Top 11 Best AV Receiver Under 1000 Dollars Of 2020

best av receiver under 1000

If you are serious about setting up a home theater, then understand the grade of a movie’s soundtrack is just as critical as how sharp the images depicted on screen would be into the general viewing experience possibly much more significant.

While an all-around system may find the task done, designing and piecing together a home entertainment system (speakers, surround sound processor, amplifier, video sources, etc.) may of create a major difference in terms of quality of the movie and also, especially, sound.

An audio/video (A/V) receiver is the nerve center of most home theater systems. It does the job of several essential components in a single, such as surround sound processing, forcing your loudspeakers, and switching between video and audio components and much more. The longer you spend, the more bells and whistle you receive. More to the point, you get a more powerful amplifier, easier or more versatile setup features, and also a bigger assortment of inputs and outputs.

Some rapid Home Theater 101: The decimal designations for receivers signify the number of”audio channels” or”surround channels” the device will support. By way of example, a”5.1″ system will split the system into five speakers (front left and right, center, surround left and right) and a single subwoofer. A”9.2″ system will separate the soundstage to two speakers combined with 2 subwoofers.

Reviews Of 11  Best AV Receiver Under 1000

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Denon AVR-X2600H 7.2-Ch AV Receiver

Denon is always a fantastic alternative if you would like to obtain an AV receiver. I’ve owned a few models and they create excellent products that compare with any brand at a similar price point.

This version is part of Denon’s AVR-X selection of receivers. AVR-X receivers are their top-notch models with a focus on functionality and build-quality. You can not go much wrong with one of these receivers. You just have to get the ideal balance between cost and features that suits your needs.

Denon AVR-X3500H

The Denon AVR-X3500H is a beast of a 7.2-channel A/V receiver. Such as the 3400 it replaces, the 3500 is powered with a seven-channel, 105-watt per channel amplifier as well as has a set of subwoofer outputs for excellent low-frequency effects such as explosions or passing spacecraft. It has all the surround sound codecs you will want for movies and games. Plus it could stream music wirelessly into HEOS wireless speakers anywhere in your house.

New for this version is Apple Airplay 2, whichalong with what Airplay 1 doesgives you the capacity to transmit sound to multiple devices simultaneously and support to get Amazon’s Alexa. This lets you use Amazon’s A.I. assistant to flip your receiver off and on, adjust the volume, mute and unmute, pause and resume playback, and also switch inputs and play with music from various streaming services.

Sony STR-DN1080


  • Video support: 4K HDR |
  • Surround formats: Dolby Atmos & DTS:X |
  • HDMI inputs: 6 | Hi-res sound: 24-bit/192kHz & DSD |
  • Bluetooth: Yes |
  • Streaming services: Spotify, Tidal. Qobuz, AirPlay, YouTube |
  • Sound channels: 7.2 |
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 43 x 33cm (HxWxD)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Punchy, nimble and precise
  • Enjoyable and lively performance
  • Exhaustive features

Reasons to Prevent

  • A backlit remote could be fine
  • Today’s Best Deals

The simple fact that this was our Product of the Year for two years in a row and picked up the third star in 2019 tells you all you want to understand. This hugely talented AV receiver was best in class when we initially tested it around 500/$650, but today it has fallen in price it is sensational value for the money.

And as for the sound it makes… well, let’s just say you are going to need to spend a great deal more cash for much better performance. The feature-packed Sony STR-DN1080 sounds fantastic, reaching deep into its reserves to provide a performance packed with punch, dynamism and power in ways we have not heard from home theater amplifiers in this sort of cost.

There’s an amazing amount of detail, from organic, expressive voices to layers of insight and thickness surrounding every sound effect. Dynamically-speaking, it’s an enjoyable and exciting listen, both at home rendering calm, silent moments as it is enormous, wall-shuddering explosions. Quite simply, enthralling.

Onkyo TX-NR676

Power output (claimed): 9 x 100W per channel | Dolby Atmos: Yes | HDMI: 7-in, 2-out | AV inputs: 2 x composite; 2 x digital sound | Weight: 27.6 lbs. (12.5 kg)

  • Tons of inputs and outputs
  • Decent wireless support
  • Easy to use
  • Needs more streaming support

Gone are the days when purchasing a surround-sound-supporting receiver with multiple HDMI ports intended to spend an arm and a leg. These days, it is possible to find a fantastic receiver with support for a surround sound setup at under $500/600. Like, for example, the Onkyo TX-NR676.

It’s only one receiver in its price include a fantastic set of features or plenty of inputs, however, there are not many comprehensive packages which are as easy to assemble, set up and use as Onkyo’s.

