3 Of The Best Torrent Sites You Can Easily Download Content From

Best Torrent Sites

We are living in a world where most people now have access to the Internet. This is the smartphone era, and at least half of the world’s population owns one. Smartphones probably are the most technologically-advanced devices that are owned by any person, and it carries some of the most personal interests of its owner. Even little kids have smartphones, or at least tablets that are connected to the Internet.


If you have a smartphone, or at least a laptop at your disposal, consuming content from it – may it be from social media, streaming sites, and torrent applications and clients – is one of the top things that people use it for. With torrents and torrent clients, peer sharing files is made easier than ever. In this article, we’ve collated some of the best torrent sites where you can get your torrents from:

RARBG and proxy sites

Arguably the most trusted of all the torrent sites for excellent files, RARBG is a legend in itself. The site is not an oldie by all means. It only started in 2008 after a community of torrent enthusiasts has melded together to form a strong enough site to withstand government and other third-party attacks. 


When the site was first created, the best torrent sites were being hunted down one by one by piracy complaints, and it was time for a new, sturdy torrent site to crop up. Today, the original RARBG and RARBG torrent proxy sites still are thriving, with more content than ever. 


Each year, it adds a wide selection of content based on its community’s requests and what the box office and the industry are churning out. From images to videos, to movies as well as series episodes, you can find some of the best torrent sites in RARBG for your entertainment. Music files are available as well, with applications and other files.


YIFY or YTS is a specialized kind of torrent site because it only ever produces torrent files that are optimized in storage. And there is only one kind of torrent file it hosts: movies. The New Zealand-based torrent site is known for HD movies at a fraction of the file size that you need to download from other reputable torrent sites. So when you want to watch an HD movie but you want to download times to be as quick as possible, YTS is your best bet. 


Like RARBG, YTS also has a lot of proxy sites, which helps it maintain its anonymity. Proxy sites for torrent sites are important not just because of this; they also help in saving files and directory. One caveat that  YTS has is that it takes time to upload new content, as there is a vetting and verification test that a file needs to undergo before it gets released on the site. But what that affords the users is quality content in every download.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay probably is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites in the torrenting history. It’s been there since torrenting wasn’t even a thing for most Internet users, and with more and more people peer-sharing their files, The Pirate Bay still stands as a stalwart among many torrent sites that have recently cropped up.


The Pirate Bay’s obvious advantage against these torrent sites is that no one has ever been able to shut it down. It has the widest library of torrent files, and it keeps on adding new and old ones for its users. If your taste in music and movies is more obscure and indie, The Pirate Bay is your best choice for a default torrent site. The Pirate Bay also has the most straightforward interface among the sites listed here – you just put on a search term, click go, and that’s it.


With these torrent sites, you’ll have an endless source of new content to download, a reference for apps you need to have, and even a source of entertainment in this climate that we are in.


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