Top 14 Best iPhone Speaker Dock Brands

best iphone speaker dock

The Best iPhone Speaker dock has been in existence for nearly two years today, has increased as a different, symbiotic A/V branch from the large Apple tree – nearly immediately because of the iPod’s birthday.

Now, naturally, you’ll discover a zillion third-party producers hoping to outdo each other to create an ideal docking speaker program. And also to use them, you just need something – a harmonious iOS or Android apparatus. User friendly, cable-free, practical, and frequently decent sounding, they’ve been a super-popular option for lots of individuals.

With all these models out there the current market, we have chosen some of the finest to improve your living area. If you would like to find out more about choosing the ideal speaker dock, visit our comparison table and purchasing information.

Reviews Of 14 Best iPhone Speaker Docks

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KitSound XDock 4 Plus


  • Handy bedside design
  • Alarm clock and charger at one


  • No DAB
  • Not a room-filler

If you’d like a pier for your bedroom as opposed to one that should behave as your primary music player, the KitSound XDock 4 Plus is well worth a look. It will sit happily on a small bedside table and then control your phone to prevent you need to locate the Lightning cable which appears to disappear beneath your bed every evening.

The KitSound XDock 4 Plus includes little 3W speakers so it is not likely to create the walls shake, but that is not the purpose.

It’s a large, clear clock screen, functions as an alarm clock and does not cost a great deal. There is also Bluetooth for songs while your iPhone is in your pocket. Remember the radio aspect of the Lightning outlet clock radio is restricted, however, with only FM, no DAB.

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Earthquake Sound IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker System

Forget the CDs and cassettes, the perfect way to listen to audio is by way of an iPod. Not only are consumers provided with space for tens of thousands of tunes, but the audio quality is also generally clear and crisp. However, what about when you’re on the street?

Music on the Go

Among the wonderful things about this speaker, docks are they are intended to be somewhat portable. The compact and lightweight design are perfect for carrying along on road trips and to parties and picnics. But at 200 Wattsthey nevertheless can pack quite a punch.

The Earthquake Audio IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker System provides a large array of outputs and inputs. Users have been treated to some 30-pin dock in addition to an S-Video interface, and just a subwoofer output. A remote controller comes complete with all the set which has an impressive selection of 32 ft.

Fantastic highs and lows

Some users are most likely to be disappointed by the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. While this makes the speakers somewhat less flexible than some versions, it’s a small cost to pay. With fantastic highs and lows, users have been treated to both a very clear and remarkable audio.

Earthquake Audio IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker System

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Boasts three sound inputs.
  • Delivers a loud and strong sound.
  • Has a 32-foot range remote controller.
  • Fantastic highs and bass.
  • Really compact and portable design.


  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

Earthquake Sound IQ52B ($211)

  • Dock: 30-pin
  • Inputs: 3.5mm, Aux
  • Wireless: No
  • Wattage: 200 Watts
  • What We Like: Excellent sound detail, a variety of links, sub, and a movie out.
  • What We Do Not: Bluetooth could have been fine.

In case bookshelf speakers may walk, speak, and spend their cash for an imaginary tech grocery store, they’d return looking as the Earthquake Audio IQ52B.

This installment is an over-engineered marvel of this docking speaker theory, with a great number of inputs and outputs – out of a 30-pin dock into an S-Video interface, and just a subwoofer output.

What is even better is that this abundance of relations is due to proper shredder preparation, permitting to your many devices to be incorporated into an entire audio-visual alternative.

Earthquake Audio has designed the machine as one busy speaker – comprising a 200W Class A/B power amp – powering another passive speaker through the enclosed speaker cable.

The speaker will be the one comprising all of the sound inputs and outputs, for instance, 30-pin dock placed on top.

The installation allows for many methods of growth, particularly in the event that you consider incorporating an active subwoofer, through the sub out. In addition, you have the choice to just choose the powered speaker and put it to use by itself.

