Celebration Occasions in Australia



Australians are relatively young, so they have more than just their fair share of events and celebrations. We understand that Australia does great harm if we do not take part in a sombre Anzac Day march through the CBD or barbecue under the sun at Bondi Beach.

Australia offers a unique look into the cultural quirks that make it the globally recognized nation it is today. Hence, here are Australia’s most definitive events and celebrations, in no particular order.

Sydney Festival 

Australia’s Sydney Festival is held every year in January and attracts hundreds of local and international artists. Any genre of music, dance, theatre, or comedy is covered at the Sydney Festival. As part of its annual Open and Closing Days, Hyde Park and the Domain gather over 100,000 people. In this event, you have to see the world’s most picturesque harbor as a backdrop. People with great interest come here with their friends, dating partner and family. For dating partner check this Blind Dating Sydney.

This festival uses more than 30 venues across the city including Sydney Opera House, Seymour Center and Sydney Theater as well as parks, laneways and even street corners. It presents more than 1500 artists from Australia and around the globe.

Chinese New Year

Chinese people that are living in Australia mainly celebrate this day. The celebrations of Chinese New Year are popular among Australians of all ethnic backgrounds. Even traditional dances and elaborate firework displays attract a crowd eager to soak up the culture of one of Australia’s largest ethnic groups, and culinary and artistic specialties offer a unique taste of Asia in Australia. People have lots of fun.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is celebrating almost all over the world. Every Country celebrates in its way. People make commitments to themselves that what they will do whole year. Also, Sydney hosts an amazing firework display over Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve. Sydney sees thousands of people clambering for the best viewing spots, but the rest of the country is also celebrating, with events held across the country.

Mardi Gras 

Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade captures the spirit of its international counterparts. A procession of colorful floats flutters in the streets, often accompanied by thousands of revelers. Mardi Gras originated in 1978 as a parade to promote gay and lesbian rights in many parts of the world. Despite being a celebration of LGBT rights, the event hosts people of all ages, resulting in a street party of epic proportions.

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Australian Day 


Australian day is the National Day of Australia. Australia was raised on the world on 26 January 1788. This day marks the arrival of the first fleet of European Settlers. Across the world there are a lot of Australians using the day to celebrate Australian culture, and family and friends gather around a BBQ to enjoy what is normally a beautiful summer day. 

Melbourne Cup Day

Victoria hosts the Melbourne Cup Day, but it doesn’t stop the rest of Australia from participating. Many organizations in the country hold office parties and dress up competitions to watch the main race. Usually held on the first Tuesday of November, it is referred to as the Race that stops a Nation. Melbourne Cup Day draws in over 100,000 people at the historic Flemington Racecourse and attracts a television audience of over 650 million people worldwide. The atmosphere generated on Melbourne Cup Day is nothing short of captivating. To find your partner you can check Blind Dating Melbourne . 


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