Top 101 Best Gaming Headset Under 200

Top 101 Best Gaming Headset Under 200

PC gamers spend hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars in their gaming channels. These players invest in all from video cards to sound cards.

But a part of any gaming rig is the Best Gaming Headset Under 200. Hearing your enemies arriving and keeping in contact is vital to any sport.

Best Gaming Headset Under 200

Best Gaming Headset Under 200

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Razer Nari Ultimate is among the versions from Razer however, the show commands esteem with pro gamers generally. Despite it moving near $200 up till late and is a significant vendor, It’s employed. This version is available for approximately $150 dollars, which is a deal if we factor in the features and the construct of this device, which is comfortable and lasting.

This version is among the industry’s leaders at the positional precision sound, which it matches with THX Spatial 7.1 surround capability. It’s quite light in weight and comfortable to wear, with its group adjusting for shape and the dimensions.

It’s a microphone with alterations of its own, that’s praised for being tuned for a staff and conversation communication. The controls for mute and volume are found on the headset right, while it employs a 3.5millimeter jack to attach to a cellular device.

It works only on PC and PS4 however, but using the 3.5millimeter cable, it may be utilized for Nintendo Switch, all of Smartphones who have this, and much more.

  • 7.1 THX Spatial surround sound capability
  • Wireless for both PS4 and PC
  • 3.5Millimeter jack for Mobile Nintendo Alter and devices
  • Very lightweight
  • Includes a travel case


LucidSound LS35X is among the more versions from the set. While it’s had lots this one is commended for its multi-platform compatibility and audio. It connects directly to the Xbox using a one-button sync signature, even though it can be attached to PS4, PC, Mac, and iOS and Android cellular phones but with a 3.5millimeter cord.

It loses a number of its elegance for not working but its features to compensate for this. It sells for approximately $125 dollars, while its cost is about $175.

The device includes memory foam and a particular gel with comfort and space, at the ear cups. They do not become a burden even after hours of sporting during gambling and fit. The mic can be plugged into the device, but it isn’t retractable. It will have sound canceling.

But if utilized for cellular phone gambling, the mic is to be eliminated to ensure that the integrated mic for phones is used, which has a slightly lower standard audio, but adequate nonetheless. Each one the sound controls are on the ear cups, and also this LucidSound LS35X device is extremely durable and promises a more long-lasting function lifetime. See more: Top 11 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100 Dollars

  • Wireless for Xbox
  • 3.5Millimeter jack with programs and Smartphones
  • Cooling memory and gel foam
  • Very durable design
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee promised by the producer
  • Includes a travel case


Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is among the most units beneath that $200 mark. But it will not go wireless for cellular devices and you’ll need to use the 3.5millimeter jack.

Additionally, it carries with it that the USB wired connection cable and also the Slipstream wireless transmitter. But what actually makes this version worth every penny is its own amazing audio quality, both on the speakers and the mic.

This device includes all the 7.1 surround sound capability, and it’s coming out of 50mm high-density neodymium drivers at the speakers, which may move from 20hz-40,000Hz, which will be approximately double the noise frequency average headsets have, even in higher costs.

The earpads include memory foam along with the headband also has a soft cushion, ensuring relaxation, while the human body is lightweight and durable at precisely the exact same moment.

The 9.5millimeter broadcast Omni-directional dynamic selection, a high-bandwidth detachable mic is among the very best in the industry also, and this Corsair Virtuoso RGB unit actually packs all you need for gambling. It could be utilized for $160.

  • 3.5Millimeter jack connectivity for devices that are mobile
  • USB cord
  • Slipstream Wireless (around 60 ft )
  • Broadcast-grade high-bandwidth detachable mic with 9.5mm Onmi-directional Reaction that is top
  • Lightweight aluminum construct
  • Memory Foam in-ear cups along with the framework pillow
  • The sturdy and durable construct
  • 7.1 surround sound capability
  • 50mm high-density sound drivers (neodymium)
  • 20hz – 40,000Hz frequency range
  • 24bit/96kHz audio


V-MODA Crossfade LP2 unit now goes for about $150 dollars, and it is a deal price considering the only build of the headset.

It’s a matte black futuristic durable design and a Kevlar-reinforced cable which features 45° strain relief, which is a hundred times greater than the business standard, and also the maker promises 1million stinks because of its cable life. But design and construct are just part of the general luxury bundle of features this unit attracts.

The 50mm dual-diaphragm audio drivers using inner & outer rings are accountable for unbelievable sound, powerful bass, and fantastic clarity. The headband may be stretched, so it’s comfortable to wear for prolonged gaming hours.

