Coronavirus Double Mutant Samples Have Been Found In India

Coronavirus Double Mutant Samples Have Been Found In India

The latest news from India reveals that coronavirus double mutant samples are present in the country. It is now time for medical custom football jerseys custom made football jerseys OSU Jerseys 49ers jersey custom made football jerseys johnny manziel jersey asu jersey detroit lions jersey 49ers jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms micah parsons jersey asu jersey College Football Jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey OSU Jerseys officials to determine whether the interaction of the two mutants is less or more dangerous. Also, it is now essential to find out how the coronavirus double mutant samples against the vaccines that are available in India.

In the meantime, over 10,800 samples were collected from over 18 Indian states. What comes forward is a very straightforward scenario. There are a total of 771 cases of common variants. Moreover, 736 out of these match the UK variant, one to the Brazilian variant, and 34 matches to the South African variant. However, medical experts of India are suggesting that the recent spike in cases has no relation with the coronavirus double mutant samples.

As per the most recent covid reports from all across the country, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, has the maximum infection record. The total number of new cases is reaching a 48,000 mark, almost with reports of over 275 deaths.

Research is on to find out more about the coronavirus double mutant samples

The INSACOG or Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics consists of 10 laboratories from all over the country. These are teams that work under the supervision of the Indian Health Ministry and usually carry out genomic sequencing on new samples. The process helps to analyze the total genetic nature of any organism, which is coronavirus here.

The primary reason for doing the sequencing is that a proper genetic code acts like a manual or guide that furthers research. Moreover, viral mutations are prevalent and yet highly insignificant.

Studying such modifications without genomic results will never bring out any idea about an organism’s infection-causing or transmission capability. However, there is information that the South African and UK variant lineages are highly infectious and deadlier.

The identification of the double mutants is quite alarming

According to Shahid Jameel, a famous virologist, the f presence of double mutant samples is alarming enough. It is already proof that the risk is more this time. Besides, the spike protein will trigger the escape of the virus from a person’s immune system.

Here, spike protein refers to that part of an organism that it utilizes to get inside the human cells. According to the Indian government, there is a sample analysis from Maharashtra.

It shows a rising number of samples of the L452R and E484Q mutations. This is a comparative scenario of December 2020 figures against the picture at present. According to Dr. Jameel, the amalgamation of these two variants may form a new variant now, which can be deadlier.

The Indian government is still denying that the current scenario has any relation with the double mutants. On the contrary, India is now the fifth nation worldwide to work on the genome sequencing of the coronavirus. The teams first went on to isolate some of the initial COVID cases in the country. Now, they are working on analyzing the total trend starting from January 2020 to now.


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