Top 18 Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands In 2020


The ideal Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy your favorite music just about everywhere. These mobile wireless speakers are best for carrying out where you enjoy if you are partying by the pool, enjoying a pickup sports sport or enjoying a weekend camping excursion.

According to our most hours of reviewing and testing, our current choice for the best Bluetooth speaker will be the UE Megaboom 3. This speaker sounds fantastic, is durable enough to deal with the elements and provides a powerful 20 hours of playtime.

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However, there are lots of other great Bluetooth speakers available for different requirements. The Anker Soundcore two is ideal for people on a budget, although the Sonos Move is still an outstanding, gigantic outdoor speaker which has lots of audio control features and can also be among the most effective smart speakers round.

To examine Bluetooth speakers, we now assess all genres of audio and place some of its durability claims to the test using a fast water or fall check. In addition, we play with continuous music to check battery life and check any speakerphone abilities a speaker might have.

See all our very best Bluetooth speaker choices below.

Reviews Of Top 18 Best Bluetooth Speakers

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Sonos Transfer


  • Sounds unbelievable
  • Versatile
  • Fantastic connectivity


  • Heavy and expensive

Here is what about the Sonos Move — it is so great, you may want to consider it not just as your on-the-go celebration station but as well as the primary in-the-home wireless speaker also.

With two grade drivers, a good program that unlocks playback out of countless wireless resources, multi-room capacities and smart audio-tuning technology which tweak the output dependent on the speaker’s immediate environment, the Sonos Move is designed well beyond your typical Bluetooth speaker.

It is a flexible speaker, one which stands solidly together with the built-for-home Sonos speakers which the firm made its name.

It is not perfect — it is heavy as a byproduct of its unbelievable sound, it is pricey owing to the rich feature set, and it regrettably can not be utilized as back channels for a house theater set-up. But if you’ve got the cash, it is difficult to fault that the Sonos Move-in regards to looking down the most top Bluetooth speaker on earth.

JBL Flip 5

Reasons to Purchase

  • Strong bass and time consuming
  • Fantastic sense of acoustics
  • PartyBoost stereo pairing

Reasons to Prevent

  • No aux-in or mic
  • Not Connect+ harmonious

If all you need is a portable Bluetooth speaker which seems as great as you can now purchase for around 100 ($100, AU$119), then you are going to be hard-pressed to better the wonderful twist 5. JBL’s latest offering seems fantastic for the price and is sturdy enough to deal with a day in the pool.

The Flip 5 is waterproof to an IPX7 rating, boasts a 12-hour battery life, and contains a USB-C charging interface, which means it moves from horizontal to completely juiced in only 2.5 hours.

It is a joy to use and scores highly for portability, using a wrist strap that slides smoothly over our hand. There is also a PartyBoost button that can help you set two PartyBoost-enabled speakers to make a stereo set, or connect over 100 PartyBoost-compatible speakers in mono.

Audio is incredibly expressive and weighty, with a fantastic punch of the bass plus a true sense of openness and feel. Assuming you do not mind the absence of an aux-in interface or inbuilt microphone (as noticed from the Flip 4), you will almost definitely be wowed by this speaker’s sonic predecessors. An excellent performer.

UE Megaboom 3


  • Big bass and complete vocals
  • Great battery life
  • Can pair with elderly
  • Megaboom and Boom versions for stereo audio


  • Large and heavy for a mobile
  • No speakerphone

As a result of its exceptional audio quality, long battery lifetime and also travel-ready ruggedness, the UE Megaboom 3 is the ideal Bluetooth speaker you can purchase at this time.

This large, daring portable speaker pumps out a rich 360-degree sound full of crisp highs and pleasing low-end and maxes out at 100 decibels of sound. With an IPX7-rated layout, it may survive drops, splashes and a drop to the pool without even skipping a beat.

The Megaboom 3 is a bit on the larger side in comparison to other portable speakers, and unlike most of its rivals, it does not have Alexa or Google Assistant service or other clever features.