In terms of expected sound functionality, Onkyo has offered a fantastic sound quality, and this recipient is not any different. The recipient supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, which helps give the sound a lot more immersive feel to it.

We discovered that the receiver was normally great-sounding at all volumes. At low volumes, there was still lots of detail and clarity, while greater volumes generated little distortion, which was pleasant to listen to. Extremely tuned ears may miss a small detail at the high finish at louder volumes, although the receiver still shoots nicely over its price range when it comes to sound quality.

If you’re trying to find a fantastic A/V receiver and also have maximum funding of $400/600, the Onkyo TX-NR676 is your thing to do.

Denon AVRX4400H

The Denon AVR-X4400H is equipped with eight HDMI inputs, and also has a fantastic selection of different inputs. One of them, you will find options for component and composite video, for analog and digital sound and also to get a telephone. Such a combination makes it the best av receiver under 1000.

Wireless inputs comprise AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The feature that I enjoyed most is the built-in support for your HEOS system, which allows Denon to incorporate in the system as a separate zone.

Despite such a wealth of inputs and also the possibility of the use, the AV recipient won’t be able to run at full power unless it is configured properly. Providentially, the X4400H setup wizard is simple and has many graphic images and clear descriptions of its options.

After the opportunity to install Audyssey has arrived, I used the Audyssey MultEQ installed on my smartphone. This program provides a great deal more control and helps in adjusting and fine-tuning of Audyssey filters. Of course, this process requires a great deal more patience. This is especially strongly felt on small screens without a stylus. However, the result is worth all the effort spent on it. Also, I used the free Denon program that was quite easy to use. The Alexa voice command fine-tuning is also possible.

On account of the fact that Denon is outfitted with analog inputs for zones 2 and 3, it is possible to easily join the further zones, even when the receiver’s internal amplifiers are used for the primary zone.

The upgraded HEOS system has changed into a fully operational multi-room system I frequently use since the AVR-X4400H gives me the chance to use it in full capability.

Even a slight disappointment was that the Denon AV receiver does not own a DLNA certification that is found in several similar products in precisely the same cost group. Even though you can always use the HEOS port with DLNA servers with no problems.

Once I installed this AV receiver, then I tested it to get sound in movies and using music. I was most impressed with the multichannel movie soundtracks. Even if all 7 channels have been used with complex soundtracks and in precisely the same time together with the quantity close to the maximum, the sound is apparent with no signs of overload or clipping.

As a result, Denon AVR-X4400H allows me to see and listen to everything I need with ease. Originally I considered the choice AVR-X3400H but I am glad I chose the X4400H alternative. It is significantly more successful as a huge set of useful features. The operation of this model is at a higher level, but with this, the simplicity of its use makes Denon AVR-X4400H receiver actually the best at the purchase price segment under $1000.


  • This AV receiver supports eARC.
  • Compact size.
  • Supports Spotify, Apple Airplay.
  • Supports voice command.


  • The playlist needs to be re-coded.
  • To handily calibrate the acoustics for a space, you want a special program.
  • The recipient may turn on the TV without permission.

Anthem MRX 1120

Why you should purchase this:

  • This offers fantastic sound and each feature you could desire.
  • The MRX 1120 offers clean electricity, a lot of headroom, each feature you require and has some of their best room-correction software accessible.

Who it’s for:

  • Anyone who places a premium on top-notch sound.

Why we chose the Anthem MRX 1120:

Anthem is a famous name one of those who need top-tier sound quality in their A/V receivers, and also the 11.2-channel MRX 1120 is the best dog of their company’s latest offerings. The MRX 1120 packs a massive Toroidal power supply, offering a promised 140 watts of clean electricity per channel at 8 ohms. It features support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound, in either 7.1.4 or 5.1.4 configurations, based on if you would like to depart channels free to get a second zone for a different area in your property. And that’s just for starters

The MRX 1120 also offers wireless multiroom connectivity through DTS Play-Fi. This is bolstered by built-in support for several popular music-streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, SiriusXM and internet radio. For those who appreciate fidelity over advantage, hi-res audio support is included as well and makes great use of this receiver’s 32-bit/768 kHz differential-output digital-to-analog converters (DACs).

If it comes to video, the MRX 1120 obviously offers support for 4K and large dynamic range (HDR) articles in the HDR10 along with Dolby Vision formats, together with support for 4:4:4 chroma and BT.2020 colorspace.

An integrated upscaler is also included, bringing standard and high profile signals around 4K caliber, independent of your 4K TV’s inner upscaler. A total of eight HDMI inputs are included, all which support HDMI 2.0a (for the above 4K/HDR apparatus connections) and HDCP 2.2. There are also two HDMI and three digital sound outputs.

