The Best Dumbell Back Exercises You Should Try

Dumbell Back Exercises
Dumbell Back Exercises

Do you want to build your back muscle, but you don’t have the right equipment to perform back exercises? Well, you don’t need any equipment. With these dumbell back exercises, you can build massive back muscle easily and quickly at home.

Developing your back muscles is crucial. Strong back muscles can help you prevent shoulder injury, improve body posture, and get a dynamic physique. If you have nothing but dumbbells to work out, here are the best dumbbell back exercises you can do every day.

Dumbell Back Exercises: Dumbbell Row

One of the most popular back exercises out there, the dumbbell row, helps you attack both the rhomboids and lats. And if done correctly, it can go a long way in helping you build serious core strength.

For starters, you need to keep your shoulders and hips square to the ground. Just ensure that you don’t leave your back rounded or loose. This exercise is best performed on a high surface, ideally 1-1.5 ft. long.

Elevated Plank Row Hold

This exercise may not be ideal for beginners, but if you can do it properly, it can give a major boost to your back muscle and core strength. In the elevated plank row hold, you need to establish an elevated plank position. Again, you can use a heightened surface to hold onto the position.

Once you’re in the position, row the dumbbell upwards and keep pulling at as high as you can. Once you’ve reached the threshold, hold the dumbbell for a few seconds and then let it steadily go down. Doing this exercise regularly will help you develop a strong connection between your mind and back muscles.

Incline Row

The incline row is almost similar to the dumbbell row, with only one difference. In the dumbbell row, you keep your back parallel to the ground, whereas in the inclined row, you keep it inclined at about 40-45 degrees. The process of performing this exercise is also the same as the dumbbell row. Don’t keep your background and start pulling the dumbbells upwards. Hold them for a few seconds, and let them go down. The inclination allows you to target your lower lats, something you can’t do in the dumbbell row.

Dumbell Back Exercises
Dumbell Back Exercises

Best Dumbell Back Exercises: Renegade Row

A classic and one of the most popular dumbell back exercises out there, the renegade row is an excellent exercise to boost your upper body strength. The renegade row, in a nutshell, is a combination of push-ups and the dumbbell row.

Come into the push-up position, but instead of keeping your hands flat on the ground, hold a dumbbell in each of them. Now, push yourself up, using the dumbbells as the push-up base. Once you’re up, crunch your abs and pull one dumbbell towards your hip, as you do in the dumbbell row. Hold it there for a few seconds, and let it go down. Do the same with the second dumbbell.

Two variants of this exercise exist. You can either stay in the push-up phase throughout the set or go down and complete a push-up every time. So, you can lift your body up, perform a dumbbell row with both dumbbells, and then let your body go down, thereby completing the push-up. This way, you can blend both push-ups and dumbbell rows to stimulate your chest and back at the same time.

Towel Grip Dumbbell Row

Another variation of the dumbbell row, the towel grip dumbbell row, has the same effect on your body as the standard dumbbell row. But the addition of a tower changes the mechanics. Instead of holding a dumbbell from its handle, you wrap a towel around it and hold the ends of the towel.

Doing so adds two challenges to the exercise. First, you have to squeeze the tower really hard to hold and lift the dumbbell. Second, you need to ensure that the dumbbell stays balanced and doesn’t incline forward or backward. This enhances your mind-muscle coordination while enhancing your back muscle.

Best Dumbell Back Exercises: Farmer’s Carry

If you go to a gym, the chances are high that you have already done this exercise at least once in your life. And the reason it’s called farmer’s carry is that the man has been doing it for ages. The exercise is simple. All you need to do is stand straight, hold something heavy in your hands, and move around.

Back in the day, farmers would carry supplies on foot. Nowadays, dumbbells get the job done. However, when performing this exercise, squeeze your shoulder blades and tighten your back to get the best results.

V-Taper Dumbbell Row

The V-taper dumbbell row allows you to achieve two objectives – build your outer lats and add depth and size to your inner lats. In these dumbell back exercises, you mix the standard dumbbell row with a traditional row in which you keep your elbow close to the torso.

The outward row targets your rear delts and helps you build mass behind your shoulders. This adds much-needed strength to your shoulders. At the same time, the tempo you use here will work on your outer and inner lats.

TRX Plank Pause Row

Doing a TRX plank pause row is by no means easy, and it’s arguably one of the toughest dumbell back exercises out there. So, see it as a challenge instead of a regular exercise. And of course, you can include it in your regular back workout, if you want.

To do the TRX, you would need an extra piece of equipment. Instead of taking support on a heightened surface, you’ll have to hang a long rope or strap, with its end being round so you can hold onto it. Now, take the elevated plank position while holding the rope and do what you did in the elevated plank row.

Wrap Up: Best Dumbell Back Exercises

There are numerous dumbell back exercises out there, and you can do the ones that best suit you. However, keep mixing your workout and trying new exercises to keep your workout sessions interesting.


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