However, if that is not a dealbreaker, the Megaboom 3’s audio quality and ruggedness can not be beaten for the purchase price. You could even set it with elderly Megaboom and Boom versions for the stereo audio experience.

Bose Home Portable Speaker


  • Fantastic layout
  • Well-balanced noise


  • Expensive
  • Lacking in bass

If 2019 was the year of this wise speaker, subsequently 2020 is defined to be the year of the mobile smart speaker — and together with all the Bose Portable Home Speaker, together with competing models such as the Sonos Move supplying the smarts of Google Assistant along with Alexa along with Bluetooth connectivity, the sector is already growing quickly.

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is not the brand’s first outdoor-friendly speaker, and it reveals: stunning minimalist layout satisfies weather-ready robustness, using a mild build and manage which lends itself to listening to the move.

It does not really match the sonic dexterity of this Sonos Transfer or the significance of money of this UE Boom 3 along with JBL Charge 4 – however, if you like that Bose audio and build quality, then this is the speaker for you.

JBL Charge 4

Reasons to Purchase

  • Strong and water-resistant
  • USB interface for charging
  • Great audio quality

Reasons to Prevent

  • Maybe too subtle for a few

The simple fact that we actually enjoy the JBL Charge 4 must come as no surprise to people who read our Charge 3 inspection. Not only is that among sweetest-sounding Bluetooth speakers round at the end of the current market, but it also serves up a whopping 20 hours of playback from one charge. Impressive.

JBL has fine-tuned the noise in this newest iteration to even pickier ears. Obviously there is a limitation to the bass in a speaker of this size, however, the low-end is elegant – and there are tons of punch.

You get a great collection of features for the price, also. The IPX7 water resistance implies the Charge 4 may manage being submerged in water to a depth of 1.5m. And unlike the Flip 5 (above), you could even utilize the Charge 4 to juice up your telephone – or another apparatus that’ll charge over USB from a 5V supply.

The Flip 5 (above) is lighter and cheaper, but Charge 4 is rugged design, superb battery life and battery sharing’ make it a near-perfect speaker for camping, shore excursions, and house usage.

Anker Soundcore two


  • Good battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Not perfect for larger rooms

The Anker Soundcore two is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for people buying a budget. For only $40, this small powerhouse provides loud, well-balanced audio inside an IPX5-rated layout that may endure splashes, dust and snow.

The speaker continues a whopping 24 hours thanks to Anker’s best-in-class battery technologies (the manufacturer is also famous for its dependable chargers), along with the Soundcore two’s double neodymium drivers guarantee you will receive strong sound in almost any setting.

The Soundcore’s streamlined, 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.77-inch layout makes this speaker ideal for pitching into your tote for a fast road trip, as it comes in vivid blue and red color schemes along with the conventional slick black. It is low price makes it ideal for environments where you would not mind it getting a bit roughed up, also.

Tribit XSound Move


  • Ultra-cheap
  • IPX7 water-resistant
  • Sudden sound quality


  • Charging takes Quite a While

The Tribit XSound Move should not sound this good for the cost, but it will. The speaker impressed with balanced audio is close distortion-free at elevated volumes and continues and unbelievable 20+ hours of playtime at moderate volume.

Additionally, the speaker is IPX7 dust and water-resistant so that it’ll put up having a day at the beach or swimming with no problem. While its design could be forgettable, you won’t care as soon as you hear how great the XSound Move sounds.

Concerning competition, you are going to need to devote a great deal more for better audio quality. The UE Wonderboom is a great outside speaker but will cost double the money and does not continue as long as the Tribit.

Linn Series 3

Reasons to Purchase

  • Wonderfully articulate
  • Luxurious design
  • HDMI ARC for TV link

Reasons to Prevent

  • No analog inputs
  • No Tidal Pros support

Let us tackle the elephant in the room: the Series 3 is among the costliest wireless speakers we’ve tested. It is over three times the price of this B&W Formation Wedge. Can such an investment be warranted? Well, yes.

