Top 17 Best Bourbon Under 100 Dollars

best bourbon under 100

Are you looking for the best bourbon under 100 dollars? LessConf will show you the greatest choice about it here!

There was a time when drinkers believed spending over $50 on a bottle of bourbon was mad. This was minded you. Folks purchase bottles which cost up to an automobile that is used. However, the jealousy stays: there are many fantastic bottles of bourbon that cost $40 or $30 it sounds a difficult sell to spend that on anything.


It is not a thing. Except for some exceptions. All these are when our incentive rolls the bottles we will splurge on, sometimes or there goes a deal through. Don’t tell anybody we have got them. We are not discussing it.

Reviews Of 17 Best Bourbon Under 100 Dollars

Reviews Of 17 Best Bourbon Under 100 Dollars

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Stagg Jr.

  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace
  • Proof: ~133
  • Cost: $60-$70

Boy Wonder: It is a younger version of this renowned George T. Stagg jar — and decent luck finding that one. The Jr.-version is sexy as hell, with plenty of tastes to boot. If you, therefore, are searching the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and enjoy that type of thing, it is a treat that is fantastic.

John E. Fitzgerald Larceny

  • Normal Cost: $25

Though John E. Fitzgerald Larceny might be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, do not anticipate a glass of flavorless alcohol or to be stuck without any unpleasant aftertastes. Distilled at Heaven Hills, KY, this yummy bourbon has been named for John E. Fitzgerald’s passion for resisting the finest barrels of bourbons for his own pleasure.

Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond ($40)

In 2019 Heaven Hill declared this bottle could replace the treasured 6-year-old BIB. Since this one was recorded at more than double the cost of its predecessor fans were doubtful.

If you’re able to find it in its retail price of $19, it stays a deal. A bamboo bomb bringing notes of butterscotch and biscuit to the fray, in addition, it beverages with heat considering its 100-proof credentials. Gift this one.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel

  • Distillery: Heaven Hill
  • Proof: 100
  • Cost: $99

A Winner: pray your bottle does not win any awards In case you are a whiskey enthusiast. McKenna 10 went for $35 this season Earlier it won Best In Show, Whiskey. Perhaps you can find it in the cost that is ideal and attempt a winner.

W.L. Weller Special Reserve

  • Normal Cost: $29

Though you might be more acquainted with wheat-based bourbon, W.L. Weller Special Reserve replacements the most frequent ingredient for another oft used grain — rye.

The product is a glass of bourbon highlighted by bits of walnut, butterscotch, and honey. This reserve, another offering provides each the notes anticipated out of a higher-end bourbon.

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Baker’s 7-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon ($54)

Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of distillery creator Jim, this particular barrel power release has been overshadowed by a number of the distillery’s high profile superior supplies (Booker’s, Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek). Following a barrel rebirth–along with also a redesign to fit –that the newest seems destined to get.

Bottled at 107-proof and bringing a variety of soda, the amber-hued liquid divides the difference between sweet and warmth. It is variant sporting a 13-year age announcement is bringing $300 on shelves.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

  • Distillery: Heaven Hill
  • Proof: Varies by batch
  • Cost: $65

Worthy Investment: The cost of this barrel-proof stone has crept up over the decades (Breaking Bourbon reports which it began at $35 as it was initially released!) Nonetheless, it’s nevertheless a deal and among the very best barrel-strength splurge bottles in the marketplace.

Four Roses Single Barrel

  • Normal Cost: $34

Four Roses Single Barrel should be your choice for, When it — and in the cost that is unbelievable, we advocate not passing up this. Four Roses include a touch of honey and maple syrup as sweet as its name contributes to and you could grab when your palate is eager enough.

High West Bourye ($80)

Ok, this one is not a bourbon. However, it tastes like you. Released once annually from the Utah distillery that is celebrated, Bourye–because you may have guessed–is a mix of rye whiskeys and bourbon.

The 2019 rendition is quaffable. Merging liquid between 10 to 14 years it comes on the palate to reveal a wondrous honeyed-fruit personality. In the long run, it fades hinting at toffee and caramel.

It pours from a lengthy jar –prepared to catch eyes and embossed with the brand emblem.

Noah’s Mill

  • Distillery: Unknown (Willett, sourced)
  • Proof: 114.3
  • Cost: $60

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Soaring High: ” We concur that Willett is for diehards. Their sourced stuff becomes large respect; although you can not manage their Red Hook Rye (it goes for over $1,000), you are able to splurge in their Noah’s Mill, with its enormous 114.3 proof. It is an enjoyable practice in tasting what the blenders there have accumulated from excellent stocks of bourbon through time.

Maker’s Mark

  • Normal Cost: $40

A classic at the bourbon business is accompanied by an eclectic mixture of notes. Each sip is a hint of oak, fruit additives a mixture of malmsey, plus a touch of honey. Aged over 6 decades and moderately priced — where would you fail?

W.L. Weller 12 Year

  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace
  • Proof: 90
  • Cost: $100+

Pappy Possible: Being an infant Pappy is a curse and a boon. Yes, it is correct that it using versions of the exact same juice which winds up in the Pappy Van Winkle line. But from the overhyped bourbon marketplace, that link occasionally balloons its price by MSRP ($30) to upwards of 200. Nevertheless, it might be found by you if you are lucky — and it’s tasty.

Eagle Rare 10 Year

  • Normal Cost: $41

This Eagle Rare bourbon might not provide any surprises when it comes to taste, but who desires notes if the ones that are conventional work. Distilled at the state of Kentucky, Eagle Rare 10 Year gets walnut, walnut, and a little citrus’ flavorings. Savor every sip and you might even catch a touch of honey, nuts, and fruits sitting on the back of your tongue.

Knob Creek 9

  • Normal Cost: $46

Knob Creek hails from KY, Clermont, and provides on a bourbon flavor profile. Knob Creek 8 presents dark vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and butter into this drink while maple and honey typically compose the sweeter notes of bourbon. Underneath all that sweetness and caramel to round out the taste profile.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Bourbon

This rarer barrel will be also loved by lovers of Wild Turkey’s 101 bourbons. Kentucky Spirit is bottled at 101 proof, but unlike Wild Turkey 101, it is not batched, so every bottle comes from a barrel. The whiskey interior will change, obviously, but this implies tastes and more complicated if you are eager to track down one.

John J. Bowman Straight Bourbon

The household of John Bowman settled in parts of Kentucky and that the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. This directly, single-barrel bourbon pays homage to the pioneering spirit of John J. Bowman. As the whiskey eloquent is the domain for. It mellow thanks to Virginia’s ever-changing climate which pulls parts and features hints of leather and toffee on the nose, and figs, almonds, and vanilla on the palate.

Jefferson’s Ocean: Mature at Sea

  • Normal Cost: $90

We are utilized to our bourbon being distilled in the state of Kentucky, typically on earth, but that notion withdrew with this bourbon. Each barrel of Aged in Sea was as its name implies — obsolete during a trip at sea.

The idea was that the longer the liquid transferred around from the barrel, the longer it picked up a taste and interacted with the surfaces of the casks. Judging from the final product, there!


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