This could be a somewhat more mobile option for dancing rehearsals, little celebrations, etc., provided that you do not mind being bogged down to monophonic sound. The included remote is excellent along with the sound quality is exceptional.

The Earthquake Audio IQ52B deserves the best spot. In an age of frequently flimsy-sounding, plastic speakers, it seems loud and proud.



  • Significant bass
  • Low cost


  • Not widely available

This is one for your readers that reside in the united kingdom. The IWANTIT IBTLIA17 is not subtle or exceptionally elegant, but it will get you plenty of speakers for not too much cash.

Such as the iPhone speaker of older, this really is a sizable block of a device having comparatively big drivers. You will find mid/treble drivers to every side along with a dedicated subwoofer at the center with two bass interfaces. If you are outside for room-filling bass on a budget, then the IBTLIA17 ought to be on your listing.

There is a remote controller in the box, however, the speaker also has direct control buttons on the upper plate, from the Lighting dock. As you’d expect in a current docking version, there is also Bluetooth for wireless streaming from non-iPhone phones.

JBL OnBeat Venue 30-Pin Dock using Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Would you want to listen to audio on a vast selection of devices? If that’s the circumstance, the very best speaker docks will have to be quite versatile. They ought to allow users to switch between audio players conveniently and quickly.

Time for connected

The JBL OnBeat Venue 30-Pin Dock using Bluetooth Wireless Speaker provides users a broad assortment of connection choices. Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for users to play music from their smartphones or a different gadget. It’s also possible to link the speaker dock into a tv or audio system.

Though these may not be the most effective speakers round, they provide impressive audio quality. With only 30 Watts of power, this is hardly the most effective speaker dock around. On the other hand, the JBL On Beat Venue 30-Pin Dock delivers quite a crisp and very clear sound.

Very mobile

As an additional bonus, the streamlined design of the speaker dock makes it quite portable. Users will have the ability to follow their songs while on the go. And, the joint clarity and consistent low finish, is guaranteed to satisfy audiophiles.

JBL OnBeat Venue 30-Pin Dock using Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Our rating:4 from 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Very simple to use.
  • Boasts Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It could be attached to a tv.
  • It features a compact and portable design.
  • Delivers impressive sound quality.


  • It doesn’t have a remote controller.
  • Just 30 Watts of electricity.

Cavalier Air ($250)

  • Dock: Qi Charging
  • Inputs: None
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Wattage: 20 Watts
  • What We Like: Great looks, several features, excellent sound.
  • What We Do Not: Appears stronger than many 20 Watt speakers.

Qi charging and docking is getting to be a popular feature with the speaker. The Cavalier Air is the ideal instance, echoing the ethos of their timeless docking speakers of the past but with the inclusion of contemporary wireless operation.

Somewhat larger than a normal alarm clock radio, the Cavalier’s shape reminds us of older classics, such as the JBL On Beat at number five with this listing. Its mahogany veneer and darkish gray speaker fabric are a comfortable looking combo which will suit any contemporary living room.

The Qi charging dock works with almost any compatible iOs or Android apparatus, and matches even the biggest smartphones now offered. Control operate LEDs are put out on a strip near the peak of the dock, however, because this is mainly a voice-command apparatus, there are just a few physical buttons.

When most functions may be predicted out with Alexa’s voice command or through outside Bluetooth link, it is nice that there is an addition of a multi-function button. This can trigger unique modes and may even be customized with the Cavalier App. Aimed at casual audio pleasure, the program has Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora already dialed in.

The Cavalier can also get into a near-infinite variety of streaming and radio programs, as a portion of a Wi-Fi house system, and its combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow for pairing up to 15 devices.

Sound-wise, you won’t anticipate award-winning clarity or loud volume, but the Cavalier is ideal as a casual bookshelf speaker. Its 20 watts of power allow for lots of significance and low-end, considering its dimensions. Coupled with its clever features and Alexa capacities, this makes the Cavalier Air among the best selections of the year.

