Top 12 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker Brands

best cheap bluetooth speaker

On the lookout for the best cheap Bluetooth speaker deals? You are in luck. Here is the ideal spot to locate them. Continue reading for our top collections of cheap Bluetooth speaker revenue which have top brands like JBL, Bose, and Sony.

These wireless speakers are the perfect method to update the audio of your telephone, without having to spend a lot of money. It is difficult to win against the sound-to-cost on a number of the greatest budget wireless speakers listed under which are currently available.

Why would you need a Bluetooth speaker at the first location? These awesomely handy and incredibly portable powerhouses provide you with the noise of a tiny hifi and you may take them everywhere. It is ideal for BBQs, days at the park, or simply carrying around the home.

Use one and you will instantly see why they’re so common. Rather than the jumble of wires and docks which you normally must acquire music playing from a pair of speakers, using a Bluetooth speaker it is as simple as pairing up your telephone, opening your audio program of choice, and receiving your favorite tunes playing.

The best also seem many times bigger than they really are, prepared to burst out tunes at celebration degrees.

Contrary to our guide to the ideal Bluetooth speakers (that are rated on caliber ), these are rated in order of price from cheapest to most expensive. Pay more and you will get features like improved battery life and much more complete water-proofing. But every speaker in this record is a winner, offering excellent sound for the cost and size.

Reviews Top 12 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Reasons to Purchase

  • Punchy, fun sound
  • Hefty bass
  • Good battery life

Reasons to Prevent

  • No wi-fi or clever helper built-in
  • No mic for hands-free calls

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Ultimate Ears has made a splash from the Bluetooth speaker marketplace with quite a few vibrant, fun-sounding and mobile models on its own books. The most recent is that the little but mightily impressive Wonderboom 2.

Battery lifetime is 13 hours and a complete charge takes just under 3. It is waterproof, sand-proof, dustproof and can also be designed to float, so it ought to defy the most playful of swimming parties — if those resumes. Playback is controlled over a Bluetooth link, but it is surprising to see there is no mic for hands-free phoning.

Sonically, the Wonderboom two is an exciting tune, with remarkable bass awarded its small dimension. It packs in lots of detail and there is a nice awareness of attack. It is easily among the finest sounding Bluetooth speakers you can purchase for the price.

JBL Clip 2


  • Ultra cheap
  • Very little


  • Not quite loud

On the lookout for a super cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Look no more. The JBL Clip 2 could be petite, but it’s a powerful solid plus also a long-lasting battery.

It is completely waterproof — making it an ideal companion for a pool or even a day at the shore — and it may be hooked up to another JBL Clip speaker to get a few sweet stereo audios. Affordable and handy all in 1 bundle.

Audio Pro Addon T3


  • Great noise
  • Fantastic battery and construct quality


  • Larger and thicker than many

We adore Audio Pro. With a few notable exceptions (the guitar amp-like Drumfire and cylindrical A10), its own products all seem like larger or smaller variations of the exact same speaker. And that is fine with us the layout is straightforward but Scandinavian-ly trendy and incredibly solid.

The T3 is more or less the smallest speaker at the scope, and in actual life the cheapest, but it is still rather chunky and heavy for a portable speaker. It will have a handle, and also the superb battery life will be ample reward for all those willing to drag the speaker about — as is the noise.

There is plenty of basses, but it is seamlessly integrated into a rich midrange and crisp treble, and what is delivered with the type of punchy enthusiasm which makes it impossible to resist patting – or perhaps head-banging – together.

Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3

Design Features

Are you seeking a portable Bluetooth speaker to carry to all jobs? The Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 is a special model that meets tons of chances. This speaker features crystal clear audio from its precision double stereo drivers.

You may experience different highs and mids which can get you excited and dance to your favorite songs. As they state, the sound isn’t with no own bass. Therefore, Oontz Angle 3 has spent in a downward-facing bass for more distortion-free bass in the maximum volume.


This device will connect over Bluetooth in moments. You may use it together with your own iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone, notebook, tablet computer, Chromebook, and it works with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

This speaker is great for streaming radio and music services into your music device. It’s also a fantastic speaker to get for smaller spaces such as your kitchen, dorm room, car, parties, and toilet.

Convenient Features

Together with 12hours battery life, this speaker opens possibilities for carrying your speaker to extended road trips. It won’t disappoint even on the beach or in the poolside due to its IPX5 water resistance evaluation.


Cambridge Soundworks has performed an adequate job, to produce a trusted speaker concerning audio, running time, and caliber.


  • Splash-proof, rainproof, and sand proof
  • Allows streaming of audio, programs, movies, videos, pictures, and programs
  • 2 neodymium drivers along with a bass radiator
  • Lightweight for improved reliability
  • No square corners


  • Lightweight for improved reliability

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Clear, strong sound
  • Improved Alexa capacities
  • Budget cost

Reasons to Prevent

  • Alexa intellect is Limited

If you prefer the concept of a wise helper together with a very simple music speaker, then it is difficult to argue against the Amazon Echo Dot.

