Top 9 Best Levitating Speaker Brands In 2020

best levitating speaker

In this short article, we feature the best levitating speaker which appears incredibly magnificent, produces great sound performance, and is promoting at an outstanding cost.

All these levitating Bluetooth speakers can float and float magnetically from the atmosphere when enjoying your favorite soundtracks through Bluetooth link, which makes them some of their most unique and fascinating speakers offered on the marketplace.

Not only are these speakers superb eye tricky, but they also make excellent conversation starters and deliver a special addition to your house.

What’s more, a few of those speakers are outfitted with decorative LED lights which make them seem and twist like objects right from a sci-fi film.

If you’re trying to find a sound, well-built and eye-catchy levitating Bluetooth speaker, then we highly recommend those speakers that are also selling at great discounts at the time of writing — so do not forget to check these out!

Reviews Of 9 Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

Reviews Of 9 Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

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Yell from Voguestrap Hoveric Levitating Bluetooth

That can be Yell by Voguestrap Hoveric; a levitating speaker you might anticipate possessing. This speaker has a gorgeous reddish color that appears really cool. It’s constructed with all the magnetic base to generate the speaker keep moving.

This Yell levitating speaker is able to move around for 360 degrees. It seems so amazing during the night or day time. Over that, it’s made using the 4.1 Bluetooth link in addition to 5W wireless that could deliver a fantastic quality of audio.

Besides that, this floating Bluetooth speaker has been also built out using the battery that’s rechargeable using the capability 1000mAh. Furthermore, it’s similarly designed with a small USB for battery charging.

Per the total battery of the levitating speaker, you can listen to songs for at least 5 hours. Last but not least, this speaker requires just 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

ReVolt Levio


  • Among the greatest models to incorporate this layout.
  • Great build quality and adequate stuff.
  • Stylish design and plenty of color themes guarantee you’ll come across a fantastic mix.
  • An adequate battery life that provides 8 hours of usage.


  • Not actually the most inexpensive version on the market.

Levitating Bluetooth speakers are usually similar to one another. In the end, there’s simply a lot of designs that are acceptable for this kind of construct.

ReVolt Levio represents among the most well-known solutions and undoubtedly among the better-implemented models of the sort. For all intents and purposes, it’s the optimal levitating Bluetooth speaker at the moment.

The speaker is a fairly good device that offers 360 degrees surround audio. The grade you’re taking a look at is great considering the special character of those devices.

The battery will last you an 8 hours which makes it quite practical at the top of looking rather cool. This specific version provides you with a black staircase with glowing red LED lighting.

ICE Portable Wireless Floating

The ICE Mobile levitating Bluetooth speaker tops this listing among the finest designed, durable, and arty levitating speaker now offered. The ICE Orb is basically an orbital speaker turning elegantly over a magnetic base, together with the Bluetooth orb speaker drifting in the atmosphere with a 10mm floor clearance.

The magnetic base connects to a power supply to provide the power to’levitate’ that the Bluetooth speaker. In addition, it features a built-in NFC function that makes it possible for any tablet or smartphone computer with NFC functions to match mechanically.

The orbital speaker includes a distinctive sound manual cone made to boost 3D surround effect and contains speaker ports at a 360-degree orientation allowing to the speaker to perform more audio economically. The ICE Orb also includes a green lighting band running around the speaker, which makes the 7 Arc Star looks incredibly stunning when utilized from the dark.

Aside from the circular layout which delivers equivalent noise in each course, the orbital speaker may also be used with no magnetic foundation as a mobile Bluetooth speaker on the move with 8 hours of playtime to a complete charge, which will be pretty awesome considering that all you have to do is catch the orb and be in your way.

You’ll have the ability to play your songs and soundtracks provided that you’ve got a Bluetooth device attached. The magnetic base includes a interface that protects your speaker orb right so it can play your favorite soundtracks while drifting in the atmosphere. The interface may also be utilized as a charging hub to control your smartphone.

The magnetic base homes 4 green balancing LEDs which help in helping to find the orb floating along with the foundation — you can find the orb to twist and float perfectly by obeying the flickering of the 4 green LED signals. This is pretty helpful to assist you to begin using the levitating Bluetooth speaker setup in almost no time.