Pure Contour D1 Dock


  • Remote included
  • Simple to install


  • Dim display
  • Slow to function

Pure has attempted to create certain that the Contour D1 suits each iPhone owner. It comes with a 30-pin adaptor in addition to a Lightning one, to match in the dock. This permits you to attach your historical iPhone or iPod Classic if your home has not updated to modern-age iPhones.

The dock pushes back to the primary speaker apparatus when not in use – if you are using the miniature jack round the trunk, or Bluetooth connectivity, as an example.

You may also wirelessly flow to the D1. However, like most Pure equipment, radio remains an integral draw. There’s as well as “classic” FM. It is only a shame that the screen is somewhat dim and uninspired.

Nonetheless, the dock packs a distant, it is a cinch to prepare and ticks lots of boxes, in addition to sounding rich, clear, and crisp, without needing bass.

Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System with Lightning Connector

There’s nothing better than listening to music when relaxing in the home. Obviously, you’ll require an impressive audio system that really looks the part. The Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System with Lightning Connector comes in Many cool colors and boasts an appealing layout.

However, is it only a pretty face?

Individuals who prioritize audio quality are certain to enjoy this speaker dock. This provides a crisp and wide-ranging sound that’s guaranteed to satisfy. Bose has a good reputation in regards to audio quality, and this powerful speaker dock is no exception.

The highs on the system are well defined, while the mids are somewhat scooped. Consumers are treated to lots of basses, which could also be customized based on tastes. The speaker dock also comes complete with a remote to place users in complete control.

Vibrant purple, silver, white, black or black

On the other hand, the deficiency of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity means that this speaker dock isn’t quite as flexible as some choices. It’s also somewhat big and heavy to be mobile. But with a selection of purple, white, silver, or dark, it’s guaranteed to be an excellent addition to the house.

Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic ($200)

  • Dock: Qi Charging
  • Inputs: 3.5mm, Aux
  • Wireless: Bluetooth
  • Wattage: 25 Watts
  • What We Like: Wonderful electronic spec and wireless prowess, fantastic sound.
  • What We Do Not: USB to Ethernet connector not included.

The Grace Digital Mondo+ traditional is just like a film star that everyone enjoys. Perfect outside and a fantastic character. You may wonder why in the world have we appreciated it in the wrong picture production – speaker instead of wireless speakers.

Though it doesn’t contain a docking cradle that you plug your mobile phone in, you’re basically still docking by charging. Thus, we’re bravely such as the Mondo+ Classic within our very best speaker dock listing to generate way for new technologies. We’ve got a complete explainer on Qi wireless power move in our Purchasing Advice under the selections.

The Mondo+ Classic is a superbly spec’d mini media center that does pretty much exactly what a digital sound enthusiast may need. Aside, from the Qi induction pad at the top, which protects your compatible device, this wireless speaker features complete Wi-Fi integration in addition to Bluetooth 4.1 streaming.

The device’s OS runs Chromecast natively, therefore voice command over several streaming-compatible apparatus is a breeze – particularly if you’re already knowledgeable about Chromecast. Each of the above-mentioned features open access to a great number of online radio stations and loading programs.

Our only criticism is with the way the Mondo+ traditional integrate using a home system – you need to obtain a Grace USB to Ethernet connector, which can be sold individually. Unlike a number of different selections on this listing, the Mondo+ traditional are properly future-proof and deserves its own place at the top three of the listing.

VQ Retro Mk II

Add a little sun into your mornings with this brightly colored radio alert dock. Its leatherette detailing features a set of classic retro cream white grilles, a crystal clear OLED screen, and responsive function switches, including DAB, DAB+ and FM radio, dual alarms and snooze.

A closer look shows a wooden interior chassis, that does amazing things for the sound reproduction and supplies a broad, surprisingly expansive array – sharp and loud, with no tinniness or flourish.

Offered in a broad selection of colours all of which include an auxiliary outside to attach any other devices that you have, that the VQ looks professional on any bedside cupboard – whatever your background selection.

