Top 15 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Brands

best waterproof bluetooth speaker

Grabbing yourself among the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker — or outside speakers — is a requirement if you are considering spending some time outside this summer.

Whether you intend on going on vacation and hanging out on a swimming pool or on a beach, camping, or simply chilling in your backyard.

Detecting a speaker which can handle the components (and perhaps even accidental knocks and splashes) is the difference between getting a soundtrack for summertime or carting around a speaker which no longer functions since it is not appropriate for the purpose.

Nobody plans to receive their mobile speakers wet — we’d expect — but injuries always occur. That means in the event that you intend to choose your music-playing apparatus out in the fantastic outdoors way, you can not always make sure it’s protected against the waves, rain, or puddles.

That is why our variety of the very best outside speakers of 2020 come with IPX7 waterproof ratings, therefore even when you’re not thinking about swimming with your outside speaker, then you can rest easy knowing your apparatus could resist an accidental dip.

Reviews Top 15 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2


  • Fantastic sound for the size
  • IP67 dustproof/waterproof rates
  • 30% greater battery life


  • Restrictive soundstage

The first UE Wonderboom continues to be in the very top of the greatest outdoor speaker list because its introduction and for good reason: It is rugged, plays louder than its diminutive sound indicates, and may be paired with additional UE Wonderboom speakers to enhance audio.

Even though the UE Wonderboom 2 seems almost like the first, Ultimate Ears packed at a ton of updates which produce the Wonderboom 2 better, such as the greater battery life (up 30 percent in comparison with the first ), better bass response, along with the newest Outdoor Boost attribute which aids the speaker to get even more rapid than before.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

The MEGABOOM 3 Ultimate Ears ticks all the boxes of everything you would need from a waterproof speaker.

It’s an eye-catching layout, a tough construct, a superb rating for water resistance, excellent audio quality, top-notch battery life (up to 20 hours between charges), a candy 2-year guarantee, and a multitude of additional features you may get by means of a smartphone program.

Our mature house decor editor Melanie Yates enjoyed the layout and the cloth end of this MEGABOOM 3. “The cloth casing lets it blend in with its environment and it does not automatically read as technology gadget,” she explained. But she did notice that the cloth is hard to wash if it grabs debris or dirt.

Yates appreciated having the ability to adjust the audio of this speaker through the Ultimate Ears mobile program and complete praised the audio quality. She also found that the battery life to live until the product’s claims.

The speaker is totally waterproof with an IP67 rating, which means it is possible to fully submerge it submerged. In addition, we enjoy that Ultimate Ears made the MEGABOOM 3 to float in water, which makes it ideal for swimming pool parties.

As a result of some useful feature which will be readily installed in the cell program, you can play with your beloved Apple Music and Spotify playlists using one touch. You could even join well over 100 MEGABOOM speakers to get a larger sound experience.

There are four colors to select from: blue, black, red, and also an Amazon-exclusive color alternative. In the event you discover the MEGABOOM 3 too large, consider the smaller and less expensive BOOM 3 speaker rather. It’s a similar layout and sound using a less strong low variety.

JBL Charge 4

Reasons to Purchase

  • Strong and water-resistant
  • USB interface for charging
  • Great audio quality

Reasons to Prevent

  • Maybe too subtle for a few

You’ll get no more than three JBL portable waterproof speakers within this listing, all of these boasting amazing features. Take the organization’s Charge 4, such as you are going to find a whopping 20 hours of playback out of this modest five-star celebrity.

The simple fact that we actually enjoy the JBL Charge 4 must come as no surprise to people who read our Charge 3 review (below, at number six at this tiny round-up). JBL has fine-tuned the noise in this newest iteration to even pickier ears and battery capacity has improved.

We can not reasonably request any more at this price. Obviously, there is a limitation to the bass in a speaker of this size, however, the low-end is elegant — and there is still lots of punch.

Ultimate Ears Blast

Why you need to purchase this: It is slick, sexy, life-resistant, and it seems excellent.

Why we chose that the UE Blast:

If you are acquainted with Ultimate Ears, you will not be overly surprised at our choice here. The Irvine, CA-based maker has built a sterling reputation for building strong speakers effective at repelling dirt and water completely.

Announced in autumn 2017, the Blast (along with also the $300 Megablast) substituted the Boom (and Megaboom) as UE’s top versions, also for good reason.

You might wonder why we are still advocating a speaker out of almost 3 decades ago, and the answer is easy: It has got all the features you want for outside pleasure, and because it has been around for a little, it is a crazy-good price.

The Blast is sleek, handsome, and waterproof (duh), boasting 12 hours of battery life along with a few (very) basic voice assistance through Alexa, provided that you are attached to Wi-Fi.

Taking a look at the Blast, you can not instantly tell it was intended for outside usage, which we believe is a fantastic design choice. Plus, it seems pretty fantastic also.

Denon Envaya DSB-250BT

Fantastic sound quality neutral designIP67 water resistance stuff buttons

If you’d like a waterproof speaker which does not appear to be a waterproof speaker, then get the Denon Envaya DSB-250BT.

