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Best leg workouts at home for women

Leg workouts at home

Leg workouts at home

Do you wish to have a lower body that is strong, stable, and reliable? To achieve this goal, you have to focus your exercise on hips, glutes, and leg muscles. A wide range of exercises can help you build the necessary resilience. In particular, women can carry out leg workouts at home to burn calories, stay fit and flexible. The following routines can also reduce injury risk and improve range of motion.

Skater leg workouts at home

Plyometric moves like skater enhance your fitness and health. For this routine, you need some open space and a mat. First, stand erect on the right side of the mat, and keep the feet hip-width apart. Next, take the left foot to the other side of the mat in a skating movement.

You have to bend the knees and hips while making this motion. The right hand should also drop down to the left foot while the right foot has to go behind and touch the floor lightly. It will keep the movement safe and stable. Repeat the workout on the other side by launching the right foot.

4-way lunges

It is a lunge variation for working the glutes and various leg angles. Keep the feet apart at hip width and hold a medium weight like a medicine ball, but use both hands. Move a leg forward and lunge down. The back knee should be above the floor, while the front knee should be over the toes.

Without touching the ground, come to a standing position. For the next two lunges, take the same leg to the side and behind you. The final lunge should be way back to the corner like a curtsey. Make four lunges on one leg and then switch sides. Repeat 3 to 5 times and use heavier weights as you progress.

Split squat

It is a Bulgarian lunge for toning the legs. It also helps you burn 150 to 300 calories. Such leg workouts at home require dumbbells and a sofa or bench. Take the right leg back while flexing the hip and quad. Raise the foot and rest it on the table, bench, or sofa end. Keep the torso straight and bend the right knee, and the body should lower straight down to the ground. Return to the top position and repeat the squat.

Calf blasters

Stand erect and keep apart the feet at shoulder width. The toes have to face forward, and hands should rest on the hips. Raise heels high off the ground involving both the calves. Next, return to the start position.

Stand by making the letter V with the feet. Raise heels again and return by lowering down as before. Finally, make a triangle with feet by turning the toes inward. Again, do the raising and lowering moves to engage both the calves.

Hip bridge leg workouts at home

The hip bridge can keep your legs fit and ready for running. Lay on the back and bend the knees. Keep the feet on the floor with arms resting on the sides. Lift the hips to create a bridge while engaging the glutes and core. The chest to knees should be a flat surface. Squeeze the glutes momentarily and return to the starting position. You can also try this routine by resting the feet on a chair or sofa. A more complex version involves holding a dumbbell or kettlebell over the hips.

Side shuffle with a resistance band

Activate the legs and sculpt their shape using this effective workout. The elastic band has to be in a loop a few inches over the knees. Repeat for three rounds of 30 seconds to 1 minute to feel the intensity in the legs.

Stand erect and keep the feet apart at hip-width. Keep the back straight, but slightly bend the knees. This posture protects the joints, tendons, and the lower back. Stretch the arms and clasp the hands. Now, utilize the core and shuffle two steps to the right. Next, shuffle two steps back to the left.

Goblet squat

This exercise strengthens the knees and engages the core. Such leg workouts at home enhance the lower body mechanics. Stand with legs apart at shoulder width. Hold a water jug, dumbbell, or kettlebell against the chest, like it was a goblet. The elbows have to be below the weight. Keep the feet firm and lower down while pushing the knees out. The hips and knees have to be at maximum flex in the squat position. Use the glutes, keep the chest up, and get into the starting position.

Hip bridge abduction

Add abduction to the hip bridge to strengthen the muscles. Women who recently gave birth can try it to tighten the hip ligaments. The routine also exercises the lower abdomen, glutes, and outer thighs.

Loop an elastic or resistant band above the knees. Lie on the back and get into the bridge position. Keep the feet wide apart to create band tension. Also, squeeze the glutes and raise the hips high. Next, push the knees outwards to the sides. Bring the knees in and lower the hips. Return to start position and repeat. Gain control slowly and repeat 20 times continuously.

Booty kickback leg workouts at home

Strengthen the glutes while doing this booty burner exercise. It also helps you grow stronger and run faster. The workout can is best done with a resistant band looped above the knees. Use a mat and get on all fours. Kick up the left foot to the ceiling at a right angle.

Keep the foot flexed, with the leg still bent. Draw the lower abs into the navel to stop the lower back from arching. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg. You can also do the workout in the bear plank position, lifting both knees off the ground.

Wall sit

Rest the back and arms against a wall. Engage the core with palms facing the floor as you lower yourself until knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat thrice, and progress to 1-leg sitting poses.

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