Coronavirus Vaccine From Russia Will Be Available to Public in October

Russia coronavirus vaccine

The health authorities of Russia to start production of the Coronavirus vaccine in bulk. Moreover, it will tentatively be available for the public in October.

Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation told the media that teachers and doctors would get first preference in terms of getting the Coronavirus vaccine.  Further, the health regulators will approve the vaccine in August and it will be available for sale in October.

US researchers raise questions over Russia’s Coronavirus vaccine

There are speculations around the “hurry approach” of Russia’s remarkable invention of their first Coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an expert on Infectious Disease research from the US said that the he expected both China and Russia to test their vaccines first before giving them to the patients. He also said that the US would be able to come with a secured and effective Coronavirus vaccine at the end of 2020 if all the planning goes well.

There are over 20 COVID-19 vaccine trials going on worldwide. Dr. Anthony Fauci said to lawmakers that there would be hardly any possibility of any research around the globe which would come up with an effective Coronavirus vaccine much ahead of time than US researchers.

Russia completed COVID-19 vaccine trials

Mr. Murashko told Interfax news that the clinical testing of the vaccine had been completed in the Gamaleya Institute, Moscow. However, the official paperwork to register the vaccine is yet to be done.

He claimed that Russia planned to make the vaccine available widely in October itself. Gamaleya Institute of Russia got remarkable results after having the initial clinical trials of the vaccine in July. Also, he said that the scientists came up with this adenovirus-based vaccine.

Russia’s intelligence agency allegedly worked in collaboration with a hacking group

The US, Canada, and UK security service accused Russia of hacking different establishments involved in the research of the Coronavirus vaccine. They were apparently extracting the research information wrongly.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom said that they were sure that the hacking group named The Dukes or Cozy Bear was working with the intelligence service agency of Russia. The hacking group has another name which is APT29.

Andrei Kelin, ambassador of the Russian embassy in the UK, called the accusations false. He said to the BBC there was no sense in those hacking claims.


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