Top 16 Best Subwoofer Under 1000 Dollars

best subwoofer under 1000

In other words, a subwoofer is a speaker made to perform low frequencies, generally from the 20 to the 200-hertz range, giving listeners with cleaner, more large scale basis.

For films, a subwoofer puts the energy into a gunfight, rumble into a spaceship, or that eery”you know that it’s coming, but you do not know where or when it is coming from” ambiance the substance which makes your hair stand up onto the back of your neck at the top killer-thrillers or sci-fi films.

Musically, a subwoofer adds a number of these finer elements in orchestral scores and pop and rock music your so-called”full-range” primary speakers do not go since it doesn’t return to 20 hertz or around 20,000 hertz. It elevates the punch at a kick drum, the deep resonant tone at a cello, along with the pleasing extension of an acoustic or electric guitar. A fantastic subwoofer will also show layers of noise that a normal loudspeaker is just not equipped to manage.

The point is, a subwoofer enhances the listening experience in a distinctive and palpable way that no additional sound element can. Regrettably, there’s a massive assortment of subwoofers offered for your home audio installation. But things really begin to become the best subwoofer under 1,000.

Reviews Of 16 Best Subwoofers Under 1000

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ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030

The SUB3030 is made for the listener searching for bass that was deep, but not sufficient to raise the roof. This powered 12-inch subwoofer is equipped with 500 watts amp, lots of power for virtually any size space.

Its controls are amazingly handy and may be handled with an Android or iOS program which allows users to customize equalization and DSP to match your preferences and the acoustics of your room. The enclosure can be superbly styled, with wood grain accents and exceptional base design.

Rockford Fosgate P3-2X12


  • CONSTRUCTION They have used high-grade MDF substances to produce the exterior of the subwoofer. For this reason, you can make certain it is going to last you for many years to come.
  • CARS This subwoofer was specially made to be utilized in automobiles. Consequently, if you were searching for something to raise the bass whilst driving, this might be a terrific option.

1 size available:

  • 12″


We discovered this subwoofer has a superb score in regard to its own impedance. The impedance is the immunity which happens between the voice coils, electric parts, and also the circuit.

It causes the power to flow through the subwoofer and electricity it also it is measured in OHMs. We’re happy to discover this sub has one OHM every because of its impedance score.

This can be helpful in regards to hooking up your subfloor into the amplifier. The impedance specifications of the two components ought to be exactly the same.

With this sub, you might not want another one as there is lots of power for a single amp to handle. And of course, there are just two subs included.

The OHM score available for this one enables you to get more variety in regards to linking it into amplifiers.


The size of the subfloor is a total of 12″. This is a great dimension which makes it ideal for fitting to your vehicle.

With 12″ accessible, the sub can supply you with a total of 1,200 watts of electricity! Because there are two subs offered in one for this particular model, so you really have 2,400 watts of electricity available.

People have been enjoying the way the enclosure with this one includes two subwoofers. It allows you to experience audio with double the energy. Additionally, it may be a cheaper alternative than having to buy 2 subwoofers separately.


We were amazed to discover this subwoofer can create exceptional bass notes which are enormous. But because it is able to create as much bass and electricity, it ought to be linked to an amplifier that is external.

Because of how successful that this sub is, you will want to be on the watch for more specific information about the amp which you opt to utilize it with. That is because a few amps are restricted in regard to just how much electricity they could produce on a constant basis.

With this subwoofer, you will want to use an app that has at least 75 percent of their wattage output signal as the subwoofer’s managing ability.


  • Two subs in 1
  • 2,400 watts of electricity
  • Impressive OHM score


  • Coils could be durable
  • Speaker connections could be more prone to overheating

SVS PB-1000

The very first point to mention of the speaker is the fact that it is a one. Now while there is an often-accepted guideline regarding sealed speakers being for audio and ported speakers being for films, this wonderful speaker could buck that trend well and really. It boasts a beautiful, sharp and accurate representation, and that is all likely helped by a very fantastic quality high-density fiberboard cupboard.

The double flares decrease turbulence and asymmetrical distortions, which can be just another reason the SVS PB-1000 can provide this type of powerful bass with such small distortion. Additional alterations can even be produced by sealing the vent with the provided plug.

