The Most Common Property Survey Issues: What Could Lead To A Collapsed Sale?

Common Property Survey Issues: What Could Lead To A Collapsed Sale

When it comes to selling, the survey on your home is always the most nerve-wracking time. There are many hidden things that could be revealed, that can not only lead to a reduction in price, but could see an entire sale collapse. That can cause major issues, especially if you’re in a chain. But what are the most common property survey issues and what is the cost to get them fixed? 

Below you’ll find the top five property survey issues found…


Asbestos can be one of the biggest property survey issues found and it’s no quick or cheap fix either.

It will cost you around £2,500 to remove and of course there are many health risks that can occur if not dealt with safely and sufficiently. 

It’s most commonly found in older properties and is absolutely vital to get removed.

Structural Subsidence or Movement

This is one of the costliest issues found to come out of surveys and can cost tens of thousands of pounds, which to some is simply unrepairable in the short term.

For issues like this, many find themselves unable to sell on the open market, and often look to the likes of Fast Cash Property and other quick sale property experts, who will buy properties in any condition.

It can prove a good way to sell your house, especially if you are potentially already stuck in a chain when the unveiling of the structural damage is revealed. 

Japanese Knotweed

It may look rather pleasant but Japanese Knotweed is a silent killer, on homes anyway.

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It can cause huge damage to a home and can grow more than 7ft if left unattended, which can lead to having to fork out thousands to get it removed.

It can cause serious damage to the structure of a home and things such as garden walls, pathways and driveways and is always worth eradicating early.


Damp is perhaps the most common issue found during a survey and can cost around £2,500-£3,000 in some of the more severe cases to repair.

It can really put off a buyer as not only can it cause structural damage, it’s unsightly and can cause health problems too.

To ensure your home doesn’t suffer from damp you should keep it well ventilated, with items such as dehumidifiers helping with this. 

Insulation Issues

There’s a huge interest in energy efficiency when it comes to buying a home these days, so insulation problems can put buyers off.

These issues are often highlighted on surveys and poor insulation problems can cost between £500-£1,500 to fix.

Your Energy Performance Certificate, which you’re required to supply to a buyer by law will offer insight into how energy efficient your home is and the better the rating, the more value you’ll add to your home.


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