nothing like a simple, simple dial (without numerals, gold plating or unworthy complication).

This view goes with everything Due to that. You could be very well served by its design.

Therefore, in case you would like a watch that is affordable each and every day to wear, look no more.


  • Understated design, timeless


  • 30 m of water resistance

11. Timex Marlin

You will adore this one if you are more into watches.

Plus it’s a great deal of what can be found from the first one:

34-millimeter instance wrists to five inches in circumference and great for watch fans!

Arabic numerals every two hours with a font that you don’t have to see

It is an easy 3-hander, without a date maintaining the design clean as a result of its dial

This reissue isn’t an automatic watch.

It is a mechanical hand-winding view, which means you are going to need to wind yourself at regular intervals to help keep it operating.

If you would rather get an automated watch, have a look at the Timex Marlin Automatic (on Amazon, it is bigger and slightly more costly ).

Back with this hand-Back, ing variant: while I version: see could be updated with water resistance and a leather ring, the show’s star is your dial.

It’s a champagne sunburst dial, although it does not show in the film. It had been born to play the light, and it is surprisingly flexible.

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If big sports watches aren’t something, and you enjoy the allure of a classic watch (with no quirks), then that Timex Marlin is a fantastic choice for you.


  • Perfect for wrists
  • Stunning champagne dial


  • 30 m of water resistance

12. Seiko 5 – SNZF15 Dive Watch

You could rely on to provide quality at a reasonable price to you. That isn’t to say they do not also produce more costly watches, after all, they also produce the Seiko Grand, but their Seiko 5 array of watches are intended to be cheap, practical and long-lasting.

This specific version, the SNZF15 is among the dive watch fundamentals, and an excellent purchase if you would like something trendy and also with adequate water-resistance (100m). It is all small workhorse of a watch you will be proud to wear all day daily.

Like their SKX versions which are a bit more costly, this one has the Seiko Automatic Seikovement, together with their very own Hardlex crystal, that’s the ideal choice to sapphire for reduced end watches.

13. Seiko 5 – SNK Series

If you would like to go even less expensive, and functional, there’s not anything better than the pilot fashion SNK collection of watches from Seiko. This version comes in a selection of colors (blue, green, beige) using field/pilot design markers on the dial (hours and minutes ) in addition to a practical round case and a nylon strap.

The straps aren’t the comfiest, so swap a person and many people decide to get or nato person soon they purchase it. And these watches appear witlookh a ring.

This is one of these watches that Seiko fans adore for a motive. They continue!

14. Seiko 5 – SNK793

Sticking with the Seiko 5s that are cheap, you can not fail. And this is another example of an automatic in Seiko that is around the 200 buck mark.

This is a dress style compared to watches watch. And at that sort of audience, it’s definitely aimed in 37mm event size.

Together with all the stainless steel look and the blue dial, then it is going to go with practically anything operate, celebration, or simply sitting around the house.

15. Orient Bambino Automatic

The Orient Bambino is a small cult classic. They’ve been producing this audience favorite for a couple of decades now, and you’ve got tons of colors and unique models to select from. So in the event that you don’t like the one’s style take a peek at you and their selection will probably find one which you do.

They’re all dress-style watches, together with dials that are easy and transparent, using a window. The hands and markers disagree on each, and one has a tiny moments sub-dial, and yet another with a little skeleton section known as”open center”.

Interior is the dependable motions of Orient, frequently their F6724, together with their signature fur mineral crystal.

This really is a superb option for people who wish by using their selection of automatic to ooze style. At affordable they’re, and you’ll be amazed!


1. How long can watches continue?

40 to 50 hours

Many watches may operate for 40 to 50 hours when wound. Some high-end versions may operate for days or months. 38 hours can be operated for by any automatic watch with motion in great working condition — that is the power book you will discover on every single watch that is nearly on the market.

2. Is it awful to allow watches to quit?

Automatic watches are secure when ceased which is to say since the mainspring is completely unwound that the motion does not operate. … It isn’t bad for an automated watch motion to stop. It can not induce the motion of this watch to operate After the mainspring is unwound.

3. Is the maintenance needed by watches?

For optimum functionality, the watch will be worn and be busy ‘ an automatic timepiece to power, provide around 20 to 40 turns to the crown, and set the watch. … When the automatic watch is worn every day, wind it every 2 weeks.

