Top 11 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100 Dollars

best mechanical keyboard under 100

Our top 11 picks will be covered by this listing if you are needing the very best mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars. You and you can get good keyboards and a membrane keyboards which perform as well, respectively.

PC gaming is like any other hobby or pastime, you will need the gear to get things done. You won’t enjoy your gaming experience, without getting the computer keyboard potential.

In this informative article, we are likely to be taking a look at the best 5 gambling certain keyboards at the 50 -$100 range, the vast majority of that will be mechanical. This cost range is the ideal match for anybody if you are simply getting into PC gaming, because Pentium two was fresh, or you have been at it.

It ought to be evident that spending does not necessarily get you something greater! There are loads of keyboards for below $100 and you are going to visit 11 of these.

Reviews Top 11 Greatest Gaming Keyboards Under $100

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CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards may get loud. If you’re searching for a gaming console that is silent, the Corsair K55 might be up your street. It utilizes a membrane framework to decrease the clatter of keys, but it otherwise shares a number of the layout features and sensibilities which you would find in much more expensive Corsair keyboards.

This is a gaming computer keyboard that is silent, and the quantity of immunity is balanced and catered to the requirements of players. Of the keys are nicely spaced to avoid fingers and RGB lighting could be configured over three zones.

And as this is a Corsair, you get access to their CUE program that is incredible. This permits you to configure complicated macros and RGB settings, but there is also a handy and simple to use macro recording button built into the surface of the computer. There is A wrist rest included.

Key Features

  • Offers 6 macro keys that are committed
  • Divide with 10 presets, between 3 zones
  • Multi-key anti-ghosting ensures precision when pressing buttons
  • USB 2.0 passthrough Provides you more connectivity Choices

Obinslab Anne Pro 2

If you’re searching to have more room for your mouse the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a wonderful option. Its applications do not provide cloud sync such as the SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, but it has a 60% compact computer keyboard which has an outstanding build quality and has all of the gaming features you require.

It’s full RGB backlighting using individually-lit keys, so it is possible to place each key into a macro, and it is offered in many different switches, which means it’s possible to find the one that you like.

It does not have some other settings or wrist rest, but it links up to four devices simultaneously via Bluetooth.

If you’re searching for the most effective mechanical gaming computer under $100, the SteelSeries is an superb option, but if you would like something bigger, you can not fail with all the Obinslab.

Logitech G413 Carbon

On Logitech’s lower-end models like the G413 gaming keyboard, the organization will not cheap out on build parts and quality. It employs exactly the identical Romer-G Tactile switches located on its feature-filled versions and has the exact same slender, easy, and durable keyboard design with brushed aluminum-magnesium metal top case.

It’s a braided cable using a passthrough port on stations and the right beneath for headphones and mouse cable direction.

The switch is silent with no click when triggered an actuation and a bulge. If you like to listen to and feel that your keypresses, this probably is not the option for you.

There is only 1 color for your backlight — red — however, the backlighting is bright and the font on this full-size computer keyboard is simple to read. Logitech contains but we did not feel much difference.

The G413 is programmable with Logitech’s G Hub applications, allowing you to install macros and custom works on the F1-F12 buttons and there is a sport mode that shuts off the Windows key.

It’s a polished gambling computer keyboard compared to others, but it more pricey.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate

If you are a lover of Razer products, and you need a mechanical keyboard, the BlackWidow Ultimate is a superb alternative – or even the Chroma variant if you’re searching for essentially the exact same thing using RGB lighting.

The BlackWidow Ultimate features Razer’s very own proprietary mechanical switches that are predicated on the Cherry MX switches and texture very similar. They are definitely wonderful to sort with and match on thanks to this fantastic amount of responsiveness and just the overall feel of the keys.

There is also an alternative available which comes packed with Cherry MX Blue switches, however, it is a bit more expensive than the Ultimate version with Razer’s switches.

Additionally, it has audio jacks and a USB port. I discovered this fairly useful and ended up with it for my own headset for some time with no noticeable difference in sound quality when compared with my situation’s 3.5millimeter jacks.

I wound up with the Chroma version far over the Ultimate but in all honesty that is the only difference for the price. They carry out the same and feel the exact same.

Thus, if you are having a high-quality mechanical computer keyboard with a couple of additional programmable keys for macros, the BlackWidow Ultimate may be precisely what you’re searching for. Then the Blackwidow Chroma is exactly what you want if you like RGB lighting.

The Good

  • Mechanical
  • Very responsive
  • Laser engraved keys
  • Braided cable
  • Reactive
  • USB + audio jacks (requires extra links )
  • 5 extra programmable keys

The Bad

  • Heavy for a computer keyboard

Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Keyboard

Redragon’s K552 is a superb place to get started if you’re searching for an LED keyboard that comes in at under $50. This inexpensive keyboard does not include plenty of unnecessary frills, but it is a strong mechanical gaming keyboard that gets the basics right to the money.

