Top 14 Best Speaker For Echo Dot In 2020

best speaker for echo dot

Have you got the best speaker for Echo Dot lying around the home? I have got a couple of! I really like how simple the Echo Dot helps you to listen to audio, hunt for the information, add items to your grocery list, and do much more.

The device’s audio quality is not horrible, but if you would like a better sound experience, you’re going to want to buy speakers that are compatible. You will find hundreds if not tens of thousands available for you to pick from. Listed below are the best picks.

Reviews Of 14 Finest Speaker For Echo Dot

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Sonos One SL

Sonos is famous for its powerful hi-fi speakers, but it gets the dream of possessing them a bit more accessible using the 1 SL. Not only is that the most economical wireless speaker that the provider provides, but in addition, it produces impressive audio quality and looks stylish to boot up.

As it is constructed so compactly, it will not occupy plenty of room in your property. Both the black and the white variant seem great, and that means you’re able to obtain the look you like best.

It features a mid-sized woofer and a tweeter which are powered by their own amplifier. You will find that it matches beautifully with all the Echo Dot along with other Alexa-enabled apparatus so it is possible to control audio by simply providing a voice command.

If you would like, you can buy two of those speakers and place up them in precisely the exact same area to provide a stereo sound experience.

The 1 thing to notice is that wireless connectivity is performed through Wi-Fi; it does not support Bluetooth. Technically, Wi-Fi provides a much better audio experience, but a few may find the absence of link choices for a drawback.

Likewise, you will discover an Ethernet jack on the backside at a better net connection. But, there’s no 3.5mm auxiliary input signal, which some users may find limiting. Last, the Sonos One SL is meant to be a permanent fixture that is plugged in constantly, therefore it does not possess a built-in battery for mobile use.


  • Two-color Choices
  • Compact layout
  • Simple to Use
  • Can join with additional Sonos speakers
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No more 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Not mobile

Sony SRS-XB31

If you can not get enough bass, then have a peek at the Sony SRS-XB31. Sony’s audio gear is well known to get a pulse-pounding spin on the lower end of the audio spectrum.

You’ll certainly get that using this Bluetooth speaker, also. The exceptional Live Sound style is intended to provide a three-dimensional listening encounter with DSP technology.

As soon as it’s a fantastic decision to listen to music at home, the speaker can also be prepared for any celebration. The SRS-XB31 sports a lineup light and flashing strobe lighting to help bring some fun right along with the audio. It is likely to tap on the speaker in various areas to produce a sound just like a snare, kick drum, and just a cowbell.

The dustproof and waterproof speaker may provide up to 24 hours of audio on a single charge. A built-in USB interface also lets you control an alternate device, like a smartphone. There are lots of color choices of this speaker to pick from, too.

UE Wonderboom

About: The UE Wonderboom is the pick for the best speaker to your own Echo Dot.

The major reason we picked it because our number one is its flexibility. It’s possible to place this item anywhere you please. In a living area, in a shower, from the pool… everywhere!

It is IPX7 waterproof rated which means that you may submerge it up to 3.3 ft of water for a half an hourpull it out, and it’ll still work like a champ. That usually means that showers are not any problem.

In case you’ve got multiple Echo Dots installation like me, it is simple to play audio in the toilet whilst getting prepared or cleaning up.


  • Ability To Prove Two Modes To The Dot
  • Rugged Versatility (Waterproof)
  • Cost


  • Not A Ton Of Bass
  • Long Charging Time If Not Plugged In

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OontZ Angle 3

But if you’re searching for something fast and inexpensive, the Oontz Angle 3 is your speaker to get. Despite its small dimensions, it gives decent sound that rivals more costly apparatus. At higher volumes, the bass was proven to fight.

Among the things we enjoy about it’s the range of colors, it comes in. Choose from blue, orange, white, red, and naturally, black to spice up any space. It will last up to 14 hours and operate around 100 feet away in the transmitting apparatus.

So far as construction goes, the center is cased in plastic while the borders are coated with a soft rubber which feels great to the touch.

The 3.5millimeter headset jack and micro USB jack are protected behind a rubber flap. That said, although it’s water-resistant, it is not fully waterproof, so you will want to take care when using it close to a pool or tub. When it comes a time, you can join it to an Echo Dot with Bluetooth or with a cable.


