Daily Habits That Will Transform Your Body in the New Year

Transform Your Body

It takes between three and six months to develop a new habit to Transform Your Body. Many New Year’s resolutions go the wayside. To truly change your body in the new year, you must develop habits to work into existing routines. The most successful practices either restructure or replace current habits. The process is not always easy, but if you remain diligent, the results for your body and your life will be recognizable. 

Change Up Your Morning Routine to Transform Your Body

Most people already have some morning routine in place. Whether it be to wake up before everyone else and head to the gym before showering and heading to work or oversleeping and showering for hangover recovery before sneaking into work right before anyone notices you’re late, you’ve committed to your mornings being a certain way.

Transforming your life and your body will be a challenge. It is exponentially more straightforward to take something away than add it to a routine. So, to help your body, take away the shower in the morning. Shower the night before and wash your face in the morning. This swap will enable you to get an extra 30 or more minutes of shut-eye.

Rethink Your Bedtime Rituals to Transform Your Body

The same goes for your bedtime routine. You head to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash up, put on pajamas, and hit the sheets, only to scroll or watch television, or both, for the next two hours instead of nourishing your body with vital rest.

Take away the phone and television. Place your phone in the bedside drawer for safekeeping and no light pollution. Turn the tv off, place the remote next to your phone, and shut the drawer tight. Again, it is easier to remove something from your routine than add it.

Small Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

As your body gains renewed energy for movement and clarity, you can begin to add in new changes and habits that will help you make transformations in the new year. 

Food Swaps 

Swapping out less nutritional items for more nutrient-dense ingredients is a life hack that you’ll never step back from again. You can make mac and cheese with butternut squash, nutritional yeast subs in for cheese sprinkles, and pasta can be made with zucchini noodles; the possibilities for digestive relief and weight loss are truly endless.


When you get stressed, your brain releases hormones adrenaline and cortisol to enact your fight or flight response. Prolonged stress can cause the build-up of cortisol in the body. Cortisol build-up has been linked to significant weight gain, so reducing long-term anxiety is essential for weight loss and maintenance. Try adding meditation or regular exercise to your routine. 


Reflection is the path to improvement. By journaling your progress, missteps, and any detox products, you can look back at patterns and identify areas of improvement. Areas of professional guidance might include exercise, nutritional information, and medicine. 

Begin transforming your body in the new year by making minor changes to your daily habits.


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