Top 101 Best Concert Ukulele Under 200

Top 101 Best Concert Ukulele Under 200

Originating in the islands of Hawaii the ukulele has witnessed a jump in popularity in the past few decades, so now Lessconf is reviewing the Best Concert Ukulele Under 200.

The nature of a ukulele has a great deal of charm, its proportional portability makes it a viable option to your travel guitar. It’s because of this that their prevalence has improved so and that has paved the way into a wealth of models.

With lots of in production that the prices have diminished. Whilst an inexpensive ukulele can on occasion have defects there are a lot of businesses out there who have mastered the art, and therefore are providing perfectly decent low-cost solutions.

Best Concert Ukulele Under 200

Best Concert Ukulele Under 200

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1. Cordoba 15CM

There’s a great reason the Cordoba 15CM ukulele is just one of the best picks from a number of ukulele customer’s guides, sites, and content. The Cordoba 15CM is a ukulele. Quartersawn timber has.

With its tone and projection, this ukulele is the best balance of tone for somebody searching for something. Decorating the soundhole is a hands placed rosette providing an appearance that is polished to the tool. .

Cordoba has gone the additional mile to bind the fretboard using ABS binding along with the sides, and I’ve discovered that fretboards have a tendency to maintain frets from sprouting whenever the weather turns dry and cold.

The only disadvantages for this tool are the absence of accessories with purchase (ex. No gig bag or tuner) and also the fact that not everybody has $100 to spend in an entry-level tool. Aside from that is a no brainer.


  • The classic layout, great
  • Fantastic noise
  • Strong construction


  • No accessories purchase
  • Greater price point

2. Kala Ebony Tenor Ukulele

Kala is famed for providing quality ukuleles at rates that are reasonable, and also the Kala KA-EBY-T is the best illustration of a tool in the under $200 range. Made with black ebony laminate, this features contrasting Maplewood binding.

The satin finish does not pick up plenty of fingerprints, along with the bridge and fingerboard provide warmth into the look. You can find 19 frets, with position marks situated in the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets on the fingerboard and around the throat, which are made from mahogany.

The nut and saddle are manufactured out of graph tech bone, along with also the ukulele is pre-strung using Aquila strings. The gear tuners have black buttons which match the ebony wood that is beautiful.

This ukulele is unbelievable. Punchy it provides a great deal of resonance and a great deal. The noise is a colour warmer compared to the strong cedar top ukulele, and it will be yet another option in the event of Kala that you’d love to devote a little more. If you’re trying to find the Kala ukulele money can purchase, consider among those 3KOA Kala Elite collection ukuleles.


  • Looks incredible
  • Has a bright sound
  • Fantastic quality overall


  • May Need to change the installation

3. Oscar Schmidt OU58 Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU58 baritone ukulele features amazing spalted maple throughout, together with a conventional rosewood bridge and walnut binding to match the entire body. The gold coated tuning machines really are a wonderful touch, as well as saddle and the nut are of NuBone.

This ukulele provides a clear sound with loads of design and depth that is a little surprising considering that the walnut is wood.

You can find 19 frets on the rosewood fingerboard, and the nut is a huge 1.5 inches. At about 20 3/8 inches, the scale is only a bit longer than ordinary. Gamers are amazed at all the activity, describing it perfectly prior to any extra setup steps are accepted.


  • Good Price
  • Good cost
  • Great action


  • Unbound fretboard

4. Lohanu LU-T Tenor Ukulele

We are huge fans of Lohanu not because they provide a lifetime guarantee on accessories and their tools, but also because they supply rates that are amazing and excellent quality. The Lohanu LU-T tenor ukulele is among the tenor ukes available on the industry at this time, and for good reason.

This ukulele is easy but amazing, with a maple/mahogany top, back, sides, and neck a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The ABS bindings are handmade, and strap buttons have been pre-installed.

All these ukuleles comprise chrome die-cast tuning machines, so every notice has lots of volumes and sustain plus they comprise backs.

The noise is amazing, smooth and warm. It is not quite exactly like a high-end uke but amazing. Aquila strings are a part of this package, together with a tuner, a gig bag that is fundamental, a strap, plus some other extras.

It is worth noting here that Lohanu had any quality control problems previously but the guarantee inspired quite a little confidence in the firm’s willingness to stand behind its products. The latest reviews are shining, and the price is perfect.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Innovative design


  • Thin neck profile
  • Just size – soprano
  • Lean gig bag

5. Kala MK-C Concert Ukulele

The Kala MK-C concert ukulele features a mahogany top, back and sides. The neck is mahogany, and the fingerboard is walnut. The nut and saddle are plastic there are not a lot of complaints about them and they can be replaced. The strings are fantastic straight from the bundle, Aquila nylgut.