  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Works up to 100 feet off
  • Five color Choices
  • Compact layout
  • Simple to Use
  • Cheap


  • Bass is not the best
  • Is not fully waterproof

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Another significant player in the music arena, Bose packs its own famous technology to the rocky and water-resistant SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II. Weighing just over a pound, a soft-touch silicone covers the outside of the speaker, enabling it to fend off a dab of water close to the pool or pond.

Together with dual conflicting passive radiators, unique technology will help to maintain the vibration to a minimum when you crank up the volume. After linking it to the Echo Dot, the speaker’s built-in battery can provide up to eight hours of audio playback on a single charge. You could even join two of these speakers together to make a stereo set.

When using another device, like a smartphone, voice prompts will talk you through the pairing process. The speaker, that has about a 30-foot range out of any Bluetooth device, can be found in four distinct colors: black, white, teal, red, and white.

Anker Soundcore

Concerning: The SoundCore from Anker has our vote to find the best budget speaker to your Echo Dot.

Although it’s the budget choice, it will have a few special benefits that I will discuss in a little.

But first, let us talk about the noise.

Generally, the audio is adequate. At 6 watts of electricity, it can not compete with all the other speakers on this listing.


  • Cost
  • Great 24hr Battery Life
  • Long Bluetooth Range


  • Budget Speaker = Bass Lacking
  • Must Use Directly To Aux Link For EcEcho Dotse

VERDICT: Overall the sound quality is crisp at reduced and higher amounts. You’ll have the ability to fill smaller chambers with audio, no problem. You can plug it straight into the design for constant use or use it on a unique event.

Nomodo Echo Dot Speaker Dock

If you are concerned about just how cluttered space can seem with an Echo Dot along with a speaker, then you may wish to consider obtaining a speaker dock to unite both.

Nomodo’s speaker functions together with all the 2nd Gen Echo Dot and provides around ten hours of audio listening on a single battery charge. As a consequence, you may take it with you throughout your house or even outdoors.

Unlike lots of the other speakers you’ll find on the current market, this one looks trendy with its cloth covering that it is possible to get in four distinct colors. Choose from Red, Navy Blue, Charcoal, and Grey to match the decor of Your House.

Just like the majority of inexpensive speakers, the audio quality will not be as great as what you would find with a fancier apparatus. But it works well and can improve the Echo Dot’s speaker by quite a bit. It might or might not disturb you, but it is well worth noting the Echo Dot does not put a flush on top of your gadget.

This is done in order to generate the Dot simpler to set and remove from the pier, but it may be unpleasant for a few to look at.

Even though you’re able to control Alexa at any time by stating her name, this dock has to be turned off and on . You will want to be sure to switch it off in the event that you wish to conserve battery power.


  • As much as 10 hours of battery life
  • Four color Choices
  • Mobile


  • Echo Dot does not lay flush
  • Can only turn it off manually

UE Megaboom 3

Another fantastic waterproof and mobile speaker choice to match your Echo Dot is the UE Megaboom 3. As a result of the layout, the speaker may quickly provide 360-degree audio.

To help make the very best sound possible, you may use a customizable EQ which also provides four unique presets. And there is no requirement to use Alexa to restrain audio, either.

The Magic Button along with the speaker lets you play, pause and skip tracks using a touch. When from an Echo Dot, it is possible to customize the option to perform playlists by quite a few different sources such as your own Android smartphone or Apple Music using just a press.

The battery provides up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge. An optional charging dock lets you juice the speaker without having a cable. UE provides many colour choices of this speaker to pick from, also.

GGMM D6 Portable

About: We analyzed a couple of mobile Echo dot speakers, although we hadn’t ever heard of GGMM, it is the one which appeared the best.

The echo dot joins and glued to the peak of the speaker enclosure also operates for about 8 hours before needing a charge.

Bear in mind you will still require a wifi link for your Echo Dot to operate however, the portability factor this is really helpful.


  • Cost
  • Great 24hr Battery Life
  • Long Bluetooth Range


  • Budget Speaker = Bass Lacking
  • Must Use Directly To Aux Link For EcEcho Dotse

VERDICT: Great complete speaker to your Echo Dot.