Linn’s stunning design aesthetic and proprietary Exakt technology surely help. Linn Exakt intends to decrease stage errors by intentionally delaying higher frequencies in order that they arrive in your ear at precisely the exact same time as lower frequencies.

Additionally, it retains the audio signal’s information in the electronic realm for as long as you can to prevent any degradation brought on by signal processing. We have heard Exakt do everything in most a Linn product earlier, and here it results in an intensive performance packed with magnificent midrange clarity plus a degree of penetration that set it besides less expensive competitors.

As you’d expect, the Series 3 is packed with premium features and Linn’s well-recognized streaming system, which offer access to networked servers and high-quality audio providers Tidal and Qobuz through Linn’s program. You get an HDMI ARC socket, which permits you to connect the speaker into a TV.

At 3000 ($3850, AU$5800), we could barely describe the Series 3 because of a deal, but we’re completely convinced of its own appeal.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)


  • Affordable Price
  • Terrific sound quality
  • Seamless Alexa integration
  • Great new layout


  • Much like Echo Plus

If you’re trying to find a good-sounding Bluetooth speaker which doubles as a digital assistant, the third-generation Amazon Echo prices $99 and can be one of the very best Alexa speakers you can purchase. The Echo sports an attractive fabric-covered layout that fits into many contemporary home decoration.

Nevertheless, the actual calling card is Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant that could check the weather for you, read your emails and command some of the most effective smart home devices all with only a fast voice control.

The most recent Echo is not too shabby for songs, either, providing the good bass and powerful general volume located in the superior Echo Plus. Considering the number of services and apparatus Alexa can socialize with, this really is actually the speaker to get if smart gadgets clutter your house, and you do not obey your Bluetooth speaker having a cable.

Bose SoundLink Mini II


  • Stellar sound
  • Built like a tank
  • Compact form Element


  • Not water resistant

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is comparatively ancient, was published in June 2015. But, writing off the SoundLink Mini II due to its age could be an error, since it is still one of those best-sounding speakers.

Nevertheless, it warms far above what its size would imply, producing heavy bass, sparkling highs along with a lush mid-century. While most wireless speakers seem OK, the Mini II proves that little speakers do not have to compromise on audio, along with other Bose amenities such as a charging pad.

Dynaudio Music 5

Reasons to Purchase

  • Expansive, accurate and weighty
  • Great for bigger rooms
  • Top-notch construct

Reasons to Prevent

  • No AirPlay 2
  • No Spotify Connect

The Dynaudio Music 5 is the second-largest one-box speaker at the organization’s inaugural, four-strong Music series. And love or despise its angular looks, we can not help but be won over by the way the Dynaudio Music 5 seems.

It may be strong, however, Music 5 gets got the sonic nous to keeps things elegant. Though the Award-winning Naim (under ) just edges it to both subtlety and also a slightly livelier noise, it is not much inside – along with the Dynaudio Music 5 boasts excellence in different manners. In a bigger area, it boasts much better weight, scale and power. The sound is sleek, detail-rich, elegant and resoundingly listenable.

Connectivity is excellent, also, with at Bluetooth, wi-fi and AirPlay all current. Open the Dynaudio program and you’re going to find NoiseAdapt, a quality which will help sound cut through a noisy area — helpful during loud parties.

Assuming you adore its own distinctive styling, the Dynaudio Music 5 is a complex performer along with a superb purchase.

V-Moda Remix


  • Loud, balanced sound with booming bass
  • Gorgeous design
  • Plenty of customization Choices
  • Daisy-chain multiple speakers


  • A bit expensive
  • No more multiroom solution

To get a premium speaker which looks like it seems, look no farther than the V-Moda Remix. This drool-worthy showpiece is the ideal Bluetooth speaker to the design-oriented and may be personalized to your heart’s content.

