Six Must-have Crossfit Fitness Equipment For Home Use

crossfit equipment for home

Is it too much gym equipment nowadays? Is it hard for you to choose the best one?

I used to be like you.

After many years of seeking assistance from personal trainers and specialists, I have purchased several fitness devices for my home gym. From my perspective, most of them are worth my money, but one or two equipment doesn’t.

And this list above will include my available CrossFit fitness equipment and those from my personal trainer’s recommendations, as well.

Some will surely match up to your expectations, but some won’t. Or what if we just hit it off?

Follow me now!

HIIT cardio

Are you doing HIIT to burn more calories?

According to the study, one hour of HIIT exercise burns 1000 calories nine times as much as regular intensity exercises.

Although if you do HIIT cardio, you only need to spend three days of the week. But work and study prevent you from going to the gym. That’s why having a home gym with CrossFit exercise equipment for HIIT is essential.

Here are some choices that you can take into consideration for your home gym

Assault Fitness Airbike

Let me introduce you to one of the most difficult CrossFit equipment in the world, Assault Fitness Airbike.

When I asked my PT about the best CrossFit equipment, he immediately suggested me buying Assault Fitness Airbike. It is very familiar to CrossFit athletes.

When you use this equipment, you will find it durable and smooth because it is stabled with twenty sealed ball bearings throughout the frame and pivot points.

Also, it is straightforward to use. When you need to practice, then jump up and start a workout. With Assault fitness air bike, you can do HIIT cardio at home without the assistance from your PT because of its seven programmed exercises.

However, this equipment doesn’t have heart rate monitors. But you can purchase it individually if you need it.

The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro

The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro

The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro

As its name implies, we can know precisely that the proform HIIT trainer pro is mainly intended for HIIT workout.

When I do the workout on The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro, I feel that my body is trained evenly. Unlike those traditional stepping machines, its movement is more like an elliptical cross.

When you train with this fitness equipment, it will put less pressure on your knee and help you function more conveniently. The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro will be a suitable choice for you.

The combination of stepping and punching with the handles works effectively in increasing your heart rate. This equipment will meet your demand for HIIT training because 34 of them are loaded with programmed HIIT training.

The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro will follow your exercise intensity carefully by providing you 26 levels of resistance, which enables you to pull the strength up and get the most from your HIIT training sessions.

The only biggest drawback to this Perform HIIT Training Pro is that it is wobbling during operation.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7

Save the best for last is the Bowflex Max Trainer M7, which is especially intended for HIIT workouts at home gym.

There are similarities between The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro and this Bowflex Max Trainer M7. The manufacturers design it for complete body training with elliptical step legs and punching arms.

Although this fitness equipment has 11 training programs, it has many options to challenge users and keep them entertained and motivated.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 costs twice as much as The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro. Is it worth your money?

It absolutely is.

When LessConf performed a workout on the Bowflex Max Trainer M7, my legs, feet, and hands feel all the comfort due to the oversized pedals and the multi-grip handles. To sum up, this fitness equipment is worth your money because it keeps the user’s convenience to the maximum.

The only downside of the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is its price. Apart from everything, M7 is an excellent product.

However, If you haven’t afforded to purchase this equipment, you can focus on another choice, The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro, which is more functional and priced.

LISS cardio

I’m not doing HIIT cardio. Instead, LessConf prefer LISS more.

For those who are very busy, doing LISS is very convenient, and you can do it anywhere outside and inside the gym, with or without PT.

Jogging, riding to study or work, going swimming, or using some fitness equipment such as a rowing machine would be a nice and effective LISS activity.

However, on windy and rainy days, having a home gym with essential CrossFit equipment for LISS is a good idea.

Here are some options for you.

Concept Model D

The first option in my highly-recommend list for LISS cardio at your home gym is the Concept Model D.

This rower is very stable. That’s why you can use it for a long time and feel at ease when doing the workout.

Moreover, Concept Model D’s intensive training program enables you to do LISS cardio at home without a PT. You can also follow your training results easily via the Concept2 app or on your computer.

Also, thanks to the air resistance of Concept Model D, you can quickly know whether your equipment has a problem or not.

When you use Concept Model D, you can compete with other Concept2 users through the PM5 display. Sound so exciting, right?

I highly recommend this fitness equipment because the flywheel of the rower makes the device noiseless. You can use it anytime and anywhere in a day without hearing your family and neighbor’s complaint.

Stamina ATS Air Rower

Stamina ATS Air Rower

Stamina ATS Air Rower

The 2nd rank in my list will go to Stamina ATS Air Rower. Every time I do a workout with this rower, I feel very smooth and constant.

Unlike the other rowing machine, Stamina ATS Air Rower uses an air resistance system that does not regulate the voltage level by users, which means that your movement will decide your equipment’s strength. Pull harder to get more power.

The manufacturer designs this rower with the floorboards, an easy-to-read LCD, a padding handle, and a comfortable seat to help your workouts more convenient.

Furthermore, Stamina ATS Air rower promises not to scratch your floor because it has floor protection.

Unfortunately, there is a significant downside of Stamina ATS Air Rower that it is noisier than those above rowing machines because of the quite short slide rail.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic SF-RW5515

Sunny health & fitness magnetic rowing machine SF- RW5515

And the last one in my list is Sunny health & fitness magnetic rowing machine.

I really like this fitness equipment.

I think you may do it, too.

With the latest and most accurate antimagnetic mechanism, The Sunny SF-RW5515 is compact enough to place in your house. It won’t annoy other people also.

An LCD enables you to follow your workout progress and choose your suitable resistance. However, It is a little small so that you may come across some inconvenience.

The Sunny SF- RW5515 provides a sitting with padding and large-sized pedals for your comfortable riding. Furthermore, you feel easier to row thanks to its integrated wheels.

One big plus for this fitness equipment is its affordable price.

To sum up, I think Sunny SF-RW5515 is a suitable choice for your home gym for LISS cardio.

The Last Words

Below is some CrossFit equipment that I have learned from experience. I hope you can choose your suitable one.

If you think my information is helpful, please share it with everyone who may need it. Thank you for reading.


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