SoarOwl Quick Wireless Charger using Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Stand

With its ergonomic and streamlined layout, SoarOwl has generated the ideal product to be used on the go. There’s no denying that the SoarOwl Quick Wireless Charger using Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Stands seems cool. But, in addition, it provides a helpful solution for music fans when they journey.

Easy to get to grips with.

Users only need to dock their own Smartphones at the space provided to obtain an instantaneous connection with their songs. This version is intended to be simple enough for novices to get to grips with. When put in the cradle, it provides both horizontal and vertical positions.

This is great for YouTubers that wish to produce and post movies wherever they are. The Bluetooth wireless speaker also sports an extra 3.5millimeter Aux input. There’s also support for NFC and auto codec, which helps to create this version stick out in the audience.

Remaining in contact

Among the wonderful things about this version is that users can accept calls when the phone is docked. There’ll not be any need to be concerned about missing an important call or message. The Bluetooth link is also quite powerful and stable.

As an additional bonus, this speaker dock additionally provides Qi charging. Smartphones may be charged very fast, even if they’re constantly being used. This means that consumers won’t need to worry about running out of battery life while they’re on the move.

SoarOwl Quick Wireless Charger using Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Stand

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Boasts an extremely compact and portable design.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Willing to take calls.
  • Delivers decent quantity.
  • The dock attribute Qi charges.


  • The sound quality is quite average.

Jarre Technologies AeroBull ($2,460)

  • Dock: 8-pin (Lightning)
  • Inputs: 3.5mm, Aux
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Wattage: 240 Watts
  • We like: Crazy looks that work, lots of quantity.
  • What We Do Not: Looks and costs aren’t for everyone.

It had been on top before and our newest upgrade, the puppy stays there – albeit in our High-End class. Meet the AeroBull – an exotic-looking speaker program obviously aimed toward fashion-conscious music fans, made by Jarre Technologies.

It has to require an additional dollop of guts and an eighties synth-pop electronica magician (Jean Michel Jarre) to develop such a theory: a shades-wearing bulldog-shaped 2.1 speaker system (two stereo speakers and a sub), effective at 240 Watts of clean electricity.

The speakers, incidentally, are at the sunglasses, and the distance is bone-shaped. Obviously. Incidentally, do not confuse its appearances for a gimmick – well, they’re a gimmick, but it seems good enough to justify a top placement here.

Beginning with the docking station, which can be positioned on its own mind, it is very good to understand this completely supports all present generation iDevices using its lightning link. This also suggests that if your device uses the old 30-pin protocol you may require a suitable adapter.

Alternate wired sound links (such as TV, DVD, and so forth ) are simple with the added 3.5millimeter mini-jack aux input signal, however, also the AeroBull’s name hints in wireless abilities since it is one excellent wireless Bluetooth speaker – a completely different topic possibly. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting just like its physical input signal, the AeroBull’s Bluetooth spec is a present generation, meaning support of this high-resolution art (wireless sound codec) flowing – up to CD quality in reality.

The sound detail is mighty nice and particularly so when placed facing the space and with its rear (think sub) towards a corner. The AeroDog proves that it is way far more than only a contemporary art piece and might really quickly turn into your iPhone/iPad’s companion. Be warned: it is often difficult to find, though we still think that it’s a high choice.

Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock

Are you trying to find a speaker dock that’s extremely user friendly? Maybe style is also an important consideration. Obviously, you’ll also need a version which is quite lightweight and mobile.

In terms of all of these requirements, the Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock actually delivers. Users should simply put their apparatus on the speaker, set it with Bluetooth, and revel in their songs. It provides approximately 6 hours of Bluetooth audio playback, and it is more than sufficient for casual usage.

Massive compatibility

The Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock is made to be compatible with all sorts of apparatus. And, it may be used with just about any operating system. Even those who have an older smartphone or apparatus are very likely to discover it is compatible.

It must be said that the music with this speaker dock isn’t very likely to win any awards. But, it’s a step over the inner speakers of the majority of smartphones and other apparatus. This version provides a simple and productive means of enjoying audio-visual content after charging.

