Top 13 Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker Brands In 2020

best mini bluetooth speaker

Small, mobile and fits easily in the bag, it is possible to travel with the best mini Bluetooth speaker, large enough to pump out of your favorite jam for you personally. We have a look at the best little speakers to people who absolutely cannot leave with their groove.

It doesn’t end there, not only are you able to enjoy your music, but you also can connect it to your notebook, tablet computer or smartphone to see a film, catch up on your TV display, play games or even just to get a far better hands-free speaker telephone encounter.

These busy speakers produce very good excellent audio, better than what you want out of the notebook, tablet computer, or smartphone speaker. It’s capable of forcing a complete assortment of noise from the low to high selection but given its size, it might struggle at large volume.

Do not expect it to pump out strong and beating bass or become loud enough to fill the whole room. This is much more like functionality for one or 2 in the most. Definitely, not to get a celebration or area full of people. Although, having said that some speakers have pairing capacities like the Cambridge Audio G2 Mini and Ultimate Ears Boom. In case you’ve got two of them, you can join them together for double the audio.

Reviews Top 13 Best Mini Portable Wireless Speakers

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Polk Bit Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Polk Bit Mini Bluetooth Speaker is bonkers. At only 1 OUNCE (yeah you read that right) this ultra-lightweight Bluetooth speaker is not just built for traveling –it is great for this. This item is so lightweight you can clip it to your bag, as well as your top, and shake out on a jog, a bicycle ride, skating around town, or any place else.

The Dice includes a built-in mic so it is possible to connect and utilize it like a speakerphone or voice control (awesome) while you push or simply to have a conference telephone or a Skype phone with your editor as you’re in a noisy location. The only drawbacks are the Brief battery life (3 hours) and it is sweatproof, but maybe not technically

waterproof. However, for the price, the portability, and the features, you can not get angry at this beaut of a traveling Bluetooth speaker.

The tactile quantity switches for changing the quantity are good, so I do not need to dig my phone from my pocket when I am biking. Along with the easy immediate USB charging means that you do not need to bring another charging or cable interface. Simply plug it in your personal computer or USB charger, and you are ready to go. Nuff said.

JBL Clip 3

Does this totally waterproof Bluetooth speaker (IPX7) have improved battery life and better audio than the Clip two, but it is stronger, based on JBL, as a result of the integrated carabiner framing the whole perimeter of this speaker, behaving as a breeze.

It’s a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, which lasts up to five hours on a single charge, and is among the greatest speakers because of its small size. It sells for $60.

X-Mini KAI Bluetooth Speaker

For among the greatest miniature Bluetooth speakers, you are able to take a look at the X-Mini KAI. In addition, the speakers packaged using a 40mm driver to the ideal sound. Moreover, you get as many as eight hours of battery power before it needs a charge.

Not only that but it includes a built-in microphone to get hands-free calls. For wireless music streaming, it’s packed with the latest technology and will join it to other KAI speakers. Thus, to look at the wonderful cost click here today.

Anker Soundcore two

The Anker Soundcore two is thicker than the Polk lineup of speakers, but definitely a traveling Bluetooth speaker in 12 oz. If you are a heavy speaker, the additional weight is worth it to your battery life. It packs a 24-hour playtime (that will be far better than the competition) and features all of the high-end extras you would expect from a more expensive Bluetooth speaker.

Having a Bluetooth assortment of 66ft, it is IPX5 water-resistant (IPX4 is “water-resistant”) and features a mic so that you may make bizarre poolside conference calls in the event that you would like. Oh, and also the audio quality kicks butt. Anker makes great equipment (I’ve their travel battery charger) This budget-friendly travel Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight champ.

Tribit MaxSound Plus

The Tribit MaxSound Plus ($56) is approximately 30% larger than its sibling XSound Move and costs about $25 more, but it performs considerably better and is among the finest sounding speakers at its size and price category. It’s a long-lasting rechargeable battery and superior audio quality.

Etekcity RoverBeats Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For the very best sound performance and compact design, the Etekcity RoverBeats stands out to get all of the appropriate factors. Additionally, the speaker gets the most current CSR 4.0 Bluetooth chipset using 3-watt rated electricity. Additionally, there’s a built-in mic for getting calls and contains a 33-feet array with 8-hour battery usage. Additionally, you can join it into non-Bluetooth devices employing the 3.5millimeter audio jack. Surely, you may enjoy a rich bass without static disturbance.

Fugoo Go

The Fugoo lineup of traveling Bluetooth speakers is raising the bar to get superior construction and audio. Really. This miniature speaker will be the smallest in their own lineup of speakers, but it does not make lots of compromises to fit the small 1 pound bundle.

This miniature speaker includes 360° audio, an IP67 waterproof rating, also it is sand, snow, and shockproof. The attached mounting cable enables you to hang it in your backpack or tie it on your handlebars. And the battery lasts for 10 hours.

If you are worried about breaking it, then you can beef it up using a multi-mount ($10) a traveling cone bracket ($10), or a complete on bracket package ($19) to strap it to a bicycle or anything else that goes. Though I think that it works well as is.

JBL Flip 5

JBL’s Flip 5 ($100) is marginally larger than the Flip 4, with improved audio sound using a bit more bass. It’s an IPX7 waterproof certification, so it may be submerged in a tub of water for up to half an hour and endure. Tribit’s StormBox is roughly $30 less and performs loudly, but I enjoy the tonal balance of this Flip 5 greater. Its rechargeable battery employs USB-C charging, which will be better for future-proofing.

