Compress Your PDFs: 3 Best Compression Tools for Your Files


If you want to send or share documents online, a PDF file is mostly the format used because it gives convenience to every user, and it’s also reliable. When you process some of your data to a PDF file, it will protect and maintain the formats even after you transfer them. On the other hand, some of the PDF files are large files that may cause complexity to send or share because of its size. 

But you don’t have to stress yourself because this article will guide you in learning what the other trustworthy PDF compressors are. Below are the tools that can assist you with your PDF file compression.


If you begin using PDF Bear as a tool to compress PDF files, it is pretty handy that everyone can do it with simple instructions and few clicks. Because of its simple and understandable procedure, many have suggested this site. Aside from the compressing tool that PDF Bear can give, it also has multiple features like merging, converting, splitting, etc. It is an online-based software, so search for it, and it will immediately appear. And with that, every people around the globe can utilize PDF Bear wherever they are.

Suppose you choose PDF Bear as your tool to keep all your files privately and make you feel secure. It assures you that it preserves your data nonpublic and private. Its system abruptly deletes your data after you upload your PDF file, and after an hour, it will be gone from the site. And another good thing about PDF Bear? It is cost-free, recognized by many platforms, and it will not snatch your device’s memory.


IrfanView is already a well-known image viewer, and its service is also free. Although this tool is used to manipulate images, some people use it with the right plugin for their PDFs. To allow users to view and compress their PDF files, IrfanView needs you to have the IMPDF plugin. You have to download and install Irfanview, and afterward, download the IMPDF and all the essential plugin set up, and install it.

Neevia PDFcompress

This last in the list is also worthy to rely on in compressing your PDF files, Neevia PDFcompress helps every user to operate when they compress their PDF files manually. In contrast, this software is not for amateurs or beginners because the result may not satisfy them. For some people, it may not be the best compression tool compared to other software. However, it allows users to manage the compression process, bookmarks, tags, or annotations of the PDF file entirely.

People that use Neevia PDFcompress can merely compress files in under 10MB, but they have the software with a paid version that offers the same options, but you can still use it offline, and you can also take advantage of the encryption feature. This version helps you reduce and compress the file size up to 6.8MB.


If you keep handling PDF files with massive file size, you have nothing to worry about because all the mentioned above will surely help you with your problem. It will thoroughly reduce the size of the file without hassle. Using these tools, compressing data becomes fast and easy, and you are done by a quick second. The most suggested software is the PDF Bear, aside from its free service, it’s also secure software.


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