This speaker also seems excellent, and it will not detract from the most swish residence or home-theater space. What you get here is a speaker for under $500 that plays just like a thousand bucks. It is astounding how much bass they’ve managed to engineer.

The SVS PB-1000 will provide you that film theater audio in-home, and get a fantastic price. It really packs a wonderful punch which will smack you into the torso at lesser ranges. The attractiveness of the speaker is the fact that it is a fantastic all-rounder. You will have a fantastic experience listening to songs on this, also, once you’re not using your home theatre.

This speaker features a fantastic output 720 watts of peak electricity, produces bass that is amazing, for both audio and film functions, and it is not too steep on the price it is extremely difficult to check beyond the SVS PB-100 because everything you are getting is just what you want regardless of what you need it for.


  • Music or films
  • Fantastic Array of bass
  • Good Price
  • Sealed or flashed


  • A bit large for a 10-inch device

Monolith THX Ultra-Powered Subwoofer

If it comes to subwoofers offering exceptional bass output, minimum distortion, and very affordable price points, the Monolith THX Ultra-Powered subwoofer is one we think makes the cut. THX engineers have run multiple evaluations to guarantee optimum sound performance. The chest-thumping bass of the subwoofer makes it ideal for many home entertainment activities like playing audio, film streaming, and video gaming.

Its amplifier also will come with significant power reserves to guarantee accurate and effective bass output. Consequently, you can always get an epic listening experience. Last, this subwoofer also comes with a dual-aluminum shorting ring that’s used to cancel some eddy currents, stabilize the magnetic level, and minimize distortion.


  • Comes in three dimensions; 10, 12 and 15 inches
  • Developed by THX-certified engineers
  • Have experienced and completed several scientific evaluations to ensure optimal quality
  • Has a dual-aluminum shorting ring which cancels eddy currents, stabilizes the magnetic flux and also enhances distortion
  • Delivers strong, chest-thumping bass output with low distortion
  • Offers highly-accurate and bass for audio and home theater systems
  • It generates cinema-level volume.
  • Ideal for darkened rooms.
  • It includes a cupboard made from HDF fabric.
  • The cabinet offers extensive internal-bracing and can be outfitted with one vent.
  • It includes a 500-Watt amplifier.
  • The amplifier’s works are tracked.
  • The amplifier includes significant power reserves.

Our Ideas about the Monolith THX Subwoofer

If you’re interested in a subwoofer that can shake your home up but also provides outstanding sound, we advise you to assess the Monolith THX. This subwoofer is a great addition to your existing home theater and audio system. Whether you are listening to the audio, streaming a movie, or with some epic gambling marathon with your Loved Ones and friends, this subwoofer is something you can rely on


  • The Monolith subwoofer provides clean audio with cinema-level volume.
  • This subwoofer has gone through many evaluations; hence, performance and durability are guaranteed.
  • Because its amplifier includes huge electricity reserves, the bass is always true and powerful.
  • Using its dual-aluminum shorting ring, eddy currents are removed, the magnetic flux is coated while distortion is kept low.
  • This top-notch subwoofer comes in a positive cost.


  • This subwoofer is huge and rather heavy; hence, moving may be rather challenging.
  • Setting up can take a little while.

SVS PB-2000

The SVS PB-2000 is a wonderful subwoofer that provides performance that strikes far over the purchase price range. While overlooking attributes of a few of the pricier choices, such as DSP acceleration, the sheer strength of the subwoofer demonstrates this subwoofer is a great alternative overall which makes it an excellent purchase in its price range.

Your mileage might vary, but we actually aren’t big fans of this appearance of the subwoofer. Not only can it be completed within an unusual, grain impact, but the positioning of the driver and interface in an asymmetrical, diagonal configuration also makes you wonder who signed off this appearance. If you are less shallow compared to us, this will not be a problem, but for the price point, you’d be right to expect more.


2 REL versions made the cut to get the top subs under $1,000. The REL-T7 is REL with no expensive price tag which REL subs have generally commanded. The Ultra Long Throw (ULT) Bass Engine driver employed from the T-Series went through 11 generations of prototyping. The T-Series really uses 2 motorists; an energetic downward-firing ULT plus also a passive forward-firing ULT.