For not a great deal of cash, you get a complete load of voice performance and adequate audio with the most recent (third-generation) version.

It works nicely by itself or can be well integrated into myriad other clever residence and AV products, bringing visual command and intelligent features only control of. Audio quality has improved especially also, which makes it much easier to advocate.

Creative Muvo Mini


  • Waterproof
  • Great battery life


  • Again, the audio is not loud

If you’d like a budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker, then the Creative Muvo Mini is the one to purchase. It requires all the features you may want at a Bluetooth speaker like weather-proofing and an adequate battery and unites them into a surprisingly affordable package.



  • Tiny and economical
  • Clear, astonishingly easy noise


  • Little battery

If your priorities while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker will be that it is very little and very economical, then the JBL GO 2 is for you. It has got the look of a bar of soap, albeit one that is offered in 12 distinct colors (such as great old black) and is small enough to fit in your jeans pocket.

The sound is amazingly good considering the size and cost, with great clarity and weight-reduction. The sole problem is the five-hour battery life, which is a lot lower than many. Then again, it truly is exceptionally affordable.

Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

Design Features

If you’re interested in fingertip control, DOSS is the response to this advantage. It provides you with capacitive touch control that enables you to control the facets of the speaker by means of a touch-sensitive button. It’s contrary to other models that need using your phone if you would like to personalize your listening.

We like this unit is streamlined, but it manages to put out 12watts significance it’s going to provide you a stunning bass with complete sound capabilities. This speaker is the go-to if you would like a slick model with exceptional sound quality whilst occupying the tiniest area in your luggage.


Such as the Anker Soundworks, this version also utilizes version 4.0 Bluetooth. It may connect with all sorts of smart devices. In this manner, you have infinite choices for your devices you may link to it. The speaker works with Bluetooth enabled devices also it’s provided with an audio cable to connect to the TV, subwoofer, etc..

Convenient Features

This speaker permits you to pause, jump, and perform your songs using a touch program. You may even select calls using the signature panel. The double high-performance speakers provide you with 360-degree noise with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.


The Doss Touch permits you to enjoy music on the move. You’ve got a distinctively designed speaker that provides you more value for the cost.


  • Touch-sensitive panel
  • Replies from most USB resources Broad compatibility Due to Bluetooth 4.0 variant
  • High-performance drivers
  • Achieves deep bass


  • It’s heavier than other speakers with comparable capacities

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Reasons to Purchase

  • Great omnidirectional Shipping
  • Big, strong, punchy sound
  • Mobile and feature-packed

Reasons to Prevent

  • Rivals seem more comprehensive
  • Not particularly rocky
  • A bit pricey

The Bose SoundLink Revolve is a petite speaker, and also we could see it fitting into nearly any area in your property. The speaker comes with a good heft — it seems more substantial than the similar-sized Google Home, for example — but it may nevertheless be held in the palm of the hand.

The device’s cylindrical design is critical to bringing its 360-degree noise and it’s compact enough to be carried in a backpack.

An iPX4 water-resistance evaluation is useful if you are concerned about it becoming wet, and also for such a tiny speaker, then the Bose Revolve provides a surprisingly large and bold sound. It has come down in price because we tested it and it is difficult not to respect the Bose Revolve because of its selection of abilities.

Sony SRS-X11


  • Fantastic price for the UK
  • Excellent frequency response


  • Horrible US cost

If you are trying to liven up your living space, one workable celebration course to return is Sony’s SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker.

This tiny block packs 12 hours of battery life at a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inch (W x H x D) casing and sparks 10w of electricity. It’s a nice frequency response of 20–20,000 Hz (with 44.1 kHz sampling) and weighs about 7 oz. Affordable, light, and reasonably strong? Win.

LG Xboom Move PK7


  • Big, strong sound
  • Flashing lights


  • Less waterproof than some

This peculiar-looking speaker — does anybody else feel as though they’re looking right into the eyes of Wall-e? — is larger than many on this listing, has a larger battery, also has lights that flash with the music. Massive gimmick? Obviously, but a huge gimmick can be entertaining every so often.

AptX Bluetooth ensures your music gets into the speaker at very large quality, and also the PK7 makes the most of the sign with a very large, open sound and a lot of crowd-pleasing basses.

The sole issue here, aside from the relative heft of this thing, is its splash-proof instead of properly waterproof — we can not imagine being a massive problem for most people.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers 30W Wireless Stereos

Design Features

The AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker is a remarkable version that produces a sound that may fill any space. With 30W stereo audio, the inner speakers may produce rich sound using a booming bass audio. Everybody in your party team will probably be shaking their mind to the music, particularly if you’re partying at the beach or having pleasure on a yacht.

