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Whether you want a simple method to look at the weather, command smart home devices, flow audio, or any other myriad of items, Google Assistant speakers would be the best way to go.

They are available in many shapes, sizes, and costs, but regardless of which one you purchase, you receive exactly the identical center experience. If you are out there for the first Assistant apparatus or need another on the growing collection, here is a listing of our current favorites — such as the Google Nest Hub as our best overall option.

Greatest Watches with Google Assistant

#Google Nest Hub

Kicking off our list, let us discuss the Google Nest Hub and it’s our favourite Google Assistant speaker presently in the marketplace. If your perfect speaker strikes a fantastic balance of style, features, and cost, the Nest Hub is perfect.

Beginning with this first stage, this item looks wonderful. The cloth base can be found in a lot of fun colors, and also how in which the display is set on it gives the impression that it is drifting in mid-air. The caliber of the 7-inch display is fantastic, also. It is an LCD panel that is bright, vibrant, and automatically alters its colour temperature dependent on the light of the space it is in.

All your beloved Google Assistant controls work superbly about the Nest Hub, and as there’s a screen, it is possible to really go a step further by having the ability to watch YouTube movies, follow step-by-step recipes, also watch your favourite pictures on Google Photos through the day.

Sound quality is somewhat tinny and we are remiss that Google did not incorporate a camera for video calls, however all-in-all, you get a great deal for your money using the Nest Hub.


Fits on any desk

Beautiful fabric layout

Screen is crisp and vibrant

Ambient EQ attribute

Fantastic Price


Tinny speakers

No camera for video calls

#Sonos One

Reasons to Purchase

Stylish and discreet

Strong, sophisticated sound

Alexa nicely integrated

Reasons to Prevent

Lacks full Alexa controller

No hi-res sound

Arguably the very best all-round smart speaker you can now purchase, the Sonos One seems excellent for the money and has all of the functionality you are most likely to want. There is Spotify and Tidal integration, the ability to talk with Google Assistant (and Alexa), and also the choice to construct a multi-room system about it with different Sonos speakers or AirPlay 2. This is currently the finest Google speaker available on the industry.

#Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is the successor to the first Google Home Mini, although you will be hard pressed to get any visual modifications. You can get improved sound quality, especially stronger bass; greater voice recognition; along with the gadget is wall-mountable so it’s possible to save yourself a bit of space on the credenza.

The quantity controls light up as you approach the Mini and possibly best of all, the speaker is created out of renewable materials: The cloth is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and also the outside enclosure itself consists of approximately 35 percent post-consumer recycled vinyl.

If you’re trying to find the most inexpensive approach to smarten up your house, the Nest Mini is the place you need to begin. It is definitely worth the couple bucks over the initial edition, which will be still offered. If you are considering streaming audio a good deal, this is not the choice we urge because… that the Nest Mini does not get really loud. It is the size of a hockey puck.

#Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Pros: Powerful, well-balanced audio to your size and cost.

Cons: Alexa may be somewhat awkward compared with Google Assistant.

Bottom Line: The third-generation Amazon Echo smart speaker is essentially a cheaper Echo Plus, thanks to a small compromises you are not likely to notice.

#Sonos Beam

If you think of speakers that are smart, you probably consider standalone gadgets that you put throughout your dwelling. That is the form most of these take, however, the Sonos Beam is somewhat different. Rather, this is a highly effective soundbar and Google Assistant speaker packed into one amazing package.

The Sonos Beam’s hardware isalso, in a word, exceptional. It takes up a lot less space than you would expect, which makes it a fantastic match for smaller amusement racks. Additionally, it is extremely easy to establish, as it merely takes a power cord and an HDMI cable which connect it into your tv. That is it.

After what is hooked up and ready to proceed, the Beam delivers beautiful sound. Bass is strong, there is excellent channel separation to deliver your content to life, and also the Beam sounds equally good if you are watching a film or listening to audio. It’s also a fully-functioning Google Assistant speaker, Together with support for Alexa and AirPlay 2.