The foundation, $300 model seems slick in aluminum or vegan leather. Meanwhile, individuals with bottomless budgets along with a penchant for fashion can elect for silver or steel finishes (the latter of which will run you well over $300,000).

Most of all, the Remix sounds fantastic, offering lots of bass in addition to a built-in headset for boosting the sound of your favourite pair of headphones. The Remix’s 10-hour battery life surely makes this speaker worthy of more jam sessions, and also its own convenient mic allows for crisp telephone quality if you are set up within your home or out.

Sony SRS-XB501G


  • Mobile party speaker
  • Strong, spacious sound


  • Lights are not synchronized
  • Typical voice detection

The SRS-XB501G is a significant speaker that provides a light display, tripod bracket, large audio, and Google Assistant.

This is a speaker which you could truly utilize on the move and at the house following a day of partying. On the move, the speaker is brilliant, playing loudly and to get as much as 16 hours. However, at home, it’s obsolete design and typical voice detection compromises in comparison with dedicated speakers.

Competitors like the LG PK7 sounds marginally better and includes a light display which really responds to your songs, but it does not possess the Google Assistant built-in.

If you’re searching for an authentic mobile speaker which you may fit in a purse which also supports Google Assistant, the JBL Link 20 is a fantastic option. Just do not expect it to pump out as much bass or provide as broad of a soundstage.

To this end, the XB501G is an excellent all-around compromise which matches multiple functions. It is not the greatest wireless speaker, nor the most effective smart speaker, but it is a good entry in the two classes and one of a select few to exist in the two camps.

Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Production

Reasons to Purchase

  • Open, expressive and detailed
  • Loads of streaming Choices
  • Multi-room prepared

Reasons to Prevent

  • Nothing in this cost

At What Hi-Fi? , we all know full well the worth of alterations. Yet still, it was quite the surprise when we heard about one produced by Naim, using its next generation of this Mu-so Qb speaker.

The preceding iteration was fantastic, making five stars as it was initially reviewed. This variant, however, is really phenomenal.

Now you can select between an Olive, Terracotta or even Peacock grille together with the conventional black, but the top tweaks Naim has made go much deeper.

Eliminate whatever color grille you have gone for and you will be rewarded with updated and optimized mid-range and bass units, all powered by a full of 300W of amplification.

You will not be capable of streaming choices, as a result of Chromecast Built-in and Apple AirPlay 2 alongside Bluetooth for streaming by a device, in addition to Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, net radio and Tidal.

You’ll also be able to get files around 32-bit/384kHz anywhere on Your House network through the upgraded Naim program

With punchy bass and glistening and rich tones round the frequencies, we had no hesitation in awarding the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation our 2019 What Hi-Fi? Award for the best house wireless speaker on 500.

JBL Link 20


  • Created by Google Assistant
  • Portable and rugged
  • Well-balanced General sound


  • Can not make calls

Smart Bluetooth speakers are getting to be a dime a dozen, but the JBL Link 20 manages to stick out from the pack by being among the couple to prioritize Google Assistant.

This means that you may enjoy all Google Home’s smart features, like having the ability to receive dinner tips, traffic information and control some of the finest Google Home compatible devices. The best part? You do not need to be tethered to a living space. Link 20’s smart features work up to the Wi-Fi will achieve.

The Link 20 can also be simply a fantastic premium speaker, with balanced sound along with 10 hours of battery life. Add in a rocky, IPX7-rated layout constructed to endure a dip at the pool or fall on the deck, and you have got one of the highest speakers out there at the 200 range.

Urbanista Brisbane


  • Fantastic noise
  • Stereo speaker pairing


  • Could be rugged
  • Unremarkable layout

The Urbanista Brisbane may not appear exciting, but underneath its unassuming bundle lies a strong Bluetooth speaker. Loud and rich-sounding, it is a well-priced addition to anyone’s house, using a great battery life and the choice to set it with a different Brisbane for stereo audio.