The construction is good for carrying three or a hit. The plastic coating that is Under is a metal frame that is good, as well as also the keys are mounted on Cherry Blue identical switches.

This really is a Tenkeyless computer keyboard, which means you will not be using it to your accounting functions, but that lets the K552 to become more compact in size.

The LED light is functional but minimal, consisting only of red backlighting that could have the dimness adjusted. The ability to swap the WASD and arrow keys makes it a fantastic selection for left-handed players.

Key Features

  • The frame is durable, made and splash-proof
  • Six backlight brightness settings with the maximum being quite powerful
  • Keys are mounted for a budget-priced computer keyboard
  • 87 keys keys

SteelSeries Apex 3

If you are not fond of mechanical switches and prefer the sense of membrane keyboards, the very best non-mechanical gaming computer under $100 we have reviewed thus far is your SteelSeries Apex 3.

Its rubberized dome switches have an obvious bulge until its actuation stage, which can be very deeper than mechanical switches.

Each key is macro-programmable and because the keyboard can be used with all the SteelSeries Engine applications, you could even control its zone RGB lighting. This may not be as customizable as a product with individually-lit keys, however, if you’re trying to find a smooth rainbow impact, it may still get it done.

Additionally, it includes a wonderful wrist rest that is quite much like higher-end products in exactly the exact same lineup, such as the SteelSeries Apex Pro. Furthermore, its full-size computer keyboard layout has dedicated media keys, which can be great to listen to audio and bypass tracks quickly once you are in the midst of a game.

On the downside, because this one does not have committed macro keys MMO gamers may want to appear elsewhere for a gaming computer keyboard.

Additionally, there’s no onboard memory, which means that you won’t have the ability to store unique profiles right on the board, however, this should not matter in the event that you consistently use the computer keyboard on precisely the exact same computer. This is among the greatest gaming keyboards under $100 if you want the softness of switches.

Aukey KM-G6

Aukey makes everything out of chargers and electricity banks to ashrams and yes, funding gaming keyboards. The 40 G6 mechanical gaming computer keyboard utilizes Outemu Blue mechanical important switches which are clicky and you will have no problem feeling that the actuation stage as you proceed throughout your keystrokes.

They’re also loud, so if you are studying or gambling at a shared area be ready for some side-eye. The keycaps are. Unless you are really accurate or possess slender palms (I do not ) you will probably need time to correct.

The computer keyboard is short on features — you won’t find any macro keys — and there is no software to install to get programmable buttons. In terms of lighting, you are confined to one color per row, however, you will find nine lighting styles and two custom lighting effects can be created by you.

That is really it, however, so if you are just searching for a budget mechanical computer keyboard with lights, press shortcut keys along with a number pad, then this hits the area.

See Also:

Rosewill RK9000V2

The Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is pretty simple as much as RGB light and additional macro keys proceed, but it will use Cherry MX mechanical switches (your pick from 4 styles) plus a simple form in which we are used to.

It’s a keyboard that has been built with gambling in mind. You are able to disable the Windows key straight from the computer keyboard, it’s an insane rollover limitation, laser published keys, and the chassis is made of metal – to defy anger sessions. As I mentioned, built with gambling in mind.

There are a couple of choices that are similar into also the SteelSeries 6Gv2 the CM Storm QuickFire along with the RK9000v2. Both are alternative options and provide choices and reduced price-points.

All-in-all, your choice of Brown Blue, Black or Red Cherry MX switches, performance and the metallic framework make the Rosewill RK-9000V2 a computer keyboard to consider. You may need to consider that a Cherry MX Switch Tester so you can choose which ones you.

The Good

  • Cherry MX mechanical switches (black, blue, brown or red)
  • Robust, high-set keys
  • Comfortable to kind on

The Bad

  • Not backlit

Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard

Alienware is known for two things: producing a number of the very best high-end gaming rigs offered and giving a clear and uniquely sci-fi layout to everyone their products.

The AW768 ditches the high-end cost. The quality of the light here’s making this, although a standout attribute. Their existence on a computer keyboard that is 75 is something worth crowing about. Are only icing on the cake.

The layout is as amazing as you would expect in the Alienware product. It appearance despite being made of plastic and has the heft, but it does not mean it is not a piece of gear. The contours and faces that are important evoke the expression of a Utopian spaceship control console.

Key Features

  • Offers 15 macros and operate keys incomplete
  • Uses some of the top switches in the Business Enterprise
  • The design seems without being brassy, imposing
  • Could be adjusted to match three angles

Havit HV KB-390L

The Havit HV KB-390L is a gaming computer keyboard which comes equipped it utilizes Kailh Blue mechanical and also features complete 87-key NRKO for precision.