4. Is it OK to end an automatic watch?

Response: It’s nice to do it frequently especially, as soon as your watch has a screw-down crown molding. … Following this, the opinion will end itself mechanically (rebuilding the energy book ) by way of the oscillating weight which moves each time that you do.

5. How long can Seiko watches continue?

This should end up to complete and leave it and find out how long it lasts. When it under a day time to get a ceremony. My Seiko 5 continues about 1.5 to two days. No encounter with watches that are automatic.

Greatest Automatic Watches Buyer’s Guide

Get Acquainted with the Makers

A watch that is fantastic tells a narrative, which extends to the legacy of its own design in addition to this watch. While our list was not big enough to emphasize the diversity of producers producing automatic watches, we have covered a lot of the luminaries. Here is what you want to understand.


First based in 1875 in New York, Bulova is a subsidiary of a business titan Citizen. But they assert an exceptional identity – especially on account of the motions they. The precision of those watches caused intelligence solutions to indicate they delay the launch of the moves, for supplying accurate timekeeping and they are known.


Business Citizen is one of the largest manufacturers in the company, but they are especially well-known for innovations. They are actually the owner of this Miyota movement technologies that is widespread in style watches, and also their Eco-Drive technology enables their view moves to be powered by both artificial and solar lighting.


A luxury price tag isn’t carried by hamilton watches, however, they do athletic materials that are exceptional. Instead of inventing their moves or exploring cutting edge creations, they make their standing in their build the caliber of the materials and quality.


Invicta has a heritage and sports technology. Though Invicta watches may not offer you the very best deal for the money concerning features compared to other producers on this listing, but they are able to provide you.


Despite being a subsidiary of Seiko, their particular individuality is maintained by Orient, and that has the high-quality movements they produce locally. Watches are dependable and fairly, plus they offer you an excess degree of confidence on account of the amount of quality control their in-house production process eases.


Like their subsidiary Orient, each Seiko watch is created in-house. Seiko is the company if you are more interested in price than you’re in the prestige that comes out of a luxury brand. They aren’t as dependable because their counterparts, but their worth for funding and mid-range watches are equally outstanding.


Stuhrling is a new dating back to 1999 that resources its components from producers and does not offer the identical degree of reliability because of their counterparts that are aged. However, as this producer, nobody provides the amount of creativity that is varied concerning layout. Their watches are conversation pieces over all else.


Despite having 250 workers, Tissot has contributed a great deal to Korean watches’ inventions. Their watches are constructed but you ought to do this to their technology if you are likely to acquire a Tissot watch. It gives hands which are a blessing.


Victorinox is the brand that produces Swiss Armycreate, and they employ that exact same degree of craftsmanship for their own Swiss watches. They are the automatic watches concerning precision, although you can spend a little extra on your Victorinox. They boast timekeeping that keeps its precision.

What’s a Diving Watch?

Diving watches are a security requirement if you are intending to go scuba diving, and there are quite a few standard features that make them simple to recognize.

The most apparent is that the water resistance. All of the watches of the kind have to have the ability to sustain depths up to 200 meters to have the ability to maintain the pressures of deep water diving. Diving watches may be distinguished by their own bezels.

These bezels function as stopwatches that need no elements since divers can just remain underwater for brief amounts of time. They monitor time across the rim of this watch’s face and tick the specified time at 30 moment incremen30-second bezels.

Diving watches come with a number of markers and faces to make them easier to browse while. Both the Orient Ray II as well as the Citizen OCTAVIA constitute watches that are cheaply acceptable for diving.

What’s a Field View?

A watch under 100 can be challenging to define in relation to the usual watch. They got their name from their usage but they watch for activities like hiking, mountain climbing, or camping now. Field watches sport a design, some amount of waterproofing, and a face that may be read in extreme circumstances.

Faces are typical, and sport features like compass face. Some, like faces Alpinist, love water immunity in a level to watches. Area watches on our list comprise the Seiko 5 along with the Khaki King.

Last Ideas

There is a range of reasons. They are not as likely to split than quartz watches, and repairs are cheaper and simpler if they do split. And if they have a reputation for being more expensive than their counterparts, there are lots of watches under 200 bucks that are trustworthy and durable.


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