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pool shocks

The summer season is right here and the temperatures are sure to soar higher and higher. Nothing is more adequate to beat the heat than a nice and comfy pool party. The main issue regarding the swimming sprees and parties is the cleanliness. For the same reason, we have brought to you the top 10 pool shocks.

Using them, it is easy to boost the chlorine quotient of water quite easily. The list provides you with liquid, granulated, as well as powder variants so that you can go with what suits you the most. All of them are unique in their unique ways and help you maintain regular cleanliness easily and efficiently.

1. 4-in-1 Swimming Pool Shock Treatment by Pool Essentials

4 in 1 pool shocks

This one is famous for its high performance. For cloudy water, it is the best solution. Besides, it also removes sweat, body oils, microorganisms, and other contaminants. To ensure that the water is safe, it has special antibacterial properties. It is much recommended for weekly cleaning of pools. The usage is simple and the efficiency is sure to impress you. Performance is flawless irrespective of usage, rainy season, or soaring temperatures.


  • Suits all pool types and can be used in any kind of weather
  • Remove contaminants and reduced cloudiness
  • Easy usage and relatively convenient
  • Speedy action and dissolution

2.XtraBlue Powder Swimming Pool Shock by Clorox

The pool shocks by hygiene giant Clorox is extremely simple and helpful to utilize. You can just open and empty the powder into the pool for it to take care of its work. This pool shock accompanies a 6-in-1 formulation that offers multifunctional execution to keep your pool clean to swim in. It executes and forestalls all sorts of green growth just as microorganisms like bacteria. etc from your pool. Alongside that, it additionally makes sure that your water is understood and perfect as it improves the channel execution. It breaks down quickly, and it is quick in action too. Hope this reliable option can suffice all your needs.


  • Kills and prevents algae
  • Dissolves faster than others
  • Sleek and handy design
  • End results are crystal clear

3.4-in-1 Swimming Pool Shock Treatment by HCH

super pool shocks

The HTH Super Shock Treatment with triple-action technology is exceptionally successful and helpful to utilize, and it shows results within a day. You can use with a wide range of pools even the ones with saltwater. There are 12 bags for different usage and every one of them is ideal for a 13,500 gallons pool. The twin combination of quality and affordability makes it a good choice.

It is worth trying because the 4-in-1 formulation in this pool shock makes it exceptional. The pool shocks do away with the stubborn green growth of algae and other microscopic organisms in your pool while getting out the pollutants from the water at the same time. Also, it boosts the chlorine levels considerably to guarantee that the water is protected and clear to swim in.


  • Efficient chlorine booster technology
  • Takes 24 hours to yield flawless results
  • It is suitable for vinyl-lined pools as well
  • Speedy dissolution and high clarity in the water

4. Pool & Spa Chlorinating Granules Pool Shock

Clorox pool shocks

With the power-packed granules by Clorox, the water is more skin-friendly and better to swim with a completely clean look. It is simply in the manner which you like, and long for. Here we have an incredible and successful pool shock that can accomplish such a great deal to keep your pool clean, reducing algae content to null. It includes a mix of pool shock and sanitizer which keeps all sort of green growth from the pool. It additionally eliminates microscopic organisms while improving the overall filtering of the pool too. Another incredible thing is that this pool shock diminishes the irritating chlorine smell also a boon for your delicate skin and eyes.


  • Simple and handy to use
  • No more unpleasant chlorine odor
  • Reduced skin and eye irritation
  • Efficient filtering mechanism

5. Powerful Chlorine Pool Shock Set by In The Swim

In The Swim has a solution for all your pool problems. The visible changes just by a single-use are sure to impress you. This pool shock arrives in a set that incorporates 24 packs, and they weigh one pound each. One bag of this pool shock is ideal for 10,000 gallons of water. The usage is also relatively easy. This is extraordinary compared to other pool shocks as it is cost-worthy and high in efficiency. A lot of pool owners praise it.

The quality is also high. The outstanding feature about this pool shock is that it can rapidly rid the whole water of microorganisms, green growth, and other hurtful foreign substances. Swim swiftly without stressing about any other things related to water health and hygiene. Simultaneously, it disinfects quickly which makes it a reliable last-minute savior at times. Even the minutest particles which might lead to annoying cloudiness in water are removed constantly.