If it comes down to mechanical computer keyboard, Cherry MX is generally considered to be the most”standard”. However, Kailh is just another firm that makes. Havit’s KB-390L features a”clicky” gloomy switch that will provide you the perceptible sound you may be searching for, like Cherry MX Blue.

1 bonus with all the KB-390L is how compact and thin it is. At under and 520g an inch thick, this board will fit anywhere. Nevertheless, to be as streamlined as possible, the KB-390L doesn’t have a Numpad.

All-in-all, Havit’s HV KB-390L is a gambling gaming keyboard using a price. No, the buttons are not Cherry MX, however, they mechanical and I bet you would have a hard time.

The Good

  • Mechanical switches (blue)
  • Complete NRKO
  • Laser engraved keys
  • LED Backlighting (Ice Blue)
  • Extremely compact and light

The Bad

  • No Numpad (not a con if you don’t want it)

Cooler Master CK530 Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master is famous for their PC options, and while it is not strange to see computer makers branching out into new areas, it’s surprising to observe the keyboard excel of the company in addition to the CK530 does. That design makes it perfect, although this aluminum gaming keyboard can include a few of keys.

For the interest of keeping costs low, Cooler Master will create a few sacrifices. As opposed to using the Cherry MX keys that are golden, the CK530 uses buttons that are Gateron. It is a downgrade but one which players will not discover that apparent.

Numerous customization options are offered for the RGB lighting along with the macros, plus they are managed through Cooler MasterCooler Master portal applications that are respectable.

Key Features

  • RGB and macros may be corrected without the requirement for applications
  • Switches can last up of 50 million keystrokes
  • Software is versatile, breezy, and easy to use
  • A design that fits with any notebook

The Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100 Buyer’s Guide

The Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100 Buyer's Guide

Do You Want a Wireless Keyboard?

You probably noticed there are not some gambling keyboards on our listing. We opted to exclude them out of our testimonials, although it was a challenging choice to make.

The first is pricing. The gaming keyboards can be costly, and wireless may add the total and a dollar amount.

Keeping things is a challenging undertaking, and such as wireless versions could need us to promote keyboards by simply stripping out ergonomic performance keys, or RGB and macro configurations which made sacrifices everywhere. We decided that the ease of wireless did not reevaluate these criteria.

And because our focus continues to be on players, we had to consider the input that comes from keyboards. The wireless versions will experience some level of delay between as soon as your PC enrolled it and when you strike a key.

At a high-intensity multiplayer experience, the tiniest delay may mean the difference between a loss and a win. Because of this, we determined that responsiveness was much more important.

You can take a look at our guide if you are dead set for a gaming computer keyboard.

Mechanical v. Membrane Keyboards

Nearly all the versions on our listing consist of gambling keyboards. There is grounds behind it. Truth is important for players. You have to understand your button press was enrolled, along with the bodily buttons that keyboards utilize to make sure.

Conventional membrane switches are often more mushy and responsive, and they do not have the feedback you would see in a choice. They offer you a degree of durability compared to their options. You would like to keep a lookout for the switches or Cherry versions if you’d like a fantastic computer keyboard. Both are comparable.

Nevertheless, you do require a computer keyboard for gaming. These keys can be noisy, and configurations don’t give ergonomic support type you would see in membrane-based versions.

If you are one player gamer, then an MMO participant, or a person for whom reply and accuracy aren’t a priority, then a keyboard might in fact be preferable for you. But if you are serious about drama, mechanical is the thing to do.

Considering Your Setup

A gaming keyboard that is fantastic is about providing you. It is also about looking cool while doing this. Gambling keyboards include some degree of RGB backlighting and the models that are very best enable you to personalize your backlighting mixes.

If aesthetics are a huge deal to you, you need to consider obtaining a gaming mouse and keyboard which are produced by exactly the manufacturer.

Not only will this enable you to utilize one software platform to perform all your settings, but brands enable their accessories to boot in several ways that are innovative that are different. Especially good with this kind of ecosystem is Razer.

Their products perform but they could also work in conjunction plus they have established relationships with more than 30 producers to make lighting configurations.


You can get a keyboard which you may use for browsing and typing, without seeming like too much of a nerd, or which you could game on.

For the correct individual, these keyboards all are excellent, In the Razer DeathStalker Expert into the Logitech G610 Orion. It is only a matter of choice on the one that suits one of the most since they are all high-quality keyboards using their very own pros and cons.

If you need Cherry MX switches, then I would suggest checking out among those honorable mentions, the Logitech G610, or even the Rosewill RK9000V2 under. Have a look at my top 5 gambling keyboards if you would like to see more.

Bear in mind that you need more than only a PC and keyboard. Be certain that you receive a gaming mouse too to improve your experience.


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