For the cost, the Urbanista Brisbane is finally a small bargain. You will find better audio quality on the market, but it is going to cost you a good deal more. Overall this mid-range speaker might be a fantastic pick for anybody who would like the liberty of wireless listening without forfeiting volume amounts.

Audio Pro Addon T3

Reasons to Purchase

  • Total sound
  • Expressive and lively
  • Faultless construct

Reasons to Prevent

  • The size will not suit everybody
  • Today’s Best Bargains

It may be among those portable speakers within this listing, however, the T3 may nevertheless be carted around thanks to its carry handle. It is hardy instead of heavy and boasts a battery life of around 30 hours. Like bass? You are in luck – the good chassis and rear-firing bass jack will have you tapping your toe very quickly.

There is no wi-fi (should you desire wi-fi, select of this Addon C3), however, the Bluetooth-enabled T3 features a similarly elegant layout with textured surfaces and leather embossed handle.

Audio Pro will dismiss gimmicks in favour of high-quality audio but this speaker will not have the facility to control your smartphone up or tablet computers by means of a USB port. You also receive an auxiliary input to your TV/MP3 player/record participant.

Audio is excellent, with lots of detail and depth across the frequencies. If you would like something for the home and at the backyard, this could do the job well — not the one for the carry-on bag, however.

Dali Katch

Reasons to Purchase

  • The strong, full-bodied sound
  • Good dynamics and time
  • Extended battery life

Reasons to Prevent

  • Nothing in this cost

If you are following a premium portable speaker, then there is every possibility that the Dali Katch will blow off your lace socks off. Dali, much better known for its traditional hi-fi speakers, has been able to extract a noise that’s quite simply incredible for all their Katch’s prestige.

2 tweeters plus a set of aluminum woofers, driven with a Class-D amplifier, create an entire power output of 50W — and of course an impressive quantity of detail along with a wonderful dose of velvety low-end.

The speaker has buttons for power, volume and pairing, which can be made simpler with the choice of NFC. Additionally, there are two EQ presets you for freestanding play and you for placement on a shelf. And let’s not overlook the superb battery life: two hours of control will get you about 24 hours of audio playback through Bluetooth.

The Katch is not affordable, but you really do get what you pay for — a weighty, lively sound that defies the speaker’s measurements.

The Way to Pick the Best Bluetooth speaker to get you

There are a few things you will want to consider while looking for a Bluetooth speaker, the first of which is if you would like it to be wired or wireless.

Even though a range of wired speakers such as the Amazon Echo provides exceptional Bluetooth listening, so you can not bring them out of your kitchen or living space. Adhere to a speaker using a rechargeable battery to get on-the-go sound.

With that, you will want to choose if an alternative with a voice helper is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for you. If you’re planning on using your speaker on your garden, it might be helpful to own Google Assistant’s or Alexa’s powers available.

This way it’s possible to alter the music, with your own voice, instead of controlling the sound via your mobile phone. All these wise features won’t operate outside your residence’s Wi-Fi, so decide on a non-smart Bluetooth speaker to the shore or other outdoorsy locales.

Reading more information about Guide to Buying Bluetooth Speaker:

How We Examine The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Each product on this listing is considered the very best Bluetooth speaker for one or more standout features, however, each has to meet fundamental requirements through our testing to be considered.

We spend a couple of hours listening to songs, making forecasts and toting about each speaker to be certain it sounds fantastic together with all genres, provides solid call quality and withstands minor lumps or splashes.

If a speaker provides smart features, we empower the supported voice helper to determine how it fares against other high rated speakers that are smart. We are going to use it to control smart home devices, navigate playlists and receive responses to other common questions.

In addition, we test battery lifetime, exhausting every speaker’s battery following a complete charge to learn how long it could continue under realistic conditions. A wise speaker attached to Wi-Fi should continue a minimum of 10 hours, even though a normal Bluetooth speaker should continue around 20. Many men and women would like to know how much play they can anticipate when their speaker has been brought along for a day excursion.


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