At length, the Anthem MRX 1120 makes setup a snap via Anthem Room Correction software, which is among the best room-calibration systems on the market. The business even includes a high quality mic and stand for measuring your room’s acoustic properties directly in the box.

Onkyo TX-NR686 ($395)

  • Channels: 7.2
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • DTS:X: Yes
  • Wattage Per Channel: 100/8Ω, Two-Channels Driven

What We Like: Excellent Selection of features for the Cost.

What We Do Not: Sound quality isn’t super-exciting.

The Onkyo TX-NR686 is a perfect option for this Marantz SR6014, over, especially in the event that you don’t require the extra channels and electricity. For almost all setups, this is an excellent option, boasting a fantastic assortment of features for the purchase price.

These include the capacity to incorporate speakers within an extra zone, which means this may easily power the sound in a whole house. You also get not just one but two subwoofer outputs, meaning the whole house will shake onto its foundations.

It must be said that the reason this is at number two, despite the appealing cost and features, is the sound quality isn’t quite as meaty as the Denon AVR-X4500H as well as others with this list. It’s still quite good you won’t feel shortchanged.

However, it doesn’t have the punch or excitement alternative receivers have, and in case you truly wish to experience movies and streaming series in the best possible manner, it’s well worth spending a bit extra for your Denon. You also don’t get as many surround sound options – just Atmos, DTS:X, along with DTS Neural:X Otherwise, this is an excellent and cheaper second option.

Yamaha RX-A880 7.2-Ch AV Receiver

Next up is from one of my favourite manufacturers, Yamaha. The Yamaha RX-A880 is part of this AVENTAGE Assortment of AV receivers. An AVENTAGE receiver is designed with topnotch audio quality in your mind.

So, if you’re certain about sound quality then this version will probably be well worth considering. Especially in the event that you’ve used Yamaha amplifiers earlier and enjoy the Yamaha sound’.

Yamaha RX-A880 Highlights

With 100 watts of power (8 ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2ch pushed ), the Yamaha RX-A880 should offer lots of quantity for most people.

It supports 7.2-channels for a complete replica of surround sound movies. This may be reconfigured as 5.1.2 in the event that you would like to like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X together with speakers.

The 2nd subwoofer output signal will obviously enable for 5.2.2 in the event that you wish.

If you would like to mix a 5.1 or even 7.1 soundtrack to use your peak speakers, then you certainly have the option of selecting DTS Neural:X or Dolby Surround modes. This is very good for making complete use of your extended speaker system and can be quite powerful.

You will find 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, that is a fantastic amount to use. It doesn’t have some entrance HDMI ports, which could sometimes be useful, however, you don’t have USB and stereo mini-jack leading connections.

The 2nd HDMI output is there for linking to a different TV or projector. After that, you can switch between either display together with all the remote controller.

As with most new home theater receivers these days, the HDMI ports have complete support for 4K Ultra HD pass-through. They also support HDCP 2.2, HDR10, Dolby Vision™, HLG and BT.2020.

Pioneer VSX-LX504

Home entertainment enthusiasts love Pioneer Elite merchandise because of its sound quality, reliability, and usability. On paper, the new VSX-LX504 seems to be prepared for whatever. The VSX-LX504 delivers lots of the features that you’d expect in the Elite version but in an inexpensive price.

Plus, IMAX Improved, Pioneer’s first A/V receiver to do so. Add in strong and comprehensive sound, and the result is a nicely-thought-out receiver which could possibly be the heart of any home theatre.

Marantz SR5014


Power output: 180W | Channels: 7.2 | Video support: 4K HDR |

Surround formats: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X | HDMI inputs: 8 | Wi-fi: Yes |

Bluetooth: Yes | Dimensions: 18 x 44 x 34cm (HWD)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Strong and full-bodied
  • No coarseness or sharp edges
  • The total complement of connections and technology

Reasons to Prevent

  • Lacks precision and lively expression

The SR5014 is over a Denon amp at a Marantz mask, but it is unmistakably a close relative. You will need only look to the back of the chassis to discover a plank of connections close to equal in diameter and design to the prior company’s outgoing AVR-X3500H receiver shown previously.

With the latest version of this model, the AVR-X3600H, raising the bar in terms of channels, and also its cost, this Marantz SR5014 instantly sets out its stall as being the best way to accomplish a 180W-per-channel, 7.2 system for just 849.

It may not achieve the same heights in terms of precision or dynamic selection, but few do, and it makes up for this with a strong and warm presentation which is quite easy on the ear. For those seeking a strong and smooth 7.2-channel amplifier for under a grand, it has to be close to the top of the list. What it does well, it does quite well indeed.