But, there’s a grab

The Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock flashes as soon as it costs and is functioning in different ways. The flashing light is quite bright and can be very distracting. Regrettably, it’s impossible to turn this off light, which is a bit inconvenient and might even irritate some users.

Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


  • Features Qi charging.
  • Boasts Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sleek and attractive layout.
  • Lightweight and very portable.
  • Compatible with a large selection of devices.


  • The sound quality isn’t too impressive.
  • Not feasible to switch off the charging light.

iLive 3.1 ($267)

  • Dock: 30-pin
  • Inputs: Aux
  • Wireless: No
  • Wattage: Unknown
  • What We Like: The ideal docking speaker/soundbar hybrid vehicle, subwoofer out.
  • What We Do Not: Do not anticipate proper surround.

Look no further if you are shopping around for a speaker dock along with a soundbar. The iLive 3.1 is precisely that – a hybrid of both formats that are hugely popular. The 37-inch wall socket bar involves a menu that is tabbed, enabling you to dock the 30-pin iOS apparatus. This generates an easy and discrete set if you wish to dock and listen to additional resources, or simply watch a few movies.

There are two RCA aux-ins, that can be ideal for your TV and BluRay set-up – or another lineup – to be patched in. Source choice, which also includes FM radio, which is made simple by the included remote control, permitting you to develop into the couch potato you have always wanted.

Every one of these features would not count for much if the sound quality was substandard. Fortunately, there’s enough quantity and clarity here in order to justify not spending a lot of money.

It may not be the best speaker, however, the amount 3.1 from the version name points into the SRS XT surround mode, and you get a subwoofer out. The majority of the selections on this listing are not big enough to provide any critical bass, but with the iLive 3.1, it is possible to hook up a wonderful subwoofer and allow the neighbors to know about it.

The Best iPhone Speaker Docks Buying Guide

The Best iPhone Speaker Docks Buying Guide

If you’re searching for the ideal speaker, it goes without saying you will need them to sound great. On the other hand, the audio that’s delivered could be decided by a lot of distinct facets. Below are a few of the features which will assist users to decide on a high excellent speaker dock.


Obviously, it’s crucial to ensure there will be sufficient volume so that songs can be observed clearly. There’s nothing worse than not having the ability to turn your favorite songs up once you would like to. It’ll be a real bonus when the speaker includes a controller button built into the plan.

Audio Quality

The quality of the audio is usually a great deal more significant than the true quantity. Individuals who enjoy lots of basses will require a speaker dock that actually delivers. The audio that’s provided must be full-range, crisp, and clear.


Among the wonderful things about the speaker is they are usually designed to be quite mobile. If your plan is to select the speaker in the street with you, be certain it’s lightweight. It also needs to possess a rather slim design so it is easy to transport and store when not being used.

Compatibility and Versatility

Some speaker docks are compatible with a large assortment of devices, while some are specially made for specific models. If you just have one kind of device that you would like to join, flexibility will not be too much of a problem. But, those who have a vast assortment of devices ought to make certain that it can be used with them all.

The Perfect Combination

Check the specifications of this pier attentively. It’s vital to be certain your telephone or other apparatus will match nicely. While a few docks provide a comfortable fit, it could be required to take out the telephone case before usage.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Possessing a speaker dock that provides Bluetooth connectivity is going to be a true incentive. This will permit consumers to roam while listening to their own songs. Ensure the Bluetooth link is equally powerful and very secure.

Other Helpful Features

Some speaker features come complete with a large assortment of features like clock radios, while some others are a lot more basic. But a few of those features are just gimmicks are won’t be used. When checking out the extra features, consider your particular needs under consideration.

Style Matters

Obviously, you are going to wish to pick out a speaker dock which seems cool. This is large as a result of personal taste. Have a look at the pictures of the available versions carefully and select the one which suits your own style.

Going The Distance

Last but not least, be certain the speaker dock you decide on is durable and built to last. This is particularly important if you’ll be carrying your speaker with you once you travel. It has to be durable enough to withstand the occasional bump in the street in addition to shocks and temptations.


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