Britney Spears Fans Cry Out For Her Relief: Is It The Right Time To End The Conservatorship?


You have probably come across the hashtag #FreeBritney on social media. There have been speculations that Britney Spears, the pop star, is not in control of her life. The singer faced a public mental breakdown over a decade ago and has since been under a conservatorship.

Following her recent posts on Instagram and Twitter, most of her fans have shown so much concern about the singer’s future and gone as far as making her issue trend on the internet. Today, Britney, who is in her late thirties, is held in a conservatorship which limits how she can make decisions such as buying online slots or changing her career.

Most people, including her family, have had a lot to say about the singer’s situation and future, including her sister Jamie Lynn and father, who is her conservator.

There is more to know about Britney Spears trending on most social media platforms, and this article looks forward to giving you the explanation to her recent unfolding.

The now-famous, #FreeBritney movement came on the limelight when the singer was spotted entering a psychiatric facility, which most people believe was against her wishes.

#FreeBritney is the hashtag Spears’s fans use to follow rumors about her conservatorship — under which Spears answers to a mandated caregiver — and to advocate for its end. Together, they compare notes on anonymous reports about Spears’s living situation, pore through the posts her friends and relatives have “liked” recently, and work to decode Spears’s enigmatic social media presence. In April 2020, they held a protest in Los Angeles demanding Spears be released.

However, with her recent posts on Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, most of her fans now believe it’s right time the courts let her free of the conservatorship. Spears’ clips and images on social media has changed the public perception about her and attracted thousands of signatures from her concerned fans. Most of her fans want her freed up from the conservatorship.

The singer’s petition on conservatorship states that her conservator, also her father, is issued all the rights to full control over her life. That includes all the decisions she makes about her career, relationships, and finances.

In the United States conservatorship is used primarily on individuals with chronic mental issues or those who’ve experienced coma and are unable to reason or act on their own.

Britney has been more active on social media, especially Twitter, interacting and engaging her fans.

She seems mentally okay and ready to face life with its horns if we are to judge by her latest posts on Instagram. The singer admits that people may not like what she posts on her social media, but the most important thing she wants people to know is that she is living her life to the fullest and that she is out to inspire people and realize true happiness.

What You Should Know About Conservatorship

Conservatorship is a form of US guardianship law. It guarantees a conservator the rights to manage financial affairs and help another person in life decisions if the person is going through a mental or physical limitation, for instance, if he or she has suffered some mental illness or severe depression.

When you are not able to make your own life decisions, or you are suffering dementia, conservatorship law should come to your rescue. The judge will assign someone, a conservator, the responsibility of helping you to in decision making, especially on matters of finance.

There Are Two Types Of Conservator: Conservator Of Person And Conservator Of Estate

Conservator of person cares for the conservatee’s physical and mental well-being, while conservator of estate protects the conservatee’s finances. Both roles require that the conservators keep the court informed on the conservatee’s status and require court approval for major decisions.

Conservatorship is designed to be the solution to the problem of a legal adult who has a brain injury or mental health condition that leaves them unable to care for their lives properly. Instead, the courts assign someone else to do so for them. 

The courts implemented conservatorship on Britney Spears way back in 2008 when it was confirmed that the singer was suffering a mental breakdown. The conservatorship has been active for over a decade now, and it means her conservator is in full control of her finance, health decisions, estates, and important life decisions like how to run her career.

In most cases, a conservator may have the sole rights to determine where the affected individual lives, sign her tax forms and revoke an attorney on her behalf.

While most of her fans believe that conservatorship is putting Spears in some ‘bondage’, others have a contrary opinion. For instance, her manager, Larry Rudolph, believes that being under a conservatorship is the best thing for the talented singer.

He believes that being under conservatorship has helped the singer control her finances and do everything she cannot do on her own at the moment. However, following a recent judge’s evaluation of the Spears case, we can anticipate that the singer will soon be freed from conservatorship and live normally.

What Is The Family Saying About The Conservatorship?

“Well, all we can say is that Spears family is behind her and they are doing all they can to ensure she is okay. Of course, it is not easy to surrender your life to someone and let them dictate how you behave. Agreeing to stick with the conservatorship was not an easy decision for Britney, but we believe this far it has helped her a lot,” said Bryan, Spears’ brother.

Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn has also been active on social media responding to comments from the public about her sister case. In the recently deleted posts, she acknowledges that it is important that everyone, including Spears’ fans, respect that her family decisions to put her sister on conservatorship was for her own good. She also admits that her sister is unstoppable and will come out of her current state stronger than before.

While Spears father remains the sole conservator in her case, her mother has also made some effort to have a say. As ET Online reports, Spears’ mother had signed a request with the courts to grant her permission to involve herself in the singer’s matters.


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