It is going to fit a classy living space but has IP67 water resistance, so allowing it defies a full-on dip. This is likewise the best-sounding speaker of its size, together with bass and sound balance you may anticipate from a hifi master such as Denon. There is an Envaya Mini in case you need something bigger, also.

Any complaints? To produce the water-resistance operate, the speaker includes rubbery panels rather than clicky buttons, and they are not half tough to depress occasionally. However, if this is not a slight quibble, what’s?

Soundcore Flare two

The fabric-covered Soundcore Flare two-speaker by Anker belies its price. It’s a fantastic layout, intuitive controls, IPX7 evaluation for water resistance (it could endure submersion beneath water), and outstanding audio quality. It’s our favourite alternative for budget-conscious buyers.

Having a set of high-quality sound drivers and a duo of bass radiators on board, the Flare two seems a whole lot better compared to its price tag indicates.

We love how lively this speaker is, due to customizable LED lighting. Users can tweak the device’s noise and light effects by means of a mobile program. There is also the choice to join over a hundred speakers to get a larger sound.

Our parenting editor Latifah Miles enjoyed the design of this Flare two and commended the speaker to be super mobile. “It is possible to move it around your house easily or package it up for a trip with no problem,” she explained.

Miles also commended the sound of this Flare two-speaker”You are able to turn the bass or off, which is excellent because some tunes seem better without, while some totally want it.”

The Soundcore Flare 2 may last up to 12 hours between battery charges. You ought to be conscious of the machine’s quantity and light effects if you would like to attain this claim.

JBL Xtreme 2

Reasons to Purchase

  • Clean, clear audio
  • Balanced bass
  • Strong design

Reasons to Prevent

  • Big
  • No wi-fi or multi-room
  • Presentation too old for a few

At first glance, this speaker looks somewhat brash: the title is similar to something a school jock would select, it is large and it weighs a lot. However, the noise is amazingly subtle. It is like finding out that the school bully does, in actuality, enjoy classical ballet and music in their spare time.

The carry strap can allow you to drag it about, and it may daisy chain with a different Xtreme two to provide even beefier noise (but be warned: 2 of those things in the shore will be loud enough to summon the lifeguards). If you are trying to begin a full-on pool party in a couple of months, this ought to be in the middle of the mayhem.

Braven Ready Elite

Why you need to purchase this:

It has got large bass, a badass look, and it is ready for the most rugged trips.

Why we chose the Braven Ready Elite:

Desire old-school boombox bombast (except for far greater clarity) without needing to tote around a gigantic, shoulder-mounted affair? Braven’s Willing Elite — the largest sibling in a family of four outside”Willing” speakers — may do this, pumping bass out and respectably clear sound at volume levels greater than any speaker its size may.

It has got a smaller form factor than the boomboxes of older, with the sort of noise that can make you cautious of this traditional shoulder carry.

Besides its strong audio, the Prepared Elite has a lot more to offer: It is amazingly durable, features four strengthened anchor points to the added hang strap, and includes a portable program to adjust the EQ settings. In regards to design, it is safe to presume if Batman ever made a speaker, then it might look a good deal like that one.

JBL Flip 5


  • Engaging, fun sound
  • Easy into use 3.5
  • Millimeter input


  • No mic for hands-free calls

The JBL Flip 5 is proof that the ideal Bluetooth speakers are not necessarily those having the most impressive specs — and also having an IPX7 evaluation, it is acceptable for utilizing outside.

JBL’s Flip 5 is an easy soul using Bluetooth-only playback and small features, but should you would like a rocky, great-sounding mobile speaker also can sacrifice voice command or hands-free phone performance, you won’t be let down.

As a result of its neat layout (camouflage grille anybody?) And the fantastic sound, it is a steal at $119.95 / 119.99 / AU$149.95.

Bose SoundLink Micro

The SoundLink Micro waterproof speaker by Bose is your finest ultra-compact alternative worth your focus. The palm-sized gadget includes a trendy and flexible layout, headlined with a handy strap which will make it possible for you to connect it to a bag, a backpack, or a bike, among a number of other things.

Our partner editor Zarah Kavarana analyzed the SoundLink Micro and has been amazed at how compact it’s: “I value the speaker’s small size and lightweight construction for sensible warmth when toting it into the park or beach, along with a ton of additional standards that are heavy ”

She praised the speaker’s sound performance. “I truly did not anticipate such a powerful sound to emerge from this a speaker,” Kavarana explained. “I was actually blown away with its audio quality”

The SoundLink Micro can provide up to 6 hours of wireless sound between battery charges. There are 3 colors to select from blue, black, and orange.

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Reasons to Purchase

  • Full-bodied noise
  • Clear and detailed
  • Good layout

Reasons to Prevent

  • Lacks some bass

It is possible to inform an Ultimate Ears speaker directly from the vibrant design, but there is a whole lot more into the Californian company’s speakers compared to an eye-catching end. Ultimate Ears makes a number of the most effective waterproof speakers round since the remainder of this record will attest.