We’ve noticed the Beam’s microphones may be too sensitive occasionally, but without that one grasp and the steep cost, this can be a practically perfect offering.


Outstanding audio quality for music and movies

Impressive channel separation

Does not Occupy too much space

Connects to a TV with one cable

Google Assistant and Alexa are onboard


Microphones are too sensitive

Perhaps not the Cheapest soundbar

#Sonos IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

Reasons to Purchase

Fully incorporated into Sonos network

Bold, concentrated presentation

Quirky design

Reasons to Prevent

Lacks a bit refinement

We did not know what to anticipate when IKEA and Sonos published a bookshelf that may sing… however, the results are really very impressive. The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker will be your lowest priced Sonos multi-room component available on the current market, half of the cost of a Sonos One and two-thirds that of another IKEA speaker at the new range (the Sonos IKEA Symfonisk lamp speaker).

Additionally, it is completely integrated into the present eco-system, also will link to some other Sonos kit you’ve got. And you are not likely to receive a better-sounding multi-room speaker using Sonos’s sonic signature with this cost — and of course one you may utilize as a floating bookshelf. A Sonos x IKEA bookshelf speaker? It is thumbs up as much as we are concerned.

#JBL Link 20

JBL’s Link 20 appears to pop up on each list of linked speakers we create (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It functions good as a Google speaker also appears to listen to my voice out of halfway through the flat at times, but what sets it apart is its portability. It is all about the size of a 20 ounce Coke bottle–it receives 10 hours on a charge, is waterproof, and also floats. Audio quality is also great for a speaker this size, and that explains why it also made our record of the best Bluetooth speakers.

#Amazon Echo Studio

Pros: Outstanding value for the power and size. Loud, clear audio. Compelling directional sound.

Cons: Requires Amazon Music HD to hear completely 3D Ultra HD songs.

Bottom Line: Using amazingly robust Dolby Atmos-compatible directional sound, Amazon’s Echo Studio delivers as much electricity as smart speakers which cost twice as much.

#Google Nest Hub Max

The theory behind this Nest Hub Max is easy — choose what created the smaller Nest Hub good, add a larger screen, better speakers, along with a camera. Every one these additional goodies to make that the Max a fantastic deal more expensive than its younger sibling, but if you’d like the ultimate Google Assistant encounter, it is the speaker to conquer.

Taking a Look at the Nest Hub Max’s screen, it is Outstanding. The 10-inch size signifies YouTube and other video content are comfy to observe, as well as the HD resolution guarantees that which is as sharp as could be. Ambient EQ can be present, allowing the display to appear its best regardless of what area it is in. The speakers also have been severely updated, together with all the Nest Hub Max hanging out striking sound that is fun to listen to for hours and hours.

Possibly the most notable update with all the Max is that the accession of its camera. This enables a couple of distinct items, such as video calls using Google Duo, hand gestures, facial recognition, and also the capability to utilize it like a Nest safety camera to keep an eye on your house when you’re away.

You will want to pay a cost for every one the Nest Hub Max’s goodness, so although it isn’t the most accessible Assistant speaker, it’s among the most practical.


10-inch HD screen

Strong speakers

A camera for video calls and facial recognition

Useful hand gestures

Doubles as a Nest safety camera


Not as elegant as the smaller Nest Hub

More expensive

# LG WK7

Reasons to Purchase

Large sound, strong bass

Fantastic level of detail

Google programs are fine to use

Reasons to Prevent

Bass a bit jagged

LG program is not Amazing

The LG WK7 is LG’s initial foray to the wise speaker marketplace and also the first product to emerge within this new venture with British sound specialist Meridian. There is nothing particular about the layout but it appears smart and the best features touch-sensitive controls for playback and volume. There is a Google Assistant button, also, along with a function button which permits you to change between wi-fi and Bluetooth.

There are no other links – no analogue input or 3.5millimeter connection – however a wise speaker like this don’t actually need you, particularly when there’s also Chromecast built-in and Android Things assistance.