Like most REL subs, the T7 isn’t regarded as a subwoofer, but a subwoofer system that’s meant to work seamlessly together with the primary speakers. All REL Sub-Bass methods provide two kinds of relationship, a distinctive High-Level (Speaker Level) connection and a.1/LFE link (RCA), each with their own volume controls. The T-Series comes with extra input, a minimal level input (RCA).

The High-Level link is highly favored as it links the REL straight to the machine’s amplifier, letting the REL, chameleon-like, to shoot on the sonic nature of the full system. The REL-T7 includes an energetic, 8″, down-firing, ultra long-throw woofer, a 10″, passive, front-firing woofer powered by a 200W Class A/B amplifier at a closed design.

This is 1 subwoofer that’s at home with the best symphonic specifics or assaults of house theatre. This is not a sub that tries to perform it all but instead focuses on performing its fundamental tremendously well. It’s only rated at 30 Hz at -6 dB in space so that it will not induce the lowest octaves of and very low-frequency effects (LFE) movie station. But if you prize fitness and smoothness over the brute attack, this subwoofer might be the ideal fit for you.

Paradigm Defiance X10

Some specialist audiophiles consider the Defiance X10 is just one of the greatest speakers Paradigm has made. This is why: This powered sub has a 300-watt amp and 10-inch driver. Such as the ELAC, the Defiance may be controlled using a smartphone program that allows listeners to alter quantity, low-pass filter, stage, deep bass, and much more.

The sub may also be made into an entirely wireless device with the purchase price of the optional added Defiance WT Wireless module. No more cables. Defiance X Series subwoofers can be found in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch sizes.

JBL EON618S Self


ENCLOSURE The enclosure was designed to assist sound resonate in addition to potential. It features injection molding attributes and special contours to be certain that the volumes within the cupboard can appear great.

BLUETOOTH You are supplied with the exceptional chance to link your devices wirelessly to the subwoofer. This permits you to control a variety of configurations easily.

1 size available:

  • 18″


If you’re trying to find a sub which you may take around with you, this one by JBL might be a superb choice to think about.

This is because it’s a wonderful design that lets it become portable. Among the chief problems which people find when attempting to install or move their own subs about is they’re awkward to lift.

Well, this house sub includes handles which are specifically placed to ensure it is as simple as possible for you to pick this up.

We had been impressed with how they have gone as far as to employ hardware mounts which are built-into the enclosure. This permits the subwoofer to be hauled more firmly as it could be held by employing the mounts.

To earn storage and transport more suitable, the toes are molded to the enclosures. You may also easily pile the sub if needed.

Bluetooth Enabled

People have been enjoying the way the JBL 18″ subwoofer includes a Bluetooth attribute. This permits you to easily link it to some other devices, without the annoyance of handling cables.

You might be happy to hear that the subwoofer can quickly connect to the Android and iOS apparatus. Because of this, you can get complete control over your subwoofer by using your tablet or smartphone computer.

It permits you to control the master volume, in addition to more particular settings. This includes changing the presets, altering the EQ, and much more.

Waveguide Technology

JBL’s Waveguide technology that’s been implemented to the subwoofer is related to the various frequencies which are readily available.

The Waveguide technology functions effectively to assess the frequencies in a total of 36 individual points. Because of this, it is ready to make certain the noise-canceling from the subwoofer can be much more consistent.

For this reason, you won’t need to manage hearing minor drops or drops where there are not intended to be any. We liked the way this technology allows you to listen to sound and music effects in complete clarity.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Waveguide technology
  • Easily mobile


  • Software for installation can be tricky to use
  • Sound pressure levels are lower than some anticipated

Monolith THX 10-Inch Subwoofer

This is just another fantastic speaker. Power output is enormous with a score of 500 watts steady and 900 watts of peak electricity. It is another front-firing speaker just like our best pick, and in addition, it is a device which may be properly flashed or shut with the assistance of the provided vent plug. Much like the SVS PB-100.

Warranty with this speaker can also be precisely the same as the best choice here, and also the 2 speakers do function at quite comparable amounts the largest difference being this speaker has a tendency to have problems generating the identical quality at mid frequencies since the SVS speaker does. This makes it a somewhat inferior competition, and that is why it is not on the very top of the listing.

