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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Family Suffers  COVID-19 Battle

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Family Suffers  COVID-19 Battle

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson informed that he and his entire family had tested positive for COVID-19 with IGTV video. He said that it was the most strenuous situation for him as well as for his family. The Johnson family was in isolation for a long time, but have now recovered. Yesterday, the family also celebrated Lauren Hashian’s birthday.

Johnson’s wife and kids came to know about having Coronavirus after they got the reports a few weeks ago. Their symptoms weren’t specific, though his daughter was facing the signs more evidently.

The Baywatch actor said that he was facing challenging times when his entire family was in danger. The Rock has met different kinds of challenges in life before. But this problem was “one of a kind” to him.

Johnson’s family recovered from the Coronavirus after three weeks of strict measures of social distancing. They are doing fine now and tested negative for coronavirus.

The Rock said that he feels blessed that his family is now out of danger. He is aware that many people couldn’t fight this pandemic and died. There were many of his close mates whose parents died due to Covid-19.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and family got infected due to their family friends

The Johnsons got the Coronavirus infection from their close friends. They visited their residence in recent times. The friends did not know that they had Covid-19 disease. Dwayne said their friends felt guilty about the whole scenario. The family is now keeping a check on further guests visiting their residence.

The wrestler added that he would always want his friends visiting their home and keep them close because it’s their love, which matters. All they want is quality time with close ones. This experience won’t restrict him from doing that. But from now on, the Johnson family will be more careful. They will put the necessary discipline of they have a guest in their house.

All the guests visiting the Dwayne residence will be having the Covid-19 test before entering the house. The Rock Dwayne Johnson had many discussions with doctors regarding the safety measures. The family targets for a more secured immune system and achieve wellness.

Tips on boosting immune system by Dwayne

Johnson said if the immune system is strong, then there would be chances to fight the Coronavirus. The Jumanji actor addressed his admirers, saying that all they need to do is to prioritize their safety measures to win over this deadly virus. There’s no other option other than that.

He declined the narratives which encouraged that putting on a mask is a political or religious act. The retired wrestler urges his fans to wear masks or any face covers to decrease the contamination of Coronavirus. He said that his family is his utmost priority in this pandemic time and asks his fans to be responsible for wearing masks, social distancing for overcoming the Covid-19 situation.

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