The Best Bodycraft Fitness Equipment Review

The Best Bodycraft Fitness Equipment

With the rise of technology, people are more aware of the importance of health than ever. These days, it is no longer too much of a surprise seeing gyms pop up at every single corner around your house.

After all, this trend has become more of a lifestyle for many people. Unfortunately, most of us have busy and demanding jobs. Thus, it is only natural that we do not have enough time to go for a proper workout at the gym.

The Best Bodycraft Fitness Equipment

With the kind of lifestyle that modern salary workers have, it is already a miracle that they have enough sleep. So, to fix the problem, LessConf created the home gyms. With these, there will no longer be a need to travel to the public gym to work out.

Instead, you can do so right in your house, at your own pace, without any constraint. However, to be able to do so, you must first know enough about your own training regimen and equipment.

So, let us first start with the regimen through the two most popular training methods at the moment.


In case you don’t know, they stand for Low-Intensity Steady State as well as High-Intensity Interval Training, respectively.


First of all, LessConf should get more familiar with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). So, what is it? It is more or less a hardcore take on interval workouts.

In fact, this means short, extreme bursts of effort coupling with even shorter periods of rests. Some of the more famous examples are the Tabata method as well as the Timmons and Gibala.

Just from the description, you can imagine the hell that you will go through doing this kind of training. So, why should you torture yourself with it? The answer is that HIIT is capable of boosting the fat burning process. In addition, it can also increase as well as speed up the rate of resting metabolism.

Of course, these are all scientifically proven traits. Furthermore, this training has the bonus advantage of being quick enough to perform in the lunch hour.

If you like the outlook that this training provides, remember that it should only be done thrice a week. Start the workout somewhere between 5 and 6 PM. After all, at this time of day, the cardiovascular system is at the most efficient, which is also proven scientifically.

For the beginners, LessConf recommends that you begin through 3 intervals, each has 20 seconds of work. You can rest 10 seconds between each interval. After your body has familiarized itself with this training method, you can build it slowly up to 8 intervals.


More often referred to as Low-Intensity Steady State, LISS training is a relatively new training method.

The method has become quite popular thanks to its incredible capability to burn fat. Just like what you think when seeing the name, it is quite the opposite of the HIIT training method.

Instead of aiming to push yourself to the breaking point with each short interval, this method aims at light exercises. In fact, its main focus is doing exertion on a low level for a continuously long period.

This kind of training can be incorporating any of the low endurance training exercises. For example, cycling, swimming or walking. However, they all must be performed at a relaxing level. A perfect example is hiking, as you will not push the body too much by doing so.

What is BodyCraft Fitness Equipment?

So, after getting familiar with the training regimes, it is now time to prepare the equipment!

As you can guess, at the moment, there are quite a lot of stores selling gym equipment. After all, it has proven itself to be quite a great market.

Among all the currently available gym equipment stores, BodyCraft is one of the more reputable ones. Being in business since 1994, they have made it their mission to help as many people as possible with their training.

Their passion lies in making the ultimate product with maximum motivation, affordability, design, variety, and safety. Every single product that they build has the purpose of fulfilling those goals.

Each of their machines is motivating and fun even from the design. After all, they all have the same philosophy of helping you in building a better body through each workout.

The products are all usable for home gyms. When you buy things from BodyCraft, you can rest assured that the quality will never be a problem. You can use the equipment as much as you’d like as they are designed to last a lifetime!

List of best BodyCraft Exercise equipment


With these guys, you will never have to put the training on hold just because of rain! Additionally, BodyCraft designed the treadmills so that they can provide their users with a comfortable and simple experience.

If you are looking for the best possible treadmills, the ones that BodyCraft offers can be the best candidates. These guys do not build things from inexpensive materials, but they build things that last. While another company may have cut corners with cheap materials, BodyCraft only uses the most fitting.

Like all the other stuff at BodyCraft, the treadmills all have ergonomic designs. They have considered every single detail while designing the treadmills. A perfect example would be the hood that was purposefully cut out.

This is to allow the highest possible treadmill incline level. In addition, it can also prevent the users from kicking the treadmill’s top while inclining.

Even the treadmills’ handle rails are specifically placed where users are most likely to put their hands on during a workout.

The BodyCraft treadmill has a unique blue LED light display. Its display is quite easy to use due to the size and the placing of the buttons.


If you have previous experience with rowers, you will agree with me that not just any rower can cut it. After all, using rowers can help you burn a lot more calories with less time than biking or running.

In addition, it can provide you a way to reduce stress, improve your flexibility, weight loss, or even cardiovascular endurance.

However, it does not mean that just about any rower can be great for you. To have the best results, you will need one that covers a lot of aspects.

With BodyCraft rowers, they utilize Air and Eddy Current Resistance tech. Thus, they can offer you the widest resistance range. Furthermore, they have designed the rowers so that you can easily fold them up. Thus, you can actually save a bunch of space.


BodyCraft has spent over 10 years of researching and development to bring forth the best of ellipticals. They have carefully engineered and designed these to match the most natural arm swings and strides.

The ellipticals from BodyCraft are all self-generating that will help their users to get a full and optimal body workout.

Once you get an elliptical from BodyCraft, you will be given a 10-year warranty on parts. In addition, there is also a lifetime frame warranty.


If you are looking to remodel your routine by incorporating a new cardio form, cycling is a great choice. After all, it can get the heart pumping and the blood moving while not putting much pressure on the joints.

But to have a great cycling workout, you will need a high-quality bike. At BodyCraft, that is no longer a problem.

The bikes here all have the most compact of design, so you will be able to save valuable space. BodyCraft built these bikes with belt drives so that they can have maintenance-free and smooth performance.

So, what should you do?

All in all, it is an excellent idea nowadays to build your own home gym if you can afford it. However, before doing so, you should first make sure that you understand enough about your own regimen. Besides, you should also know a little about the equipment that you will be using.

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