Should you will need the center ranges to maintain their greatest, then you are likely to have to use the foam plug provided with the Monolith THX Select to conduct it like a sealed device. This may indicate that you are likely to eliminate a number of their own performance in the lower ranges so that you are going to need to make your choices here based on which sounds you would like to operate through this unit.

To sum this up, this really is a wonderful enough subwoofer but it’s simply not the all-rounder the best pick is.


  • Strong
  • Sealed or flashed options


  • Not great in mid-century

Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer Luxury Pick

Exclusive technologies, luxury assemble, layout, and epic functionality all united into one. The Klipsch R-115SW is a subwoofer we highly recommend for people who desire one that can provide exceptional sound and a slick and fabulous layout at a surprisingly reasonable price. The R-115SW provides acoustically-perfected craftsmanship which makes it convenient for high-definition sound configurations in the home.

This elaborate subwoofer comes with a black cabinet and aluminum cerametallic woofers making it simple to incorporate into any living area. This subwoofer includes a strong, heart-pounding bass that packs a punch and will shake your entire property. Remember though that this Subwoofer can direct your neighbors to despise you.


  • It includes a 15-inch aluminum cerametallic woofer.
  • Its electronic amplifier produces 800 watts of power.
  • The purchase includes LFE, RCA, L/R line-level input signal.
  • It delivers a reduced Passover and modifiable period controller.
  • It’s with a front-firing station interface using an internal flare system
  • Attributes a brushed-black veneer cabinet using a satin-painted plinth
  • Attributes a low-pass crossover along with a varying period control
  • Gives an acoustically fulfilled layout of black and aluminum That’s easy to incorporate into any living room
  • Delivers the perfect combination of electricity, cutting edge and heart-pounding bass
  • Produces ground-shaking quantity That’s clean and accurate
  • Ideal and compatible for top-performance home sound system configurations

Our Ideas about the Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-115SW is on the very top of the listing subwoofers for many very good reasons. It provides beautiful audio, heart-pounding bass, advanced design, and dependable craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you’re on the watch for a subwoofer which will provide you first-class sound experience and could also make a superb focal point in your living area, the R-115SW is one you want to check out.


  • It delivers a slick and luxurious design.
  • This subwoofer provides exceptional sound and an ultra-powerful bass.
  • Its electronic amplifier offers considerable power with exceptional efficacy.
  • The internal-flare system guarantees minimal stimulation at low frequencies.
  • The low-pass crossover and varying phase controller permit you to unite the low-frequency tones of the subwoofer with all the other speakers from Klipsch.


  • This subwoofer is big and compact, making it hard to maneuver around.
  • Since it’s a huge subwoofer, it is going to occupy a substantial quantity of space.

KEF Q400

The KEF Q400 compels one to the forefront, with an elegant performance that delivers where you want it to. There is a serious lack of attributes to get a subwoofer at this cost. Luckily, you won’t require a lot of these anyway. The beautifully manicured box smokes subwoofers, not going overboard, but nevertheless satisfying.

This is an excellent looking subwoofer. Great, but not fantastic. For your price range, you could be anticipating more whistles and bells (both in regard to the aesthetic and the attribute list), however, you won’t find these. What you may find is a very adept audio reproduction, along with also a listening experience that will have you coming back for more. It is immersive, comprehensive, and only striking across the board.

HSU Research ULS-15 MK2

The ULS-15 MK2 is among the greatest powered subwoofers on this listing, clocking in at 15 inches. However, what it lacks concerning stealth (it is big and bulky), it makes up for by providing clean and tight bass, even if replicating complicated picture sound effects such as enormous explosions and car crashes. Additionally, its cupboard is amazing. A 600-watt amp does all of the grunt work.

Electro-Voice EKX18SP


DURABILITY The enclosures are created with 15mm of high-quality wooden materials. There is also an EV coating on the top which operates efficiently to maintain the sub stronger.

RELIABILITY Fans can be found and triggered by sensors once the sub becomes too hot. Because of this, it is in a position to do well consistently.

PRESETS The presets accessible with this sub contain club, address, songs, and live performances.

Sizes available:

  • 12″
  • 15″
  • 18″
  • With or without cover
  • By Itself or with a package

Ease of Use

Users have been quite happy to find this subwoofer is super simple to use. Consequently, if you are not too knowledgeable about subwoofers and also how to use them, this might be a superb option.