This ukulele supplies a scale span of 14.875 inches; only a bit shorter than ordinary. It’s 18 frets plus it steps 1.38 inches in the nut. This ukulele has. It comes as a part of a kit which contains some extras such as a tuner, a gig bag, and a neck strap. For people on a budget or novices, this is among the greatest concert ukuleles.


  • Timeless design
  • Fantastic tone


  • Unbound fretboard
  • No accessories purchase

6. Cordoba 20TM

Cordoba is one of the ukulele makers. This version is totally handmade, which leads to its uniqueness.

The bridge and the fretboard are made from rosewood, although the tool is constructed from timber.

Mahogany can be used to make funding ukuleles, and it produces a warm and gentle sound that’s nonetheless complete.

Among the features of this ukulele is the fact that it features Cordoba electronic equipment. This permits you to plug in it to make it seem.

It’s a gorgeous tone and a clear sound thanks which you use together with this tool.

Even though it’s mild, it appears to be steady with a beautiful all-natural finish.

1 point is that the pearl and silver gold tuners which men and women find durable.


  • Handmade
  • Attractive design
  • Balanced tone


  • Nylon strings will need to be trained multiple times until they are extended enough to remain in tune.

Final Verdict

Cordoba 20TM is among the greatest tenor ukuleles under $200. It’s enjoyable to play along with an reasonably priced and excellent option for amateurs but also for professionals.

7. Kala KA-B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Baritones possess a loud noise a whole lot of people mistake for a guitar. Sides the top, and also the rear of the tool are made from mahogany. The fingerboard is made from walnut, all with a semi-glossy complete which produces the device appear elegant.

This instrument’s dimensions make it effortless to hold and play with. It includes Aquila strings which have intonation and tone.

It’s among the lightest instruments, and although it has a slender neck, making it almost impossible for those who have big hands to perform, it’s the ideal option for those who have small hands that are prepared to try playing with a baritone. Baritones are proven to be the most bulky, and people with little hands find them difficult to play with.


  • High-quality strings
  • Lightweight
  • Warm and rich sound


  • It’s a neck, That’s uncomfortable for Individuals with big hands

Final Verdict

Kala-KA-B is a great baritone ukulele. It’s a sound that is full and warm, and it’s not difficult to play with.

8. Luna Malu Acoustic

Luna Malu is a soprano ukulele that is made.

The Bridge and the fretboard are all made from rosewood, and the tool has a sound.

Among the greatest things about this version is that it includes a kit that has the accessories while enjoying the instrument you will want.

The kit includes Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, tuner, a gig bag, and cloth.

A peace sign is that is cut the soundhole, making the device distinguishable and unique.

It’s a gorgeous design with a satin finish, unless it seems terrific, and naturally, we would not mention this ukulele.


  • It comes with the accessories that are required
  • It is made from mahogany, That Makes It sound incredible
  • A layout that is attractive and unique


  • The gig bag that comes with the ukulele’s quality is Somewhat unsatisfactory

Final Verdict

Luna Malu Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle is also the ideal selection for novices that aren’t keen to shell out much, and in exactly the exact same time they do not wish to compromise the quality of the noise of this tool.

Why is it a fantastic choice so that you won’t need to purchase anything else it includes its accessories.

9. Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert ukulele would function as one if we must recommend 1 ukulele are the ukulele under $200.

For starters, because we’ve discussed up to now, it seems like a Hawaiian ukulele, this one is made from Koa. Koa does give its sound to the device, but in addition, it makes it hardy and durable.

The timber has a colour that is vivid which, along with the binding and rosette which are made from abalone, the tool looks far pricier than its cost.

The fretboard and the bridge are made of high-quality rosewood whereas the neck is constructed from Nyatoh.

The tuners are created.


  • Fantastic value for the money
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wonderful layout


  • The saddle is Made from plastic

Final Verdict

This ukulele seems amazing although nothing. In the high-quality construction to the gorgeous design, Oscar Schmidt OU5 is worth your cash.

10. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic

This ukulele has a look that looks like the ukulele. The top, rear of the instrument, and sides are made from maple. It has.

It comes from concert dimension and is a ukulele with toners.

This instrument’s tone is clear and loud, along with the amp-jack is set up for the device than it is to seem fancier.

The tool includes a gig-bag with a Superb quality


  • A tool with construction.
  • Despite being an instrument that is affordable the gig bag is


  • The volume of the sound is not easy to fix Due to the lack of quantity control
  • Strings material Isn’t understood and is not of the calibre therefore they want a replacement Straight Away

Final Verdict

Epiphone Les Paul is the greatest ukulele under $200. It’s a notice that is very clear and a body. Even though it has no volume control, it’s forecast to compromise somewhat due to the purchase price range, and also the most significant thing is it seems amazing so, would not ask for more.

