The 8 Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga Review: Yogi Instructor’s Picks

The 8 Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga Review
The 8 Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga Review

No matter how you start with Yoga, don’t underestimate the role of the exercise mat. Especially, if you are new to Yogi, picking the right mat is essential.

That is why you should read through this best yoga mat review to guide yourself to shop for the most suitable mat. There are even FDA-approved products like the Biomat. 

LessConf has dedicated our best to sweat, stretch, and savasana on several mats to pick out the most outstanding items. Check out the 8 travel mats ready to be your companion.

Top 8 Best Yoga Mat Brands Reviews of 2020

Top 8 Best Yoga Mat Brands Reviews of 2020

Liforme Biodegradable Mat

If you are a standing advocate for the Earth, the biodegradable mat from Liforme is the best bet you can go.

Not only it is a planet-friendly mat made from natural rubber that is free of PVC, but it is also decomposable in 1 to 5 years.

The major advantage of this non-toxic, high-quality material is that it protects the environment while giving you a hygienic mat to meditate on.

What’s more to expect?

Gripping ability is what people care most when buying a travel mat. Liforme mat has a revolutionary grip that gives an unparalleled warrior-like grip, guaranteeing safe practice.

For yogis who crave space, 72.8″ long x 26.8″ wide in dimensions is quite generous. Plus, the aid from the unique and original “AlignForMe” with geometric drawings system is great in navigating, perfect for asana practice and providing the best foundation for your workout.

In our opinion, this Liforme Mat is slightly thin. It does not support headstand very well but the perfect amount of stick and cushioning already brings a lot of buzzes thanks to its dual-layered polyurethane-and-rubber makeup.

Another accent for this mat is it is relatively lightweight, and the handbag is a valuable bonus.

We would say this mat worth every dime you spent, only if it could price a bit lower to fit the pockets of more budget yogis.


  • Anti-grip surface
  • Generous length
  • Easy clean-up
  • Unique alignment drawings


  • Slightly thin
  • High-priced

What our tester said

This mat has almost all of the features that make a world of difference for practicing Yoga.

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

LessConf got surprised by the high-density cushion this mat offers.

When our tester came to the Sarvangasana Pose, she claimed her shoulders were supported on the 6mm thickness.

But Manduka travel mat has more to win the points

With dot textures on the bottom, the mat provides an incredible grip to the ground.

Not only that

The fabric-finish that facing outwards can improve as you break in to practice. That means the more you use, the better it gets.

What we liked the most is the closed-cell surface that keeps the sweat from leaking off the top preventing it from being slippery.

You may worry about the mat emitting toxins piercing your skin, but Maduka made this mat with 100% latex-free.

Storing the mat is just a matter of rolling it and putting away in a corner. Remember to keep the fabric face upward so the mat will stay flat when unrolled.

On the flip side, the break-in process may cost time and effort to clean the mess. But it will not bother you for the next time of use.


  • Budget price
  • Supportive cushion
  • Many colors
  • Hassle-free clean-up


  • Slippery for salting
  • Repeated break-in process

What our tester said

The break-in salt seasoning process can get the mat very slippery. So, you had better watch out.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

When asked, we say our first impression with this mat comes primarily from its name. Why?

Just picture in your mind the enigmatic allure of Jade as a beautiful, all-natural material, with its piercing, verdant shades of green, and you can figure out how worthwhile Jade Harmony mat is.

Serious yoga learners are usually open for challenges with a vigorous practice including tough yoga poses, so they never want to take a risky choice with a slippery, low-quality yoga mat.

Also, mats with or without PVC and synthetic materials do matter much to users as cheap PVC mats will flake or get slippier over time.

Thankfully, the Jade mat meets all the criteria. Made completely from natural rubber sourced from rubber trees free of harmful substances and materials like PVC, Jade mat promises to deliver excellent surface gripping properties.

Our testers also praised the resilience, cushiony, dense material. Harmony matt comes in 3/16″ thick x 24″ wide in dimensions, which provides sufficient space to extend deeper into your pose.

That’s not all the killing points

The fact of its being ridiculously light-weight under 5 lbs makes it possible for the Harmony matt to survive and thrive in such a competitive marketplace, while other yoga matt brands struggle with complaints about being too cumbersome to pose in.