The device connects to cellular phones using a 3.5millimeter cord, while it also has other connectivity options and comes in a neat carrying case. It provides a 3D immersive audio experience, is great for FPS and other gaming genres, and is very likely to continue you for quite a few years with regular use.

The microphone can be found in the in-line controller pad, which supports voice recognition and has great sound cancellation.

  • Durable with Kevlar cable
  • Metal reinforcements but nevertheless sufficiently light
  • Cool carrying case
  • 3.5Millimeter jack
  • 50mm Dual-Diaphragm audio drivers
  • Great for songs
  • 3D immersive audio for all gaming genres


SteelSeries Arctis 9x is just another wireless gaming headset that’s incorporated for Xbox mechanically, but also for Bluetooth. It’s a 20+ hour battery life ability and retails for approximately $200, which will be our best range for costs in this listing.

As previously mentioned, it’s compatible with cellular phones via Bluetooth, which means that you do not need strings, which can make holding your cellular device a lot simpler and can be particularly appreciated during prolonged gaming hours.

The collection carries a noise-canceling mic that transmits fairly clear audio, and also the 20h battery life is enough to match all gambling requirements. The controls are mounted onto the ear cup, although the construction of the headset is extremely comfortable and durable.

It’s Air-Weave ear cushions and the headband utilizes a ski-goggle method, although it’s fortified with metal plates. It’s also capable of 3D spatial audio on Xbox One and Windows 10, and also the mic frequency response is between 100 and 10000 Hz. See also: Top 101 Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

Additionally, it has a 38 dBV/Pa mic sensitivity using 2200 Ohm impedance and can be retractable.

  • Can link to devices through Bluetooth
  • 3D audio for PC and Xbox One
  • Very comfy ear cups and headband
  • Durable design
  • Somewhat expensive with an average cost of about $200
  • 20 hours of battery life.
  • It’s a Superb mic


After consulting our hardcore gaming consultants, our choice for the best gaming headset under $200 has been the SteelSeries Arctis 7. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

This wireless headset stitched by providing excellent comfort and quality whilst checking the boxes when it has to do with the headset’s mic and features.

The Arctis 7 is not among the very best bargains available on the industry, but also the very best gaming headset under $200.

Featuring a brightly designed Velcro-adjustable headband and memory foam earpieces, this headset provides outstanding relaxation in a layout.

The SteelSeries provides a healthy that’s firm but not tight, but leaving your headset without sacrificing any comfort, nicely secured.

The gambling audio quality of this Arctis 7 is leading and is further improved by DTS 7.1-channel surround audio. The mic that communicates this headset is elastic and provides clear vocals.

On the move alterations are made with a pair of on-ear controllers, for mic volume and sound volume, hanging in your fingertips.

This connects to a PC with a USB Bluetooth dongle and wireless sports up.

Furthermore, it comes with an optional 3.5millimeter audio jack so that you can connect it to all of your preferred hand-held apparatus. A 280 g it’s no surprise has got the best spot.


Famous for designs that were edgy and competitive, Razer has made a decision to control themselves. Razer ManO’War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

This headset is incredibly comfy, providing a match.

Both microphone and audio quality are top-notch with this offering from Razer.

The headset submerges the consumer in clear and beautiful 7.1-channel surround audio.

Meanwhile, the microphone does a superb job.

The ManO’War provides exceptional on-ear management features in the kind of match volume knobs and mike.

Feedback enhances the feature in the shape.

The Razer will continue to keep your mind from the game in the event that you will need to conduct to answer the door. Battery life is about 12 hours. Read more: Top 101 Best Gaming Chair Under 200


The third-place goes to the Logitech G933 that missed out from the thinnest of margins to the ManO’War on next.

In reality, the two products are extremely similar.

They share 7.1 surround audio, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, big bulky layouts, and are approximately the exact same weight of 375 g.

In the regions, the Logitech headset is missing.

Though the G933 features exceptional quality foam cushioning, the total fit was too tight for a lot of our testers, resulting in a substantial quantity of distress after a number of hours of gambling.

From the G933, Logitech comprised a microphone that folds to the abandoned ear-piece. Lessconf discovered that the mic to be sensitive, frequently capturing noises and our team-mates with sound from our surroundings.

Before having to be billed, the Logitech G933 could only muster 10 hours of gambling. The wireless headphones Lessconf tested delivered at least 12 hours of battery life.


Turtle Beach is renowned for creating gaming cans that are great as well as the Elite Pro Tournament isn’t any exclusion.

This headset, while lacking a few complex features, does the basics.

The Pro was probably one of, if not the comfiest headset within our line-up.

Cushy and soft Aerofit earpads set with a different well-designed suspension headband to provide a match that feels as though it was custom.

The recently designed Nanoclear speaker drivers improved our gambling with rich sound.