The ICE Orb levitating Bluetooth speaker provides quite a good sound that remains distortion-free at the higher amounts, though you should not expect a lot from a speaker of this size. We also discovered that linking this speaker into an iPhone or Android through Bluetooth very simple and easy.

The actual punch the ICE Orb provides is your wow’ factor of getting it spin and float onto your desk. The levitating Bluetooth speaker appears to be an object straight from a sci-fi film, and you’ll surely find many compliments from just displaying this speaker onto your desk out of anybody who sees it.

The magnificent layout, coupled with all the blue/green LED lights, create the ICE Orb only among the very best levitating Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever seen.

Aside from the magnificent levitating look, we believed the ICE Orb speaker has been well designed and thoroughly thought out. The speaker feels durable and doesn’t look cheap in any way, and there was no sign of any painting defect or defect as it came.

The speaker also seems quite cool at night and makes for a wonderful decorative piece in the home, with elaborate LED lights and mesmerizing spinning. The ICE Orb levitating Bluetooth speaker certainly delivers regarding the fun factor and can be among the most beautifully crafted and designed speakers we’ve observed within this class of speakers.

The Verdict? If you’re interested in finding a masterfully designed levitating Bluetooth speaker, then the ICE Orb is unquestionably one of the tops you can locate and is currently available at a nice and very affordable cost.

Does the ICE Orb look exceptionally magnificent and trendy whilst drifting on the magnetic base, it may also serve the double function of a mobile Bluetooth speaker on the move with 8 hours of playtime on a single full charge?

The ICE Orb also provides quite nice and adequate audio with 360 degrees Omni-directional sound, which makes it a perfect levitating Bluetooth speaker for office or home usage. We were amazed at how magnificent these speakers appeared and we highly recommend them.

GIZEE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Here, let’s present to you another levitating speaker which we bring into our listing now. It’s the Levitating Bluetooth speaker. Very similar to the preceding one, this speaker was created using the Bluetooth feature that you’ll be able to listen to the audio from any digital devices.

You may straightly connect to a telephone either Samsung or even iPhone, tablet in addition to your computer. Over that, it’s created with the perfect stuff that could provide you with super clean and Hi-Fi sound.

Furthermore, this is also an eye-catching levitating speaker having a fantastic layout of black color which looks both timeless and contemporary.

Apart from that, it’s made using all the wireless LED lights which may look even nicer in the night time. With this particular model of the speaker in your home or in the bedroom, then it is going to help to boost the decoration.

Mars From Crazybaby


  • A somewhat distinctive layout that delivers something different.
  • Comes complete with a built-in subwoofer unit.
  • Packs an excellent tone for this kind of speaker.
  • Advanced mic makes it a fantastic office tool.


  • Perhaps not the most compact unit on the market.

In an industry entirely saturated with levitating orbs, it’s fairly a refreshing sight to see something such as Mars from Crazybaby. This levitating speaker not just features a different layout but in addition, it brings plenty of amazing features to the table. A number of them are only nonexistent in this specific section of their wireless speaker marketplace today.

The foundation of this speaker houses a bass. That is correct, this really is a levitating speaker using a full-blown subwoofer built into it. The overall audio quality is something different. You’re taking a look at a fantastic saturation throughout the frequency range, which comprises both mids and trebles. In comparison to some other versions on the market, this is a monster.

Hellosy Star Wars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The hellosy Star Wars Death Star is among the best and hottest looking levitating Bluetooth speaker we’ve come across. This magnificent levitating Bluetooth speaker floats in the atmosphere with 10mm floor clearance and plays high excellent audio while attached to a smartphone, tablet or alternative Bluetooth enabled device.

The Death Star spins over the magnetic foundation constantly and glows in the dark, with fine flashing consequences. We’re especially impressed with all the luminous glow of this Death Star as well as the pleasant lights which glow through the elegant edges of this orb, giving it a real space like the look.

The speaker levitates superbly well over the magnetic base and will twist around while enjoying your favorite soundtracks, and it is really a magnificent sight to behold. If you’re interested in finding the most exotic and distinctive levitating Bluetooth speaker, then you can’t fail with hellosy Death Star.