Besides functionality, appearance is the second priority. Users say their mood gets lifted as they meditate on this brightly-colored Harmony matt.

Work out to your full potential, and don’t worry that the color of the matt will be fading. It is designed to stand the test of time.

Undeniably, pricing goes with quality. But this Jade Harmony mat is more of a value thanks to the message behind it: for every yoga mat sold, one living plant will be grown.


  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Safe for posing


  • Need frequent clean-up
  • Have rubber smell for a while
  • Absorb sweat

What our tester said

The Jade Harmony yoga mat can’t be a better choice. It promotes harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

IUGA Pro: Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

IUGA Non-slip mat is, without doubt, a strong contender in most ranking lists for best affordable yoga mat thanks to its top-notch performance in all respects. If you have intended to take up yoga under hot and humid conditions, this item is a wise pick.

Have a few moments of appreciation

IUGA has always offered a wonderfully comfortable, risk-free mat. While other mats keep following yogis in their every single move, this dry-slip item stays put.

The polyurethane topcoat wicks away sweat and moisture, at the same time, provides a nice gripping surface. The highlight is that IUGA never surrenders to even the most severe form of yoga, said hot yoga, as the more you sweat, the better gripping becomes.

If you worry about the work-out spaces not going to support spreading out or stretching, We can assure you that the extra-large size coming in  72” x 26” is included so that your long limbs get the most comfort during practice.

Maximum balance is a real virtue. Created with a high-density TPE base, the mat keeps you steady in demanding poses, hence giving you firm support.

Due to its 5mm thickness, practicing is safe and free from injuries. Also, while offering nice support, it helps prevent regretful knee, elbow, elbow, and joint discomfort.

If your previous mat is an active smell absorber, you may want to look for a new one that can address that ashaming problem. IUGA mat offers a solution. Never will it leave you dealing helplessly with stubborn leftover odor.

The skin-friendly material allows the mat to always be in a fresh, hygienic state. Most IUGA mat lovers comment that clean-up is a bit of a hassle as it is a matter of wiping out dirt with a soft cloth containing soap and water. But we guess it’s not at all a severe burden.


  • Storable and portable
  • Excellent cushion
  • Odor-free
  • Hygienic
  • Light-weight
  • Nice pricing


  • Slippery in day one

What our tester said

Allocating on IUGA mat is a sound investment. It offers everything you need from a useful technique to a supportive partner.


The Toplus yoga mat is currently among the most sought-after products of this kind. It is highly rated by users and explicitly trusted by dealers.

So, what’s the catch?

You might get blown away by its impeccable upgraded features, especially the double-sided, non-slip texture providing optimal grip for secure movement.

Having a closer look at the mat, there is some gripping stuff looking like knobbly bits that were placed on its surface. Indeed, this feature makes allowances for a skid-resistant mat being waterproof with anti-tear grids on both sides.

Its appearance seems perfectly smooth, but its function is also second to none.

The Toplus affordable yoga mat is now enjoying the best version of itself, with the SGS certified TPE material as the latest technological improvement to the traditional fitness mats. It is non-toxic, PVC-free, safe for the planet and above all, it doesn’t send out the typical stinky plastic smell out of the package.

It measures 72 inches long, 24 inches wide, and an enviable thickness of 6mm, so it always feels gentle on the joint and pleasantly soft, giving you a natural flow from the very first movement.

Not only does it come with a strap for more comfortable transportation, but the whole set is light enough, weighing 37 oz, to carry with to the gym or wherever you want.

Putting these merits aside, you will be pleased with the one-year hassle-free warranty. By offering this, Toplus yoga mat never lets you leave bare-handed from their online store feeling unfulfilled.

The price is not prohibitively high, but instead quite affordable, especially for those avid yoga learners who want to stay within budget with a worth-a-penny yoga mat.

Out-of-the-box odor can bother if you are not a fan of it but the smell will fade away pretty soon.


  • Tactile fabric
  • Lightweight, incredibly comfortable
  • Remarkable resilience
  • Perfect thickness suiting all levels
  • Biodegradable and recyclable material


  • Momentary mildew smell

What our tester said

The mat is finally reaching its perfection point not only in terms of design but also the functionality.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Whether you are a yoga novice or seasoned yogi, Gaiam mat has every ingredient you need for an aspiring yogi journey.