11. Kala KA- PWS Pacific Walnut Soprano Ukulele

Kala is among the ukulele manufacturers, and this version was one of the bestsellers for decades.

The tool includes a good deal to offer and can be considered a tool and an excellent newcomer.

The main reason it is so popular with novices is that the strings can easily be pushed down, making playing much simpler. This is due to the scale length and assists with all the big-sounding of this tool.


  • Simple to perform
  • The tone that is warm and glowing


  • Not Acceptable for Somebody Who Has a hand that is large

Final Verdict

Kala KA-PWS Pacific Walnut Soprano Ukulele is an instrument which has noise and a size. It has.

12. Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional

We’re beginning today’s review segments really fittingly with a fantastic starter package by Ranch that adds value to the buy by providing all of the accessories necessary to get a brand-new avocation.

The package comprises a totally sized lightweight cushioned gig-bag an electronic tuner, which are a must-have thing, a ring, a few yummy Aquila strings, and accessibility to 12 online educational courses that we believe is quite thoughtful of the people at Ranch.

It features a solid mahogany neck and headstock, the back and sides are shaped from Sapele. Opting for sale gives it a much tone, akin to some bigger instrument.

It’s a full-size 23-inch concert ukulele and has 15 frets on-board. The frets are housed.

The frets seem fairly correctly seated, so it’s simple to play at every end of their neck, they maintain great intonation after the Aquilas have settled. The lows are deep to get a ukulele, and the trebles ring out.


  • Bundle purchase.
  • Strong mahogany.
  • Wonderful treble end.

We Liked It – it’s a fab alternative for novices and intermediate users alike, generally quality may be a problem in the reduced cost region but that retains great intonation and impressed us with its heat and thickness.

13. Lohanu Ukulele Concert Size Bundle

Next up is yet another very affordable bundle ukulele package now using a branded padded Lohanu gig-bag, a strap to help with playing your device whilst standing, a para-cord Ukulele hanger, two selections, an electronic tuner, and spare Aquila strings.

Once more in direct competition into the very first we reviewed, it also includes exclusive access to an internet set of classes, which begin from novice and attribute many catchy tunes.

Stood up from the get-go. It’s once more camera sized, which provides it a much larger presence than your normal soprano ukulele making it somewhat easier to perform because the fret spacing is a bit more generous.

It’s quite similar in construction to the Ranch version as it uses the very same tonewoods having a solid mahogany neck and headstock, and Sapele shirt, back, and sides. This really is a pairing as mentioned for a clearer and larger sound.

The primary difference between the Ranch and the Lohanu is the bindings with this version are hand-made and high-quality quality. The Lohanu is strung with Aquila strings, which can be considered among the very best in the business.


  • Excellent tone woods.
  • Fantastic acoustics that are all-natural.
  • Handmade deluxe bindings.

We Liked It – This version is a version for beginners. It has existed, ukuleles are considered quieter from most but this one holds its own.

14. Permanently Trustly Concert Ukulele Mahogany 23

Third on our list is the well-put-together Matilda concert version from Trustly, which can be adorned with a gorgeous inlay enclosing the sound-hole.

It’s competitively priced under the 50 dollar markers and also includes a comparable serving of accoutrements, like an important gig bag, tuner, strap, and spare strings.

It features a solid timber layout, with all components barring the rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

It features silver, chromatic tuning hardware to maintain intonation precise as you can. The strings are a decent pair of Aguila’s, the industry norm with idyllic properties for high-stress brief length string tools.

The audio is quite thick and resonant, the trebles are dulcet, it’s not hard to play along with the 18 brass frets are well-positioned.


  • Mahogany bodied.
  • Silver guitar.
  • 18 frets.

We Liked It – It’s well-made for a budget-friendly version. The tuners maintain tension better and have a fantastic grip. It has a tone and great presence and works nicely.

15. AKLOT Concert Ukulele Solid Mahogany

We have all-mahogany version we’ve analyzed up to now in our post.

The money provides you with the delight of a good mahogany top with curved edges for acoustics and a resonance thanks. The tones produced are more healthy than stress treated alternate and purer.

It is more, a full-scale concert ukulele and the shapes of the human body to provide a comfortable armrest when seated. The activity contains zero buzzes and is which makes it much simpler to play and perfect for novices.

A reinforced mahogany neck with a strengthened supports the fingerboard link incorporating durability and durability. The frets are shaped using a proprietary cable system that is competitive and easier to the touch maintaining them scrape free, helping them to last longer.