Cyber Acoustics Portable Speaker

For the ones that have obtained the latest Echo Dot (3rd Gen), then you will want to take a look at this compact portable speaker dock. Its contemporary layout matches the Echo Dot superbly.

The Echo Dot slots directly in on the peak of the speaker, and mercifully, the ring of light around the surface is left visible. In this manner, you are able to know if Alexa has noticed you personally or if it is having some difficulties.

Its small size makes it a fantastic addition to a table or desk, and it is also super mobile. Take it with you everywhere and make the most of this six-hour battery lifetime. A built-in led round the speaker will liven up any get together, as well as the high-efficiency tweeter front and back drivers permit for 360-degree, room-filling sound.


  • Up to six hours of battery life
  • Multi-colored LED for amusement
  • Fees with Echo Dot charging cable
  • Compact size


  • The sound could be louder

JBL Xtreme

Living up to its title, the JBL Xtreme features double external passive radiators to flaunt its own power. The battery can provide up to 15 hours of music playtime on a single charge. And thanks to 2 USB interfaces, you may even control different devices such as a smartphone whilst outside on the move.

Like most other wireless outside speakers, the JBL Xtreme is splashproof to repel rain or clogs. You may even clean it with tap water. An Echo Dot and also two other Bluetooth devices can connect to the speaker in precisely the exact same moment. It is available in blue, black, or reddish.

Harman Kardon Aura

About: This speaker is quite cool looking, and the audio output is simply magnificent.

If you’re interested in finding a more effective speaker to hook up for an Echo Dot, then that is the one to purchase.

Before I proceed, I need to quickly address why there are a lot of negative reviews on Amazon with this particular product.

It is pretty much since Harman Kardon made two distinct versions of the speaker.

One using WiFi connectivity and one without.


  • Unique Cool Exterior
  • Bass Thumping Super Speaker


  • Volume Could Be Too Loud For Echo Dot Upgrades

VERDICT: All in all of the noise will fill the space. It’s excellent highs and room-thumping bass. It doesn’t disappoint. Take note that you may have to turn down this speaker occasionally to your Echo Dot to react to you personally.

Sonos Perform:5

The Sonos Play:5 is expensive, but it also provides superbly deep bass and sharp audio as a result of the 3 mid-woofers and three tweeters it uses. Setting this up along with your Echo Dot is simple, so you’re going to be listening to your favorite tunes via voice commands very quickly. If the audio quality is not sufficient, then there is also a slick design.

Considering what it provides, this speaker is really streamlined and will look great on your shelf or entertainment center. As it is a high-end speaker, it’d be nice if it came with a remote, but it does not. You are going to need to rely upon Alexa or a program to control it in the distance.

One of the nice things about it’s you are able to get it to stand vertically or horizontally to fit in your house. A built-in detector adjusts sound quality so, whichever way the unit is oriented.

You can also set it with the other Play:5 to make stereo audio on your property. On the bottom, you will locate a 3.5millimeter jack so you can plug into a compatible device and listen to audio like that. Although this speaker does not provide Bluetooth, it will provide a high-quality link via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect with other apparatus.


  • Fantastic noise
  • Sounds great
  • Simple installation and pairing
  • Works together with other Sonos speakers
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Expensive
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not come with remote

Marshall Kilburn Portable Speaker

Anyone with a passing knowledge of music probably understands the Marshall title. The organization’s famous amps are used by stone royalty for decades. Along with the organization’s classic styling and audio have made their way to a range of Bluetooth speakers.

Marshall Kilburn imitates the appearance of the traditional amp using a plastic case and gold piping. There is even a removable strap that will assist you to take the speaker whilst on the move. Marshall Kilburn is sold in cream or black.

The brass plate in addition to the speaker features knobs to control and personalize the bass, treble, and volume. You will have the ability to play music for up to 20 hours on a single cost of the speaker’s battery life. Using a 15-watt woofer and 2 5-watt tweeters, the Kilburn delivers well-balanced audio.

The Way to Pick the Best Speaker  For Echo Dot

Speakers 101

Before we enter Echo dot particulars, let us first consider what constitutes a great (or good ) speaker.