Its material is respectful of the planet and entirely safe for health with no trace of toxic substances such as PVC. The 68-Inch long x 24-Inch wide in dimensions offers generous space for a downward dog.

At six millimeters, this pad is almost twice as thick as a standard yoga mat to provide extra cushioning for your elbows and knees. It has a great tacky feel for non-slip performance and is a safe option for those who dislike rubber yoga mat because of latex sensitivity.

With Gaiam yoga mat premium, yoga is fashion

Are you merely getting tired of the old dull solid colors of most yoga mats? Do you think it’s time for a wind of change? Then pick this Gaiam.

Gaiam has every reason to win the Best design mat as it offers valuable fashion enlightenment with over 24 patterned design options.

Yoga is no longer guesswork or matter of finding the proper body alignment with the help of the alignment markers intended to help enhance proper positioning and maintain poses.

The key merit of this yoga pad revolves around its reversible design, allowing yogis to pick whatever side they think suits their mood best or go matched with their outfits. It’s sheer fashion!

Buy one, get two! With one yoga mat purchased, you will be given a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help you get the ball rolling.

The biggest minus point in this item is the new odor when first unwrapped. But just air out the mat for several days and the smell will soon blow over.


  • Perfect for all levels
  • Reversible design for superior grip
  • Thicker than most competitors
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design


  • Relatively pricey
  • No carrying strap
  • Get dirty easily

What our tester said

It fosters a stylish yoga-practicing trend by demonstrating a harmonious balance of being both aesthetic and functional.

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

As its name reveals, this well-made yoga mat is renowned for its truly eco-friendly material which is non-slip, non-toxic, and odor-free.

But is that everything?

Gratefully no. Our testers when trying out the item, they are not afraid of tumbling, or pressing their body against the hard studio floor because the 6mm thickness is kind enough to cushion their fall and keep them balanced.

Also, the mat is designed to allow spacious yoga practice, with the ultimate dimensions being rather admirable 72 inches long in line with 26 inches wide.

Some pretty challenging poses like a tree or half-moon desperately need superb knee support and ideal body alignment. How lucky! Heathyoga mat offers a blessing with these.

The alignment markings on its surface are a useful reminder for professional yogis and at the same time, a supportive trainer for newcomers.

If you are a loyal fan of Bikram, Heathyoga mat will help in such stressful moves by guaranteeing that your body parts are glued to the ground.

Closed-cell surface assists in keeping the smell at bay, preventing the mat from absorbing unpleasant layers of sweat. Thus, clean-up is more effortless.

Through the Green Earth Program, the manufacturers aim to alleviate the suffering of our Earth by instigating a plan to plant one tree for each fitness mat sold. Join the trend, and be a better citizen of the world.

The mat can smell a bit when coming out of the box. However, it’s a bearable smell that will wear off any time soon.


  • Planet-friendly
  • Soft to touch and gentle to meditate on
  • Terrific grip
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Various design options


  • Can be a little bit expensive
  • Manufacturing smell upon arrival

What our tester said

No more worry about non-degradable fabric. You can now practice with peace of mind that you are not placing your health or the environment at risk.

AIMERDAY Premium Print Yoga Mat

If you are lost in a world full of yoga mats from various brands, the one that is going to steal your attention is this Aimerday premium print fitness mat. To be honest, it is the prettiest of all kinds due to the vibrant colors highlighted with distinctive, unique patterns.

Let us guess! Are you looking for an exercise mat that is durable, highly dense, and cushy? Then this beauty face checks off all three requirements.

But don’t judge Aimerday by its cover in case you miss out on some interesting things!

It goes with a waterproof surface with closed-cell construction to make sure that moisture, dust, and germs are prevented from seeping deep into the mat, which can hold you back from your full potential.

With the creative triple-layer design that augments anti-tear grids to the middle layer, Aimerday mat will not hold up under regular and vigorous use. The dimensions reveal 72 inches long x 24 inches wide, along with a quarter extra thickness.

The key merit is that it will not slip or slide while you are focused on your pose, thus prevents injuries and bone breakage. Never will you have to be afraid of slipping or cracking your cranium when trying headstand poses.

