Can I Watch TV on My Phone?

TV on My Phone

This fast-paced life and cut-throat competition have made people feel like they are running in a marathon in which there is no time to stop and rest. This is the reality of today that people like to do everything on the go, we all are living on set schedules and time frames so much that it almost feels like living in a simulation. That’s why we are living on ready-to-eat meals, fast commutes, rapid transmission mediums, and portable gadgets that can be carried everywhere.  Simple things like watching TV have also gone portable. Yes, you heard that right, now in the age of technology, you can watch TV on your phone and many other devices while on the go and it’s only thanks to the internet that it has become possible. But this begs the question how? And we have written this piece exactly to educate how our readers can watch TV on their phones.

Well, TV and cable have always been the favorite pastime activity for many Americans, and it has been for generations. Ever since the TV was introduced back in the 50s people loved the technology and received it with great response. This response was the only thing that made cable TV reign the visual entertainment industry for decades without any serious competition. 

It is only in the past decade that people were introduced to the world of streaming, the portability factor of streaming services is the thing that made the public switch their stance in favor of these internet-based options. That is why we are having these questions on how TV can be switched to portable mediums because no matter how fierce the competition is people still have a very dear place for TV in their hearts. 

Cord Cutting Trend

As much as people love TV there is no denying the fact that it comes with its fair share of hassles, these hassles can be in form installations, the mess of cables, or simply the overpriced cost of services. Since after the pandemic the financial situation of the majority is not that good and people are trying to save money in any way, this has resorted them to cord-cutting. Cord-cutting is a growing trend in which people are ditching their traditional cable TV setups over internet-based mediums like streaming apps. 

But it is also a fact that as of today streaming alone is not the best alternative to TV in terms of content variety so people are looking to watch TV as well over digital mediums. Companies like Cox cable have already realized this shift and are now giving their own streaming apps with their cable packages.

Since we already discussed how people are preferring portable means to watch their favorite content like smartphones on which they can do literally anything, so why not TV? Keeping this in view there are many options for how users can watch TV on their phones while saving themselves from the hassles and also cutting the cost along the way. 

How to Watch TV on Phone?

Technology has come a long way, especially after the internet this pace of technological evolution has been increased by leaps and bounds. The internet is such an adaptable piece of technology that it seamlessly integrates into all fields of life. The entertainment industry is one such field that has experienced enormous growth after the involvement of the internet and the reason you can watch TV on your phone is also because of the internet. Below we are going to talk about some of the internet-based mediums that allow users to watch TV on their phones. 

Cable Provider’s Apps

As we discussed earlier the majority of consumers were cutting their cords and were switching to internet-based means seeing the ease and convenience that they provided. When this trend gained significant momentum many service providers realized that this was a direct threat to their businesses, so as a counter many of these major cable providers including Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, and AT&T launched their own streaming apps so that users won’t have to switch to streaming mediums.

Now, these apps are standard and are included in almost all TV packages from these providers. Apart from TV packages many companies also offer just streaming TV services through these apps. These apps allow users to watch live TV including all the channels which are included in their cable pack, with on-demand content as well. Many new apps also give users the option of cloud DVR so that they can record their favorite shows and watch them at a later time. 

Live TV Apps

Just like streaming, there are now apps that allow you to watch live content. There are many platforms like Hulu+, YouTube TV, Fubo, and Sling TV that allow users to stream live TV. These apps are similar to cable TV apps but they work on a model similar to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These apps have different subscription plans that give access users access to certain channel lineups. 

On the downside is that these apps are quite new so the content and channel library is not vast enough as compared to standard cable TV but even though if you’re looking to watch TV on your phone these apps should be your best bet as most of them are available for all major Android and Apple phones. 

Channels Apps

Apart from Live TV apps and streaming apps by cable providers, there are now apps developed by TV networks themselves that have the option to live stream that particular channel on their phone. The most notable examples are Fox, CNN, and ESPN, all these networks have their own apps that allow users to live stream their content. 

The best part about channels apps is that they are mostly free and users can use them without paying anything, even the ones who are not free don’t cost that much. This is a trend that is followed mostly by news and sports network so if you are a fan of live sports or news broadcasts, do give them a try. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that even though cable TV is a loved entertainment medium it is way past its prime time. Now it has fierce competition with streaming giants and honestly, so far TV is losing the game. TV needs to evolve with the technology if it needs to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, and these live TV apps are a step towards that. 

We wish to see TV grow and evolve even more in this technologically advanced world and who knows that in the future we might be enjoying both TV and streaming together on our phones and smart TVs.


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