The UE Roll two is a fantastic ad for the business: it is fun, simple to use, and seems terrific. Additionally, it extends 15 percent more rapidly than its predecessor and even includes its very own inflatable dinghy for drifting around the pool (told me it was entertaining ). It is among the less expensive options also. A fantastic purchase, even when you’re not fussed about waterproofing.

Fugoo Style


  • Customizable Appearance
  • Great noise
  • Wonderful battery life


  • Does not use the Most Recent technology

If you still do not understand about Fugoo, you are definitely missing out on a few of the very best outside speakers on earth. The Fugoo Style not only gives the maximum battery life of almost any speaker on this listing (40 hours! ) ), but in addition, it comes in at a little one pound.

Fugoo’s design philosophy is to provide distinct coats’ (Style, Tough, or Sport) to match around its’heart’ speaker to match unique styles. The Fugoo Style waterproof speaker delivers a great mix of size, audio fidelity, and battery lifetime for an inexpensive price.

This product is only available from the US at the time of this writing. The UK and Australian readers: have a look at a nice alternative from the UE Wonderboom

Sony SRS-XB32

The Sony SRS-XB32 is among the most attractive waterproof speakers in its budget. Along with delivering seriously enjoyable, bass-heavy audio, the gadget may even amuse you with built-in lighting which are customizable through a program. They comprise a multicolor line speaker and light lights, in addition to a flashing strobe.

Kayla Ramsey, our artwork editor & photographer, enjoyed the rugged and durable design of this speaker. She also appreciated the fun light attribute, also. “The beat-syncing lights set this speaker on the top since they are ideal for placing the vibe,” she noticed.

Having a duo of all 48-millimeter audio drivers on board, the SRS-XB32 provides an impressive sonic experience for the dimensions. Ramsey discovered it to be perfect for use outside. “The quantity is loud and the bass is so strong,” she commented.

You may select between an Extra Bass style or a Live Audio sound profile. There is an Choice to set a number of speakers to get a larger audio output, also

The speaker may be completely submerged in water, has around 24 hours of battery life, the NFC for one-touch pairing using a smartphone, and also the capacity to control your gadgets by means of a built-in USB port. It is possible to purchase it in blue, black, or grey.

JBL Boombox


  • 360-degree noise
  • Built-in mic


  • Short battery life
  • No smartphone charging

Concerning sheer sound prowess, the JBL Boombox has been a nice surprise — it is a monstrous exterior speaker which doesn’t only get loud but remains fairly sharp when pumping the quantity. It is thick, rather than the simplest thing to continue, but it is rugged enough to deal with any pool or tailgate party.

Nevertheless, we can not suggest the Boombox as a speaker to your house. It’s possible to discover similar sound in form variables which take up less property, however, if your strategy is to strike whatever terrace, patio, shore, or tailgate party you may find, then that one must be in the running to play the songs.

Soundboks 2

Why you need to purchase this:

  • it is a celebration in a box. Seriously.

Who it is for:

  • People with an open checkbook and also a urge to anger.

Why we chose Soundboks 2:

Disclaimer: The Soundboks 2 is not fully waterproof — don’t, under any conditions, set it in the bathtub, pool, or sea. It’s rain-proof and splash-proof, however, and due to the hefty weight, you would have to strive hard to submerge it in the first location.

That having been said, if you are prepared to shell out some big bucks, then this speaker may power a pool party or bonfire celebration alone without even breaking a sweat.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker vs Water-resistant Speaker

While waterproof and water-resistant are not interchangeable, they roughly translate to”water will not destroy it”.

When searching for the most effective waterproof speaker to the fantastic outdoors, start looking for the IP rating. This is the way water immunity gadgets have been categorized.

You will observe that IP mark, followed by 2 amounts — IP67 is among the very common and means that the speaker may be submerged in water for up to half an hour. This is actually the one you need and means it is a fantastic alternative for waterproofing and among the most effective outdoor speakers that your money can purchase.

Waterproof is the greater of the two since it generally conveys an IP67 rating that means it could resist floating around a meter of water for a half-hour until it bites the dust.

Water-resistant, on the other hand, means it might endure a day or two, however it is not the type of thing you would just need to throw at the pool.

Obviously waterproofing is not the only thing we looked out for when choosing out this listing of the most effective speakers. We also considered factors like sound quality, cost and feature set, all of which helped establish a set of standards that we can quantify against all speakers. What you see above is the end result of the effort — our authoritative list of the 10 finest wireless mobile waterproof speakers.

Outside speakers FAQ: rapid questions answered

Can you place an indoor speaker out?

It is possible, based on the kind of electricity output. A wireless speaker may be placed anywhere, providing it is close enough to its origin apparatus — smartphone, computer, or differently. Remember indoor speakers will not generally be waterproof, however. So it is always best to have one built for the outside to be secure.

What is a fantastic wattage for outside speakers?

5W may be acceptable for a quiet picnic, but you are going to need more to get a bustling BBQ or party from doorways. By comparison, most clever TVs include greatest 10W speakers.

How many outside speakers do I want?

This is contingent upon the loudness of the apparatus and where you are placing it. For covering a variety of areas across a garden or lawn, you might need a few.


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