The audio performance of this hellosy Death Star was fairly decent considering its dimensions. We discovered that the audio is quite clear, and songs with instrumental audio different out really nicely with this particular speaker. The noise will not get loud and doesn’t distort at high volumes, which can be very excellent.

The bass response with this speaker has been fair, but nothing to shout home about. On the other hand, the audio quality felt smooth and very wonderful to hear, and we actually liked the fact that the noise didn’t feel unpleasant or dull in any way. Spinning the hellosy Death Star while listening to it play audio made it a rather an enjoyable encounter.

Even though the exterior of this speaker is constructed from vinyl and published on, it seems just as cool out of close-up and particularly when the illuminating LED lights have been turned on.

We were pretty blown away by how magnificent that this levitating Bluetooth speaker appeared from every angle — the capability to twist the hellosy Death Star made it additionally an unbelievable experience and how it levitates over the magnetic foundation made it feel much more realistic.

The visual effects of the speaker made it really among the very memorable and unique levitating Bluetooth speaker we’ve come around on this listing.

The Death Star levitating Bluetooth speaker has the extra benefit of two USB charging interfaces so you can actually control your cellphone when listening to the audio, which is a fairly neat purpose.

Additionally, you may even make calls using this particular speaker via your mobile device. To acquire the Death Star to levitate within the magnetic base, just cut the speaker onto both hands and set it on top of the middle of the foundation — that way it is simple to discover the levitating place with no orb adhere to the surface of the magnetic base.

We discovered that although the practice is required to find the Death Star to successfully levitate within the foundation, it becomes simpler with more training, and only seeing this unbelievable Death Star levitate makes the effort worthwhile.

The Verdict? The hellosy Death Star levitating Bluetooth speaker is among the most exceptional and unique appearing speakers with have encounter with amazing glowing lights and excellent visual effects.

The audio quality of this Death Star is great and we actually enjoyed listening to audio whilst viewing the mesmerizing Death Star spins on its magnetic base.

Though the outside material is constructed from light plastic, the speaker still seems visually magnificent and we received lots of compliments from just exhibiting this speaker around the table together with all the LED lights turned on.

If you’re seeking an amazing levitating Bluetooth speaker which can blow you away with its unbelievable layout and breathtaking visual effects, the hellosy Death Star levitating Bluetooth speaker will be the one to get.

LG Electronics PJ9B ZeroG Levitating Speaker

Haven’t any idea for what item you need to purchase for your buddy or your buddy’s birthday? So here, we have got you a notion. Gift them this LG Electronics OJ9B ZeroG Levitating speaker. Certainly, they’ll love it. What’s unique about this flying speaker is its own mobile Bluetooth speaker design, that’s created for readily transfer. It takes up just a little space to shop if you happen to would like to package it together with your journey.

Furthermore, it’s made out of the new invention with the magnetic characteristic to maintain the speaker going around like a magical ball.

Over that, you’ll find it even more comfortable to use as it includes a wireless charger. Regardless, it takes just 4 hours to find a complete battery back, and also the battery is of an excellent quality that may be utilized for more than decades-long.

Satefello Magnetic Floating Mobile Wireless Speaker


  • A fairly refreshing spin on a traditional design.
  • Includes a good driver.
  • Features RGB lighting on both the world and the foundation.
  • Adequate battery life and fast charging period.


  • The built-in mic is not the very best.

Even though it isn’t exceptional in its general layout, Satefello Magnetic Floating Mobile Wireless Speaker does provide a refreshing take on the established’floating world’ aesthetic that’s saturating the marketplace nowadays.

The smallest of opportunities are sufficient to set it apart from the competition. Due to that, it is among the greatest models you’ll be able to catch.

At its core, it’s a fairly straightforward layout. You’ve got your sphere speaker plus a fairly standard foundation. Satefello went with lots of LEDs that are really RGB. From a performance perspective, it’s an excellent little speaker using rather good audio and output. It is a fantastic option for outside use, though it lacks protection.

B4M ORB Dark Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The B4M Orb Dark levitating Bluetooth speaker is a really trendy levitating speaker which provides very good sound functionality and stunning design. The floating orb speaker includes a particular sound manual cone made to boost 3d surround effect and can twist while levitating over the magnetic base.