This speaker comes in a rugged design with an IPX7 waterproofing score. It can actually be submerged in water to 33ft. It is not a typical speaker viewing you can take it into the pool and beach parties, and you won’t risk damage if it drops in the water.


AOMAIS GO utilizes v4.1 Bluetooth. It goes without saying; the type of compatibility you may count on from this apparatus. You can set it with Amazon’s Echo Dot and receive seamless control of your smart devices. It saves you from using wires to link to devices that are essential.

Convenient Features

The TWS purpose is the ideal accessory to this speaker. It permits you to optimize your listening experience by pairing two speakers to acquire a large scale 60W output. Together with the 8800mAh battery, this speaker can provide you 30 hours of continuous music.


AOMAIS GO is a considerate speaker which takes Bluetooth speaker technologies into the border. It’s a strong sound, long playtime, and unlimited compatibility.


  • Can withstand Whole immersion to 33ft
  • Comes with 3.5mm outside mic
  • TWS work for pairing two speakers
  • Provides emergency power supply to control other devices
  • Bluetooth 4.2 provides vast connectivity capacities
  • Comes with drawstring bag


  • It requires 3 hours to recharge the unit

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker — Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth speakers give the ease of carrying them everywhere. You can catch them for a pool party, beach party, biking trip if you wish to see a movie at the campsite or perhaps at a music studio. With lots of considerations to create it could be overwhelming choosing only 1 model particularly now that the industry is saturated with them.

Advantages of a Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

These benefits span across all price ranges.

  • Take your music wherever you go

The attractiveness of Bluetooth is that it doesn’t require any cables to connect to a sound device. It may become your tablet or smartphone computer, but anywhere you would like to play the audio you can get it done together with these devices. The tiny compact design of the speakers implies they are rather portable.

  • Versatile

These components can’t only play music, but a number of them behave as electricity banks for emergency scenarios. It is possible to go on using your phone particularly if you’re partying away from culture.

  • Low Power Consumption

Even though you might not detect it with other audio electronic equipment, Bluetooth speakers have been regarded as very energy efficient. They could save their electricity for extended hours, and they’ll consume less when recharging.

Aspects to consider before choosing a cheap Bluetooth Speaker

Weather Resistance

These speakers are made to be mobile. Therefore, you’ll discover yourself carrying the speaker on every conceivable outdoor experience. However, does the version you pick, stay up with all the extremities? Some speakers may only withstand a few splashes while some are submersible for around an hour.

You’ll have to consider just how weatherproofed the speaker is until you tackle a very long road trip to a ski hotel.

Here’s a look at the UE Roll two in water.

Wireless Capability

Some will state Bluetooth is Bluetooth. However, the gaps in the variations provide you more convenience. If for instance, you are interested in getting the support of electronic assistants, not only any speaker will encourage that chance. It’s thus imperative that you verify the compatibility of this speaker together with the devices you want to join it with.

Form and Function

A Bluetooth Speaker’s outside is much more than the aesthetics it attracts. The form really affects the sound quality. Passengers on one end of this speaker have lower stereo compared to motorists sit on various surfaces of the speaker. Therefore, you’ll discover that long speakers tend to be louder than little speakers.

Inputs and Outputs

Having auxiliary audio inputs enables connecting devices such as the TV or sound equipment which isn’t Bluetooth enabled. They provide you with chances of amplifying the audio even further by linking the speaker into a subwoofer or an amplifier.

Signal Strength

Bluetooth speakers are influenced by how much they are from the sound source. Some can simply support a sign so far as 33ft while some are great for around 100ft. If you’re planning on using the Bluetooth speaker outside when entertaining friends, you should search for a model that’s capable of managing disruptions and larger distances.

Where are you going to be utilizing the Speaker?

Some speakers may succeed from the inside, but their noise is consumed when you use them out. The JBL Charge 3 is a good instance of a strong Bluetooth speaker for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Other Features

If you would like to get more out of the Bluetooth speaker, it’s very good to search for features like voice command, multiple speaker pairing, accessibility to internet audio, and hands-free speakerphone functionality. All these are somewhat lavish features in a cheap Bluetooth Speaker. But why don’t you enjoy the entire capacity of your version?

To link your Bose Soundlink Color to numerous devices, visit here.

Last Words

Having a Bluetooth speaker, it will become simple to have your favorite songs wherever you’re. The speakers on this listing provide the very best audio quality at a budget cost. They’re eager to provide you with sufficient performance when providing you with features that you need even when you’re not digging too deep in your own pockets.

Here, you’ll discover waterproof speakers, multipurpose models, speakers assembled to the outside, and versions that are highly mobile.

It’s your opportunity to get the greatest performance. Purchase one of those brands for a really unforgettable experience.


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