COVID-19 Flu Shot: Experts Tell Us When to Get an Influenza Vaccine

COVID-19 Flu Shot: Experts Tell Us When to Get an Influenza Vaccine

Summer 2020 is almost over, and the pandemic does not seem to leave us anytime soon. Now that it is nearly time for the fall season, health concerns are only increasing. The primary concern is the arrival of the common flu, which worsens during the falls. Therefore, we must now gear up for a double threat of COVID-19 and influenza. Moreover, the health experts from all across the globe are issuing warnings for a “twindemic.” Therefore, it is essential to know more about a COVID-19 flu shot and when to take it.

According to medical experts, social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, and proper tests are still ideal protection methods. However, an accurate COVID-19 flu shot may reduce the chances of contamination considerably. So, you may now start thinking of getting vaccination along with the previous set of safety guidelines.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Primary Care Physicians, and flu specialists recommend a coronavirus flu shot as soon as the fall season arrives. The flu season indeed lasts until the end of Spring. However, the infection and outbreak reach its peak in December and January.

According to medical experts, once you get a vaccination, the incubation period remains for the next two weeks. It is the minimum time required for a proper build-up of antibodies. Therefore, if you get a shot during this time, the body will get enough time to build up immunity. As a result, your body will combat any infection during the flu season’s peak.

When is the right time to take a COVID-19 flu shot?

A hospital epidemiologist and infection specialist Jennifer Lighter assure that the longevity of a COVID-19 flu shot is a minimum of six months. Dr. Lighter works at the NYU Langone Health. The early fall season is especially crucial for older adults or people over 65 years. The primary reason for their weakness is that their systems are unable to create the same level of antibodies or immunity compared to a young person.

According to pediatrician David Buchholz, a person’s age is a crucial determining factor in this case. Dr. Buchholz, who works as a founding medical doctor at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, suggests that the older adults must also get a higher dose of the vaccine.

Apart from the older adults, children below nine years are also prone to the infection. Especially if a child is getting the COVID-19 flu shot for the first time, he must get a double dose. According to pediatrician David Buchholz, children must get the first dose in September. As a result, their immune systems will become ready for the next dose in November. On the other hand, the CDC suggests that every person above six months must undergo the vaccination process.

Dr. Buchholz believes that not many people will experience the process. The primary reason is the constant fear of infection if they visit a pharmacy. However, if everyone is adhering to the basic safety guidelines, there is no problem going for vaccination.

Availability of a COVID-19 flu shot

Experts suggest that the health care officers looking after the vaccination process must adhere to the social distancing norms. Their ignorance to learn about continuous updates about preventive health can be a problem. The primary concern is the probability of a community outbreak. As a result, the fear of a “twindemic” may come true.

You must know that a COVID-19 flu shot is available at every clinic. It is also available at a majority of local pharmacies, pop-up clinics, and community medical centers. Moreover, you can avail of the vaccine under your regular insurance coverage or free of cost.

According to Dr. Buchholz, there is a possibility of the flu as well as COVID-19 infection at the same time. In medical terms, this situation is called a co-infection. On the contrary, if a vast number of people contract either COVID or the flu, it is still a problem. The figures for active cases will start rising again, and there are chances of a healthcare system breakdown. However, the good news is that adhering to the medical and general safety guidelines for coronavirus may work in the flu.

Since the infections are of the same type, a proper COVID-19 flu shot may work in favor of both. The fact that both viruses spread through droplets causing respiratory disorders says it all.

Does vaccination guaranty 100% protection?

Getting proper vaccination still does not guarantee a complete safeguard from the viruses. However, it is undoubtedly an added protective measure. Besides, the COVID-19 flu shot comes with a 50% infection prevention efficacy. So, if you get an infection despite proper vaccination, chances of severity in symptoms are meager. Therefore, keeping your immunity steady with a vaccine is of utmost importance during a pandemic.

Flu and coronavirus symptoms are highly similar. For example, a person gets a fever, breathlessness, respiratory issues, body aches, fatigue, and more are common symptoms. In both cases, a severity in these symptoms may end in hospitalization or even death.

Undergoing a COVID-19 flu shot process will make sure that none of the severe results take place. Ultimately, Dr. Buchholz says that we must try all that helps in the prevention of the virus. Besides, getting a vaccination will not just help in your protection. It means that there will be no chance of you to pass on the infection to someone else.


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