Sony SRSX11

Together with the Sony SRSX11, you get a fantastic sound using the 10-watt electronic amplification. Within the block, you’ve got double passive radiators to supply you with the very best sound. Additionally, you receive Bluetooth streaming also it supports SBC. You receive up to 12-hours battery usage and you can control it via USB input also. Together with the added silicon strap, then you are able to carry the miniature Bluetooth speaker with you.

Sony SRS-XB01

The Sony XB01 is a splashproof miniature wireless speaker (Editor’s note: which does not mean that it is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Do not take this one at the shower or whatever ), is offered in a number of colors — and it provides great sound for its price (it lists for $35 but has been frequently discounted to less than $25 and occasionally less than $20.).

Kunodi Wireless Portable Travel Speaker

As indicated in the product title, this version of this Kunodi radio speaker is acceptable for traveling. In the end, its look boasts a striking and user-friendly layout. In its own making, there’s using aluminum metal carabiner permitting the user to conveniently hang it and attach it everywhere.

Sony SRS-XB12

This past year, Sony made some tiny improvements to its small canister-style speaker, among the smallest in its own Xtra Bassline. The SRS-XB12 lays out the amazingly large and fantastic sound for its size and boasts 16 hours of battery life, in addition to IP67 waterproof and dustproof score (in case you accidentally drop it into water it floats).

It’s possible to add a different speaker to acquire stereo audio. While it lists for $50, it normally costs less than $40. Offered in multiple color choices.

MIFA F10 Mobile Speaker With Increased 3D Stereo Bass Sound

The Bluetooth Speaker, MIFA F10 provides you not only give you impressive audio but also a loud one. Furthermore, using a very long lifetime of around ten hours, you’re all set. In addition, it features a Class-G dual charge pump sound power amplifier in addition to a DSP 3D processor. Additionally, the speaker features IP56 Dust-proof in Addition to a Water-resistant material.

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Considerations when choosing the best mini Bluetooth speaker

Size and weight

Mini Bluetooth speakers can be found in an assortment of sizes and weights to fit your portability requirements. The smallest ones are a mere two or three-ounce, whereas bigger ones weigh around four lbs. Remember that dimensions can impact sound quality, particularly in those with smaller or single speakers.

Bluetooth Selection

Normally, miniature Bluetooth speakers possess a linked assortment of 20 to 100 feet. This can be important if you would like to set this up within an open area, like in a campsite, or in the event that you’d like to put it together with neighboring devices within reach.

Battery life

Most versions will continue between 2 and 10 hours, even though premium versions have a strong battery life of nearly 24 hours. Remember the battery lifetime of miniature Bluetooth speakers, like other electronic equipment, can be impacted by a range of factors, for example, charge grade or continuous play.

Audio quality

Smaller speakers may have a propensity to distort audio quality in louder volumes, therefore it is well worth comparing specs to discover a miniature Bluetooth speaker with features to produce the very best sound. It is a fantastic idea to spend in people with greater wattage, since they may exude more decibels. Speakers using a greater frequency range and reduced impedance will even have radically better audio quality.


Device pairing

Select mini Bluetooth speakers that may be paired with several devices. Even though it may not be an important attribute if your speaker is much more for private use, if you want to join several speakers to make an enviable audio system, it is nothing short of a must-have.

Voice commands

Some miniature Bluetooth speakers react to voice commands, which makes it simple to change songs or adjust preferences. It is a wonderful feature if your hands are dirty or busy, like if you are working outside or cooking.

Mini Bluetooth speakers using built-in fans, like Google Assistant, have grown in popularity. Along with listening to the audio, you’re going to be able to get programs, look up info, or place timers.


Mini Bluetooth speakers are often designed to deal with rough usage and outside problems. Many are waterproof or water-resistant to be used poolside or in the shore. Additionally, there are dust-resistant speakers, that are fantastic for camping, in addition to shock-resistant ones, usually utilized by bikers or walkers.


Mini Bluetooth speakers priced between $30 and $75 frequently have 12 hours or more of playtime and a few expanded functionality. Speakers nearer to $125 frequently have built-in assistants. If you would like the superior sound quality and also voice-command features, be ready to invest $125 and up.


Q. Are smartphones and tablets compatible with miniature Bluetooth speakers?

A. While many are, there are a number of outliers, including old devices or people with the obsolete software. Before purchasing, make certain to inspect the speaker compatibility requirements to ensure that your telephones and tablet computers will work with this.

Q. How many devices do I set with my miniature Bluetooth speakers?

A. It is dependent upon the model. Many speakers, such as the ones made by JBL, may be paired together with as many as 100 apparatus. Other speakers are somewhat more restricted so that they could simply be paired with three or two at one time.


The miniature Bluetooth speakers provided over give the best option for Bluetooth speakers for use if, in the home, workplace as well while outside. Besides top-quality audio, the speakers comprise the ideal loudness so acceptable for use even with buddies. Furthermore, each one of those devices is distinctively designed to provide durability in addition to elegance to the consumer.

In addition, you’ll never go wrong with one or more one of these miniature Bluetooth speakers.

What’s more, with a few of the very best miniature Bluetooth speakers reviewed, you receive a fantastic companion to take with you everywhere. Surely, you’re guaranteed to discover a color and size which fits in with your budget.

Each brand here provides you with a more durable and compact design with excellent sound to liven up any room or party.


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