The intonation is good that the frets are sunken to offer a simpler time to fingers and they’re put with the precision of the way up the throat. The hardware that is tuning is quality, it features pure aluminium gears that are keeping pitch secure.

The version retails using a group of spare strings, a gig bag, picks, a barbell, brand goodies, and a ring. They comprise a guitar book alongside their 30-minute QuickStart video lesson.


  • strong top.
  • very low actions.
  • Bunch of goodies.

We Liked It – it’s a fantastic illustration of exactly what you can be given by splashing on money. The noise is fab, the contour is comfortable we enjoy harmonics and the actions and the inlay are wonderful.

Below are a few items to consider when buying a Ukulele

Below are a few items to consider when buying a Ukulele Under $200.

Materials: Best, Better Good?

When you are upgrading from a newcomer ukulele into a tool made for more sophisticated players, better stuff may create a difference in everything in the way that your music sounds to how you feel about introducing your own device to other people in social preferences or onstage.

Decide on a tool which works for your aesthetic! You will be happier when you take general and look quality.


Ukuleles come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Each size will affect the sound and the playability of this instrument Though all of them seem similar.

To start with, the soprano, concert, along with tenor sizes have strings tuned to C, G, E, A, even though a baritone is tuned to D, B, G, and E. Ordinarily, a bigger ukulele is going to get a longer neck using much more frets and more distance between the frets. Below is a guide.

  • Soprano: 12-15 frets
  • Concert: 15-20 frets
  • Tenor: 15-25 frets
  • Baritone: 18 + frets; tuned DGBE

The rule of thumb is the distance between frets, that the larger the fretboard. The distance will feel busy which makes it easier to perform with.

On the flip side, people with smaller hands may come across a ukulele that is more compact comfy to perform as a result of the simple fact that there is the distance between the frets, hence making it simpler to sort chords.

The body dimensions will influence the tone and the playability of this ukulele. Bracing, timber, as well as strings, will be in contributing to an instrument’s design factors.

Typically, but not all the time, the larger the body, the larger the tone. Some may get a ukulele that is more compact to be tough to deal with or control while playingwith, therefore a model may make sense.

Some are trying to find a lighter tone making the option. Attempt as many versions as possible to get the fit that is ideal.


News the majority of left-handed ukuleles are of quality that is good if not fantastic.

Mass producers who concentrate just on using the least expensive materials and also the least expensive labour to create cheap ukuleles which are only”OK” are not encouraged to devote the money and time it requires to produce left-handed instruments.

In our evaluations, we put into things like substances, strings, frets, and tuners, and we discuss details that are decorative that make tools more attractive.

Now’s a fantastic time to debunk the myth that just good wood ukuleles are”good” Laminates have gotten to the stage where a few seem amazing, and in the capacity to resist the components and terms of durability, there is a ukulele going to serve you well.

By all means, go in case you can invest in a strong koa wood ukulele – nothing is much nicer than that. However, fun, for bumming about and there are ukes that function well.

Do not get hung up on strings. In case there is a ukulele fantastic in every respect and you would rather have a series brand, do it!

Strings are affordable, and switching to ones that are great from strings is away.


Action is a sign of the quantity of work necessary to press on shape chords and the strings. Too large, and you are expending a great deal of energy.

Too low, and you are probably going to hear a few buzzes.

The great thing is that producers aim for the middle earth and activity is if you are unhappy with it from the box, something which may be adjusted. It should not be a dealbreaker, although it will matter.


1. What’s the distinction between a tenor and concert ukulele?

Concert ukuleles possess although tenor ukes have a fretboard that combines the body at the 12th fret. To put it differently, the neck of a tenor uke sticks two frets over a concert (approximately 1 inch).

2. Is a concert ukulele greater than a soprano?

The concert includes tone and a fuller sound with much more mid-range compared to the soprano. The concert projects than the soprano, which makes the volume a little louder.

What's the distinction between a tenor and concert ukulele

3. Is ukulele simpler than guitar?

The ukulele is simpler to learn compared to guitar and other stringed instruments. Its nylon strings do not create finger pain such as guitars do and are milder in your palms. … Plus, it just has four strings, making chord scales and shapes simpler to learn.

Last Ideas

Whether you are expecting if you are expecting to take to the stage sooner or later or to unwind and play with some songs, there is an excellent ukulele the best alternative.

Does it sound good, but it seems fantastic on your hands you may feel like it is difficult to put down! You might discover that the concert ukuleles are reasonably priced unless you are going with a customized instrument. Like us, you may be unable to stop!


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