At precisely the exact same period, the boom mic delivers crystal-clear vocals for your team-mates with the ambient sound intrusion.

Using a 3.5millimeter audio jack for connectivity, it’s the absence of innovative features, such as Bluetooth, which maintained the Turtle Beach in a higher position. The headset weighs as our darkest in 390 g.


It’s still no slouch while the Cloud Revolver arrived last.

This headset controls a design that includes a suspension plus memory foam earpieces headband to guarantee a fantastic, fatigue-free match.

The HyperX may make a claim as a result of 50mm drivers that provide high-quality audio.

Sad to say, in regards to mic functionality, the Cloud Revolver fails to satisfy with the mark. Lessconf discovered the mic’s noise-canceling attribute to be sub-par. It let in the background sound.

The headset, which uses a 3.5millimeter audio cable, was also on the other side for a wired device, weighing in at 360 g. On the other hand, the weight may be credited to a steel framework which felt good and around the mind.



Comfort is king. Regardless, of your own headset of the purchase price point.

However many trendy technologies they cram to your headset when the headset is uneasy in any way it will become useless. This rings especially true from the high-end sector.

For high-end gambling, cans producers walk a fine line between wellness and features.

Adding new features will include weight so it’s essential that any new features are designed in this manner that any weight does not produce fatigue or distress.

Within this current market, relaxation is characterized by memory foam adjustable suspension headbands and completely earpieces.

These headsets that are should not use pressure nor if they are pinching around the ears or pressing hard at the surface of the head. Your mind should feel like it’s piled in a cloud of soft leatherette.

Other relaxation features in high-end gaming headphones consist of padding to assist when the fighting heats up, eliminate sweat. Additionally, ear bits that are replaceable will be supplied by a lot of businesses you wear of your pads out.

Relaxation in a headset’s significance can’t be overstated. In other words the lengthy, eight-hour, and times of die-hard or professional players, headsets need to not cause any distress.

Lessconf has here the very best of the top headphones. There’s absolutely no reason to take anything less.




The characteristic which our professional players identified following relaxation as their top priority was quality. Hearing sound cues may be the difference between death and life If it comes to high-performance gaming.

Bearing that in mind, among the features of a gaming headset is using clear and crisp directional sound.

Quality is a feature irrespective of cost, behind any headphone, and may be expressed concerning the audio range. Components like speaker drivers play a major role in discovering quality.

One other element of quality that is sound is deciphered and delivered into the speakers of some headset.

Popular schemes include surround and stereo audio configurations of up to 7.1 channels. Sound is wanted by the majority of players since it provides a sense of management.


Elite and professional players have a lot. After Lessconf surveyed these players for their needs in high-end gaming cans they insisted that microphone audio quality was a.

Our players mentioned sensitivity, but in addition, noise-canceling mike setup was crucial for communicating with their team-mates, with no hindrance to distracting and noisy background noise.

To attain this, microphones in cans at this price range will probably incorporate a blend of both top quality noise-canceling features and a directional boom. You can read more: Top 15 Best Gaming Laptop Under 200


As all know, life isn’t with no disturbances and distractions. Whether it’s a husband or your spouse coming from work, the kids getting out of college, or an urgent call on the job from the boss.

Odds are good you just won’t make it without some type of disturbance through a gaming session.

It is necessary that, as a gamer, you have the capacity.

This is the area where controller features get involved. From the high-end headset marketplace notably wireless headphones, cans will consist of other controllers, wheels, or buttons to adjust this device’s settings.

Things to look for in controller features include access adjusters for mic sensitivity and match volume.

Other things our players contained in their wish lists were buttons together with state feedback and in-line sound equalizers.


In our overview of funding gaming cans, the link interface choices were confined to either USB or 3.5millimeter audio cable.

While both these technologies remain possibilities for connecting headsets to computers, the amount of alternatives raises in the high-end marketplace, most especially.

The innovative (see pricey ) substances used in these cans help to reduce down weight and permits for producers to add, in the cans, the hardware needed for Bluetooth communications.

Connections using 3.5millimeter audio jacks are incredibly flexible, letting you connect to many different devices. The 3.5millimeter jack remains the golden standard for only audio concentrated headphones.

The liberty of wireless headphones is an excellent benefit for players. This is particularly true for when players are long hours and wish to have the ability to wake up without removing themselves in the 29 and move their own bodies.

1 thing to note when considering wireless headphones is they need batteries. Apparently, the more the battery life for the greater in regards to choosing a headset.

Although having an overnight cost is a drawback for people considering a wireless headset, this con is outweighed by the ability to get up and run to the refrigerator.


If it comes to purchasing the gaming headset that is best you have plenty of choices.


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