The triple-double in length, width, thickness ensures spacious practice for hot yoga, pilates, Ashtanga, Bikram, vinyasa and balance exercises, and promises not to throw you off balance during poses.

The exclusively unique pattern boasts the beauty of your every yoga posture. Many of our users have got compliments from their friends who have seen by their own eyes the anti-fading colors even under constant use.

Regarding transportation, AIMERDAY mat is equipped with a strap so that you can bring it with you wherever you want.

For a lifetime guarantee, you had better wear yoga socks to use the mat. Also, forgive it if it releases some mild odor of ink upon arrival. In such cases, air it out for a few days is a simple solution.


  • Non-slip surface filled with anti-tear grids
  • Durable
  • Extra thick with high-density pad
  • Beautiful aroma


  • New odor when unwrapped

What our tester said

Incorporate this mat in your daily meditation to feel an artistic aspect of yoga practice.

Benefits of using best exercise mats

Benefits of using exercise mats

LessConf hear somewhere people say, “Yoga learners can still make do without a fitness mat.” Does it sound familiar? Probably it does. We are not saying this viewpoint is nonsensical as indeed it makes a certain sense.

But what if you have to practice on a hardwood floor in the winter when the surface is super dry? And what if you have to perform the downward dog in such a humid condition? Then will it be possible to play safe without a mat?

Think it yourself after looking at the following advantages of having an exercise mat.

Stability and coordination

Doing yoga is a healthy, yet risky form of exercise. If you fail to balance your body during demanding poses, you run a high risk of getting injured.

To be better equipped, a yoga mat will help you stay grounded as you execute balance exercises.

Forget the uneven surface on the floor or on the carpet, and now you can have a smooth, fluffy “pillow” to sit on during asana poses.


Laying down on the bare floor during savasana poses hurt a lot, hence it’s time to escape from this dreadful prospect.

Having a yoga mat provides you with some padding for your backs, knees, elbows, and enables you to experience the full impact of the stretch.

If your sensitive joints restrict your potential, a yoga mat will help by lessening the unwanted pressure exerted on your body.

Body temperature insulation

The yoga mat on which you are sitting, lying creates a thermo-insulation between your body and the ground.

Usually, a beginner yogi practices without a mat easily suffers from a loss of heat in their body. What’s the reason behind this.

A yoga mat will keep your body warm and help prevent the heat from going grounded and your energy from passing on the floor during vigorous practice. In other words, the energy you generate gets focused on where it needs to be.


Normally, no matter how carefully cleaned the floor is, it is still home to tiny, invisible speck of dust or layers of sweat from previous practices that sensitive human skin should be separated from.

Dirty body skin because of practice can put you off from pursuing the exercises.

A yoga mat can help a lot in limiting your exposure to possible dirt and germs on the ground, hence keeping your skin free of moisture and debris.


Imagine you are in a bustling yoga studio, you may not want to share the same gym mat with other students. It is not to mention that there is usually a huge potential for bacteria or germs in a crowded populated setting.

As one yoga class ends, the next wave of eager ones is ready on the door so the trainer may not have enough time to thoroughly clean the surface.

Disease transmission is unavoidable, but you can limit it by having a gym mat of your own.

Easy maintenance

Unlike many other cumbersome work-out tools that need to be frequently updated for better use like treadmill, taking care of a gym mat is a piece of cake.

Do a simple wash-up if you have got the waterproof surface. And if you have no time to wash it, just duster its surface a little bit as it is not a dirt-absorbent item.


Yoga mats now come in various sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from. A solid color mat can be employed as your work-out tool, while a beautifully-designed mat can function as an ornament as well.

Besides, big-sized mats can be a clean and safe playground for children, while medium-sized ones can be used to rug other fitness equipment in your house.

Best choices

What is the best thickness for a gym mat?

Usually, when deciding on a gym mat to buy, people place thickness as the top priority factor to consider, and this is totally sensible. Why?

Getting the right thickness is more important than you may imagine. The thicker the gym mat, the more cushion if offers your joints, knees, generally any parts of the body throughout practices.

With a wide range of density available, pick the one that suits you best.


If you have to go on a business trip for several days, you will probably miss your yoga lessons. But think in a different way, why not bringing your gym mat with you. You may wonder which one is a suitable partner?