It includes a single knob which you can use to browse through the many settings. This single-knob attribute is something which people have been enjoying since it makes with the subwoofer a good deal easier.

By employing the knob, you are in a position to change a variety of settings as a way to readily see everything through the LCD display that’s been fitted.


We were amazed to discover exactly how many customizable options can be found with this subwoofer which you may utilize to improve your listening experience.

They have included a cardioid controller attribute that’s an extremely technological system. It supplies you with the chance to change where you want the output to be moving towards.

Individuals that are utilizing subwoofers for stage performances are taking advantage of the feature the very best. You are in a position to maneuver the output closer to the viewers that are in the front of the subwoofer.

You are in a position to attain a decrease in 35 decibels when on the point. This system functions best if there are different subwoofers working using it in precisely the exact same moment. It permits you to use it to get more powerful to lead a more notable sound across into the audience at particular times.


This really is a super-effective sub that is equipped to create an impressive amount of around 1,300 watts. While giving you this much power and wattage, you can hear noises which are around 134 decibels.

You will find sensitivity transducers which have been specially engineered by EV which improves the listening experience by using the power correctly.


In case you were considering a subwoofer which you’re able to maneuver around, you might wish to think about this one. It’s been made using a lightweight design that makes it a lot easier to carry around. And of course, carrying handles can be found to make moving and lifting the subwoofer simpler.


  • 1,300 watts of electricity
  • Simple to use with a single knob
  • Easily mobile


  • Grille is a bit too brittle
  • No built-in closets accessible

KRK 12S2 V2

The KRK 12S V2 is a subwoofer designed and constructed more for its recording studio environment than anything else. It is designed to be quite bulletproof, also, which is going to be a fantastic advantage in the rough and tumble world of this late-night audio session.

What you get here is really a well-made unit that is big on clarity. This speaker will not provide you the intense lower ranges of frequency because many additional speakers, and just drop as much as 39 Hz, which makes it less than perfect for home-theater utilize in fact. It will get up the scope fairly high, but and peaks out in an impressive 139 Hz.

So far as recording engineers and artists proceed, this subwoofer was received incredibly well, with most apparently blown away (let us hope not ) from the ability of bass this item can push without distortion happening. For non-recording forms, this may still be a fantastic option if all you need to do is annoy your neighbors or flaunt.

The price tag isn’t too bad, though the KRK 12 speaker will probably put you back a couple of hundred bucks over the top few choices on this listing, and also the 10-inch variant is roughly half the cost of this 12-inch KRK, therefore it is a significant step-up in cost.

The main point here is that it is going to return to what you wish to utilize the speaker to get again. And in the event that you possibly can get with the 10-inch edition, then it is difficult to justify the major growth in cost for the larger subwoofer here.


  • Great for your studio
  • Powerful and durable
  • High-end bass Is Fantastic


  • Restricted low Selection
  • Short guarantee, Taking into Consideration the cost

Yamaha NS-SW300PN

If it comes to top-quality audio tools and devices, Yamaha is one of the largest names in the industry. The Yamaha NS-SW300PN Subwoofer provides not just a classy appearance but also outstanding sound quality. The NS-SW300PN includes Yamaha’s Twisted-Flare-Port technologies, which will help reduce noise due to air turbulence, therefore replicating clean and accurate low frequency.

The softly twisted and flared form of the subwoofer diffuses the flow of the atmosphere through the vent equally. Last, the in-built amplifier within this subwoofer provides a constant power output of 250W, which is remarkably effective and reduces heat generation and energy consumption.


  • Offers Yamaha’s Twisted-Flare-Port Technology
  • In-built high-efficiency amplifier
  • 10-inch woofer
  • The control panel is on the front for Simple navigation
  • Comes with automatic power standby and charge controller


  • It creates a clean and strong bass.
  • It works nicely with home entertainment systems.
  • Power-efficient.
  • Very simple to navigate because the control panel is on the front.
  • Fantastic value for the cost.


  • It provides excellent sound quality, but it may be louder.

Polk Audio PSW505

Grabbing the last place with this list together with both palms is your Polk Audio PSW505. As a budget selection, this speaker provides a good deal, for not very many dollars in any way. It is a fairly versatile unit, also, and the grille is totally removable, based on what function and look that you need.