Watts – Generally speaking, the greater watts, the greater. A 150-watt speaker such as the Bowers Wilkins Zeppelin will seem FAR superior to the 6 watts Anker Soundcore.

Truly no competition.

Generally speaking, the watt of a speaker steps its loudness. But a decrease quality speaker might begin to distort and decode over 80% quantity, therefore it is irrelevant how many watts it’s. It is going to sound awful.

Many businesses, such as Bose, do not discharge the wattage output of the speakers.

I do not actually believe that they’re hiding anything. They probably feel that the entire number of watts does not tell the entire story. They do not need to influence a purchasing decision on a good sounding, lower wattage speaker.

Tweeter/Woofer Size – it’s a fantasy to think that bigger speakers may sound better than smaller ones.

In fact, they may actually offer a much better noise but what you really need to search for is the decibel measurement and cabinet layout.

There’s a great discussion on this discussion on the subject if you would like to go in-depth but also for our purposes…

Decibels (Db) is the dimension of human hearing. It extends from 0-140 where 0 is no sound and 140 can cause irreversible hearing loss.

To give you an instance, the Bang & Olifson S3 mamaxut in 95 dB, as well as the UE Roll pushes 86 dB.

Exactly enjoy the wattage of a speaker, do not just require the dB score to earn your choice. Some speakers will begin to distort at higher volumes.

360 Audio – 360-degree audio is a more contemporary design that makes a rich, complete sound wherever you set the speaker in the room.

Also called omnidirectional, 360 degree sound techniques distribute sound equally in each direction.

They operate by installing several speaker drivers in a circle or pointing the speaker driver .

Before, for the best sound, you may need to get the”sweet spot” at the area where you’d then set the speaker. If you moved into specific places within the room, it would not seem as great.

Many speakers such as the MegaBoom and the Amazon Echo arisquipped using 360-degree audio.

Auto On-Off – Okay so let us discuss the Echo Dot now.

When picking a speaker to your Dot, there’s 1 susuper-important detail that we have to tackle.

You require a speaker that doesn’t enter the auto-off mode. If it enters auto-off mode then you’ll need to set it every single time that you wish to utilize your echo. This gets dull very fast.

Another thing to remember is that in case you plug in the Dot employing the aux port, then you won’t have the ability to use the Bluetooth functionality.

The Way To PaPre Pairing your Echo Dot is REALLY easy.

All you need to do is say”Alexa (or whatever your wake phrase is) link my speaker” It requires a few moments and then it connects.

When it does not”magically” join, or you would like to use another speaker, then you’ll need to go in the program and put this up manually.

Still a fairly simple process. Just enter the settings and pick the speaker you need in the listing.

Wifi vs. Bluetooth – WiFi speakers are gaining popularity because they give great sound and maybe run via your wireless system.

Regrettably, at the present time, you can not link your Dot straight to some WiFi speaker. There’s a workaround when you’ve got a Sonos.

You are able to buy a Sonos link and plug it in the Dot. This will allow for wireless streaming via WiFi.

The way to Connect To ANY Speaker – For those who do not have a Bluetooth speaker or you only wish to use a house entertainment system or a different arbitrary speaker there are two or three ways.

To begin with, the simplest approach is to receive a 3.5mm dual finished jack and then plug in the Dot right into the best home receiver or speaker when it’s an aux-in port.

Secondly, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter such as the one pictured below.

You simply plug it to the aux jack of your stereo speaker or system, and you are all set. I should note you will have to set it each single time that you need to use it by pressing on the button on the best home receiver.

Perhaps not the cleanest solution but it is going to get the job done.

Third, you can buy a Sonos Connect. This will let you plug in the Echo Dot to the rear of the Sonos device and join not only to Sonos apparatus but also to some speakers which you plug in the rear of the unit.

I will go into more detail concerning the Sonos Link in a Moment.

Last Words – Wrapping It Up

Each the components on this listing are a definite upgrade to the wimpy speaker which comes stock with the Echo Dot.

The UE Wonderboom makes our vote because it’s the highest audio quality (the $700 B&W Zeppelin possesses that name ), it is because… The price is right, and you’re able to join two speakers to the Dot, it is waterproof so that you may utilize one at the shower and it is also ultra-portable.


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