Exercise mat of 1/16-inch thickness is the thinnest ever on the market. Thus, it is light-weight and can fit well with your beautiful travel bag.

By the same token, transportation is easy stuff like rolling it in, fixing it with the strap, and packing it in your luggage.

This can also be an ideal option if your practice involves a series of standing poses or if you don’t crave much separation from the ground.


This is a standard thickness for an exercise mat, so it is highly versatile to be employed in various situations, and thus, it is a good pick if you desire to have one mat for different yoga-practicing purposes.

A not-too-thin, not-too-thick yoga mat like this will offer decent resilience for a secure practice, and will not be ridiculously heavy to carry with.


Here comes the thickest exercise mat available. The density is optimal, which makes the mat incredibly comfortable to meditate on. It provides superior cushion and thermo-insulation from the ground.

For the one who loves Yin and restorative yoga styles, there can’t be a better option, but ¼-inch thickness.

Some exceptional cases

If you are well into middle-aged and experience some joint or knee issues, it will be most comfortable to pick the 5 to 6 mm thickness fitness mat to have enough cushion for the knees, hips, and weak limbs. This is to make sure you are not suffering from pain when doing some yoga or pilates.

Also, the 5mm thickness helps absorb shock and vibration, preventing them from having an impact on your pose. Of course, with a denser mat like this, your body will be kept in balance.

Or if you love having some connection with the ground, try the thinner fitness mat.

Sometimes, to better cater for the special needs from the users, the extra thickness is provided by the manufacturers. But be careful to check it out before buying.

How To Clean And Wash A Fitness Mat?

Which is the best exercise mat to buy?

The Liforme Biodegradable Mat suddenly comes across as our favorite winner to buy. It comes with a non-slip surface ready for action.

Made from natural, biodegradable material covered in a polyurethane coat top to give it a soft touching and gentle feeling. Its rubber base provides a terrific grip even in hot and humid conditions.

Like any other fitness mat, its non-porous and closed-cell top player makes clean-up quite of a breeze. When it gets dirty, all you have to do is take a slightly wet smooth towel to wipe down the sweat and debris.

At first, our testers are pretty confused about the alignment markings but after trying it out, we are blown away by how effective these lines are in streamlining the whole process.

We also appreciate its generous size, with the density going beyond our expectations. The last but not least feature is that the Liforme is light enough to carry around.

What is the best gym mat for beginners?

The beginning steps are usually daunting and exhausting, so it is critically important if you have a good fitness mat to start with. For those completely new to yoga, LessConf will suggest Gaiam mat as the best pick.

What makes this brand stand out from the crowd is the fact that it impresses users, at first sight, thanks to the unique appearance. If new yogis get worn out by the strenuous exercises, they will be less likely to give up when looking at this fitness mat. It expresses a sense of perfection; thus empowers the learners to keep moving ahead for the sake of a healthy body.

Under “sweating bucket” conditions, it is by no means slippery, but the mat becomes stickier. This non-slip surface is out of this world. Feel free to stretch to your full potential with no restrictions.

Its reversible design offers more than one option to choose from. You can use either side, which fits best according to what you wear or how you are feeling.

Also, the material is latex-free, environmentally friendly, and highly absorbent, allowing to stay “as dry as a desert” during the whole practice.

Another huge plus is the affordable price, worth every penny and expectation.

A good beginning makes a good ending, so be considerate in your own choices.

Final words

The work-out satisfaction of your yoga practice is not entirely dependent on how high-quality your fitness mat is. Undeniably, some people prefer performing poses on a bare floor, while others love resting their bodies on a smooth, sticky “carpet.” It all depends.

But what does matter here is that an exercise mat speaks volumes for how the ultimate “fruit” is coming up to your expectations, whether you enjoy both comfort and happiness from the practice, and how spiritually focused your mind is. Bear in mind that a fitness mat is more than a mere fitness tool, but a determiner of your own personality.

On the market, exercise mats are created with a variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses, as well as prices. It is hard to know which one is your dream mat. So, let us do the task of shopping around for you. Seek reference here in the comprehensive roundup of the top 8 best travel yoga mats. Think deep, and choose wisely.


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