  • Clarity and cleanliness at the same time
  • Fights against bacteria, viruses, algae, and others at the same time
  • Powerful like its name
  • Adequate quantity packaging in the form of sachets

6.Pool Shock with Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating by DryTec

The DryTec pool shock is popular for something other than the calcium hypochlorite content – the combo of proficiency and speed. Well, the chlorine content is capped at a whopping 68%. Around 10,000 gallons of water can be easily cleared just by the use of one pound of pool shock. It is ideal for a weekly cleaning routine, and it also guarantees the safe nature of the water in your pool. DryTec has done a commendable job by creating this pool shock.

It breaks down in a matter of seconds, making it an extraordinary pool cleaner to have. This pool shock will eliminate microorganisms and wipe out natural foreign substances from your pool. That will leave you with protected and clean water to swim in which is actually what each pool proprietor needs these days. Simultaneously, this pool shock also controls algae growth in the pool to guarantee that it is spotless also.


  • Convenient usage
  • Keeps away algae
  • Speedy formulation
  • Destroys all type of microorganisms

7. 6-in-1 Pool Shock Pack by Clorox

Need a pool shock that helps you clean your spa and pool at the same time? Clorox got you covered. This product with sixfold power is one of the most chosen pool shocks. It is versatile as well as efficient. Not just green, but this one removes other colors quite easily.

Infections can be minimized too as all bacteria, viruses, etc are done away with. This is too essential during these COVID times. The packing is carefully done so that one part can be used completely at once. Even though it comes at a pocket-friendly price, quality has not been compromised at all.


  • Efficient filter
  • Suitable for all types of algae
  • Gives results in just fifteen minutes
  • Dissolves faster than others

8. Calcium Hypochlorite Super Pool Shock by Zapp It

Zappit pool shocks

Zapp It does exactly what it means. Destroys all bad elements giving you just clean water. Since it is granular, dissolution becomes a lot easier and faster. Not a bit goes unused. Be it small particles, dead insects, microorganisms, or algae, nothing will be left.

It precisely clears old as well as new pools in the same way. No more flaws! The bucket storage is highly feasible and the scoop makes it even easier to measure and pour without any errors.


  • Feasible to store due to sealed bucket packaging
  • Powerful formulation dissolves completely
  • Easily removes even the smallest particles
  • Reliable quality product

9. Liquid Pool Shock for All Pool Surfaces

This Aqua Charm product is unique due to its liquid formulation. It clarifies your water and gives it a sparkling look as well. The pH level is well balanced and the odor of chlorine is still negligible. With apt filtering qualities, it kills all kinds of contaminants whether big or small. It only needs 15 minutes to show you its worth. The set includes 5 well-measured packs adequate enough to clean a pool up to 12000 gallons in capacity.


  • Cleans efficiently each time
  • Multipurpose usage for all kinds of pools
  • There is negligible smell of chlorine
  • Keeps pH level adequate and gives a sparkling finish

10. Easy Use Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock by Leisure Pool & Spa

Finally, we have come to the end of this list. This variant is no less than the others. It is in liquid form so you don’t require any stirring or waiting. The usage is also extremely easy. If you wish, a peristaltic metering pump can also be used to transfer contents. For 10,000 gallons of water, the prescribed amount is 52 to 104 ounces of Champion liquid pool shock. As soon as it dissolves, get ready to observe the wonders.

It has high chlorine boosting properties in addition to adequate pH maintenance. Opt for this one if you love to swim in crystal clear water which is free from algae and other undesirable small organisms. Cyanuric acid build-up and scale are negligible. The high-performance alternative will surely help you out.


  • Works well even by using a small quantity
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Highly effective and four times more powerful
  • The liquid base ensures fast cleaning


Hope this list helped you find the most ideal pool shock as per your needs and requirements. The options include a variety of pool shocks so that all types of pools are covered. Nothing is more satisfying than a scintillating clean pool! Pick up the one which you feel might solve all your water hygiene and cleanliness issues.


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