The Bluetooth speaker floats in the atmosphere with 10mm floor clearance and seems very exotic from just about any angle. Additionally, it will come with a built-in NFC function that makes it possible for any tablet or smartphone computer with NFC functions to match mechanically.

All in all, the B4M is a slick, well designed levitating Bluetooth speaker which delivers high excellent music with a pleasant hovering effect.

We’re impressed with the audio quality of this B4M Orb levitating Bluetooth speaker. When it won’t deliver significant duty sound functionality, it seems much better than anticipated with sharp mids and highs. The bass is adequate but does not expect much out of a speaker of this size.

The excellent thing about the B4M is the fact that it has pretty loud and will fill a room with noise readily, and the noise doesn’t distort even at high volumes.

The speaker spins while enjoying your favorite music that makes it even more of an enjoyable listening to and also a visually stunning experience. The B4M also will come with a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh battery that provides around 8 hours of continuous playback, which is actually great for a mobile Bluetooth speaker of the size.

The B4M Orb is quite well designed and features a USB cable, that you may use to charge your smartphone up a tablet and other gadgets. While it takes a few attempts to find the speaker orb to levitate, the directions are well written and easy to comprehend and we managed to find the speaker to float inside a couple of minutes.

The Bluetooth range is also a great 10 meters using NFC support, along with the 5W speaker includes a fantastic frequency assortment of 40hz — 20KHz. The magnetic base has four reddish stabilizing lights that seem pretty cool and aesthetically magnificent in the night and makes enjoying music with these speakers enjoyable and entertaining.

It is also possible to control the speaker orb while it hovers over the magnetic foundation or utilizes it as a standalone Bluetooth speaker with no foundation, which can be pretty awesome.

The Verdict? The B4M Orb levitating Bluetooth speaker is a real attention grabber with its stunning levitating orb speaker and red LED lights and provides very good sound quality for a speaker of this size. The B4M looks like something directly from a sci-fiction film and we were mesmerized by the unbelievable layout, audio performance, and the capability for its speaker orb to twist while levitating.

We also enjoyed the fact that the speaker includes incorporated NFC Bluetooth pairing work and using a 1500mAh battery to get a good 8 hours of playtime.

The magnetic base also has a USB port, that’s suitable to control your other apparatus while listening to audio. All in all, the B4M Orb is a strong levitating Bluetooth speaker that get lots of things directly, and we highly recommend them.


How Can the Best Levitating Speaker Work?

In the event that you should demonstrate a levitating Bluetooth speaker to a person only half a century before, it’d probably look like distance magical to them. Fortunately for us, nowadays we completely know the heart of magnetic levitation. That’s what almost all of these speakers utilize. That is to say, you will find two very powerful magnets at both the foundation and the floating section of the installation.

To be able to have the speaker to levitate over the foundation, you have to locate its magnetic equilibrium. Quite often, this is not as simple as it sounds.

Some speakers include vinyl templates that can perfectly align with the speaker on the bottom, but occasionally you do not receive any help in any way. In any event, the idea behind levitating speakers is fairly simple physics that’s been proven to us for quite a while.

Why Buy A Floating Bluetooth Speaker?

Among the most often asked questions is why bother with levitating speakers? In the end, there are far better speakers available concerning functionality. Here is the deal. Some people place an emphasis on audio quality, whilst everything else is secondary at best. That said, there are loads of individuals who’d enjoy their speakers to have quality too.

The levitating speakers essentially offer both in an easy yet powerful bundle. You receive a strong enough functionality were listening to songs is definitely fun but you also receive a cool conversation piece to have in your desk.

On this note, the majority of the orbs today levitating speakers can act as standalone mobile speakers. This makes them ideal for outdoor usage. As soon as you return home, all you need to do is put the speaker orb back to the bottom and you’re set.


Insert additional entertainment to your life with these top 9 Finest levitating speakers in 2020 which we simply introduced to you previously. They’re well-made floating speakers which have the appearance and the excellent quality. We’re confident that you will appreciate them. Thus, get your favorite version today or you may regret later.


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