Plus it seems pretty great by smart speaker criteria, not least thanks to this aid of hi-res sound. A bit too much bass is evident occasionally and audio does not seem quite as, well, musical, like about the HomePod, however there is an impressive scale, clear and clean vocals, and lots of punch to drums and bass. The LG WK7 is just one of the finest Google speakers, particularly now it’s a healthy reduction.

#Klipsch The Three Speaker

Should you prioritize looks over all else and need your speaker to draw eyes at the house, then you can not fail with Klipsch’s The Three. It is among the priciest smart speakers we have noticed, but its mix of genuine wood veneer, metal knobs and switches, in addition to cloth, readily make it among the very trendy. It seems pretty great, too, though you need to generate some space for the boxy, chunky layout.

#Google Home Max

Pros: Appealing. Strong bass response. Works within a whole-home sound system.

Cons: Expensive. Google’s audio prowess remains to be seen (and heard).

Bottom Line: The Home Max speaker is intended to be the middle of Google Assistant-powered residence, but it is going to have to sound very best to warrant its high cost.

#Sonos Transfer

Next up, we want to Discuss the Sonos Move. This is the very first wireless speaker Sonos has created, and trust us when we state it’s something special.

Oddly, the Sonos Move has enhanced sound quality. It is large, loud, full of bass, and makes all kinds of music ring with pleasure. Cramming in these strong audio technology ends in the Transfer being on the bigger aspect of things, but if you ask us, then it is a well-deserving trade-off.

Sonos also employed the Move’s larger footprint to cram in a massive battery, eliminating any type of battery-anxiety you might have when using other speakers. The built-in carrying deal also feels fantastic, and once it is time to charge up, you simply drop the Transfer on its included docking station.

Tying everything together is dust and water resistance, Google Assistant, and also service for both Alexa and AirPlay 2.


Glorious sound with heavy bass

Fully wireless

Built-in handle feels fantastic

Dust and water resistance

Strong battery life


Potentially too big/heavy for a few users

Typical Mike performance


#Harman Kardon Citation 100

Reasons to Purchase

Strong, deep bass

Eye-catching layout

Impressive scale

Reasons to Prevent

Bass is unbalanced

No aux input

It seems like your typical clever speaker, however, the Citation 100 produces bass from the bucket-load and may play exceptionally loud without pressure. It’s very good for parties, even though not too much for purists.

This Harman Kardon speaker includes a fairly ordinary, minimalist design, and it retains links to a minimal, also, without a aux input. Control comes through the Google Home program and Google Assistant and controls work well enough, even though it appears slightly more prone to wi-fi drop-outs compared to competitions.

Sonically, although the Harman Kardon Citation 100 is not exactly balanced, it’s otherwise a tasteful-sounding smart speaker having sufficient scale to fulfill most rooms. If you do not mind that bassy over-exuberance, there is a lot to enjoy.

#Apple HomePod

Pros: Strong audio functionality with rich, full bass. Measurement it adjusts sound according to a room’s acoustics. Visually pleasing layout.

Cons: No Bluetooth buffering. No more aux input. No way to disable DSP. No voice command for non-Apple audio services. Siri is supporting the contest.

Bottom Line: The HomePod excels as a high-quality smart speaker for listening to Apple Music but paths behind Amazon and Google as it pertains to voice management.

Bottom line

The ecosystem for Google Assistant speakers has increased much because Google surfaced the stage a couple of decades before, and at the moment, the one which stands out the most is that the Google Nest Hub.

It might not own a camera or even the very best speakers, but it’s the Assistant speaker we believe most folks is going to be the most happy with. The Nest Hub seems fantastic, does not occupy too much space, has a boatload of features because of its display, and comes in at an aggressive cost.

Here really is the Assistant speaker I have sitting on my desk, and I have yet to find something I wish to replace it with. Google created something unique using all the Nest Hub, and that is the reason why we’re crowning it as the finest Google Assistant speaker you can purchase in 2019.


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