Arcam FMJ AV850

Power output (claimed): 7 x 100W into 8 ohms | Dolby Atmos: Yes (5.1.2) | HDMI: 7-in 3-out | AV inputs: 6 x digital sound (2 x optical and 4 x coaxial) three stereo phono inputs, 3.5millimeter stereo minijack, six stereo phono inputs | Dimensions: 433 (w) x 425 (d) x 171 (h)mm | Weight: 16.7kg

Sublime musical performance class-leading automobile calibration system only seven channels of amplificationOutdated user interface

Though the Arcam AVR850 is not likely to acquire any Best Value accolades it’s unashamedly expensive for a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos design its overarching musicality is not easy to beat. This is possibly the UK music specialist’s best sounding AV receiver up to now.

The AVR850 uses Class G power amps, conservatively rated at 100W-per-channel.

The design is understated, with a wonderful matte cupboard finish and large fundamental volume knob. It tips the scales in a reassuringly heavy 16kg.

Connectivity is great. You will find seven HDMI inputs, all with HDCP 2.2 support, plus three HDMI outputs. Audio options include six analog inputs and six digital audio inputs.

The very significant difference here, in comparison to previous Arcam home theater boxes, is that the provision of Dirac Live space calibration.

Potentially the most sophisticated car calibration technology accessible, it does an extraordinary job fine-tuning the receiver into the listening room. Dirac tuning is not completed by the recipient using a mike but through a laptop. Sounds complex? Do not worry. Buyers will have space calibration achieved by the seller that supplies the recipient.

While Dirac is the height of sophistication, the user interface is really basic, just a plain text box. Arcam isn’t even attempting to impress.

Still, the receiver sounds sensational, using precise imaging that actually makes the most of Dolby Atmos encoding. It’s strong and tight with action sequences and delicious melodious with just two-channel music. That attribute count might appear frugal for the price tag, however, if it comes to functionality, your investment will be paid back in spades.

The Arcam AV850 might be ruinously expensive for a seven-channel amplifier, however, tuned with Dirac, it’s definitely a premium actor. We are well prepared to forgive it any foibles.

The Way to choose the best AV receiver to you

In case you’ve got a 4K set-up at home, then you definitely will need to be watching out for a receiver that has plenty of HDCP 2.2 compatible HDMI ports. If you would like to get really high tech together with your set-up and invest in multi-room streaming, you want to consider that wireless speaker system is best for you Chromecast, Heos, or perhaps Yamaha MusicCast. Even though that’s not something you are interested in at this time, it makes sense to future-proof your set-up.

For a lot of folks, Dolby Atmos is going to be the killer app. This 3D sound system is currently the gold standard in immersive sound. It can be on soundbars, but just an AV receiver offers true overhead Dolby Atmos sound.

All you will want to do is determine if you’d like a seven or even a nine-channel system. (But that said, you might not want Dolby Atmos whatsoever, in which case a standard 5.1 sound system will fulfill your surround sound needs well.)

Have we convinced you that you want an AV receiver yet? The next step is figuring out which is the most suitable one for you and fortunately we have a large list of all of the best AV receivers you can get your hands on now.


Are some A/V receivers better for music than movies?

No. Most receivers do really well for movies as well as music, with functionality scaling up in tandem as you go into superior models. Nevertheless, music may be revealing of sound quality and personality than film soundtracks, and those who appreciate music listening might locate 1 new sonically satisfying than another.

Do all A/V receivers support 4K?

Yes. Each the models we emphasize support 4K and most also support HDR as well.

What about 8K?

While 8K is offered in some form or another now, the technology is still brand new and restrictive for most people. There are not any consumer A/V receivers on our list that support 8K as of this writing, as the technology is still in its nascent stage.

Could I easily use an A/V receiver using a turntable?

As long as it has phono input, yes. Otherwise, you are going to require a phono preamp that could be very economical for entry-level models.


We will not go into how to do this the methods vary between manufacturers but the upshot of this is that you want your recipient and your smart speaker to be about precisely the same Wi-Fi network. Joining them shouldn’t be tricky, however, you need to know about the limitations of using them.

As an example, you might struggle to issue voice commands as a film or even a series is playing at high volume. Finally, at this stage, you shouldn’t enable smart speaker integration sway when deciding to get a receiver. It’s great to own and maybe useful, however it’s often a lot more effective to simply use the included remote to find the work done especially for regular things like altering the volume or muting playback.

We have emphasized the receivers which include Alexa with this list the best of this lot is that the Denon AVR-X4500H, our number one pick. At its current price, the inclusion of smart speaker performance is a nice added bonus.



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