Polk possesses a reputation for constructing honest and decent gear and in fact, that is what you are getting here. Do not expect this speaker to do just like a 1000 speaker, even though since it is not one. A concern is that the constant power output being a decent 300 watts, but the lively power simply being 400 watts. This makes you wonder whether there could be distortion problems, in the testing points in audio.

The frequency range is excellent, in reality, it is nearly amazing for this reasonably priced subwoofer. You get right down to 23 Hz in the base end of its capacities, then all of the way up towards the upper finish of 160 Hz, which makes this fantastic value for money concerning the assortment of sounds it could render in the lower frequencies. This unit is going to do a good deal.

A large 12-inch cone and also a superb 5-year guarantee are just another two impressive features together with the Polk attempt, and also the fact they provide such a fantastic guarantee definitely adds assurance at which very low cost could have attracted hesitation.

This subwoofer is well worth considering if you are on a really tight budget.


  • The Price
  • Fantastic frequency range
  • Significant cone
  • Top-notch guarantee


  • Dynamic power is not great

Qualities to Think about Before Purchasing a subwoofer

Based on what you would like to mostly utilize your subwoofers for, you will have to prioritize unique attributes. We are going to have a glance at a few of those characteristics below.

Constant and lively power output

Continuous power output signal is exactly what the speaker can provide always. The dynamic power output signal is a measure of what the speaker may perform regarding delivering peaks. As an example, a cymbal attack in a piece of music may even create a summit, for only a millisecond, which goes past the constant selection of the speaker.

Frequency response

This evaluation will determine how accurate a replica of what is being inputted to your own body, is coming out. The reduced your plus/minus value, the lower the gap. Various speakers are installed in ways that market or subtract various frequencies, and two speakers may earn a bit of music seem completely different concerning the particulars.


This is more digital wizardry. In case you haven’t obtained a diploma in electronic technology, or even a brain the size of the moon, then consider this region of the system for a filter. Normally, the frequency range under 200 Hz is exactly what the bass component if your setup handles.

The crossover circuit is merely the gizmo that defines the various frequencies and diverts them into various areas of the audio system which best deal together. Therefore, in the instance of all subwoofers, the material that is under 200 Hz is exactly what the crossover circuit sends them.

Cone size

SubwooferCone size will affect the way poor, loud and just how long a solid the speaker can create. That is physics in action. Consider the blue whale that they could create calls nearing 200 dB that continue around thirty minutes and range between 10 Hz and 30 Hz. People can only listen to 20 Hz. If blue whales were not the largest creatures in the world, they would not have the ability to attain that.

FAQ of the Best Subwoofer Under 1000

What is the difference between dynamic and constant power output?

Dynamic power output denotes the dimension taken of how loudly a subwoofer can get when it is at its highest volume level.

The constant power output is that which you can use to assess the sort of noise a subwoofer can create over a lengthier time period.

How should you install a subwoofer for a home theater?

As there are different speakers involved, you’re going to need to avoid creating the bass sounds out of the subwoofer too overpowering.

This may eliminate the immersive experience which you are in a position to possess with watching films. Rather, we suggest that you experiment with all the low-frequency degrees together with the remaining speakers until you realize that balance.

What Makes Powered and Non-Powered Subwoofers distinct?

Subwoofers which are powered are in a position to supply you with low-frequency bass sounds for more while using a driver that is smaller.

The motorist is usually found in the cupboard. Having a bigger driver, producers have the ability to restrict the magnitude of the cupboard, and so, the subs which are powered are often smaller in proportion.

On the other hand, the subwoofers which have to be powered externally usually have bigger closets and drivers.

Thus, if you are tight on space, your very best option is to go to get a subwoofer under $1,000 which is powered.


If you would like to obtain exceptional sensory experience at home with your current home theater and audio system, then you need to invest in a fantastic subwoofer. A subwoofer takes picture streaming or audio playing to another degree through the punches as well as the thumps it provides.

Additionally, emphasized below are the things you want to understand about subwoofers that price under $1000. By considering our manual, we think you will have the ability to think of a more economical purchasing decision very quickly. Last, our best subwoofer below 1000 will alter how you do house entertainment.


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